Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturn's Ingress in Scorpio

Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5, at 20:34 GMT.  It will plod through Scorpio until 2015 when it enters Sagittarius. The following is what it shows coming up in the world.

The nature of Scorpio is fixed water. Saturn is cold. Saturn in Scorpio brings out the tendency of Scorpio to become icy. This can cause the the criminals to become entrenched. It will also establish new and positive structural developments in business, economics, science, and international relations. Serious confrontations will happen.

Saturn in Scorpio hates restraint and opposition. It has a strong, turbulent energy, and may soon cause the downfall of criminals in positions of power. Arrogance and greed are the most dangerous attitudes to have under this influence. The arrogant will fall.

Saturn in Scorpio will also deteriorate the public health and hygene, poison the water, and bring out serious diseases. Because Saturn in Scorpio has to do with poisoning, the entire matter of gas fracking will loom up in the public awareness. Pollution of water, as well as scarcity of water will be a big issue. Also the matter of GMOs and the pharmaceuticals will become more and more a critical issue. Saturn in Scorpio will also bring necessary disintegration to powerful international financial institutions run by crooks.

Scorpio is the sign of death. Saturn is the reaper. Put them together, and they spell the end of all due to fall in the areas of banking, politics, business, and in the general public. The death rate will rise. The disease rate will also rise. There will be much mortality among the elderly, and among prominent figures including those who hold important positions in the Governments of the world.

Saturn is peregrine in Scorpio. It lacks patience, and can contribute to treachery in political affairs. There will be assassinations done in secrecy.

The planetary aspect shown by the chart at the minute Saturn entered Scorpio says something about how this planet will act over the period. The most important aspects include the following. Saturn was conjunct Mercury at 00 degrees Scorpio, and trine Neptune at 00 degrees Pisces. This gives a deep, intelligent, and subtle influence to Saturn. It will bring out dark secrets otherwise concealed from public attention. It may also begin some revolutionary developments in the scientific, political, and economic areas. Great benefit comes to the world through secret channels. There are very powerful people working from secret positions to disempower the criminal elements that have plunged the world into the crisis it is in.

Saturn has two dispositors, it being in Scorpio: these are Mars and Pluto. The condition of the dispositors show what will become of Saturn's influence as it transits Scorpio. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is at 29 degrees Scorpio, square to Venus and square to Neptune; Venus and Neptune are in opposition one another. Mars at 29 degrees any sign is at the end of his tether, and is extremely impatient and will certainly precipitate trouble. Interesting to note, the Moon was at 29 degrees Scorpio when President Obama was inaugurated. This, and the coming time for his Administration is fraught with trouble.

Mars square Venus and Neptune will bring out scandals; criminals will be exposed; there will be breaches of trust in political and business circles; unfortunate economic developments affecting international relations will have to work out; huge losses of money, and explosive, even false flag events are to be expected. Criminals do not stop until they are stopped.

Pluto, the secondary ruler of Scorpio, is square Uranus. This very difficult square marks the entire transit of Saturn through Scorpio, not only because Pluto is Square Uranus at the beginning of this transit, but because these two planets will continue to be square to one another all the way through into 2015. This is a time of world-wide turmoil. Huge protests are happening. We can expect what is developing in the world to grow and get louder. Autocratic gangsters are having, what at best is, their last hurrah, and the world is paying a terrible price for it. Neptune square Mars shows radical forces revolting. It brings violence.

The transiting Moon at the time of Saturn's entry into Scorpio is exactly conjunct Jupiter at 16 degrees Gemini trine the Sun at 13 degrees Libra. There will be a great deal of brilliant writing and communicating all through this exciting period. Intellectual activity will flourish. During times of revolution the most interesting literary productions come. This is such a time.

All in all, the condition of Saturn's dispositors along with the Moon's condition show that the coming time is going to be very exciting and dangerous. Very good and very evil developents will come in scientific, political, and economic areas. Extra-terrestrial communications will break through all the more, and become more widely accepted.

The countries under Scorpio include Bavaria, Turkey (Cappadocia), Catalonia, Judea, Morocco, Norway, Syria, South Africa. If the situation in the EU continues to be more and more oppressive, Bavaria, the richest German state, may move toward autonomy, or will move to dominate the Federal Government of Germany. Turkey is moving ever closer to war with Syria. Jerusalem is in a dangerous and potentially very unfortunate position. South Africa is on the brink of war. Catalonia is moving to seceed from Spain. Because of its oil, Norway is in the most advantageous position. Time will tell what happens with Morocco. It may develop tensions with France.

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