Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Moon May 9th

Seen at Washington DC, the full moon happened at oo:03 AM. I wrote about it in context of the new moon of May 8th which you can see on the World Predictions page of my website Here I would like to look at the full moon through the eyes of Chinese astrology and compare it with the Western astrological view. The Chinese chart for the full moon has these signs: Earth Ox for the year, Earth Snake for the month, Wood Tiger for the day and Wood Rat for the hour. The strongest element in the chart is Earth, telling us that the whole country tends to worry at this point. The Vital element of the chart is Wood telling us that this is a time for making plans and decisions. Note that Mercury is retrograde at this time. It lends to the idea that plans will change; people will be changing their minds; if that's happening to you, it's to be expected, but you need to be careful not to vacillate. The time is favorable for creative thinking and creative activity. Money element in the chart is too strong. This means that although money is there there is a good possibility of losing it. Too much money element means money is hard to control. On the other hand, the Star of Prospects shows up. That means help comes from friends in times of need. There are two Noblemen Stars showing. That means that friends, i.e., helpful people are all around. Academic Nobleman Star is also present. That means that you can improve your situation by using your intelligence. On the other hand, if you tend to be arrogant, Academic Nobleman stands as a warning: don't push it. The chart shows career conditions unstable and potentially tumultuous. On the other hand, Robbing Star shows up, meaning that the time favors shrewd moves. Tien Yi shows up at full moon. Tien Yi means sky medicine; protection shines from above; the worst is averted; predicaments can be resolved. Academic star shows up, meaning this is a time when the proper use of talent and wit will change problematic situations to your advantage. Star of Romance doesn't show up; sorry, love. Horse Star doesn't show up either; this is not an especially good time for travel. So, there you have it. Not all that bad. Use your intelligence to develop your prospects and try to avoid worrying too much. Worrying will only makes you sick.
The date and time of the full moon computed to the I Ching gives us hexagram 32 line 3. It encourages us to accept conditions as they are for the time being and using the time for creating. Only then does money come. It recommends devoting much effort to self-improvement, and being careful and meticulous. The word to the wise: Vacillations end in disaster.

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