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Chinese new year predictions: Year of Wood Sheep 2015

The lunar year of Wood Sheep starts on February 19, 2015 at 7:48 in Beijing. This is the 31st year in the 60 year cycle. The signs of the year, month, day, and hour of the new year are Wood Sheep, Earth, Tiger, Fire Tiger, and Earth Dog, respectively.

General Predictions

The balance of elements are 5 Woods, 5 Fires, 6 Earths, 1 Metal, and 0 Waters. The elements are extremely unbalanced on the side of yang. There are 11 yangs, and 5 yins. This is going to be an extremely active year. The predominance of Wood and Fire makes it potentially violent. The extreme overbalance of Earth (5 yang Earths, 1 yin Earth) make it fretful and troubled. This is the general political atmosphere. The world is restless.
In terms of weather, there will be a trend of hot and dry with intense storms, fires, and droughts. There will also be a lot of seismic, volcanic activity. Because there is no Water in this chart, the winter of 2015 will probably be intensely cold. In other words, weather goes to extremes and produces some violent storms.

The chart brings out the Deity of Implicit Talent. This favors all creative, artistic activities and professions. This is a good year for the arts and for creative, inventive fields. This could be a tremendously creative year.
Wood Sheep encourages building up money, and with Fire Tiger day, the year allows for prosperity and good fortune.
Tiger day in the year of Sheep tells us that this is a good year for making plans, but bad for getting into fights. The danger of violence is high this year.
The chart, with 5 Woods and 1 Metal, favors the east over the west. The west is now in a weak position.
Fire Tiger day brings out Peach Blossom Star. It is a good sign for social relations and activities, and allows for love to develop. It also allows for scandals to flare up, considering the volatility shown by this chart.

In fengshui, in a year of Sheep, the directions of Monkey, Rooster, and Dog are unlucky. These are generally westerly. Sheep also makes the direction of Ox unlucky. Ox is north by northeast. If you have furniture oriented to these directions you would want to mitigate the shar (bad luck) that comes from these directions. Also, this being the year of 3 Wood, shar is also due east and west. There is no "one size fits all" solution for this. If you don't know the compass and astrological methods used in fengshui, you will benefit from having an expert analyze your place and make necessary recommendations for adjustments.

The year, month, day, and hour of the new year calculated to the I Ching gives us hexagram 25, line 2. Hexagram 25 is Wuwang, The Unexpected. It tells us that circumspection leads to success. It is good to persevere. If you are not as you should be, you will have bad luck. If you are as you should be, you will have good luck. Get right with yourself. This hexagram is fortunate in springtime. We are in Chinese spring season. Line 2 says not to expect long term results too quickly. In other words, don't count your chickens before they hatch. Take actions for their own sake.

Predictions for Each Sign

Sheep favors people born in years, months, days, or hours of Sheep, Pig, Rabbit, Horse, Snake, and sometimes Rat; is neutral with Monkey, Rooster, Tiger, and Dragon; and clashes with Ox, Dog, and sometimes Rat. These are just general ideas. A detailed examination of your Chinese astrological chart will show precisely what this year brings to you. 

Rat is the Flower of Romance for Sheep. Romantic affairs can develop, and be interesting. If you work hard this year you will profit. This is a good time to move forward in your career, possibly to change your job or move house too. Watch your health this year. If you are having trouble it should resolve favorably and good fortune will come of it. If you need help it will not be difficult to find. 

Ox is challenged by Sheep. The best attitude in face of this is to be friendly and independent. It will help increase your circle of friends. This is a good year to build up money. Take care of your health. If you are well you will flourish. If you are ill you need to pay attention. This is a good year for research. Look into the hidden meanings. With correct understanding you can change your situation for the better.

Tiger in the year of Wood Sheep is favored. This is a peak year, the downside, however, is that this is also a Knife Blade year. If you lose patience you can make unnecessary trouble for yourself. If you work hard you will accomplish what you want. The year presents opportunities for making money. 

Rabbit is in a strong position. If you are involved in a creative, or artistic field this is a good year for you. The year also favors making money. Face your challenges directly and take the lead. 

Dragon is in a good time for self-cultivation. If you are learning something new this is a good year for it. The year also favors moving forward in your career, also moving house, rearranging your home or workplace, or making career changes. It also favors being competitive. 

Snake is in a good year generally for romantic relations; the year favors pleasures. Take time to enjoy yourself. The year also favors financial growth. It is also a good year for research, metaphysical interests, and for caring for others. 

Horse is in a period that favors research and development of new ideas. Horse has a Knife Blade this year, meaning, you can become impatient and make trouble. But, having an Academic Nobleman Star you can get around trouble easily and turn misfortune to advantage. If your patience has completely run out, you could break ties if necessary. 

Sheep in Sheep year is in a relatively good place. It is best this year to be friendly with all, but act independently. Pay attention to your plans if you want them to develop. If you are involved in a creative, or artistic field this is an excellent year. Your money can also build up this year.

Monkey is in a position to make an entirely new start. Pay attention to what is about to bud. If you like it tend to it. If not, nip it. This is a good year to move forward in your career, move house, or change your home and/or work environment. If there are problems you can come up smelling of roses. You can turn adverse conditions to your favor. 

Rooster is at an end. This is a good time for endings / beginnings. Finish old projects to start new ones. This is a good year for creative activity. Whatever problems there are will resolve favorably. If you need help it is not difficult to find. 

Dog is in a favorable time for making investments. On the other hand, it is time to put the past in the past. Whatever you have learned will serve for future developments. Accept challenges this year. If you find yourself in competitive situations, accept the challenges and go for it. 

Pig is in a time when it is good to let go of whatever it was in the past that is over. Look for what is new. Opportunities for making money come up. If you experience difficulties they resolve favorably and good fortune comes. If you need help, friendly people appear. This is a good year for creative thinking and artistic work. 

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