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Chinese astrological portrait of Julian Assange

Julian Assange was born on July 3, 1971 at 2:05 PM: year of Metal Pig; month of Wood Horse; day of Earth Ox; hour of Metal Sheep. This configuration gives him 3 Fires, 5 Earths, 3 Metals, 2 Waters and three Woods. Earth is his predominant element. He was also born under 2 Earth Star. He is a highly sensitive, nervous type that tends to worry and care about others; he needs a cause to which to devote his energies. This configuration also gives him 3 Yang elements and 10 Yin elements. Predominantly Yin, he is a completer more than a starter. He responds. His activity is responsive to outside stimuli and causes and answers a need.

The chart having no Yang Fire, no Yang Earth and no Yang Metal shows Assange to be extremely vulnerable in his digestive and circulatory systems involving small and large intestine and spleen functions. The chart having 3 Yin Earths and three Yin Fires show stomach and heart functions too active and prone to congestion. He worries and get very excited and active.

Overall Assange's weakest element is Water, making Metal his vital element. He needs to cultivate boundaries and a rhythmical sense of order in life to live long. No Yang Metal means that he doesn't understand his own need for boundaries. This year, Metal Tiger has Yang Metal. So he is having a problem this year with his need for boundaries. He has been set up and is now most probably under protection although the press calls it prison; this may be lucky for him. This year, 2010, the year of Tiger, gives Assange the star called Nobleman. He is being helped.

Assange's chart is called Amiable Style Chart. This means that while Assange is very friendly, he cannot work for anyone but himself, neither can he put up with partners who want to steer things their way. He's totally independent in what he is doing although people come to work for him. Partners really don't do well by him. We can see this in the recent splittings up with his partners who now are starting up their own versions of Wikileaks such as Openleaks and so on. Assange is essentially a free agent.

Assange's birth stars show that his success depends on his reputation. The recent smear campaign is aimed at destroying him through his reputation. Assange succeeds nonetheless by cultivating courage and leadership skills. Carelessness on his part attracts resentment; this is something he needs to watch closely. He is a good idea person and problem solver. He has excellent organizational skills and prefers others to do the foot work. He works most effectively from behind the scenes. He is restless and independent, and will have more than one career in his lifetime.

Metal Pig birth year makes Assange a rather refined type. He is pleasure loving and enjoys his friendships. He has a deeply loving nature and is something of a pushover. He needs to be careful not to be taken unwise advantage of. But, when push comes to shove, Assange is a valient fighter in face of adversity, and, because he is altruistic his fighting spirit involves him in humanitarian causes. If he marries again it will more likely than not be in his 50s or 60s. There is a major love showing up in his life in his 60s. This could bring tremendous changes to his life.

Earth Ox birth day gives Assange a solid and steadfast personality. He won't stop, and won't be pushed. He will persue his objectives with unflagging perseverance. He is a tireless worker and has a strong sense of order; he organizes his operations very well.

Assange's chart shows a big conflict from early in life with parents and with other authority figures. He cannot have a boss. The first 19 years of his life show Assange moving a lot amidst a lot of turmoil he was not able to control. The period in Assange's life from age 9 to age 19 shows him extremely restless and making plenty of trouble for himself. He was in a lot of conflict and suffered some hard knocks. In his later teens to early 20s he went through a difficult period of transition. The chart also shows him going through a difficult transition period in his mid 30s. His life is still turbulent and he hasn't settled anywhere.

At age 39 Assange entered a new cycle in his life. It is a pivotal cycle. Sometime between age 39 and 49 Assange will come to what can be described as a big conflict and break up that will set him in a new direction. The year of Snake, 2013 could bring a significant move and/or career change. The chart shows Assange's career prone to being tumultuous and unstable. The pivotal year in this pivotal cycle for Assange is 2016. In 2016 a significant break could happen. 2016 could also mark the beginning of a successful venture depending on choices he makes. At any rate, this pivotal cycle is fraught with the possibilities of fights, and if that's what Assange wants, well, let's just say, he'll be in pig heaven. Pig loves a good brawl. Pig also gets seriously hurt at least once in life.

Assange's cycle from age 39 to 49 is Metal Tiger. It is a Yang Metal cycle. It brings out Assange's issues of boundaries. Since there is no Yang Metal in his birth chart it means that this 10 year cycle is going to give Assange a lot of difficult experiences about boundaries. It means that he will have people crossing his boundaries; he will see some dangerous moments. The 10 year cycle also is pivotal. These 10 years will prove to be the big turning point of his life.

At age 49 Assange will enter the next cycle that has the exact same signs as the day of his birth, Earth Ox. When a 10 year cycle duplicates the signs of the day of birth it is said to be a sign of great good luck. At the same time, however, it brings out the core issues of the person's life. Assange's core issues will come up to be addressed one way or another in the cycle of 49 to 59. It will bring him a lot of growth.

Assange's vital element, Metal, is strong in his progressed cycles from age to 29 to 59, more from 29 to 49. Metal also comes up for Assange at age 84. Whether he lives into his later 80s is a question. Assange has predominant Fire and Earth in the cycle 79 to 89 and predominant Fire and Earth will kill his weakest element, Water. Unless he is careful with his vital force he will most probably pass away before his mid 80s. The chart shows Assange tending to be alone and quiet later in life. His relations with children are poor. His children won't come around. Metal vital tells Assange that the best place in the world for him to live is where it is dry. Living in Northern Europe, what with the damp and cold, is bad for his vitality. He would do much better if he lived in the south of Europe or wherever else in the world it is dry and warm and where the food is spicy.

In Assange's current cycle, age 39 to 49, the peak year will be 2013. In 2013 there will be a significant move and/or career change. 2010, especially the 2nd half of the year (between August 2010 and February, 2011) is a year in which Assange comes into conflict with authorities. It is an adventurous year of ups and downs and turnings of corners and making some bad moves that get him into some trouble. He's been pressing his luck. It's dangerous.

2011, the year of Metal Rabbit, will bring Assange some conflict with people working under him. Secret enemies come up. Trouble secretly brewing underground will come up. Also Assange will be very much in the news. His Wikileaks will reveal some big scandals. And he may very well be on the move again. 2012, Assange may become more invisible. The worst indication is that he may be in prison if he isn't careful. But, it could be 2011 will find Assange hiding out and working invisibly. Then, in 2012 he's moving.

The entire sweep of Assange's life shows the events of his first years up to about age 19 or so the cause of the turmoil and high adventure that is unfolding over several decades into his late 50s and 60s with a gradual change and renewal coming thereafter. If he is very wise he can live to be very old, but the indications of his cycle of age 79 to 89 question that prognostication.

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