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Chinese astrological portrait of Hilary Clinton

Considering questions about Hilary Clinton running for President next year her Chinese astrological chart was drawn up. This is what it says.

Born on October 26, 1947 at 8:02 AM, the signs of her year, month, day and hour are Fire Pig, Metal Dog, Earth Tiger and Fire Dragon, respectively. Her birth stars are Seven Metal, Three Wood, and Nine Fire. Her Personality as shown by the combination of Fire Pig and Earth Tiger is imaginative and intuitive. She is down to earth and practical, and works very hard for what she wants.
Fire Pig is passionate and has ever changing, deeply felt moods for which reason it may be difficult to fathom her. She can be quite jovial and gregarious while secretive. She has luxurious tastes, is tenderhearted and emotionally vulnerable, and can be deeply offended.
The nature of Earth Tiger, the other side of Hilary's personality, is practical and inventive. She is curious, intelligent, imaginative, independent, adventurous and gifted with a sharp wit. She is capable of springing surprises.

Hilary's chart has 10 yangs and 5 yins. She is an initiator and leader; not a follower.

The professional environment in which Hilary moves, as shown by the signs Metal Dog and Fire Dragon, is extremely challenging and conflicted. Hilary has learned through experience to be a fighter.

Her chart deity, called Deity of Primary Resources, gives Hilary abilities suitable for philanthropy, caring, teaching, deep thinking and research. She has a metaphysical side to her personality. At best she is benevolent, giving, caring, philosophical, able to endure hardships, and desirous of peace. At worst she can be unrealistic and self-centered.

Hilary's birth stars, 7, 3, and 9 say that she tends to be optimistic, is a shrewd observer of people, is always coming up with new ideas and new approaches, and is gregarious while maintaining a certain distance from those around her; she stands out as a unique figure. She faces difficult conditions earlier in her career, but her efforts are crowned with success later on. She has tenacity.

Hilary's chart has the star Tien Yi (Sky Medicine). This is very lucky and grants her promotion and assistance along the way. She also has the star Tien de Gui Ren (Heavenly Virtue) which gives her good fortune through marriage, other indications to the contrary notwithstanding. She will outlive her husband. Having the Star of Arts, the Star of Lonliness, and Solitary Star, she tends to be a loner in some important respect; there is something stoic about her.

Hilary's chart also has Peach Blossom Star. This makes her very attractive and gives her good social status.

Hilary has Taiji Nobleman Star. This shows her to be very strong, to vigorously carry things through to the end, to be wealthy, and to have an interest in secret means. She has a penetrating mind and is a good judge of the way the future is shaping up.

The progressed cycles in Hilary's chart show that she will reach her pinnacle between age 75 and 85. Where she is now, in the cycle between 65 and 75 is very strong; her influence is growing. One step leads to the next, and every step she takes progresses onward and upward if she chooses. This cycle, being Fire Snake upsets the signs of her birth year, Fire Pig. There is a deep sense of clash that prods her on now; she must stand up and act one way or another this year. Considering that her power is growing, her running for President in 2015 is not out of the question.

Looking at the signs of this year, Hilary is turning a corner. This is a peak year for her. She must make decisive moves this year; she must face her opposition and accept the challenge courageously if she is to run. The second half of this year will give her more support than the first half.

2015 brings more support. It also gives Hilary more strength and offers positive developments in her career. It also brings her into the spotlight for good and ill. Her enemies will not fail to attack her.

If Hilary wins the Presidency her first year will be fraught with difficulties. The year 2016 is the year of Monkey. Monkey for Hilary is what is called an empty sign, meaning it doesn't help. It could be that 2016 brings some frustrations to her. Nonetheless, Monkey, for Hilary, is the Traveling Star. This means that a significant change will come in Hilary's career. It could signal that she will become President. It can also signify travels.

The most important consideration for Hilary is to her challenges this year and meet them head on. If she does, she may succeed. This is not the easiest road, but Hilary's nature welcomes challenges.

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