Friday, February 14, 2014

Woody Allen seen in Chinese astrology

In light of the question whether Woody Allen had molested his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, at age 7, Mr.Allen's Chinese astrological chart was calculated.

Woody Allen was born on December 1, 1935 at 10:35 PM in the Bronx. In Chinese, the year, month, day, and hour were Wood Pig, Earth Rat, Metal Pig, and Earth Pig, respectively. Pig year, day and hour, tell us that Mr. Allen is extremely sensitive and that he has suffered a major tragic event in his life.

Pig and Rat are Water signs. In addition to having these, Mr. Allen was born in Water season (winter). All this Water says that Mr. Allen is a brain. He is predominantly intellectual.

Mr. Allen was born in the year of 2 Earth Star, and the month of 2 Earth star. These also show that Mr. Allen is emotionally very sensitive.

Since the case involves Mia Farrow, her signs need to be viewed as well. Mia Farrow was born 2/9/1945, the year of Wood Monkey and the day of Earth Rooster. Her birth star was 5 Earth and her month star was 7 Metal. She and Mr. Allen were compatible as long as she had the upper hand. Monkey and Pig clash, and 5 Earth dominates 2 Earth.

Woody Allen's birth chart has 5 Waters, 4 Woods, 0 Fires, 3 Earths and 1 Metal. He was born on a day of Metal. Metal is extremely weak in this chart, and proves that Mr. Allen is vulnerable to attack.

00 Fire in the chart shows that when Fire comes up in progression Mr. Allen is subject to trouble. Fire attacks Metal. Mr. Allen's birth element is Metal. It just turns out that Mr. Allen's luck cycle of age 56 to 66 is Horse. Horse is Fire. Mr. Allen was attacked then. Interesting, this year, 2014, when the scandal rears its head again, is the year of Horse. Horse is Fire, and Fire gives Mr. Allen a bad headache.

Looking at the time of the accusation, 1991. Mr. Allen turned 56 in 1991, the year of Metal Sheep. Metal Sheep fights with the sign of Mr. Allen's day of Birth, Metal Pig. This shows trouble in the marriage in 1991, the year of the alleged molestation. Age 56 also started a  new10 year cycle in Mr. Allen's life. The sign of the cycle is Water Horse. Water Horse attacks the sign of the month sign of Mr. Allen's chart, that being Earth Rat. This shows that Mr. Allen's reputation was being attacked.

Mr. Allen was involved in an affair that resulted in 1997 in his marriage with Mia Farrow's daughter, Soon Yi.  Soon Yi was born on 10/8/1970, the year of Metal Dog and day of Metal Rooster, 3 Wood being her birth star. It is clear that Mr. Allen likes strong women; Soon Yi is a lot stronger than Mia Farrow. She rules the roost, so to say.

It is my opinion that the trouble in the relationship between Mia Farrow and Woody Allen came up in 1991, and that something that may or may not have happened between Mr. Allen and his adopted daughter, Dylan, was twisted and blown up out of proportion, and was used by Ms. Farrow to create a scandal meant to harm Mr. Allen. Mr. Allen, in other words, was the victim of character assassination.

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