Monday, May 4, 2009

The Outlook for Summer 2009 for the US as Viewed in Chinese Astrology

Chinese summertime begins in Washington DC on May 5th at 5:39 AM EDT. The seasons in Chinese calculation always begin mid-point the western seasons; Chinese fall begins this year on August 7th and Chinese winter begins on November 7th.
The Chinese chart for the summer has these signs: Earth Ox for the year, Earth Snake for the month, Metal Dog for the day, and Earth Tiger for the hour. The chart shows real estate at a low point for the whole country. There is too much inventory. Real estate may be bottoming out later this summer. It is a favorable time to buy property. On the other hand, because the chart also warns that lack of forsight, poor planning and bad decision making will result in losses, beware of what appear to be bargains.
Many businesses are in unstable, tumultuous condition, and actual achievements are wanting. Money is relatively weak still, although the situation is beginning to improve. This summer marks a turning point.
This summer's signs favor people such as teachers; psychics; mediums; astrologers (a lot of people are worried); scholars; also people whose careers involve research, writing, designing and other solitary kinds of work.
Tien Yi, the luckiest of stars, also known as Sky Medicine, shines over the summer skies helping us out of our predicaments and giving us hope for improvements to come. Fears of an epidemic may be allayed for the time being, at least. We may be luckier than we think, especially during June and July which will be a better time for business. Although the general feeling among the people is anxious, we need have no undue fear; better times are coming.
The period running from may 24th to July 7th is an especially auspicious time for romantic affairs and for those planning to get married.
The greatest concerns during the summer months are in real estate, banking, food, and health. For much of the country, especially the east, the weather during the summer months will be damp.
People need to watch what they eat. The health of the country is not good this summer. There is also pronounced poverty. The watchword for everyone this season is to be mindful of sane boundaries and cultivate calm reflection. Anxiety, poor hygiene, laziness and mindless eating are sure ways to illness.
The time of the beginning of summer calculated into the I Ching gives us hexagram 36. It tells us that perseverance despite hindrances and adversity brings positive rewards. People in high positions need to beware of conspirators and take timely action to avoid trouble. If you feel uneasy where you are there may be a parting of ways coming up. Avoid standstill. Revitalize your energies.

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