Saturday, December 4, 2010

A horary astrological view of Julian Assange

After having read several articles intended to raise suspicions that Julian Assange is secretly working for the cartel of banks the following horary chart was made on the question what Julian Assange is all about, what is he up to. The following is what the chart has to say.

The Sun is the significator of Julian Assange as Leo is rising in the chart. We find both the Sun and Moon under the horizon along with five other planets. This is telling us that Assange is totally invisible. The Sun is in the 5th house along with Mars, Mercury, the North Lunar Node and Pluto. This shows that Assange is associated with a group of people who are taking risks. The risks these people are taking are based in matters having to do with international affairs, banks, legislative bodies and matters connected with the natural environment.

The first aspect the Sun is applying to is a sextile with Saturn. Saturn is in the 3rd house of the chart and rules the 6th house. This shows that Assange is approaching someone who appears to be a senior military figure, who has information and who is a responsible, independent type. The association is a fortunate one for Assange, one he can trust.

A very important feature of this chart is that Mercury is at 3:02 Capricorn and the North Node is at 3:46 Capricorn, both in the 5th house. This says a singularly shocking piece of information is going to come out about the relationship between banks and governments. This is why the banks are trying to confuse you by destroying Assange's reputation. They are trying to smear him. They don't want you to know or believe what he is going to reveal.

The Solstice Point of the Part of Assassination is conjunct the Moon in this chart. The Moon is in the 4th house and rules the 12th house. This is showing that there are secret agents looking to assassinate Assange. It is not likely to happen now, if it does.

The advertised fear is that the next Wikileak will trigger a crash. Will there be a crash? There certainly will be a shock. The affect of the shock will be felt on Wall Street. The market will react. The banks are trying to control something that they dread. Assange is going to out them and the governments that are in collusion with their criminal activities. They are trying to make him look like he's a conspirator so that no one will believe him in their attempt to cushion the shock that they know is coming.

To recapitulate, the articles that are circulating against Assange are promoting a lie. There is great fear in the establishment that Assange will expose something very ugly that they don't want exposed. So they are trying to make Assange look like he's working for them in an attempt to ruin his credibility. He is really their enemy. The connection Assange is making is with what appears to be a senior official probably with documents related to military involvements in the mess. The connection Assange is making is a fortunate one for him. He has some protection in it. A lot of dirt is going to come out. Secret agents are looking to assassinate Assange. But that is not very likely to happen now. We can safely say the next Wikileak bombshell is going to expose governments' collusions with the banking criminals and it is going to send a shock through the banking world, and the stock markets will react. We can anticipate a panic in the markets when the leak comes out.

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