Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chinese astrological portrait of Vladimir Putin 10/7

Vadimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 at 9:30 AM. The Chinese signs for his year, month, day, and hour of birth are Water Dragon, Earth Rooster, Fire Dog, and Water Snake, respectively. Putin is a very forceful, dynamic, and clever man.

The balance of elements in Putin's chart are 5 Metal, 3 Water, 1 Wood, 3 Fire, and 4 Earth. Putin's vital element is Wood. This means that his best color is green and his best orientation is East and Southeast. Looking at the luck cycles in his chart, Putin has been enjoying strong Wood since age 41, 41 - 51 being a pivotal cycle in his life during which he rose dramatically to power. Wood element is present in his years from 41 all the way into his 80s, his 80s being his peak cycle. Putin will probably continue to occupy an influential position of power well into his 80s.

The yin and yang balance of the elements in Putin's chart are fairly well balanced, a good sign for health. With 8 yang and 6 yin he is a good initiator of action, but there being no yang Wood in his chart, he needs people to help him make decisions, whether he does so on their recommendation or in opposition to them. His chart has two Nobleman stars, showing that he attracts helpful people, and the chart shows that helpful people are present in his life from age 52 on. Despite the oppositions he is surrounded by supporters. He thrives on opposition. The chart shows that he becomes more subtle in dealing with opposition as he ages. His life from age 52 on also shows him prospering. People who work with him love him. And with two Tien Yi stars, or Sky Medicine stars, he is very lucky; he receives assistance and promotion through his life, all the more as he gets older, especially from age 52 onward.

Born with the stars 3 Wood, 7 Metal, and 1 Water, Putin works diligently. He plans ahead and waits for the right moment to act. The earlier years of his career were not nearly so easy as his later years. His situation turned around especially in his 40s, and he rose to the most fortunate position. Patience is a challenge for Putin. He is sensitive, and, while he can be put off by negative comments of others, he doesn't show it. He is a very subtle character and a deep, secretive thinker.

This year 2012, when Putin turns 60, is a challenging year, but each step he takes moves him forward decisively. After February 2013 he may have some difficulties with subordinates, but upon his 61st birthday in 2013 he enters a new 10 year cycle that brings out his dominant nature all the more. From 61 to 71 Putin meets his challenges in surprising ways; he is very smart. The year 2014 will be a peak year for him.

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