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Astrological report for the New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon is on February 3rd at 2:32 AM GMT. At DC it is February 2nd at 9:32 PM EST.

The New Moon is at 13:55 Aquarius conjunct Mars at 14:16 Aquarius. The Sun at the New Moon is also parallel Mars, a powerfully dynamic aspect. The New Moon and Mars are also in trine aspect with Saturn at 17 degrees Libra. This says that this lunation period encourages us to act positively. It favors starting new enterprises, entering new territory, taking a definite stand, accepting challenges and acting with courage. Bold actions in the world will unfold leading to constructive aims. Mars at 14 degrees Aquarius is square his own solstice point at 15 degrees Scorpio. This intensifies the activity of Mars; he puts up a good fight and will not give in. The trine to Saturn in Libra appeals to justice; it says that those whose actions are just will succeed now.

The New Moon and Mars are exactly square the Winter Solstice position of Venus. The Winter Solstice Venus was 14 degrees Scorpio, exactly conjunct the solstice point of Mars in this New Moon chart. This is saying that the untoward economic conditions seen at the time of the Winter Solstice, six weeks ago, are precipitating the turning point that is now forcing expedient actions to be taken in the world.

Venus is at 28:42 Sagittarius in the New Moon chart. She is in opposition to the Lunar Eclipse of December 20th and is square to Uranus at 28:05 in the New Moon chart. This aspect is starting a repercussive affect from the Lunar Eclipse that will be felt world wide in the form of turning points in response to unbearable conditions; matters must give way. The pressure from this aspect will grow in intensity on February 3rd and 4th as Venus comes to exact opposition the Lunar Eclipse and its solstice point, and between February 22nd and March 28th when Uranus comes to square the Lunar eclipse and its solstice point. It is possible that this can be experienced as earth and weather events as well as events in the human realm.

Jupiter is at 2:10 Aries in the New Moon chart. He is square the Winter Solstice Pluto and is approaching square the transiting Pluto. Jupiter will come to exact square transiting Pluto between February 23rd and March 1st. Judging from the last Jupiter/Pluto square, this spells an inflationary trend in the stock market (NYSE) from now into and through much of March while other indications will show the market to be uneven.

The New Moon and Mars are exactly square the Dow Jones Saturn; square the NASDAC Saturn; and sextile the S&P Saturn. The Dow and NASDAC will see some downturns in some areas while S&P is being supported by this lunation and the NYSE appears to be showing an inflationary trend. The New Moon and Mars are sextile BPs Saturn and Mercury giving support to that company's overseas developments. The New Moon and Mars are also trine OPEC's Venus. Saturn is conjunct OPEC's Venus and will be exactly trine to her later in March and into April. OPEC is not currently in the mood to increase production. Oil prices will go up.

In the chart of the UK the New Moon and Mars are in the 3rd house. Saturn is in the 10th. It shows positive developments in areas of transportation, communications and in literary matters. Bold words will be forth coming through the media. Loud protests will be voiced by students. At the same time, Mars in the 3rd house warns of accidents and fires. There is the danger of an air crash or train wreck. Mars is the ruler of the 12th and 1st houses. He warns of a potential explosive underground event that will affect the people. The trine of Mars to Saturn says that such an event is preventable. Saturn is in the 10th house. Government and police are capable of preventing the unspeakable from happening should such threaten.

The New Moon and Mars are in the 2nd house of Bruxelles affecting the entire EU. This encourages taking a new departure in addressing the economic issues affecting the EU at this time.

The New Moon and Mars are in the 2nd house in Cairo with Saturn in the 9th. Foreign interest comes to Egypt to help move the country forward. Mars conjunct the Sun in the 2nd house blows money. Egypt is losing money on top of the already harsh conditions that are driving the protests. Venus rules the 10th house. Venus is square Uranus. Uranus is in the 3rd house and rules the 2nd house. The President is at a big disadvantage. Opinion is against him. Venus is at 28 degrees Sagittarius. 28 Sagittarius is the Gallactic Center. The entire world is against Mubarak now.

Going further East we see the area reaching from Ethiopia up through the Middle East and into Russia more prone to unrest. In this area we find the New Moon and Mars rising in the 1st house. The people are eager for change. There will be more discontentment and a warlike, aggressive tone among them.

In Iran this same energy is being felt, but we find the New Moon and Mars intercepted in the 1st house. This means that the discontentment of the people is being stiffled.

In the area of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Western India, and the surrounding lands we see the New Moon and Mars rising just above the Ascendent. It makes this area of the world prone to more violence. Saturn trine Mars from the 8th house will raise the numbers of casualties. Saturn is intercepted in the 8th house. This weakens his ability to control the violence in the region.

The New Moon and Mars in China are in the 11th house with Saturn in the 6th. This favors China and gives them blanket coverage. China is in an advantageous position in the world at this time.

The New Moon and Mars in Japan are in the 10th house. This is a good time for new developments in Japanese government and business; a time for Japan to take the initiative. The New Moon and Mars in the 10th house also means that there is a probability of seismic and volcanic activity as well as storms in this area of the world that includes the far Eastern part of Russia, Japan, the Philippines, Eastern Indonesia, New Guinea and Central and Eastern Australia. We see at this New Moon a terrible typhoon striking Queensland. New volcanic activity is likely to start in Japan.

The opposite side of the world is the Mid Atlantic. It is possible the New Moon with Mars can trigger volcanic activity in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The New Moon and Mars in Washington DC are in the 5th house and Saturn is in the 1st. The people are in a distressed mood for want of work, loss of trade, poverty and ill health. At the same time the people are taking a more positive outlook and are interested in moving seriously forward. Diplomatic relations for the US are entering new territory now. It is time for the Government to change its diplomatic relations. This can be seen with regard to what is developing in Egypt.

This New Moon conjunct Mars marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. In context of the Chinese New Year, the indications at this New Moon have meaning for the whole year ahead. The best it has to offer is that it marks a time for constructive activity. A reading of the Chinese astrological chart for the New Year will be posted tomorrow.

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