Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chinese astrological portrait of Prince George

The baby Prince George was born in the year of Water Snake, the month of Earth Sheep, the day of Earth Ox, and the hour of Water Monkey. This makes him extremely sensitive and down to earth. His birth star, 5 Earth, makes him practical, hard working and conscious of his ancestry. He likes to be in control, and he is willful and determined.
Outstanding features of his birth chart include a knife blade. The knife blade shows Prince George to be unbending, and inclined to be independent, even obstinate. He resents advice or the opinions of others, may be a risk taker and thrill seeker, and can squander the family wealth. The period in his life when knife blade comes out most strongly is between age 15 and 25 in which time he may become intolerant of those under him, yet most productive if he takes up a creative interest. He also appears to be precocious.
Prince George's chart has what is called Amiable Deity. This makes him friendly to others, but independent and disinclined to work with others.
Another interesting feature of his birth chart is that it shows that he doesn't get the support of his parents that he wants, and that his relationships with his siblings or close relatives will tend to be distant.
The element count in the chart shows 3 Fire, 6 Earth, 3 Metal, 4 Water, and 1 Wood. Wood is weakest and Earth is strongest. Earth is extremely strong and shows an eventual tendency to digestive problems and to worrying. Because of the weakness of Wood, Prince George's vital element is Water. For him it presages a love that will become vital to his sense of well-being. Water vital means that the healthiest orientation for the prince is for him to sleep with his head to the north, and for him to wear dark blue. Water also runs into Prince George's mid 80s measuring the probable length of his years.
The prince's chart has no yang Wood. This means that while he thinks a lot, and is very capable of worrying a lot, he has trouble making up his mind.
The chart has two Tien Yi, or stars of Sky Medicine. Tien Yi is the luckiest of stars. She is a deity whom all demons fear. She resolves most predicaments and will give the prince assistance and favor wherever he goes.
The chart also has a Taiji Nobleman Star. The prince glows with vitality and is capable of vigorously carrying things through. He is wealthy and genuinely noble of character, and will probably cultivate an interest in divination, astrology, and religion.

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