Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Horary Astrology and coming economic conditions

On the question, "what's coming up in the economy" I made a horary chart on October 26, 2009 at 04:16 PM EDT in Durham, NC (78W53, 35N59). For those of you who don't know what horary astrology is, it is a special branch of astrology that gives answers to specific questions based on the time the questions come up. Done correctly, horary has about a 98% rate of accuracy. Not many people know horary as the rules are different and a lot more complicated than the rules for birth charts and progressed charts.

The most outstanding and obvious feature of this chart points to the stock market. Watch the upsurge in the market over a period of about a year followed by a steep decline. The drop may happen late in 2010 or early in 2011. The chart gives it 1 year and 4 months at most. I wouldn't wait that long. Investing in the stock market may make you money if you start to pull out by Fall, 2010. I would be very cautious if I were you. The boom/bust that this chart appears to predict looks like it is related to foreign investors. This chart also shows seriously difficult developments coming in six years in the area of foreign relations related to economic issues rooted in the past.

Saturn is in the 7th house of this chart. When Saturn is in the 7th house it throws a shadow over the chart for a generally negative reading. That means that it is wise to heed the warnings.

The most positive things this chart has to show are that the Part of Fortune is in the 4th house and the Moon's final aspect is trine Mercury ruler of the 4th house. That means that real estate is going to start looking up. If you have cash to invest in real estate this is a good time to do it. Real estate looks better than the stock market. The chart suggests that foreign investors are coming to buy up real estate. With real estate looking better, we can think that the banks will come up with new solutions. How much better that is is anyone's guess. It is unlikely real estate will be as hot as it was two years ago for quite some time.

The Part of Fortune in the 4th house and Moon's final aspect to Mercury ruler of the 4th house also say that there will be good fortune in the end, no matter the trouble along the way. The economy will improve over time, not very quickly however.

The chart also points to some behind the scenes trickery, in other words, criminal activity that registers in the general financial picture. Avoid schemes.

Past conditions and events that have a bearing on this horary chart are shown by Pluto behind the Moon. Pluto points to complications and group involvements. The Moon's distance from Pluto, and her position in the chart, indicate that these complications and group involvements were in affect already more than 30 years ago. This means that the conditions we are in, and what is coming are related to complicated matters that are very deep rooted and very old.

Will the economy get better? The Moon's final aspect says yes. But heed the warnings. The Moon's general run of aspects that are forming in this chart are good. This gives us cause for encouragement. Neptune who rules the 1st house of this chart is currently in Aquarius. It will enter Pisces in February, 2012 timing a new developments in the public outlook, as seen by this chart.

by Raphael Simons


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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Astrological Predictions on Autumn Equinox 2009

The Autumn Equinox happened on September 22, 2009 at 09:20 PM GMT, or 05:20 PM EDT when Mercury was transiting retrograde conjunct Saturn opposite Uranus. In the world chart, this configuration focuses on unresolved problems of the poor involving labor, crime and general misery, the affects of which will include increasingly unbearable working conditions, poor health and criminal activity among the poor and destitute. This is the fall-out of the rampant greed that continues to plague the world.
The astrological configuration in this chart also shows that the sensationalist news media that is controlled by the multi-national interests, along with the government propaganda machines will continue to spread lies about the world's condition, distracting the people from the real issues by generating and directing fear and hatred among the people. The entire world has been brought to its knees by the aggressive cancer of the greed of the multinational corporations and the criminals in government violating all of the world's boundaries, driving hordes of people from one land to another and bringing down poverty everywhere.
The future outlook for the world is distressed, but shows some hope, however tenuous, for eventual reforms in relations between the interests of the multi-nationals and the world's governments. The people everywhere are angry in great number. Troubles are yet coming to the world's governments due to continuing financial losses, increasing problems of crime, including corporate crime, and natural disasters.
There are probablities of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions happening as well. Violent earth events will put stress on food and medical supplies in affected areas. The financial difficulties of the various governments are causing popular unrest and conflict in several areas of the world.
Pluto at 00 degrees Capricorn at the Autumn Equinox is exactly square the Sun at 00 Degrees Libra. This means that financial problems that exist between multinational corporations and world governments will be compounded through the Fall. The stresses of these problems will inevitably lead to needed restructuring of several of the corporations and of international relations altogether. Expect more heads to roll. Some corporations will cease to exist.
The Equinox Chart read locally at Washington DC shows the Mercury, Saturn, Uranus configuration between the 7th and 1st houses indicating strained international relations rooted in past problems as yet unresolved. Negotiations between the US and certain foreign governments will prove unsuccessful; they will not keep their word and will prove untrustworthy if not treacherous. There is unwelcome pressure coming against the American Government from foreign interests. Foreign trade is depressed. The popular outlook in the US is turbulent. There is more hate mongering on the way. A lot of people are very confused, troubled and susceptible to all the hate mongering. The US chart also indicates that we can expect to hear of the death of someone in the entertainment field, as well as of a member of congress.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Astrological Chart of Barack Obama's Inauguration, January 20, 2009

I made both a Chinese astrological chart and a western astrological chart of the Presidential inauguration on January 20th. The Chinese chart report is first. As the events these past several months are reflected in what the charts say, we can reasonably say, therefore, that what was predicted in the charts, will indeed happen.

President Obama was sworn in on January 20th, at 12:06 PM in Washington DC. Chinese astrological calculations show a picture of a long period of reform coming, and in spite of the challenges and oppositions that are bound to come up the new Administration will succeed in large measure. The energy at the time in which the new Administration began was contracting, not expanding. This means that the situation of the Nation, as seen in January, 2009, in general gets worse before it gets better; it takes time to turn around. (It is now August, 21st. The recession is just beginning slowly to turn around. It is most probable that the economy will pick up little by little through the later part of this year and through 2010.) Creative planning is being called for in the current Administration. Creative planning is the vital element for the success of the Administration. The time, as shown in the Chinese chart, calls for an independent leader, one who carefully weighs all sides and who acts forcefully in face of serious opposition.
Overall, the dynamics of the Chinese chart show a trend toward repolarization of wealth. This means the poor will ultimately benefit even though the getting there will be fraught with difficulties. The Government will be seeking out new and alternative solutions, but their efforts will exceed expected returns; they won't be able to come through with all they promise because the opposition is growing in intensity throughout the term of the Administration. Financial resources being unstable, it will take considerable time to turn the situation around. The Chinese chart does show, however, increasing resourcefulness and storing up of money after the first year. The picture is complicated and difficult. The country is being divided by opposing forces. The opposition to the President doesn't care that the President is popular and is doing all it can to undermine the President. It will continue this way and grow in virulence.
The second and third years of the Obama Administration promise to be very dynamic. Opposition to the President will become loud through the second year. And the fourth year shows a hidden danger coming up. The Chinese chart does not say from whom or to whom, but it does say that opposition will come up very strongly toward the end of the Presidential term. All through his Presidency, Obama will have challenges. It is an exciting time. And while the President does have enemies he appears to have protection as well.
President Obama's hopes of unifying everyone, reaching across the aisle, will not work. Divisive factions are growing and will come to challenge him loudly especially toward mid-term. And while mid-term may bring up some radical choices, the President will receive assistance from key people right from the start and throughout the four years of his first term. It is probable that he will be reelected. He has the genius, or luck of turning adverse conditions to his advantage. President Obama glows with vitality and vigorously carries things through. His gift of attracting others, however, is double edged; it works both for and against him. He has a danger of becoming entangled in the snares of his political enemies. President Obama's alliances will therefore not always be trustworthy. Notwithstanding, he is a clever politician.

The Western astrological chart for the inauguration had Mercury retrograde and combust showing Justice Roberts having a senior moment flubbing his administering of the Oath of Office. Some people had the opinion that the inauguration was made invalid because of this flub, however, according to the 22nd amendment of the Consititution, the inauguration was, indeed, valid. Notwithstanding, there was a second oath of office given to President Obama on January 21st at 7:35 PM at the White House. A brief analysis of it follows this report, but it doesn't hold water beyond warning the President of the serious intentions of his opposition; there are no accidents; that chart does say something. The country is deeply divided and there are a lot of fearful, angry people that can stir up a lot of trouble.
At the time of the Presidential Inauguration the Moon was at 29 degrees Scorpio in the 7th house. This means the Nation will have something to weep about during the the current Administration. This position of the Moon tells of an ominous turning point in the affairs of the Government tied to trouble in foreign relations and turmoil at home. We need to be on the lookout for violent characters.
To allay the fears of some people: while the chart does point to notable deaths of Senators and other outstanding figures, it does not point to the death of the President; the President is protected and has great popularity. The highest branches of the Government will be able to flourish and exercise power under him. But while the President has the ability to build up something of lasting value he will be vexed; he won't find himself in the best of circumstances all the time and he has enormous problems to deal with.
The Inauguration chart showed the President turning his attention to the real estate crisis, something he already has done. The chart also showed the following concerns of concern: trouble to children involving poverty and crime, illness coming from afar (swine flu), rising mortality rate, increase in crimes against women, crooks in the financial markets, international criminals, in other words, vice and immorality rooted in the past.
The Inauguration chart also showed that there would be much activity in Government circles involving banking and labor, also disgrace to public officials and people in high places of business; in other words, we will see plenty of scandals involving finances, banking and labor. We've already seen some.
The Administration's aims will likely be vexed by shifting circumstances and factional struggling, causing changes of mind related to complex financial issues. The Administration's financial and social plans will therefore be thwarted, compromised, or delayed to the discomfort of the public while the public is being intimidated by nefarious media characters. Some hoped for, and important social and economic reforms will get bogged down and delayed, in other words. The people started out with high hopes and need to be more realistic lest they be disappointed.
In two years from the time of the Inauguration radical developments will likely come up in the Congress. There will be dramatic developments and a likely upset in the country at that time. The opposition will get very loud. And in four years there will be a noteworthy loss that will bring weeping to the Nation. There is something tragic shown in this chart that will affect the Nation. Other charts over the years will reveal what this means. No matter, the President is protected, and will likely be reelected for a second term.
We can expect religious disputes to come up. The Administration favors taking bold new scientific, technological and medical directions that will attract dissention from religious fundamentalists. The new Administration will encourage innovation and invention, nonetheless. Technology is highly favored and will the an area for positive international cooperation.
The chart also shows that projects that were put aside or underfunded in the past Administration will come up in the future to engage the new Administration in working to build hospitals, schools, and such public works as roads, bridges and levies. There is also a call to improve interstate and international commerce and shipping. There are plans on the table for a new trans-continental rail system.
This year, when Saturn enters Libra after the end of October, the power of the President will be considerably strengthened and the economy should show some encouraging signs of improvement.
The chart also shows elements in the media grasping for power and stirring up a hornet's nest that contribute to conditions of danger that must be watched; there is danger of terrorism. Again, the Inauguration chart says that it is most unlikely the President will be harmed in spite of the dangers, but it is possible that someone close to the President will be in danger. It is also very possible that in four years an act of violence will come to affect the Nation. But that has to be confirmed by other charts along the course of time to be predicted with any certainty. The Inauguration chart, however, does point to turbulence and danger of violence developing through the four years of the Administration. Wisdom tells us to be watchful. The violent talk on the media is something to be watched. Dissention and turmoil will develope over the Administration's economic and social policies. Rebels and rabble-rousers will rise up to stir up riots, strikes, and destruction of property. These violent forces must be taken very seriously. As of this date, August 21st, you can see it already happening. It will not stop so easily. It is very serious.
The chart of the second oath of office, given on January 21st at 7:35 PM at the White House casts a shadow over the Presidency altogether. The second chart is extremely negative and shows that there are dark forces militating against the Government, and the Presidency itself; these forces must not be ignored. This chart lends serious weight to the negative indications of the first Inauguration chart, and shows the enormity of the problems that confront the Obama Administration.

by Raphael Simons
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chinese Autumn Season, 2009: A Chinese Astrological Report

Chinese Autumn began this year on August 7th at 18:07 Beijing time, or 05:07 AM ET. The Chinese seasons always start at the middle of the Western calendar seasons. That is why Chinese Autumn arrives so early. In the context of western astrology, the Chinese seasons begin at 15 degrees the fixed Zodiac signs, Autumn beginning at 15 degrees Leo, Winter beginning at 15 Degrees Scorpio, Spring at 15 degrees Aquarius and Summer at 15 degrees Taurus. In the Chinese system, Autumn is the season of the element Metal. Metal contracts and expells.
The signs for the Autumn chart are as follows: the year is Earth Ox, the month is Water Monkey, the day is Wood Monkey and hour is Fire Rabbit. The predominant elements in the chart are Earth, Metal and Water, and the chart is predominantly Yang. This means that the energy this Fall is strongly and actively concentrative and intent on expelling everything non-essential; more people may lose their jobs. The natural course this Fall will be for all matters to settle, and for non-essentials to be eliminated. The chart, having so much Metal and Water is cold. Fire is weak. Therefore the season calls for Wood. Wood is the vital element for this Fall. That means that it is essential to make decisions. Matters must now be settled, decisions must be made and non-essentials must be thrown out if you are to stay in harmony with the Tao of the time.
Reduced to an I Ching Hexagram, the signs give us Hexagram 44: Coming to Meet, line 1. Its message is: curb evil at its inception. Where you find evil entering your life, check and correct it immediately. If you let it run its course unchecked, it will cause you misfortune.
This Autumn season favors people with a solitary character and those who work in independent professions. This, according to the traditional Chinese indicators, includes teachers, psychics, mediums, astrologers, metaphysicians, scholars, doctors, researchers, people who work behind the scenes, writers, designers and librarians.
Despite its severe indications, the chart has two Tien Yi, or Sky Medicine Stars. Tien Yi is the luckiest of all the stars; it resolves predicaments. The chart also has Tian de Gui Ren, or Heavenly Virtue Star which helps to stabilize life and clear away obstacles. This star is especially good for women who are getting married.
The chart also favors studies and travels as well as friendly interactions between people in business.
The chart, having strong Metal, but relying on Wood, also says that Western powers are strong, but depend on cultivating the creative potentials in the East. In other words, what happens in Asia is key to unlocking the power of the West at this time. Without the needed help of Asia the world will stagnate.

Looked at from the standpoint of the individual signs, the Autumn season, for those born under the sign Pig or Rat, means this is a time for you to increase your knowledge and develope your resources. It is favorable for Pig to work creatively and to be decisive this Fall. For Rat it is important, not only to generate your resources, but to accept the help of friendly people and to avoid conflicts; don't try to force your way against odds now. Both Pig and Rat, needing insights, will benefit by seeing the astrologer or psychic this Fall.
For those born under the sign Ox this is a time for saving up money and for turning your attention to your work. You may be very fortunate if you do.
For those born under the sign Tiger or Rabbit this is a time to assert yourself against odds while yielding to conditions you can't control. For a woman Tiger or Rabbit, this may be a season of love. For Tiger this Fall favors traveling, changing residence, and/or going forward with new work. It may also be a more favorable period for you financially. For Rabbit this Fall calls for creative activity.
If you were born under the sign Dragon this Fall favors you in business and encourages you to build up your money. It is best if conditions in your personal life be peaceful now if you are going to do that, however.
If you were born under the sign Snake or Horse this Fall is the time for you to pay attention and make money. For Horse this is also a lucky time for romance. And for Snake this is a good time for studies and any academic activity, also for using your intelligence to solve any problem you might have in your personal life and/or career.
If you were born under the sign Sheep this is a good time for creative work and for building up your money. It also favors receiving help from friendly people; a door may open for you unexpectedly.
If you were born under the sign Monkey or Rooser the Fall favors building up yourself, and circulating among your peers while acting independently and welcoming competition in business. Monkey may be especially lucky in resolving problems and will find others willing to help when needed. Friendly people are coming your way. For Rooster this is an especially lucky season for romance.
If you were born under the sign Dog this is a season to work hard and build up your money. The elements of the season will give you strength.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Lunar Eclipse of August 5th-6th, 2009

The Lunar Eclipse, at 13 degrees Aquarius, was penumbral, meaning the earth's shadow didn't entirely cover the surface of the moon, but what appeared was a ring of light around a dark center. The eclipse was partially visible in North and Central America at Moonrise (right after Sunset); it was completely visible over most of South America, the entire Atlantic, most of Europe except for Finland and Russia, all of Africa and most if the Arabian Peninsula; and was again partially visible at Moonset, i.e., at Sunrise on August the 6th, in western Asia, including western India, western China, and the far western part of Indonesia. The eclipse appeared at the zenith over Reykjavik, Iceland. If the eclipse has any affect on earthquake or volcanic activity anywhere in the world it will have some connection to pressures exerted in this part of the earth. There is a volcanic seam on the bottom the mid-Atlantic and Iceland; the eclipse was directly above this volcanic seam. Iceland is situated in the north mid-Atlantic, and is a volcanic island.
As far as the possible political affects of the eclipse go, in the mid-heaven, or zenith, of Iceland, it points to an upset, and possible defeat of the government there due to that country's financial troubles.
The eclipse over Washington DC occured in the 12th house calling attention to crime and instigators of crime in the country; subversive elements; kidnappings for ransom; spies and a behind the scenes condition - a skeleton in the closet - known only to the Government. The dispositors of the Eclipse Moon in Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. These planets are in the 1st and 7th house of the chart for Washington DC. Mars is applying to exact square aspect with Saturn from the 4th house. Mars in the 4th house denotes trouble for the Government coming from those who are in angry opposition to the Administration. It also points to fires in public buildings, mining disasters and Earthquakes. There very probably will be more earthquake activity in the US coming up as seen from this eclipse chart. Mars in the 4th house adversely affects the land, buildings that sit on the land, and the real estate market. Because Mars squares Saturn in this chart, the affects of Mars will be greatly intensified. Eclipses in fixed signs (and Aquarius is a fixed sign) are more likely to touch off earthquake activity than eclipses in cardinal or mutable signs. Saturn in the 7th house of the chart for Washington DC is unfavorable for foreign affairs and produces awkward and unexpected complications of a serious nature. Uranus in the 1st house of this chart denotes turbulence and discontentment among the people. What is most noteworthy in this chart is that Saturn and Uranus being the dispositors of the Eclipse Moon in Aquarius come to exact opposition with one another from the 10th to the 17th of September. It is probable that by mid-September international affairs will become more complicated than they already are, and the people will be more restless than they already are.
On the other side of the world, in Delhi, India, the eclipse happens just below the western horizon in the 6th house. This spells trouble for the public health and the general condition of the working classes. There is also trouble brewing in India in the police force.
The affects of a lunar eclipse last about three months on average. For each of us personally, the eclipse, unless it exactly aspects our natal planets, means nothing personal. If you have a natal planet at 13 degrees Aquarius and the eclipse conjuncts that planet, the affairs of that planet will be upset periodically for three months. If you have a natal planet at 13 degrees Gemini, Libra, Aries, or Sagittarius, the eclipse will trigger very positive affects in your affairs. If you have a planet at 13 degrees Leo the eclipse will frustrate the affairs of that planet from time to time for three months.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Chinese Astrological Portrait of President Obama

Allowing that the given date and time of his birth is correct, President Obama was born in the year of Metal Ox, month of Wood Sheep, day of Earth Snake and hour of Wood Dog. The predominant elements in President Obama's chart are Fire and Earth. These elements give him a big heart and the ability to take in huge amounts of information. President Obama is an intuitive type. He has the ability to see the entire picture in a flash and to act on the spur of the moment. He also has a tendency to worry a lot and to want to take care of everybody. To him the entire nation is family and he aims to do right by it, at least according to his vision of what right means. President Obama has learned to be tough through emotionally difficult times in his life. He has power to earn respect and to break through all barriers. His chart has a configuration that shows up in Chinese astrology in the charts of many historical heroes. In other words, he's a heroic type. He is authoritative, aspiring, vigorous, alert, firm, persevering, highly competitive, combative, decisive and bold. He is not afraid of hardship, and he loves challenges. He upholds justice and stands up under pressure. Under extreme pressure he may become intolerant, especially toward those who work under him. He intends to get his way as best as he can. He tends to be rigorous and places great emphasis on discipline. Those working under him will find it difficult to keep pace with him. President Obama glows with vitality. He is bent of carrying things through to the end. He has the distinctive ability to envision the future and will work tirelessly to make what he sees come true. He is in tune with the mass of people of the land and he champions the underdog. Because he lives and thrives in an atmosphere of challenge, he is sure to invite and meet up with serious opposition along the way. President Obama's opposition may try to destabilize his career, but will not be able to derail it. At worst, he can escape unscathed. He has great luck.
The astrological indications for President Obama in 2009, the year of Earth Ox, point to challenging times. President Obama's energy, foresight and determination are being tested. 2009 is characterized by ups and downs for President Obama; it is an adventurous year and he is turning a corner. He has plenty to worry about. People around him whose help he wants are not all in agreement with one another or with him. Political divisiveness seriously challenges him. This kind of opposition, however, is nothing new to President Obama; DC is his playground. All the trouble he is having is making him stronger and more resourceful. Trouble with opponents will build up through the year. In 2010, the year of Metal Tiger, troubles previously kept quiet will surface to intensify the challenges. The second half of 2010 will be marked by fighting; President Obama will be confronted by loud and trenchant opposition as he nears mid-term. This will be a precarious time for the Democratic party and for the people working under President Obama as he grows less tolerant and puts more pressure on them in face of the opposition; his leadership will be put to the test. In the second half of 2010, President Obama will be entering a new 10-year cycle in his Chinese astrological chart. This new cycle shows probabilities of surprising events to come. While President Obama's vitality and creativity will increase he will have some fights, or major challenges, to deal with, especially in the years and months of Tiger, Snake and Monkey. If President Obama is re-elected, and he is most probably going to be, the years of Snake (2013) and Monkey (2016) will come in his second term. When challenged, President Obama will act decisively to overwhelm his opposition. The year of Metal Rabbit, 2011, shows President Obama all the more forceful in driving his agenda forward. If he is thwarted in getting his way, 2011 will be fraught with frustrations for him. The probability is that 2011will show a combination of the two, i.e., he will get his way to large measure and he will be angered by attempts to undermine him.
President Obama acts as a catalyst in this country. It is most likely that we will see the economic conditions changing for the better and becoming healthier through the coming months and years even though President Obama's detractors would have us believe otherwise. It is highly probable that President Obama will be re-elected for a second term.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009

The solar eclipse at 29 degrees fifty six minutes Cancer happened at 2:34 AM Greenwich Mean Time on July 22nd, or 10:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time on July 21st.
The first thing to say about it is that a solar eclipse can have either a positive or negative affect on one's personal life depending on how the eclipse aspects one's natal planets. If, for example, you have planets at 29 degrees Cancer, Libra, Capricorn or Aries you will be challenged by this particular eclipse. If you have planets at 29 degrees Virgo or Pisces this eclipse favors you. If you have planets at 00 degrees Gemini or Sagittarius this eclipse will affect a turning point of sorts in your affairs. To get a complete picture of what this eclipse means for you personally you will either have to read your own chart or have an astrologer do that for you. Please note: this report is about probablities in world events as shown by the eclipse.
To find out what the eclipse means for the world, I made charts for London, Paris, Bruxelles, Berlin, Moscow, Jerusalem, Beirut, Amman, Damascus, Teheran, Delhi, Jakarta, Beijing, Anbyon North Korea, Tokyo, Wellington NZ, and Washington DC. I also looked at the relevant Johndro locality charts, and at the national charts of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Zaire for added detail.
A major solar eclipse such as this one signals an ending and a new beginning in the world, however difficult. This eclipse is at 29 degrees Cancer. Twenty-nine degrees means a weeping matter is coming into the world with this eclipse.
The charts for London, Paris and Bruxelles put the eclipse in the 2nd house, showing the troubled finances of western Europe and the EU, and pointing to coming burdensome taxation, heavy expenditures and losses of revenue, wasted public money, and unstable conditions in the money market and in the stock markets. Financial conditions in the EU will fluctuate with some deep losses. The chart for Berlin shows the eclipse in the 1st house and points to serious discontentment and unrest amongst the general public in Germany and all of central Europe. There may come some surprising changes in the German government as a result of these conditions. The charts for Jerusalem, Beirut, Damascus and Ammon also have the eclipse in the 1st house showing general discontentment among the people. This tells us that the Middle East will become more restless and unstable in the coming months. If we look at the band that runs approximately between 10 degrees east longitude and 36 degrees east longitude, or the area running roughly between Germany and Syria, and extend it down to south latitudes into the continent of Africa, we will find the same unsettling indications showing up in much of central, east and south Africa. Of special interest are Libya, Chad, Sudan, Ethopia, Zaire, Uganda, and all the way south to South Africa. This whole region of the world is in considerable ferment. Of note, the national chart of Zaire has Mercury at 29 degrees Cancer in the 4th house, and ruling the 6th house. It is very possible that the the eclipse will trigger an epidemic in Zaire.
The charts for Moscow and Teheran put the eclipse in the 12th house, indicating serious behind the scenes trouble involving prisons, possibly relating to victims of political chicanery. The chart for India puts the eclipse in the 11th house indicating changes in the Cabinet, troubles and difficulties in Parliament, dissentions and disagreements among its members, also the sickness, indisposition or death of a member of the government. Saturn in the India chart is in the 1st house showing the country entertaining a serious outlook about its problems especially as relates to children and education. Venus in the India chart is in the 10th house exactly square Saturn in the 1st and square Uranus in the 7th confirming the possibility of sickness or death of a member of the government, possibly a lady, and/or the unpopularity of someone in the highest of the government circles. It appears there is some problem of corruption that concerns the public. It is also possible a well-known Indian movie star will die sometime within a year of the eclipse.
The eclipse as affects Afghanistan and Pakistan shows the problems in Afghanistan related to opium growers funding terrorists who secretly cross over into Pakistani territory. It will be extremely difficult to control this sort of activity.
The charts for China, Japan and Korea have the eclipse at the zenith, or 10th house; it is closest to the zenith in Japan. We can expect some dramatic events to occur in east Asia involving these countries. Such an eclipse as this in the 10th house is a sign of the defeat of the government and/or heads of major corporations of central importance to the nation. East Asia is heading for major changes now.
The solar eclipse may also play a role in earthquakes and volcanic activity. Areas that call attention include China and Japan. The Johndro locality chart confirms the possibility of earthquake activity in far eastern Asia. The Johndro chart draws a line north-south from Kamchatka Penninsula and the Kuril Islands just northeast of Japan down to Papua New Guinea. This may trigger activity in the whole region of the islands that surround the eastern, southeastern, and southern sides of Asia, not to mention the land of Japan, China and Korea. The Johndro charts also point to the central Atlantic, or 30 degrees west longitude, that could indicate volcanic activity increasing at the bottom of the ocean there. The eclipse appears at the zenith over the mid-Atlantic in the Johndro chart. This would also make it a risk, at times, to travel across. There might be a big storm coming across the ocean after the eclipse as well.
The chart for Wellington, NZ shows nothing noteworthy. This means that the range of earthquake activity relative to the eclipse appears to be limited to the area around east Asia. If it happens in the sea there will be a tidal wave. The sign Cancer suggests that possibility. A solar eclipse at the end of the sign Cancer points to disease. If there are earthquakes in Asia there will be a big health problem following. If there aren't earthquakes there is the likelihood, nonetheless, of an epidemic coming.
Finally, the eclipse chart in the US puts the eclipse in the 5th house. This suggests unstable and fluctuating conditions in the stock and commodities markets with potential big losses, also dangerous conditions in places of amusement such as amusement parks and theaters, danger to children, a drop in the birth-rate, and the possibility of another death of a famous person in the entertainment field. The chart also points to plenty of wrangling to come in the House of Representatives.
Some affects of the eclipse may happen immediately or come later on as repercussions when planets come to aspect the eclipse degree. The first repercussion may occur when the Moon comes to square the eclipse degree on July 27th, and opposition the eclipse degree on August 4th. The Moon traveling around the heavens once a month has plenty of chances to set it off during the course of the year following the eclipse. Venus comes to conjunction the eclipse degree of August 25th and 26th. Mars comes to conjunction the eclipse degree on October 15th and 16th. The Sun squares the eclipse degree on October 22nd. Venus then comes to square the eclipse degree on November 7th. The Sun comes to opposition the eclipse degree on January 19, 2010. It is said the affects of a solar eclipse can last three years. My experience tells me, however, that the affects last one year and then fade out.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Lunation Period of June/July

The new moon on June 22 at Washington DC was in the 9th house exactly trine the Ascendent, pointing to favorable developments in international relations, as seen in the summit meeting of the Presidents of the US and Russia. Supporting this, the conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 7th house of the chart also shows a peaceful marriage of sorts. The chart also says that this fortunate development will continue beyond this lunation period; relations with Russia appear to be entering a more optimistic road. The developments between the US and Russia are coming to full view now at the full Moon eclipse. The eclipsed Moon is in the 7th house at Washington trine Saturn. This means that relations with foreign powers are now improving and will continue to improve through talks over time.
Over and against these indications, we have to look at the charts of Iran and Afghanistan. It was 30 years ago that the Islamic Republic of Iran was started. Iran is just past her Saturn Return. Saturn, in the Iranian chart, is in the 1st house, the-house-of-the-people. Repercussions of the Islamic revolution 30 years ago are now happening among the people; there is popular unrest. It is also noteworthy that Jupiter in the Iranian chart is at 29 degrees Cancer in the 12th house. There will be a major solar eclipse of July 22nd at 29 degrees Cancer. This will give Iran something to weep about over the coming months, and will cause plenty of disturbances in Iranian public institutions sich as hospitals, schools, and prisons; a lot of people may land in jail there. Looking further in the chart of Iran, it is possible to say that seriously disruptive events will come up in 2014 - 2015, more than what is happening at present and later on this year and into next. As for Afghanistan, it was 29 years ago that Russia invaded. Repercussions of that invasion will be felt this and next year due to the Saturn cycle. In the chart of Afghanistan Mercury is at 29 degrees Cancer in the 4th house. The coming eclipse on July 22nd will also register in Afghanistan negatively affecting the land, landed interests and cash crops. There will be a concerted effort of the US and Russia to destroy the opium business to arouse the hostile reactions of the farmers connected to the Taliban and related terrorist elements.
The coming eclipses, especially the solar eclipse of July 22nd, are also pointing to a big earthquake, very probably in Asia or somewhere in the eastern hemisphere as the eclpse, a total solar eclipse, will be visible over Asia. Happening at 29 degrees Cancer, it suggests a sunami. A solar eclipse at the end of Cancer also points to disease.
To go back a bit, the New Moon chart of June 22nd shows that there were a number of news-worthy deaths of celebrities in the entertainment field, as well as fatal air crashes. This pattern deserves watching as it may continue through the summer.
The lunar eclipse of July 7th is at 15 degrees Capricorn. A lunar eclipse in the middle of the sign Capricorn is said to bring assaults by soldiers, frequent incursions, robberies and captivities. Capricorn points to Afghanistan - there's trouble brewing there. Capricorn also points to India, Punjab, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Mexico and several other lands which need to watch out for violence. It also suggests pirate activity coming up abroad; I say abroad because the eclipse moon is in the 7th house of the chart made at Washington DC. There will be an increase of US military activity abroad. Uranus is in the 10th house in the DC lunar eclipse chart (July 7th). This means that there will be sudden, unexpected development in Government circles which will require careful management. Nonetheless, it appears the trouble, whatever it is, will be gotten around and averted.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why So Many People Are Passing Over Right Now

I was asked why so many people are passing over right now: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Billy Mays, the flight from Rio to Paris and another flight over the ocean that crashed last night, and possibly more to come. So I looked at the New Moon chart at Washington DC, 1:47 AM EDT on June 21, 2009, and calculated the Part of Death to see what it would say. The Part of Death in the New Moon chart is in the 11th house opposite Uranus in the 5th house, and its solstice point is conjunct the New Moon in the 9th house. Translated to plain English, the Part of Death shows surprising, unexpected deaths in the entertainment field, disasters to vacationers, and fatal accidents in flights over the ocean. To confirm this, the New Moon in the 9th house-of-long-distance-travel was opposite Pluto the universal significator of death in the 3rd house-of-travel. The Part of Death in the Summer Solstice chart made at Washington DC is square the Sun, ruler of the 5th house in the 3rd house. This means that the Summer Solstice chart says that we are getting news of deaths to people in the entertainment field, as well as to vacationers and travelers.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson: a Chinese Astrological Portrait

Given different proposed times of birth, the one that looks most probable is around 10:53 am, falling squarely into the 6th Chinese time division. The date of Michael Jackson's birth was August 29, 1958. Born in the year of Earth Dog, month of Metal Monkey, day of Earth Tiger, and hour of Fire Snake, Jackson's chart shows him to have been a hard worker and subject to harsh conditions. True to his chart, Michael Jackson was a musician with pronounced acting, correographic and dancing talents. The distribution of elements in Jackson's chart shows 5 Metals, 1 Water, 1 Wood, 4 Fires, and 6 Earths. Wood is extremely weak; Earth and Metal are extremely strong. The chart also has 13 Yang elements and 3 Yin elements. Yang far outweighs Yin. Jackson suffered extreme tension. The greatest focus of elements is 6 Yang Earths. Yang Earth is extremely over-balanced. This means that Jackson's health was affected adversely by a tendency to intense anxiety and depression, and an unfulfillable need for love. The extremely weak Wood in the chart shows trouble with liver functioning and connective tissues and a tendency to confusion and anger. The over-balanced Yang Earth affected the spleen, stomach and pancreas; it shows a tendency to diabetes, circulatory problems, and a degenerative condition to the flesh and nose. The almost equally over-balanced Metal shows skin and intestinal problems and a tendency to grieve. Jackson's surgeries appear not to have been so much for beauty as they were for cosmetic reasons related to the complex health issues he suffered. Had he survived his heart attack, it is questionable that he would have been able to live much longer in his emotional condition.
The 13 Yang elements in the chart show Jackson to have been an initiator. He was good at starting projects, and relied on others to complete them. Jackson appears to have been a creatively independent and competitive character while being friendly to a lot of people. He thrived in a friendly, competitive milieu.
Jackson's 10-year luck cycles began when he was four years old. His first luck cycle, running from age four to fourteen, shows him traveling and experiencing trouble in the family. His father abused him. Jackson's chart shows his father was not there as a father to support and guide him, but was a brutal task master. This had a causal connection to Jackson's tendency to squander money and to be thwarted in love. It appears that it was in his twenties that Jackson came into his own and his father went out of the picture; nonetheless, the harm done in the earlier years engendered the pattern of intense anxiety and emotional need that were the major cause of Jackson's health problems. The cycle from age twenty-four to thirty-four shows Jackson riding high. His creativity flourished in those years. It is probable that in those years Jackson had stong romantic interests as well. Possibilities of close relationships, including marriage, appear in Jackson's chart from age fourteen up to the most recent times. Jackson's chart, however, shows lack of support from parents, distancing of siblings, and poor relations with children. You may see how all of this, coupled with his anxieties, contributed to his deteriorating health and untimely death. Had he lived on, and been freed of his emotional condition, he would have found genuine love in the cycle of age sixty-four to seventy-four. The chart, nonetheless, shows Jackson to have been a natural loner. It was not easy for him to keep a relationship. The over-balanced Metal in Jackson's chart shows that he was prone to grief. Chronic grief leads to heart ailments. The vital element in Jackson's chart is Water. The vital element is the element that the person's life depends on. Water was relatively weak at the time of Jackson's birth. It became strong for him at age fourteen and was strongest between twenty-four and thirty-four. It was still strong between thirty-four and forty-four, but began to run out at forty-four. From his mid-forties to around fifty Jackson's health was in danger. He had become very fragile. The astrological indications in 2007 show an emotionally upset time that weakened him so that he became unable to hold up against the rising tide of adverse conditions. 2010 would have been very dangerous for him had he survived.
The year, month, day and hour of Michael Jackson's birth reduced to an I Ching hexagram gives us hexagram 7, The Army, lines 2 and 3. It shows Jackson as a leader destined to prosper. But without improving himself he was destined to a hard life cut short by grief. The astrological indications of the hexagram show Jackson flourishing earlier in his career but becoming exhausted later. He wanted too much in the end.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Astrological Predictions for Summer Solstice 2009

Summer Solstice came at 5:47 AM GMT in London, or 1:47 AM EDT in Washington DC. The following observations were made for the UK, US and Iran, as Iran has been coming up in the news recently. For the world in general the summer months promise to bring a lot of constructive work with no small degree of mental stress. Where the charts for the Vernal Equinox showed a serious rise in crime, especially in the US, the chart for the Summer Solstice doesn't emphasize crime. This is a good sign of constructive progress towards financial recovery now. The chart for the US shows the public attitude, or national consciousness, becoming more optimistic and cooperative, especially in connection with labor. This means more people will be working. The employment situation promisses to improve. The President's interest in health care reform looks favorable; the people in general support it. The main obstacle shown is the cost. Financial obstacles will have the effect of slowing down, but not stopping health care reform from happening. It is only a matter of time. The financial picture in general shows fluctuations, especially in stocks and in money markets, with strong hopes, nonetheless, of improvement against continuing obstacles. While a lot of people will still be out of work the picture is changing for the better. There are plenty of people in poverty, suffering from ill-health and seriously discontent. Legislation to alleviate the suffering of the poor and to bring about reforms in public institutions is delayed, but will come about in time. Attention in the media is being given to complicated matters abroad. The media, as usual, is hiding something.
The situation in Iran shows serious discontentment and distress among the people in conflict with the Government. At the same time, there is the very positive intention of the religious institutions and institutions of higher learning to make constructive efforts to work with the people. The intellectual class of the country is taking a very positive and constructive position. Considerable discontentment appears to be coming from the working class. The Government is not popular. It is possible there will be some scandals in high places of the Government with disgrace to public officials. Foreign intervention is a problem and is not welcome. There is danger of treachery and double-dealing on the part of Foreign Powers. Already there have been such accusations against the UK. The nation needs to be on guard against plots, and schemes and clandestine attacks from Foreign Powers. Disruptive activities were already brewing this past May. More is likely to happen in August and September, and again next year.
The chart for the UK shows changes coming to the Government. There is a lot brewing in Parliament connected with problems the in areas of communications, transportation, migrations, public discontment, and schools, and in matters related to agencies having to do with foreign countries and international affairs. It appears there will be a sudden and unexpected development in Government circles that may cause the defeat and resignation of someone in a high position. There may possibly be some outrage against the Royals as well. The Chinese astrological chart for the Summer Solstice shows it to be a period that favors creative activity. Action, especially creative action, is vital to the time. The elements of the chart are extremely unbalanced. Changes, therefore, are inevitable. Translated to an I Ching hexagram, the Chinese astrological calculations give us hexagram 21, line 6. Hexagram 21 is called Biting Through. Time to get rid of evil spirits. Biting, or cutting through brings success. It is a favorable time to execute justice. The 6th line warns of not listening. The advice given is don't be deaf to counsel; incorrigibility leads to bad luck.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The May / June, 2009 Lunation

The lunation period beginning with the new moon on May 24th and culminating with the full moon on June 7th, as read from Washington D.C., shows the following developments in the U.S. The new moon falling in the 12th house points, on the one hand, to an increase of crime and trouble in connection with hospitals and prisons, and on the other hand, to possible legislative developments that aim to benefit the poor and improve housing conditions especially in impoverished locations. Legislation in this area, however, is likely to be held back, and by full moon, crime and poverty along with poor conditions in hospitals and prisons will only have worsened. Crime is to be linked to deaths by bad drugs. The new moon chart shows sudden and unexpected developments in Government circles that will require careful management. These developments appear to involve international relations and international trade and will loom up in importance by full moon. These developments also point to big business, the stock market, public expenditures, and government bail outs. On a positive note, the entire lunation period favors developments in the areas of publishing and entertainment.
In Chinese astrology, the lunation period shows a general tendency to worry; this seems to be the general emotional tone in the country throughout the entire summer. It is not the strongest time for business, and there is a tendency for people to become intolerant of one another while indications of romance are present, a rather dangerous emotional atmosphere. The Chinese chart points out the necessity of cultivating calm reflection in order to remedy tendencies of poor planning and indecision. Reduced to an I Ching hexagram, the time of the new moon gives us hexagram 27, The Corners of the Mouth, line 6. The symbol of this hexagram is a dragon hidden in a deep pool. It advises to hold to good actions and keep far from evil ones. Perseverance brings luck. Pay attention to providing nourishment, and be mindful of speech. Line 6 advises to keep on trying despite difficulties and you will get through the danger of the time as if there were no danger at all. The advice of the 6th line, especially for people in positions of power, is to nourish others impartially. Recognition of responsibilities will bring good fortune.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of May 27, 2009

Because there appears to be a discrepancy in the different astrological computer systems as to the exact time of the conjunction, I chose to look at it using the Johndro locality method. The Johndro method works by right ascension. It is always accurate in locating where on the earth predictions of planetary events will take effect. I made Johndro charts for the UK, the EU, the US, China, India, Japan and Israel. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is a major conjunction and its effects work out over a 12 to 13 year time span. This conjunction effects affairs in the UK and the EU by stimulating a lot of creative activity that will meet up with brisk foreign competition. We can expect some inventive scientific developments to come out of Western Europe. We also can expect some very interesting artistic developments, especially in the fields of entertainment to come from Europe. There will also be innovations and expansion in the area of children's education, and the stock markets in Europe will see a boom. The danger that the chart poses for Europe is cyber attacks coming from the east, possibly the near east.
The chart for the US shows a boom in the stock market, a rise in interest rates, expansion of the social security system and other social benefits to paid out, and a raise in taxes. Affairs in the Government will come to a crisis along the way. Placed in the Johndro chart made for July 4th, 1776, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction shows the congress undergoing a lot of development and confusion and the people's outlook angry. The country will come to a critical moment. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the 11th house of the Johndro chart for July 4th, 1776 shows the Republican Party going through a metamorphasis. Jupiter is the significator for the Repulicans; Neptune signifies socialistic tendencies. Because of the condition of the poor caused by so many years of unbridled greed fostered by the Republican party, the Republican Party is apt to lose its conservative platform for lack of strength. It will have to change its tune to reach out to the poor and unfortunate. This conjunction exactly sextile Mars in a critical degree in the 1st house of the 1776 Johndro chart points to a warlike tone among the people, discontentment, strikes, riots, fires, crime and ill health. Military activity, as shown by this Mars placement, is an addiction the country won't get over too soon. Don't hold your breath. All this discontentment among the people in the US may or may not be reflect on the Johndro charts of China and India. The charts for both China and India show tremendous expansion of wealth and some critical degree of trouble in store for their neighbors. The most powerful neighbor of China is Japan. The chart for Japan shows the national outlook expanding (the conjunction is in the 1st house in Japan). Most probably Japan will be making stronger ties with China and India to get in on the action. The financial outlook for Japan is very tricky. They will be at an advantage by playing all sides against the middle. The chart for Israel shows innovation in the use of the land bringing on breakthroughs in technology, and in ecological and farming techniques. The issue of boundaries will likely not be resolved according to current US and EU pressures. It is possible that Israel and her neighbors are evolving in their own directions that have little to do with the political and social agendas of Europe and the US. It is possible that Israel will engage with the people living in border regions in more humanitarian and productive ways. There are intelligent thinkers on both sides of the question who, in time, will be willing to cooperate with one another. Borders are confused. There are critical problems in areas of labor in that part of the world.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Moon May 9th

Seen at Washington DC, the full moon happened at oo:03 AM. I wrote about it in context of the new moon of May 8th which you can see on the World Predictions page of my website www.psychicarts.net. Here I would like to look at the full moon through the eyes of Chinese astrology and compare it with the Western astrological view. The Chinese chart for the full moon has these signs: Earth Ox for the year, Earth Snake for the month, Wood Tiger for the day and Wood Rat for the hour. The strongest element in the chart is Earth, telling us that the whole country tends to worry at this point. The Vital element of the chart is Wood telling us that this is a time for making plans and decisions. Note that Mercury is retrograde at this time. It lends to the idea that plans will change; people will be changing their minds; if that's happening to you, it's to be expected, but you need to be careful not to vacillate. The time is favorable for creative thinking and creative activity. Money element in the chart is too strong. This means that although money is there there is a good possibility of losing it. Too much money element means money is hard to control. On the other hand, the Star of Prospects shows up. That means help comes from friends in times of need. There are two Noblemen Stars showing. That means that friends, i.e., helpful people are all around. Academic Nobleman Star is also present. That means that you can improve your situation by using your intelligence. On the other hand, if you tend to be arrogant, Academic Nobleman stands as a warning: don't push it. The chart shows career conditions unstable and potentially tumultuous. On the other hand, Robbing Star shows up, meaning that the time favors shrewd moves. Tien Yi shows up at full moon. Tien Yi means sky medicine; protection shines from above; the worst is averted; predicaments can be resolved. Academic star shows up, meaning this is a time when the proper use of talent and wit will change problematic situations to your advantage. Star of Romance doesn't show up; sorry, love. Horse Star doesn't show up either; this is not an especially good time for travel. So, there you have it. Not all that bad. Use your intelligence to develop your prospects and try to avoid worrying too much. Worrying will only makes you sick.
The date and time of the full moon computed to the I Ching gives us hexagram 32 line 3. It encourages us to accept conditions as they are for the time being and using the time for creating. Only then does money come. It recommends devoting much effort to self-improvement, and being careful and meticulous. The word to the wise: Vacillations end in disaster.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mercury Retrograde, May 7th 2009

Seen at Washington DC, Mercury goes Retrograde again at 1:02 AM at 1 degree Gemini 45 minutes in the 4th house. In this chart means delays in payments of money due, especially in matters connected with housing. It also means payment of debts delayed and need to be patient. It also means people going back on their word in love affairs. Also unreliable developments around tenants, workers and servants. People go back on their word. Nothing major, mind you. This annoying state of affairs remains in effect until Mercury decides to go direct again on May 31st. A word to the wise, especially in love: don't push it now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

General information about Raphael

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The Outlook for Summer 2009 for the US as Viewed in Chinese Astrology

Chinese summertime begins in Washington DC on May 5th at 5:39 AM EDT. The seasons in Chinese calculation always begin mid-point the western seasons; Chinese fall begins this year on August 7th and Chinese winter begins on November 7th.
The Chinese chart for the summer has these signs: Earth Ox for the year, Earth Snake for the month, Metal Dog for the day, and Earth Tiger for the hour. The chart shows real estate at a low point for the whole country. There is too much inventory. Real estate may be bottoming out later this summer. It is a favorable time to buy property. On the other hand, because the chart also warns that lack of forsight, poor planning and bad decision making will result in losses, beware of what appear to be bargains.
Many businesses are in unstable, tumultuous condition, and actual achievements are wanting. Money is relatively weak still, although the situation is beginning to improve. This summer marks a turning point.
This summer's signs favor people such as teachers; psychics; mediums; astrologers (a lot of people are worried); scholars; also people whose careers involve research, writing, designing and other solitary kinds of work.
Tien Yi, the luckiest of stars, also known as Sky Medicine, shines over the summer skies helping us out of our predicaments and giving us hope for improvements to come. Fears of an epidemic may be allayed for the time being, at least. We may be luckier than we think, especially during June and July which will be a better time for business. Although the general feeling among the people is anxious, we need have no undue fear; better times are coming.
The period running from may 24th to July 7th is an especially auspicious time for romantic affairs and for those planning to get married.
The greatest concerns during the summer months are in real estate, banking, food, and health. For much of the country, especially the east, the weather during the summer months will be damp.
People need to watch what they eat. The health of the country is not good this summer. There is also pronounced poverty. The watchword for everyone this season is to be mindful of sane boundaries and cultivate calm reflection. Anxiety, poor hygiene, laziness and mindless eating are sure ways to illness.
The time of the beginning of summer calculated into the I Ching gives us hexagram 36. It tells us that perseverance despite hindrances and adversity brings positive rewards. People in high positions need to beware of conspirators and take timely action to avoid trouble. If you feel uneasy where you are there may be a parting of ways coming up. Avoid standstill. Revitalize your energies.