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Mundane astrological view of the full Moon 2/18/11

Full Moon occurs at 8:37 AM GMT on February 18th. The Moon is at 29:20 Leo conjunct the star Regulus. What this does is bring out secret activities and stresses matters of friends versus false friends and enemies. It speaks of power, violence and gains that don't last. Regulus is a 'royal star' of the nature of Jupiter and Mars; it denotes great expansiveness and force.

The Moon at 29:20 Leo and the Sun at 29:20 Aquarius are in exact aspect applying to the mean Lunar Node at 29:44 Sagittarius. This is a sure sign of dramatic events coming up in the world. The Node in Sagittarius is giving us the hint that it is in those parts of the world ruled by Sagittarius. The Arab countries, Australia, Spain, Southern France, Hungary, especially the area of Budapest, as well as the cities of Cologne and Stuttgart are places to watch as all of these are under Sagittarius. Watch the Middle East; this full Moon is bringing out turmoil.

The full Moon is opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Sun. And it is happening during a major solar storm. The affects are extremely tense - and transformative. Something has to give.

The affects of the solar storm may soon bring increased volcanic and earthquake activity. It also will interfere with radio transmissions. Solar storms of this magnitude can also cause health problems in certain individuals. It concerns the ethers of the body (the medium thorugh which the electric vibrations of life are diffused), the etheric vibration of life flowing toward and away from the heart, the circulation of the bloodstream flowing toward and away from the lungs, and the nerve network. This can cause spasmodic affects including nervous tensions, cramping of muscles, and heart and circulatory conditions. The electrical system of the body can be affected. The Sun, Neptune, Mars and Mercury in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo make this all the more possible and tie the psychic principle, or sympathetic nervous system into all this. The best you can do in these conditions is not get worked up, but stay relaxed and calm. Make sure you drink plenty of water. It is better to let go of petty issues that get you worked up, and relax while this is happening over the next few days. Pay attention to your body. Keep calm and centered and don't worry. The more positive side of this coin is saying that our perceptions are being sharpened and some of us will recieve some remarkable inspiration.

As if the above advice does much good, the full Moon at 29 degrees says the world is at the end of its tether and is out of patience. This is a highly dramatic time, indeed.

With the North Lunar Node at 29 degrees Sagittarius we may look forward to when Uranus comes to 29 degrees Pisces between February 22nd and March 11th. During that time which straddles the coming new Moon on March 4th, we will see repercussions in the market to events now developing. It is probable that the market will retreat in the lunar period between March 4th and April 3rd.

In addition to the full Moon opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun, we notice that Venus at 16:13 Capricorn is exactly square Saturn at 16:46 Libra. Venus and Saturn are also in mutual reception. This means that getting around problems now is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire; attempts to avoid problems will now create problems.

The full Moon chart for the UK has Mercury, Mars, Neptune, the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter all in the 12th house with the Moon in the 6th house. The North Lunar Node is in the 9th house. With six planets in the 12th house we can be sure that a lot of secret activity is happening in Britain, and it involves spies, false friends and secret foes. There is also bound to be an increase in social unrest, crime, theft and murder. The full Moon in the 6th house opposite all those planets in the 12th house bodes ill for the health of the country. It also indicates troubled conditions affecting working people and people in public service including the military. The North Lunar Node is in the 9th house pointing to difficult foreign political involvements and troubles in foreign trade at this time.

The Full Moon in Bruxelles is in the 5th house opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 11th house. This is bringing out the neccessity for changes in governance of the EU. Pressures are very great. The North Node in the 9th house is showing troubles in international relations involving trade. In both the charts for the UK and EU (Bruxelles) we find Venus in the 10th house square Saturn in the 6th house. This shows the governments trying to get around their problems with people in working classes including public services. It won't work; problems won't be resolved at all successfully now. The current problems are too difficult for the governments to handle.

The greatest tensions and turmoil in the world are being shown by this full Moon chart in the region extending from Egypt to Iran. In the charts of all these nations we find Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 10th house opposite the Moon in the 4th house. On the Western side of this region, i.e., Egypt and the Near East, the North Lunar Node is in the 8th house showing dangers of losses of property, money and human life. On the Eastern side of this region, i.e., Iran, the North Lunar Node is in the 7th house showing dangers of international conflict. In the chart made for Tehran we find Mars exactly on the Mid Heaven, showing a big danger of violence. We note, the solstice point of the Part of Assassination in the chart made for Tehran is at 24:52 Leo. It is opposite Mercury, Mars Neptune and the Sun and the Mid-Heaven, and conjunct the full Moon in Tehran. It spells the possibility of an assassination in Iran. Watch what happens with the Iranian war ships that are sailing through the Suez Canal. They are aiming to provoke war with Israel. The whole region from across North Africa through Egypt and the Middle East all the way to Iran is deeply troubled.

The chart made for Pakistan has Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 9th house with Moon in the 3rd, the North Lunar Node in the 7th. International affairs are extremely tense as relates to Pakistan now. The chart shows dangers of air crash as well as accidents on roads.

The chart made for China has Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 7th house with Moon rising in the 1st. This makes East Asia a place of potential strife. This chart includes the Koreas and Japan. Mars afflicted in the 7th house in this region is very poweful. It shows dangers of international disagreements and disputes. International relations are unsatisfactory.

The chart for Australia has the full Moon conjunct the Ascendent. Merury and Mars are in the 6th house and Neptune and the Sun are in the 7th. The North Node is in the 4th. This connects international relations with the land. Saturn is in the 2nd house square Venus in the 5th. Taxes for the recent disasters are registering in this chart. This is also showing losses in the stock market and possible losses and cut backs in areas of public services.

The chart for the US has the full Moon in the 8th house opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 2nd, the North Node is exactly conjunct the Ascendent. Major financial troubles are showing. Money is still being squandered. Cut backs are not stemming the flow. Moon opposite Neptune and Mars is showing (partisan) trickery behind cuts, expenditures, and losses. There is a big fight brewing over Government spending cuts. The Ascendent conjunct the North Node is showing the public alarmed. Venus in the 1st house square Saturn in the 9th is showing serious international trade problems weighing upon this country.

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  1. The Aussie chart is interesting because of the dramas that are playing out for the government in their dealings with refugees...