Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The full moon of 9/30 in astrology

The full moon occured on September 30 at 3:20 GMT. It marks a uniquely tense moment, what with the Moon conjunct Uranus, Square Pluto, and the Sun opposite Uranus and square Pluto, while Venus and Mars are square, and Saturn is at the end of his tether at 29 degrees Libra. Violence may attend forced changes. People are not in a peaceful mood.

The full moon at Greenwich is between the 8th and 2nd houses with Pluto in the 4th. Venus is in the 12th house square Mars in the 3rd, and Saturn is in the 3rd. The indications of this chart hold true for all of western Europe including Portugal and Spain. The greatest tension is over money and property. And while there is a lot of angry protesting going on in the streets, Jupiter in the 10th house is protecting the Government. This is setting up the Governments for a lot of trouble to come.

The full moon chart for Bruxelles shows the same indications as that for Greenwich except that Saturn is in the 2nd house. This is a very dangerous place for Saturn in that it seriously affects the financial outlook for the entire EU in the midst of extremely tense conditions. Saturn in this afflictive degree in the 2nd house is very evil. It confirms the Sun's position in the 2nd house opposite Uranus and square Pluto, serously threatening financial stagnation, disruptive conditions, and depression. Yet, we see Jupiter in the 10th house protecting those in the highest circle. This bodes great ill. The Governments are out of touch with the people. Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign of his detriment. He gets caught up in all kinds of intellectual nonsense and doesn't see what is right in front of his nose.

The full moon in the chart of Israel is between the 7th and 1st houses, with Pluto in the 4th. This brings troubling disputes and complications to Israel. The Moon rules the 10th house, directly involving Netanyahu; Netanyahu is in an unfortunate position. Afflicted Uranus conjunct the 7th house cusp plays havoc with foreign affairs, causing unexpected, serious complications, and agitation against the country.

The full moon in China is between the 10th and 4th houses with Pluto in the 7th. Here also we see dangerous agitation in international affairs, in this case, involving a dispute between China and Japan. Afflicted Uranus in the 10th house shows sudden and unexpected emergencies in Government circles. There is internal strife in the highest circle.

The full moon in the US is between the 4th and 10th houses with Pluto in the 1st, again showing great tension, but here it is in the relationship between the incumbent and its opposition. Jupiter in this chart is in the 7th house showing, at least for the time being, no danger from foreign regions. Pluto is in the 1st house, and rules the 12th. This shows the crucial connection between the poor and disenfranchised in the political contest. Mars is in the 12th house of this chart showing a sharp increase in crime, murder, and violence. Mars squares Venus in the 9th house, with Venus ruling the 11th. Crime involves international gangs.

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