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The Solar Eclipse of 1/4/11 in astrology

A solar eclipse occured on January 4th, 2011 at 8:52 AM GMT. The eclipse was at 13 degrees Capricorn. 13 degrees Capricorn is a critical degree. This means that the eclipse will bring current matters in the world to a critical point. The closest aspect that the eclipse forms is a square to Saturn at 16 degrees Libra. This is a destructive, or counter-productive aspect of the nature of a forceful resistence and impasse. Forces in the world are at logger heads. Critical competition and quarreling involving governments connected to business interests will not resolve harmoniously now. Conflicts are serious. There is the danger of a trade war. The affects of the solar eclipse will last an entire year, possibly longer. There are six eclipses in 2011. Many significant turns of events in the world are in the works. 2011 will prove an eventful year.

According to a traditional reading of a solar eclipse in the 2nd decanate of Capricorn we will see military revolts, riots, mutinies, and assassinations. These can happen in one or another country ruled by Capricorn. These include Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, and Mexico.

At the time of this solar eclipse another very significant planetary event happened. Jupiter and Uranus were within 1 minute of exact conjunction at the time of the eclipse. They came to exact conjunction at 12:52 PM GMT at 27 degrees Pisces. This will bring out an impulsive, expansive side to the conflicted state of affairs shown by the solar eclipse square Saturn. We may see some wild speculating through these times. Oil prices will probably rise and cause an inflation, but they may fall again. Shipping costs will rise with the cost of oil. Oil and gas drilling will move foreward inexorably. Competition over energy, especially between the US and China will increase.

The eclipse chart also shows Venus exactly square Neptune. Venus is at 26 degrees Scorpio, and Neptune is at 26 degrees Aquarius. This aspect brings disappointment. It brings out the real possibility that people who speculate foolishly will have plenty to regret. This aspect also denotes much misery and vice in the world. Women need to be careful, as this aspect also means crimes against women.

As seen in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is in the 10th house and is sextile Mars. This shows the market advancing sharply during the coming month and for periods through the year as a result of this eclipse, oil being the favored commodity. This is supported by the S&P chart with the solar eclipse exactly sextile the S&P Sun at 13 degrees Pisces. The market, however, will not move up through the year; it will act erratically. And, due to what is going to happen in the US and related economies, the market will plummet from time to time. 2011 is an unstable year. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces warns, in light of the solar eclipse, against wild speculating and crazy opinions that will drive the market up and down like a drunken boat. Neptune is the ruler of the NYSE 10th house. The square aspect of Venus and Neptune promises that pigs will lose this year big time.

The solar eclipse was visible from Ireland to China. It was seen at the eastern horizon in Ireland, Britain and western Europe. It was at the zenith over the Near East and Russia. And it was on the western horizon over China. Using the Johndro locality charting method, the eclipse will have repercussions on the mid-Atlantic ridge thus setting off earthquake and volcanic activity in areas of the earth that are connected to that region.

The eclipse on the eastern horizon in Ireland, Britain and western Europe, including Bruxelles, brings discontent and ill health to the people of Europe. Affairs there are generally unsatisfactory. Saturn (square the eclipse) is in the 8th house of these charts for Ireland, Britain, and western Europe. Saturn thus positioned brings an increase in mortality to the elderly and poor. Conditions are harsh. Saturn also brings death to noteworthy people who held important government positions. The eclipse rising into the 12th house in this part of the world also denotes an increase of poverty, much illness among the common people, and scandals in connection with charitable institutions, prisons and hospitals. The crime rate will go up.

The eclipse over the middle east is at the zenith. Over Jerusalem it is in the 10th house with Pluto and Mars and is square Saturn in the 7th house. This is a sign of serious trouble in the government especiall with regard to international affairs.

The eclipse in the 10th house over the Middle East, notibly Israel, Gaza, Lebanon and Syria is showing dangerous turmoil with potentially violent developments in the highest spheres, including possibilities of deaths to high officials. This is also true for Russia and Georgia. International relations for all these countries are troubled with possiblities of military activity.

The eclipse falls exactly at the zenith of Tehran, Iran. Saturn is in the 6th house there, and Venus is in the 7th. There will be serious upsets inside Iran in the highest circles. Venus in the 7th house square Neptune says that there will be more crimes against women, public scandals, and much unhappiness this year in Iran.

The eclipse in India is in the 8th house denoting deaths of people in high circles, especially women. Venus is on the 7th house cusp square Neptune in the 10th house. It points to a scandal in the government and to crimes against women. The eclipse in the 8th house also shows difficulties coming from international financial deals.

In Australia the eclipse is in the 7th house. Mars is also in 7. Saturn is in the 3rd. Venus is in the 5th square Neptune in the 8th. The eclipse in 7 shows international tensions, especially with Mars. There is probably coming a tax involving international trade. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is in the 8th showing an increase in tax. Neptune in 8 square Venus in 5 is going to have a negative affect on the stock market.

The eclipse in China is exactly on the 7th house cusp, and Mars is in the 7th house. China will be rattling its sword for all to hear. There are going to be international arguments and disputes with grave dangers of war, trade war included. Mars is in Capricorn in the 7th house. This shows military activity to the South of Beijing. This points to the South China Sea. Taiwan may figure in it. China is taking an aggressive stand against foreign interferences in her waters. This points, among other things, to the US.

The eclipse at Washington DC is in the 2nd house. It is also opposite the USA natal position of the Sun. This is points to heavy national expenditures, deepening debt, bank failures and losses in the stock exchange. Mars in the 2nd house confirms losses in the stock market, and speaks of panics, bank failures and that the country is hemmoraging money. Military affairs and Wall Street bank bailouts are bleeding the country to death. Venus is in the 1st house square Neptune in the 3rd. The people are being blindfolded and told lies to keep them quiet. Venus afflicted in the 1st house shows poverty, vice and misery among the people. Venus square Neptune in the 3rd house is saying, beware of con games.

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