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The election on 11/6 seen astrologically

There is a method used to get an idea who will win. According to Elbert Benjamine, of The Brotherhood of Light fame, the chart to use is the new or full moon just prior to the election, and the planets to pay attention to are Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter for the Republicans and Saturn for the Democrats. The full moon prior to the coming election was on Oct. 29. While this method generally works, it is the opinion of this writer that it is better to look at that chart in the context of the charts of the fall equinox of Sept. 22, the new moon of Oct. 15, the chart for the day of the election, Nov. 6, then Mercury going retrograde on Nov. 7,  and finally the solar eclipse that comes on Nov. 13. The reaon for the chart of the solar eclipse is because the solar eclipse acts as a big magnet that draws the entire tide of human emotions and opinions that bears upon the consensus at the election. At first glance it looks close, and vigilance will be needed to deal with voter fraud.

All of the charts are made for Washington DC.

Looking at Saturn first, we see that this planet is in the section of the sky called Via Combust Way in all of these charts. Any planet in Via Combust Way is weakened. Nonetheless, Saturn was in Libra. Saturn is exalted in Libra, so this makes him very powerful despite his weakened condition. The Democratic party is strong if not as strong as it would like to be.

Looking at Jupiter, we see that this planet is in Gemini, its sign of detriment, and that it is retrograde.This weakens the Republicans as well. When Mercury goes retrograde, it does so in Sagittarius, Jupiter's sign, so the retrograde weakens the Republicans even further. Mercury goes retrograde square Neptune. This warns us of fraud and errors in the election process that will not look good.

The chart of the fall equinox gives Saturn three good aspects, and Jupiter two. Saturn's aspects are sextile the Sun, sextile the Mid Heaven, and trine Neptune. Jupiter's aspects are trine Mercury and sextile Venus. Saturn was in the 12th house, and Jupiter was in the 8th. Mars was at 19 degrees Scorpio in the 1st house showing the people very angry this fall; the nation is in an angry mood. Mars is conjunct the star Serpentis, the most malefic star in the sky. In this angry mood, the conditions of Saturn and Jupiter are pretty similar, although Saturn is stronger. Therefore, the Democratic party as seen from the fall equinox chart is the stronger of the two.

The chart of the new moon of Oct. 15 has Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is peregrine in Scorpio, not as strong as in Libra, and prone to being pushed off course under bad aspects. Nonetheless, Saturn in Scoprio is in mutual reception Pluto in Capricorn, so Saturn is strongly reinforced. Pluto rules over the largest mass of people. The Democrats are therefore seen as winning more support from the grassroots. Saturn is also forming a sextile aspect with Pluto, and that acts very favorably and gives opportunities for succeeding. In the new moon chart Saturn has five aspects, all seen as good. They are conjunct the Ascendent, square the Mid-Heaven, Conjunct the Moon and conjunct the Sun. Retrograde Jupiter has three aspects: trine the Sun and trine the Moon, and square Venus. The Sun and Moon are separating from trine to Jupiter and are applying to the conjunction with Saturn. The force is moving from the Republicans to the Democrats. Saturn, i.e., the Democrats, appears in this chart to be gaining.

The chart of the full moon, the key chart according to Elbert Benjamine, has Saturn combust the Sun, opposite the Moon. This can weaken Saturn, but the mutual reception Pluto can get him out of a tight spot. The full moon happened at the disaster on the east coast, and Obama has risen to the occasion while Romney has not. The mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto has turned a disaster into an opportunity for Obama. In the full moon chart Saturn has four aspects, and Jupiter has three. Saturn's aspects are conjunction the Sun, opposition the Moon, sextile and mutual reception Pluto, and trine Neptune. The aspects of Jupiter, now retrograde, ae square the Ascendent, opposition the Midheaven, and and exact opposition to Mars. The opposition to Mars is very unluck for Romney. Also Mars is in the 9th house. Romney is being frowned upon by foreign Governments. So, the full moon chart shows the Democrats gaining yet more.

The chart of the day of the election, made for noon in DC has Mercury at retrograde station opposite Jupiter retrograde and square Neptune. This warns of fraud. Mercury is in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury. They are in mutual reception by opposition. It works like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The mutual reception is destructive, and brings out a lot of confusion, all the worse because of Mercury's square aspect to Neptune. Something fishy about Romney that day. Jupiter's aspects, besides the mutual reception by opposition to Mercury, are opposition to Mars, trine to Venus, and sextile to Moon. Romney despite the confusion will win plenty of votes. The aspects of Saturn are mutual reception by sextile to Pluto, and trine to Neptune. Obama is getting the votes of the poor and the greater mass of the people.

Let it be said that the Mercury square to Neptune, while it involves Jupiter, also overshadows the entire election. The people are being deceived by both sides. Something ominous is in this, as shown by the solar eclipse.

The chart of the solar eclipse on November 13 has Mercury retrograde exactly square Neptune, a sign of fraud and confusion. Because Mercury is the dispositor of Jupiter, still retrograde, it points at the Republicans. They don't play fair. Mercury is trine to Saturn, so it favors Saturn, and Saturn is in mutual reception by sextile with Pluto which works in Saturn's favor. Jupiter has one aspect, trine Venus. Venus is intercepted in the 6th house showing a small group working from behind closed doors. Saturn's aspects are opposition the Ascendent, mutual reception and sextile Pluto, and trine Neptune. Saturn is in the 6th house denoting labor. The working class favors Obama. The solar eclipse is in the 7th house, the eclipse being at 21 degrees Scorpio. A solar eclipse in the 3rd decanate of Scorpio shows the rise of a tyrant. We will learn what that means. The eclipse in the 7th house points to disputes and complications not only between opposing forces in the country, but also involving foreign powers.

Decide for yourself. It looks like Obama will win unless there is election fraud. Either way, the outcome will be difficult. The people are being decieved.

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