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Astrological view of the unfolding events in Egypt

In the chart of the Egyptian Republic begun June 19, 1953 at 1:30 AM in Cairo we can see coming up some noteworthy developments. The Egyptian chart has 29:18 Aries rising, and 19:04 Capricorn at the Midheaven.

We note that the Sun in the chart of Egypt is at 27:24 Gemini. Transiting Neptune is at 27 Aquarius trine Egypt's Sun from January 10 to February 6th this year. And transiting Uranus is at 27 Pisces square Egypt's Sun from January 2nd to February 1st. This is timing the current upheaval. Uranus is transiting Egypt's 12th house and is the ruler of the 11th. There are people in the Egyptian Parliament that are working in secrecy behind the uprising to topple the Government and get rid of the President.

The fun isn't over. Egypt's Mars is at 3 degrees Cancer; Egypt's Uranus is 17 degrees Cancer and their Mercury is 20 degrees Cancer. Transiting Jupiter, just into Aries, will come to square Egypt's Mars between February 7th and 11th when we may anticipate more violence and interference in the affair from foreign powers. Mars is the ruler of the Ascendent in the chart, and therefore means the people; the people are enraged and will become more violent.

Jupiter then comes to square Egypt's Uranus between April 9th and 12th when there will be much quarreling and fighting in the government, mainly in Parliament, and there will be harsh words in the media and transportation will be disrupted, and possibly an air crash and/or street bombing.

Jupiter then comes to square Egypt's Mercury and oppose Egypt's Saturn between April 21st and 24th when there will be much confusion and disarray in public services and in the military and the economic conditions will be depressed. Egypt is in crisis.

Jupiter in Egypt's chart rules the 8th and 9th houses tying into the matter issues of foreign financial interest in Egypt as well as the clergy. The revolt is being sparked to no small degree by the clergy that is fed up with the corruption.

Note that Jupiter in the chart of Egypt is natally in the 2nd house. This means that Egypt is rich and should be prosperous. Obviously someone in Egypt is rolling in dough. But, the people are not.

Note also that Mars, the ruler of the Ascendent, therefore of the people, is in Cancer, the sign of Mars's fall. The people are at a terrible disadvantage and are now in revolt. This kind of thing is to be expected from time to time in the context of this chart for Egypt. The Ascendent at 29 degrees Aries confirms the tendency of the people to run out of patience and revolt when the conditions become intolerable. The Republic of Egypt was not set up for the people; it was set up for a ruling elite. The elite are using the discontentment of the people to stage a coup, but the discontentment of the people will grow. The state has done nothing to give the people opportunities for gaining wealth.

If all that about Jupiter isn't enough, we see Uranus getting into the act. Uranus will come to square Egypt's Mars between May 7th and June 1st bringing plenty of explosive developments. The people will be very angry and there will be violence in the streets. Uranus Retrograde then comes to square Egypt's Mars between August 18th and September 15th for more unrest among the people. Then Uranus comes to square Egypt's Mars again between February 26th and March 15th, 2012. There will be more violence then. Obviously what is happening now is not just going to stop. Egypt is in deep turmoil.

Uranus will reach square Egypt's natal Uranus in March 2015, and square Egypt's Mercury in July 2015. In light of the political, business, and economic conditions in the world we can say that Egypt's problems are far from over. What is happening is a process of change that, under the existing form of the state of Egypt, will do little to improve the conditions of the people, but will only move them from the frying pan into the fire. And we can see that the unrest will spread to other countries in the region and across the globe as the tyrants tighten the strings and more people starve.

In addition to Jupiter and Uranus Saturn gets into the act this year. Saturn comes to square Egypt's natal Uranus between September 17th and 25th. This will force reformations.

Saturn comes to square Egypt's 10th house between October 4th and 11th bringing serious pressure on the government from the military sector as well as from the sectors of public services.

Then Saturn comes to conjunction Egypt's natal Saturn exactly square Egypt's natal Mercury between October 12th and 20th. This is Egypt's Saturn Return. NB: this year, 2011 is also the USA's Saturn Return year. It is a time of reckoning for both countries. It means drawing the bottom line and adding up and subtracting to get the facts. In Egypt Saturn is the ruler of the 10th house, the house of the Head of State. How to Organize is going to be a big issue.

Next up, Saturn comes to conjunction Egypt's Neptune between October 21st and 28th marking a time when the needs of the impoverished will weigh upon the Government. Many people will be arrested.

Then, Saturn comes to opposition the Ascendent of Egypt between January 14th and March 2nd, 2012. Saturn turns Retrograde opposite the Ascendent on February 8th. 2012 is going to be a seriously difficult year for the Egyptian government in the area of foreign relations. War is a danger. Saturn comes back to opposition Egypt's Ascendent again between September 27th and October 5th, 2012.

So we may see, what is happening now is not going to stop so easily. Egypt is in a time of complicated turmoil. The end of the current Government will usher in a period of internal and international turmoil for Egypt.

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