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The full Moon of 1/19/11 in astrology

The full moon occured on January 19th at 9:23 PM GMT at 29:27 Cancer. The outstanding aspects of the Moon are exact trine Jupiter at 29:30 Pisces; trine Uranus; opposition Sun and Mars. This denotes a combination of positive expansiveness with sharp disagreements and conflicts.

This full Moon interacts with the lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010 in the following way. At the eclipse Jupiter was applying to square the eclipse degree; now Jupiter is exactly square the eclipse degree. The square of Jupiter to the eclipse remains in affect essentially from January 11th to February 1st, and this full Moon brings it to focus. Jupiter square the eclipse brings out chicanery, trickery, lies and cons especially in international business and politics. Noting that the eclipse was visible over the Americas, we will hear of more violence in Mexico, as the eclipse was opposite Mexico's Uranus. The eclipse was also square Venezuela's Sun bringing that country more intreague in government circles, and new tensions with Colombia.

This full Moon happens when China and the US are engaging in top level talks in Washington DC. The talks are essentially over financial and trade issues. Looking at the chart of the Yuan, we see that the lunar eclipse of December 21st was exactly in conjunction with the Yuan's Uranus. Uranus in the chart of the Yuan is exactly on the 7th house cusp and rules the 2nd house. This means that the eclipse times developing emergency conditions to the value of the Yuan in relation to foreign currencies and foreign trade. Jupiter is now square the Yuan's Uranus. This means that China is experiencing a big inflation. The full Moon in Beijing is in the 7th house. This means that foreign affairs are now coming into full view and are at a turning point. The full Moon is in opposition to Mars shows that the bone of contention in China's foreign affairs is over losses. The full moon at Beijing is trine Jupiter in the 3rd house. This denotes improvements are coming to the worker's wages and many talks are coming. The meeting in Washington DC will be followed by many more talks. This is good for China.

The full Moon at Washington DC is in the 1st house opposite Mars in the 7th and trine Jupiter in the 9th. Diplomatic talks are serving to defuse dangerous conflicts with China at this time. Nonetheless, the conflicts are there. And looking at the position of Jupiter in this chart, diplomatic talks are full of trickery and underhandedness - business as usual. The full moon as seen in the Johndro locality chart for the US is in the 12th house opposite Mars exactly on the 7th house cusp and Jupiter in the 8th house. What this means is that only by paying out a huge sum of money will the US avert open conflict, like trade war or worse. The US is buying the Chinese inflation. The US may be preparing to hand over to China large reserves of national importance. Maybe debtors annonymous should enter the government.
The full Moon seen in the US Dollar chart is in the 8th house of debt. Mars in this chart is conjunct the 3rd house cusp denoting heated talks about the financial mess. Jupiter is in 4th house. Land and real estate is probably being given to China. China will open operations in the US. The eclipse of December 21st was opposite the solstice point of the Dollar's Mars in the 2nd house. Now Jupiter is square that point. The Dollar is being squandered and is at a critical turning point; its value is falling. Let's hope the bus driver is not totally blind.

The full Moon in UK is in the 11th house opposite Mars in the 5th and trine Jupiter in the 7th. Saturn is conjunct the 2nd house cusp. Affairs of Parliament are coming to a turning point. There is some diplomatic wrangling going on, it seems, but disagreements are to be mitigated by improving foreign relations. Agreements of a positive sort are being arrived at with foreign interests that will benefit British trade and finances. Nonetheless, Saturn conjunct the 2nd house cusp says that the nation is doing poorly and is struggling against financial stagnation. Saturn about to go retrograde will cause the stock market to pull back; Saturn rules the 5th house in the full moon chart at Greenwich. The foolhardy will lose in speculations these coming days. Mars in the 5th house opposite the full Moon warns of dangers to children, fires, fights and accidents in schools and theaters, illness and deaths to actors and crimes against women.

The full Moon in Pakistan is in the 9th house opposite Mars in the 3rd and trine Jupiter in the 4th. Legal and religious issues come to the fore. There are serious arguments. There are also disputes affecting international trade and shipping. There will be accidents, and a possible air crash with Mars in the 3rd house in Aquarius. Mars in the 3rd house also warns of explosions along the border regions. Mars is intercepted in the 3rd house. This warns of dangerous secret military intrusions in the affairs of the country. There are secret military operations going on inside the country by Pakistani military operatives. The country appears to be in internal conflict. One must be very careful on the roads and in public places; there may be explosions on roads and streets. Aquarius points to the West and Northwest regions of the country; Mars is in Aquarius.

The full Moon in Australia is conjunct the 6th house cusp opposite Mars in the 12th and trine Jupiter in the 2nd. Neptune is exactly conjunct the Ascendent. Neptune is showing the country under water. Floods are at a high point. More may come, however, especially if there is to be a typhoon. Mars in the 12th house is showing a great deal of crime. It is possible that homes and shops are in danger of being looted. The full Moon opposite Mars also shows a big increase in illness in Australia. Full moon trine Jupiter in the 2nd house is showing, despite the woes suffered in Australia, improvements in national finances.

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