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Feng Shui of the heart: the three fortunes

In Chinese thinking bearing upon fengshui there is what is called the three fortunes. The three fortunes are always taken into account in fengshui. The three fortunes are the luck of heaven, the luck of the human, and the luck of the earth. Heaven luck refers to the configurations in the person's horoscope. Human luck refers to the person's state of morality, health, energy, and personal culture. And earth luck refers to the condition of the person's living and working environments. When all three fortunes are in harmony the person thrives.

To ascertain your heaven luck a Chinese astrological chart is made and analyzed. It shows how the elements unfold through your life, when they support your growth and when they go against you. Without this knowledge it is very difficult to make any sense in arranging the fengshui of your environment, as it is completely necessary to see what the different elements mean to you in time and space. If you don't know what element the person needs, you can easily go astray and use the wrong element in the fengshui, and bring bad luck to the person. The elements in Chinese astrology directly translate into directions in space and colors. If a person needs the element Wood, meaning green colors and east orientation, and you give them the element Fire, or red colors and south orientation, you exhaust their Chi and weaken their luck. Chinese astrology is the only reliable guide for doing personal fengshui. It tells everything about the person's life, as it unfolds in time, and helps to understand what the person needs for all of the different areas of life to develop well and smoothly.

The person's human luck develops with personal culture, moral, mental, and physical cultivation. If the person has excellent heaven luck and beautiful earth luck but is unethical in his or her dealings in the world the human luck will eventually attract disaster. Good heaven and earth luck will come to no avail if you don't act correctly to realize it. It is like serving delicious, nourishing food to someone who is too lazy to lift a fork. Human luck means work and action. Without it nothing helps. Self-cultivation to build a magnetic personality is the most important key to success. A person with strong human luck and bad earth luck can become very successful in life. A person with good earth luck and poor human luck will at best be weak, and will more likely than not meet with bad luck. Human luck is the hub of the wheel, so to say. A good fengshui expert can arrange the fengshui of a person's environment in such a discordant way that forces the person to become strong and active, and succeed in life. You have to understand the person correctly in order to do the fengshui appropriately. Understanding the person's human luck is just as important as knowing how to read the person's Chinese astrological chart.

The earth luck refers to the actual arrangement of the person's environment. That arrangement depends on knowing the person's Chinese astrological chart, and understanding their level of personal culture. Arranging the person's earth luck is making a magical talisman of their space. Everything is put in the right place in the right alignment according to the compass situation of the place, the underground energetic condition, and the astrological reading of the person living or working in the space. And, when the human luck of the person is correctly understood the space can be given the appropriate objects to support the development of the person's luck.

Fengshui without a complete understanding and skill in working with the the three fortunes is more likely than not going to cause trouble. Without the proper knowledge of the Chinese astrology this art should not be practiced in any way but to a superficial depth as it can do a lot of harm when not used intelligently.

A good fengshui expert uses all of the elements and the three fortunes to change a person's luck and life. This is a subtle and powerful art. The traditional way of practicing the personal form of fengshui, called fengshui of the heart, begins with a Chinese astrological reading. The astrological reading shows the person's situation and what it needs to move in a positive direction. The person's face may also also read and/or they are engaged in conversation to arrive at an understanding of their human luck. The sound of a person's voice tells the expert even more about the person than the words they use, as different vocal signals and inflections reveal the balance of the elements in the person's Chi. When the person's situation is suffiently understood, the fengshui expert looks at the person's house to analyze it and make those recommendations that will change the person's luck. This is the way it has been done in China for centuries.

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