Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Horary astrological view of a proposed take over of the NYSE by Deutche Boerse

Upon reading an article reporting that the Deutche Boerse is currently attempting to make a move to buy the NYSE a horary chart was drawn up in Albuquerque, NM on 2/15/11 at 7:34 PM MST to find out if that is going to happen. This is what the chart shows.

The outstanding feature of the chart is Saturn rising in the 2nd house retrograde. It says trouble is arising involving money and the need for protection. Saturn is both square and mutual reception Venus, the ruler of the 2nd house, showing that attempts to get around the trouble will bring trouble. In other words, there is no way around trouble in this matter. Saturn Retrograde rising in the 2nd house can, and may destroy the current plan.

The Moon is forming two aspects: counter parallel Pluto and trine Uranus. This says that something else will happen; current plans will change. Nonetheless, trouble is coming up in this and we can see that the Moon trine Uranus will allow it to happen in one form or another. The entire matter is bad. One way or another the rat will sooner or later make its way into the larder. Uranus is in the 7th house of international relations; international deals are being made. And at whose expense? Jupiter and Neptune, the rulers of the 7th house are elevated over Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendent. Frankfurt will have the upper hand if they can drive it through and it will be at the expense of the US.

Moon was last over Jupiter at 4 degrees Aries. Moon is at 25 degrees Cancer in the 11th house. This means that the current state of the affair has been circulating, i.e., under discussion back and forth, for about five months. We now hear of it.

The third house cusp in Scorpio, a fixed sign, and Pluto, the co-ruler of the 3rd house is in the 4th house, an angle. This says there there is truth to the report. The angles of the chart are in mutable signs, saying that the report is not completely true. Mars, the ruler of the 3rd house is in the 6th house affirming that the report is not entirely true. The Moon in Cancer, a cardinal sign shows falsity.

Bottom line, serious danger is coming up and will come up repeatedly, what is being reported currently is not completely true and there is a good chance that the scheme will fail; the current plan will run into serious obstacles. Other approaches will be tried in the attempt to weld together the markets in an international move to overtake the US economy. It is a big red flag.

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