Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of May 27, 2009

Because there appears to be a discrepancy in the different astrological computer systems as to the exact time of the conjunction, I chose to look at it using the Johndro locality method. The Johndro method works by right ascension. It is always accurate in locating where on the earth predictions of planetary events will take effect. I made Johndro charts for the UK, the EU, the US, China, India, Japan and Israel. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is a major conjunction and its effects work out over a 12 to 13 year time span. This conjunction effects affairs in the UK and the EU by stimulating a lot of creative activity that will meet up with brisk foreign competition. We can expect some inventive scientific developments to come out of Western Europe. We also can expect some very interesting artistic developments, especially in the fields of entertainment to come from Europe. There will also be innovations and expansion in the area of children's education, and the stock markets in Europe will see a boom. The danger that the chart poses for Europe is cyber attacks coming from the east, possibly the near east.
The chart for the US shows a boom in the stock market, a rise in interest rates, expansion of the social security system and other social benefits to paid out, and a raise in taxes. Affairs in the Government will come to a crisis along the way. Placed in the Johndro chart made for July 4th, 1776, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction shows the congress undergoing a lot of development and confusion and the people's outlook angry. The country will come to a critical moment. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the 11th house of the Johndro chart for July 4th, 1776 shows the Republican Party going through a metamorphasis. Jupiter is the significator for the Repulicans; Neptune signifies socialistic tendencies. Because of the condition of the poor caused by so many years of unbridled greed fostered by the Republican party, the Republican Party is apt to lose its conservative platform for lack of strength. It will have to change its tune to reach out to the poor and unfortunate. This conjunction exactly sextile Mars in a critical degree in the 1st house of the 1776 Johndro chart points to a warlike tone among the people, discontentment, strikes, riots, fires, crime and ill health. Military activity, as shown by this Mars placement, is an addiction the country won't get over too soon. Don't hold your breath. All this discontentment among the people in the US may or may not be reflect on the Johndro charts of China and India. The charts for both China and India show tremendous expansion of wealth and some critical degree of trouble in store for their neighbors. The most powerful neighbor of China is Japan. The chart for Japan shows the national outlook expanding (the conjunction is in the 1st house in Japan). Most probably Japan will be making stronger ties with China and India to get in on the action. The financial outlook for Japan is very tricky. They will be at an advantage by playing all sides against the middle. The chart for Israel shows innovation in the use of the land bringing on breakthroughs in technology, and in ecological and farming techniques. The issue of boundaries will likely not be resolved according to current US and EU pressures. It is possible that Israel and her neighbors are evolving in their own directions that have little to do with the political and social agendas of Europe and the US. It is possible that Israel will engage with the people living in border regions in more humanitarian and productive ways. There are intelligent thinkers on both sides of the question who, in time, will be willing to cooperate with one another. Borders are confused. There are critical problems in areas of labor in that part of the world.

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