Thursday, December 2, 2010

Astrological investigation on today's attack on Israel

There was a terrorist attack on Mount Carmel in Israel at 10:00 AM this morning, December 2nd. This event caused a huge fire in which a lot of people were killed. It is considered by the press to be the worst terrorist attack on Israel ever. The question came up, who set Israel on fire. To help answer this question a chart was made for 10:00 AM in Haifa. Haifa sits on the slopes of Mount Carmel overlooking the sea.

An astrological chart made at the time of an event discloses what the event is about if certain very strict rules are followed. This is what the chart tells us.

The nature of the event is shown by the 10th house in which we find the Sun in this chart. This points to a matter of expediency; an event involving a judgement and execution. It was decided by the killers to take revenge. The event also involves publicity and reputation. It was staged to get attention. The Sun in the 10th house being eight houses after the 3rd house also is the Angel of Death for neighbors. This means that the killers come from a neighboring country.

As the Sun rules Leo and we find Leo on the cusp of the 7th house, we see the event is based in matters of the 7th house. This means that the event is based in the breaking of an entente or agreement with Israel. It is also based in a matter of partnership. On the one hand there is a betrayal. And on the other hand there is an intended joining of forces. It may be that Hamas and Hizbullah are operating in tandem. There is more than one hostile party involved. The event is based in a matter of long standing dispute. The attack constitutes an act of invasion. It is an act of war.

We find the Moon in Libra. In relation to the Sun she is acting on the defensive, seeking to unite or to form a partnership. There has been a disagreement between the different groups that have been hostile to Israel. This event was staged to win acceptance and approval and to join those forces. At least two countries and/or groups are linked to the attack. The Moon points to open enemies of Israel. We may consider Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Hezbullah and Hamas.

The Moon waning shows that the action was sudden. The Moon between Saturn and Venus says the action was retaliatory. In the 9th house the Moon upsets the functioning of the land and the buildings. Much land and property was destroyed. The Moon in the last 10 degrees of Libra say that the action was long in preparation. The Moon at 26 degrees Libra is on a critical degree denoting a crisis. This action has caused a crisis. The Moon and the Sun in aspect with both Saturn and Neptune show that the action is the result of a long thought out scheme; it was a plot. It was deliberately planned.

The Moon rules Cancer and we find Cancer on the cusp of the 6th house. The activity is connected to military actions; commandos. The event was executed by secret military agents.

Uranus, the ruler of the Ascendent is in mutual reception with Neptune. This confirms the reading. Uranus shows a sudden, unexpected, violent event, and Neptune shows a treacherous, subversive act.

Saturn, the co-ruler of the Ascendent is in the 8th house-of-injury. Saturn shows death, damages, and destruction on a large scale. Saturn also shows investigation and search coming out of the event. The event does absolutely nothing to bring peace.

There is a concentration of planets in the 11th house. The Part of Fortune, the Part of Death, Mars, Mercury, the North Lunar Node and Pluto are all in the 11th house giving a clue. The 11th house shows an unbonded relationship, meaning a goverment and a group that does not officially recognize Israel, in other words terrorists linked to Iran, Syria, Lebanon; probably Hezbullah and Hamas. They are working together.

This event marks an extremely dangerous development for the Middle East. Iran may have proxy interest in it. The chart is showing the Angel of Death to neighbors. This means neighbors of Israel are directly involved in the attack. These neighbors are Syria and Lebanon and they include Hezbullah and Hamas. The Angel of Death moves both ways. After an investigation we will see a retaliation coming from Israel. This is very bad news for everyone.

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