Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Horary astrological view of Obama's speech

Listening to the President's speech tonight, the question came up just what the speech points to. So, a horary chart was drawn up in Albuquerque, NM, January 25th at 7:53 PM MST to find out. And here is what the chart has to say.

The chart has Saturn, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Neptune under the horizon. Jupiter and Uranus are above the horizon in the 7th house. Eight planets, most importantly the Moon and Sun, under the horizon say that there is a lot that is not being shown; a lot was hidden in and by the speech. The Moon square the Sun is alerting us to difficulties. The Moon is sinister square the Sun denoting cutting off dead wood. The Moon is also square Mars denoting surgery. It is likely that taxes will go up while services are being eliminated.

The question asked points to the 1st house, the 2nd house and the 4th house. The 1st house denotes the speech itself. The 2nd house shows where the future is starting, and the 4th house shows how it all ends.

Saturn is rising in the 2nd house and is in Retrograde station. This says some trouble will soon arise; it involves money cutbacks and a need for protection, in other words defence. Saturn rules the 5th and 6th houses in this chart. In context of the 5th house, the trouble is based in speculations, as in the stock and commodities markets, also schools. Schools will lose funding. In context of the 6th house, the trouble is based in the issues of labor, public services and the military. The President's speech was made when Saturn was rising in the 2nd house. This is telling us that there is a warning in the speech that we must pay attention to. Saturn coming to Retrograde is taking away, cutting back. Saturn cuts down. The 2nd house means money. Cutbacks of funding will be felt while there will be an inflation. Issues of labor will mean a continuing weak job market. Public services will be wanting in many cities.

The Moon is in the 2nd house as well. The Moon is at 00 degrees Scorpio. At 00 degrees, the Moon is standing at the threshhold looking in but not doing anything - yet. Moon rules the 11th house. This says that Congress will play a strong role in how matters unfold. The Moon at 00 Scorpio is in Via Combust Way. This makes her actions ineffectual. The Congress will not be able to function as affectively as they think they will. That means that there will be wrangling.

We note that the Moon is forming eleven aspects. This means that there will be, in addition to the wrangling, a lot of shilly shallying, coming and going and delays. While some of the ideas alluded to in the speech will come to a satisfactory end and others won't, but will be swept aside for pressing matters coming up as shown by Saturn rising. This chart is showing that the issues at hand are older than we might assume. The chart shows that the issues at hand are rooted in organizational matters connected to finances happening around seventeen years ago, or around 1993.

Venus is the ruler of the 2nd house. Where Venus is in the chart shows where the future is taking shape. Venus is in the 4th house in Sagittarius and is forming a sextile to Neptune in the 6th house and a square to Uranus in the 7th house. This shows vexatious international military involvements affecting the outcome. What the President said in his speech about his plans for withdrawals is not true. It will be difficult if not impossible to pull our troops out of Afghanistan at the time the President gave.

Venus in the 4th house has also to do with the living conditions of the people; the housing, conditions of poverty districts as in slums and ghettos. Saturn rising in the 2nd house at Retrograde station tells us that cuts in spending will affect these areas adversely. Venus in the 4th house also points to the land and to farmlands. Venus coming to sextile Neptune with Neptune in the 6th house and ruling the 7th house shows foreign interests in our land. Venus coming to square Uranus with Uranus in the 7th house and ruling the 6th house shows foreign interests not all to the benefit of the country, but posing some vexatious challenges. Venus in the 4th square Uranus also warns of potential hazardous weather conditions and ground disturbances such as storms and floods, earthquakes, volcanic eriptions, fires, and/or mining disasters, none of which entered the President's speech. Saturn rising in the 2nd house says trouble will come up and will cost dearly.

The Moon is at 00:21 Scorpio. Jupiter who rules the 4th house is at 00:38 Aries. The North Lunar Node is at 00:58 Capricorn in the 4th house. Jupiter is exactly square the North Lunar Node. Both the Moon and Jupiter are applying to exact aspect the Node. Whenever a planet is in the same exact degree as the Node and is applying to exact by minutes with it it warns of a coming upset. The North Lunar Node is in the 4th house. This means that in the end something entirely different, something not at all mentioned in the speech, and not anticipated by the people, will happen. The speech in one way or another was a cover up. Something is not being said by the government. But, Jupiter and the North Node at 00 Aries and 00 Capricorn, respectively say that the upset, when it comes, will be critical.

The Moon's final aspect is parallel Mercury. Mercury is the ruler of the 1st and 10th houses. The 1st house denotes in this chart the speech itself, and the 10th house denotes the President. Mercury is in the 5th house. The President was performing as if on stage.

Mercury, denoting the President and his speech, is forming a square aspect with Saturn. The President is cutting short. More important than what he said is what he didn't say.

The Moon's final aspect parallel Mercury says the matter is as good as done now. With the Moon and Jupiter involved with the North Lunar Node it says the performance is over and now reality happens. Reality isn't the same as what was in the speech. To be kind, the speech was a diplomatic gesture. Some things alluded to in the speech will happen. Others were distorted and we'll find out. And yet others were not mentioned at all. Something is being hidden.

The Moon forms 6 good aspects and 6 bad ones including her exact sextile the Lunar Node. It's about 50/50, to be fair.

The Moon is square the Sun. This is alerting us to difficulties coming up. The Moon is sinister square the Sun denoting cutting off dead wood. Government spending will be curtailed in several areas. The Sun is the ruler of the 12th house and is in the 5th house. This means public schools and public welfare. The Moon is also square Mars. Mars rules the 8th house and is in the 5th. It is also likely that taxes will go up while services are being eliminated.

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