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Chinese spring season

In spite of the weather we have been having, February 4 marked the beginning of spring by the Chinese calendar. Spring and the Chinese solar year always begin exactly mid-point the winter solstice and the vernal equinox, i.e., the equivalent of 15 degrees Aquarius.

The solar calendar uses the 9 star system, this year's star being 4 Wood. The image of 4 Wood star is wind. It means that this year is particularly active and changeable. Many developments are coming, along with many changes of mind. Old conditions are shifting quickly. There can be resistance, arguments and a lot of noise in the world, but change is coming nonetheless.

Because we are all born under different stars, we can find our fortunes by the 9 star system. To find your star, keeping in mind that the 9 star year usually begins on February 4th, look at this table and, if you don't find your year in it, either add or subtract 9 or multiples of 9 to get your year star number. Keep in mind, if you were born before February 4th of a particular year, you would use the prior year as your birth year. For example, if you were born on January 28, 1962, you would calculate your birth star using 1961 as your birth year. Also note: the star numbers are different for males and females.

1981 for males is 1; for females is 5
1982 for males is 9; for females is 6
1983 for males is 8; for females is 7
1984 for males is 7; for females is 8
1985 for males is 6; for females is 9
1986 for males is 5; for females is 1
1987 for males is 4; for females is 2
1988 for males is 3; for females is 3
1989 for males is 2; for females is 4

For example: If you are female born in the year 1974, your birth star number is 7. If you are a male born in 1974 your birth star number is 8.

The Stars' elements are as follows:
1 Water
2 Earth
3 Wood
4 Wood
5 Earth
6 Metal
7 Metal
8 Earth
9 Fire

The stars rotate every year and month. According to their positions for this year, the year of 4 Wood we have the following indications.

1 Water shows slow steady progress. Every step you take can lead in a positive direction if you use careful deliberation. Be careful not to become exhausted. Good leadership brings what has been begun to success. Take positive action with experienced persons when good opportunities present themselves.

2 Earth shows sudden changes that can be difficult to deal with. Stay clear of incessant pressure. On the other hand, if you give into self indulgence instead of remaining firm you will become weak and possibly ill.

3 Wood is extremely active, flexible conditions that will call for thinning out, getting rid of wastes of your time. Many opportunities are coming up. Be sincere. True sincerity  will be appreciated. If you act with consideration for others you will achieve fulfillment of your desires.

4 Wood is in a pivotal year. It is a fortunate year for new beginnings, but unfortunate for getting into arguments. If arguments come up you could seriously damage a relationship. Be very careful. Restoring deteriorating conditions is beneficial. If you take initiative and help others you will win praise.

5 Earth is in a highly advantageous position if leading a business venture or involved in creative work. You are being called on to bring stagnation to an end by uniting divergent elements in your life.

6 Metal has some dreams to explore. Romance may be in the air. Contracts may be in the offing. Nonetheless, unless you pay attention to details you might end up losing in the end. Be thorough in everything you do this year. You must use determination to cut out adverse conditions and bad people this year.

7 Metal is turning a corner. It is good to explore, good to save up, good to learn something new, good to teach too. Cultivating yourself inwardly is the key to your success this year. It is time to recognize the truth and to take appropriate actions.

8 Earth is free to travel in life, in whatever sense that brings to mind. It is time to enter new territory. Introduce yourself properly so that you progress and achieve success. Trust your intuition.

9 Fire is at a time of ending whatever is over. Don't waste your time. Value quality over quantity. Be sincere in your actions if you want to be rewarded well. If you are on the wrong road this year will be fraught with difficulties and frustrations. If you are positioned correctly this year will bring you far forward.

In Feng Shui the year star puts the star of destruction in the northwest. If your door faces the northwest either hang a bagua mirror above the door, facing the northwest, or put five copper coins under the doormat to repel the vibrations of this star. The coins are arranged in an inverted V with the point facing out the door.

The star of sickness is in the east. If your door faces east either put a bagua over the door facing east or put five copper coins under the mat as described above.

If you are moving house the unlucky directions to move this year are northwest, southeast, east and west of where you currently live.  The luckiest directions are northeast and southwest.

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