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Chinese astrological view of the year of Metal Rabbit

Chinese New Year began this year with the New Moon of February 2nd. The Year is called Metal Rabbit. Metal Rabbit is assertive and diplomatic. The elements in Metal Rabbit combine to produce Wood. The nature of this combination is to plan and decide. Plans and decisions begun last year, the year of Metal Tiger, will be brought to completion this year.

This year is also the year of 7 Metal Star. 7 Metal Star has the quality of diplomacy. It strives for agreements and is shrewd and calculating. It's weaknesses lie in fantasizing about unrealistic outcomes and in engaging in legal conflict.

The chart made for the start of the New Year gives us the following signs. The year sign is Metal Rabbit; the first month is Metal Tiger; and the first day is Earth Ox. The first hour of the New Year varies with locations.

Looking at the charts of China, Japan, Australia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and the US we see the strongest elements as Earth and Wood. The relation of these elements produce what are called the Deities of Authority. The Deities of Authority are the strongest in the world this year. This means on the one hand that this is a year for people to stand up and assert themselves against odds, and on the other hand it means that people who are not so brave have to show loyalty and trustworthiness. Deities of Authority cause stress and dangers of injuries while acting to break barriers. We will see heroic actions being taken this year along with many people being injured.

In addition to the Deities of Authority, we have a secondary emphasis of elements, these being Earth and Metal. And these are in a relation that brings out the Deities of Talent. The Deities of Talent will stimulate creative intelligence, thinking and acting. This is a good year for realizing one's creative potentials. A lot of innovative thinking will be happening.

The chart for the entire world shows four stars: Tien Yi, Nobleman, Heaven Medicine and Death. These stars have the following meanings:

Tien Yi is the most fortunate star of all. Tien Yi is a deity whom all demons fear. She resolves predicaments and encourages people to help one another.

Nobleman Star brings people together to work for mutual benefit.

Heaven Medicine Star on the one hand points to illnesses in the world. On the other hand it is pointing to breakthroughs in medicine.

Death Star adds to the courage shown by the Deities of Authority and it amplifies planning abilities. The negative side of it is that it will encourage legal fights and harm to alliances.

The chart for China is very fortunate. China, while holding a perfectly friendly attitude toward everyone, is acting independently and is prospering despite unstable business conditions. In addition, China has it so that everyone is helping them to succeed.

The Chart for the area that includes Japan and Australia shows unstable business conditions on the one hand, and strong creative activity on the other. Conditions in the earth and atmosphere in this region are unstable. There will be more volcanic and seismic activity.

The area of Central Asia that includes Pakistan shows urgent conditions that necessitate change. There is a strong chance of change in the government of Pakistan. Violence is growing. People will become homeless and destitute and will be traveling.

The area of the Middle East and East Africa shows leaders rising up. These people are imposing and will stand out. They will characterize the nature of the Deities of Authority, In all the turmoil opportunities for independent entrepreneurial activities will be found by those who seize the moment. At the same time there is a trend in the Middle East amongst the people to help one another in a kind-hearted way toward stabilizing and clearing away obstacles and to look for chances to prosper. The Middle East has a chance to grow positively through its ordeal.

The region of Europe and the UK and down into West and Central Africa will be luckier than they might think. While conditions are very difficult they can escape disaster this year by showing courage and doing some intelligent and farsighted planning. Quarreling, however, can easily break out and damage alliances.

The United States and down into Central and South America, while facing great odds, have two stars of Tien Yi to help toward resolving the predicaments the countries are in. The US also has the Academic Nobleman Star. It says that if the leaders of the country use their intelligence they may be able to turn the adverse situation around. But they can also fail to take advantage of this opportunity by showing arrogance and looking down on others. This country is suffering from a bad case of anxiety. The health of the country is deteriorating.

Basic personal predictions from the Rabbit are as follows.

For Rat this is a year of challenges. You must use the energy this year is producing to be productive. Don't let your frustrations with work get the best of you. Strive forward against odds. It will only make you stronger.

For Ox this is a year to assert yourself and take initiative to overcome obstacles. Take the lead and you will succeed.

For Tiger this is a good year for romance. It is also a good year to work out your plans and be productive.

For Rabbit this is your year to increase your circle of friends and acquaintances. Make sure, however, that those around you respect your boundaries. Take time for yourself.

For Dragon this is a year to pay attention to the needs of others in your close circle, especially children. You need to exercise tolerance and forbearance and be welcoming. If you are a woman this year also favors marriage.

For Snake this is a good year to settle down in a relationship and to make a comfortable home. It is also a good year to learn new things to enrich your life.

For Horse this is a good year for romance. If you are not in a relationship you will have a good chance now. If you are in a relationship it can only get better.

For Sheep this is a harmonious year. Advance in life by accepting challenges and moving forward with self-confidence. You have a good chance to make and save up money.

For Monkey this is a good year to make money. If you are a man this year also favors marriage.

For Rooster this year offers you a challenge to look into different angles to make money. It could change your outlook.

For Dog this year offers happiness and support. It is a good year to settle into a good home and to take up a new interest. If you are a woman this year also favors marriage.

For Pig this year will be creatively productive. Pursue your business and creative aims. Many new ideas will come.

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