Friday, September 30, 2011

Horary Astrological report on the Belo Monte dam

A horary chart was made to determine what will come of the current Belo Monte dam issue in Brasil. The chart was made on 9/30/11 at 1:09 PM MST in Phoenix, AZ. Here is what the chart shows.
The Ascendent, ruling the matter, is at 2:33 Capricorn. Saturn, the ruler of the Ascendent is in the 9th house. It shows the matter held up in the courts. Venus, ruler of the 10th house is separating from conjunction Saturn in the 9th. There was a recent judgement holding up the project involving the top level of the Brasilian Government. Venus points to the President; she may be sympathetic to the court ruling. The matter is far from over, however. The Ascendent at 2 degrees says that it is still too early.
The ruler of the 2nd house, showing where the future is beginning, is Uranus. Uranus is retrograde in the 3rd house and in mutual reception with Neptune retrograde in the 2nd house. We note, the Moon is coming to square Neptune. Uranus retrograde in the 3rd house is also opposite the Sun in the 9th and square Pluto in the 1st. There is coming repeated fighting and political and legal wrangling over the matter. The fighting will probably become violent. Neptune in the 2nd house is showing criminal, dishonest interests in the matter; there are greedy people interested in seeing this project go through because they have eyes bigger than their stomachs and they are ignoring the dangers and the consequences. Neptune afflicted in the 2nd house is a sure sign of big financial losses, as well as losses of property, that threaten to hurt a lot of people in Brasil. The mutual reception of Neptune and Uranus shows tricky manipulations used to get around the wrangling. Crooks are in the works.
The Moon is in Scoprio, the sign of her fall. She is in the 11th house, the house of wishes, and is forming one aspect: square Neptune retrograde in the 2nd house. While the mutual reception of Neptune and Uranus may soften the blow, the Moon coming to square Neptune shows that what is being hoped for will be met with many complicated disappointments coming up. Moon in the sign of her fall acts in regretable ways. Moon is in the 11th house. The 11th house is also the house of the Parliament. The Parliament is headed for trouble in the matter. Moon coming to square Neptune is bad enough, but Neptune retrograde means the current action comes to something they will regret. The question then is who, the people, the Government of Brasil or the criminals behind the matter?
Stretching the matter, we may look to see who is stronger, the ruler of the 1st house or the 7th, the 1st denoting the people, and the 7th the opposition. Saturn, the ruler of the 1st house is exalted in Libra in the 9th and conjunct Venus, the ruler of the 10th. This means that the people have a good position with the courts and the President of Brasil at this time. The Moon rules the 7th house. The Moon is in the sign of her fall and is square Neptune. Clearly, the people now have the advantage.
How the matter ultimately ends is shown by the 4th house. The 4th house is ruled by Mars. Mars is in the 7th house showing international protests. We see Jupiter in the 4th house retrograde. That, in itself, might mislead us to believe that the matter will end fortunately. But, Jupiter is mutually applying to square with Mars. This means the matter will not end without a big fight. The world is becoming involved in the affair. Jupiter retrograde shows that the fight will be repeated. The criminals behind the project are incourageable. They will try again and again.
The planet behind the Moon is Venus. Moon is at 24 degrees Scorpio. Venus is at 19 degrees Libra. This says that the current state of the Belo Monte situation is connected to an important event of the nature of a cooperation that happened about five years ago. The prior Government of Brasil was involved in this affair.
Venus is behind the Moon, and Pluto stands in front of the Moon. This shows what looked good in the past will look bad in the future. Because the Ascendent is only at 2 degrees Capricorn, it is not possible at this point to say for whom it will look bad. This, at least, should encourage the opposition to fight to overturn the Belo Monte monstrosity.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mundane Astrological view of the Libra New Moon

The New Moon happened on Sep. 27 at 12:10 PM GMD. It was a "super Moon," meaning it was closer to the earth than normal therefore having a stronger pull on the earth and its tides. This, along with a large solar flare at the time of the New Moon, may cause more seismic activity in the days to come.
The New Moon is at 4 degrees Libra. In Libra we have Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn, 5 planets. This Libra Stellium also includes the star Vindemiatrix, a malefic star. Vindemiatrix, originally called Vindemiator, or Gatherer of Grapes, refers to the myth of Ampelos. The myth tells how Dionysus planted a vine at the foot of an elm tree and gave it to Ampelos as a token of his love. Ampelos, while gathering the grapes, fell and broke his neck, whereupon, in his grief, Dionysus placed him among the stars as a memorial of his devotion. Vindemiatrix is the star of widows and mourners. In conjunction with the New Moon, Mercury and Venus, it shows failures in business, many disappointments, losses through law, theft, loss of friends and trouble through love and partnerships. The big news in the world on the day of the New Moon was Brazil's decision to go forward on the Belo Monte dam project. It has caused no small degree of distress in Brazil, among the indigenous people in Brazil, and among people of the world. This move was seen in the chart of the equinox just past.
The stellium of Mercury, Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn in Libra shows the world in a time of Judgement. Venus is at 15 degrees Libra, exactly at the fulcrum of the balance. Venus is the ruler of Libra. The entire tone of this time is Judgement and Justice. The forces of light and darkness are clearly split by the sword of Justice now. It is important to know which side you are on and to act justly.
The New Moon with Mercury is opposite Uranus and Pluto. This brings the fall equinox T-square of the Sun, Uranus and Pluto to focus. This month is therefore marked by this T-square. It will affect the market so that it will behave erratically. The T-square will be seen in sudden and unanticipated retreats in the market. There is a square of Mars with Jupiter that confirms coming losses. Mars, on the other hand, is trine Uranus; this will cause unexpected rallies. The condition of the market is going to be highly volatile.
The New Moon in the UK is in the 10th house opposite Uranus in the 4th and square Pluto in the 2nd. This brings out sharp opposition to the Government over compounding problems in the economy and stock market. Mars is square Jupiter in the 5th house; speculators beware.
The New Moon in the US is conjunct the Ascendent and opposite Uranus in the 6th house conjunct the Descendent, square Pluto in the 3rd house conjunct the IC and opposite the Mid-Heaven. Jupiter is square Mars in the 10th house. The country is heading into more turmoil. There is much unrest and discontentment and poor health among the people. Uranus afflicted in the 6th house points to serious trouble with people in public service and in the military. Police brutality is a danger. Uranus afflicted in the 6th house also warns of explosions with loss of life. Conjunct the 7th house cusp, Uranus brings agitation against the country and trouble in foreign affairs. Mars is in the 10th house square Jupiter in the 8th house. This points to illness and death in the highest circle. It also points to increased military activity with unfortunate results. There is much fighting in the Government and the President is losing popularity. Jupiter in the 8th house mutually applying to square Mars in the 10th shows the Government entering hostile relation with financiers and bankers. The country is in turmoil. The Wall Street demonstrations are spreading to other cities. Pluto in the 3rd house shows how the media is failing to report the news. Pluto opposite the Mid-Heaven is amplifying opposition to the Government. The Moon which rules the 10th house, in opposition to Uranus and square Pluto shows a very difficult month opening for the Government.
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mundane Astrological view of the Fall Ingress, 9/23/11

Fall equinox came on September 23 at 9:06 AM GMT. The outstanding aspects cast by the Sun are his opposition to Uranus in Aries, square to Pluto in Capricorn, sextile to Moon and sextile to Mars, Moon and Mars in conjunction in Leo. Moon and Mars lend great strength and cause for some optimism to the Sun, making the Fall a constructive time despite the many untoward conditions of this time shown by the Sun in T-square with Uranus and Pluto. There is a great deal of tension in the world of politics and finances now.

We notice that in the spring equinox chart Saturn was at 14 degrees Libra and Moon was at 17 degrees Libra. Now, at the fall equinox we find Saturn at 17 degrees Libra; the conjunction of Saturn and Moon at the spring equinox is now exact. What this means is that the unfortunate trends of economic difficulties, bad trade relations, tendencies to disorder and depression in the world, political affairs going awry, the people suffering because of unemployment, crop failures, trouble with banks and stock markets, troubled affairs in parliaments and in congress, embarrassments to Governments with possibilities of deaths in Government circles is now coming to a head.

Looking at the chart of the New York Stock Exchange we see Uranus in the 10th house in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra and square Pluto in Capricorn. This shows the market in a precarious and unstable condition this fall. This is confirmed by the New Moon chart, the New Moon coming on September 27th at 11:10 AM GMT. The New Moon is at 4 degrees Libra opposite Uranus and square Pluto. This means that the lunation period of September 27th to October 26th is going to see very unstable market activity with sudden losses accompanied by some sharp gains as shown by Mars in Leo tightly trine Uranus and sextile the new Moon.

In the fall equinox chart the Sun opposite Uranus and square Pluto shows sudden and unexpected troubles coming to heads of state, ill considered legislation, political blunders bringing losses of friends and gain of enemies, party splits, strikes, protests and riots, and failures of Governments. Where there are elections great changes are to be expected. Watch the situation in Spain.

The fall equinox Sun sextile the Moon helps mitigate some of the more dire indications of the Sun opposition Uranus and square Pluto. The Sun sextile Moon will help bridge some of the tensions between the Government and the people and will encourage productive business activity at home and abroad despite all the trouble otherwise shown.

The fall equinox Sun sextile Mars gives strength to heads of state as well as to the military. This, accompanied with the Sun in T-square Uranus and Pluto means that military activity is going to increase this fall; a lot of destructive activity is to be anticipated. The positive side of the Sun sextile Mars, barring the glaring opposition of the military powers against the developing world, especially seen in the current plight of Africa, is that it gives the world the opportunity to cooperate and constructively improve international relations. Whether the world uses the positive possibilities offered by the heavens now is to be seen.

The fall equinox chart for the UK has the Sun in the 11th house opposite Uranus in the 5th and square Pluto in the 2nd. This shows the Parliament at odds over troubles affecting the condition of the economy, difficult diplomatic relations, and problems in education. The Sun opposite Uranus also shows increasing opposition to the Prime Minister. The Moon and Mars sextile the Sun from the 9th house shows Britain's involvement in foreign wars contributing to the discontentment of the opposition to the current Government. These problems will not resolve easily or quickly. Looking at the transits of Pluto, the turmoil in Britain and in the Euro Zone as well as in Australia will increase through the rest of this year, through 2012 and into 2013.

The fall equinox chart for Germany has the Sun in the 10th house opposite Uranus in the 5th and square Pluto in the 2nd. Opposition to the Government in Germany is more intense than in Britain. We note in this chart that Jupiter is the ruler of the 2nd house and is in the 6th house. Jupiter is square the Moon and Mars. Moon and Mars are sextile the Sun. This shows that the Government's actions toward the ailing countries in the Euro Zone is depleting the wealth of Germany and causing no small degree of distress, and this may cause big protests that will endanger the Government of Frau Merkel. Jupiter retrograde in the 6th house square Moon and Mars, with Pluto in the 2nd house in T-square with the Sun and Uranus is not at all benefiting the working classes. It is showing a big waste of money. It is also entirely against the better interests of Germany to engage in military activities now.

The Sun in the fall equinox chart is in the 10th house all through Central Europe, down through Central and South Africa, and eastward into the Middle East. The Sun is in the 10th house in Jerusalem. Simply put, Governments, and heads of state, in this region of the world are now subject to sudden and unexpected troubles. Political relations in this region are particularly fragile and unstable. Governments are prone to failures, or emergencies, and, if there are elections, to radical changes, and there are probabilities of strikes, protest movements and riots.

The fall equinox chart for Tehran, Iran has the Sun in the 9th house opposite Uranus in the 3rd and square Pluto in the 12th conjunct the Ascendent showing disputes and troubles coming from neigboring lands and from secret criminal elements, or clandestine enemies attempting to undermine the country. Mars and Moon in the 7th house square Jupiter in the 4th intensifies the probabilities of international disputes and warns of dangers of warlike activity. Mars in Leo points east by north, or the areas of Afghanistan and possibly Turkmanistan.

The chart for Pakistan is similar to that of Iran except Pluto is not conjunct the Ascendent, but is in the 12th house showing criminal activity coming into the country from neighboring lands. There are dangers of warlike activities, the northeast part of the country and the area near Kashmir appearing most vulnerable.

The chart for India has the Sun in the 8th house opposite Uranus in the 2nd and square Pluto in the 12th. Sun afflicted in the 8th house raises the death rate and brings death to notable people in the highest circles of the land. Uranus afflicted in the 2nd house brings unexpected losses, but trine Mars, brings unexpected gains as well. The stock market in India will be highly volatile this fall. Pluto afflicted in the 12th house brings misfortune to the poor and increases underground criminal activity as well as clandestine activity of enemies of the state. Mars and Moon in the 7th house square Jupiter in the 4th house also brings dangers of violence and potential military activity to India, the fall equinox chart showing unrest in the entire region of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India as well as in Nepal and Tibet.

The chart for China has the Sun in the 7th house opposite Uranus in the 1st and square Pluto in the 10th. Jupiter is in the 2nd house. The Sun afflicted in the 7th house shows tense relations with foreign powers. Uranus afflicted in the 1st house shows turbulence among the people. There could be strikes, rioting and violent uprisings against the authorities. Pluto afflicted in the 10th house brings probabilities of Government crack downs on the one hand and purges in the Government of certain officials on the other. China is not in a good mood. Jupiter in the 2nd house, nonetheless, shows China's wealth increasing. Jupiter square Mars and Moon in the 6th house shows hard work. It also shows a possible epidemic, harsh conditions for workers, fires, explosions or accidents in work places and possible accidents on warships as well as internal conflicts in the military. Mercury, Sun, Venus and Saturn in the 7th house of the chart shows a strong focus on Chinese foreign relations this fall. In spite of all, however, China is prospering.

The chart for Japan has the Sun in the 6th house opposite Uranus in the 12th and square Pluto in the 9th. The national health of Japan is adversely affected. Jupiter in the 1st house gives the Japanese people a hopeful outlook, but square Mars and Moon in the 5th house with Mars ruling the 8th, this outlook is marred by a rise in deaths of children and women.

The equinox chart for Australia also has the Sun in the 6th house opposite Uranus in the 12th and square Pluto in the 9th. Jupiter is in the 1st house square Mars and Moon in the 4th house, and Saturn in in the 7th house precisely opposite the Ascendent. Unfavorable developments in the areas of labor and health come to attention. Saturn in the 7th house opposite the Ascendent is unfavorable for foreign affairs. Foreign trade is adversely affected. Saturn in Libra points to probable difficulties in trade relations with China. Mars and Moon in the 4th house square Jupiter in the 1st brings trouble to the Government due to the international trade and financial mess. It also points to potential fires or accidents in public buildings, mining accidents and earthquakes to the northeast of Australia in the area of ring of fire. Mars also adversely affects agriculture and the real estate market. The square of Mars and Jupiter shows losses of money affecting the people. There could be fires on the land this spring.

The equinox chart for Brazil has the Sun exactly conjunct the Ascendent opposite Uranus in the 7th house and square Pluto in the 4th house. Brazil is at a critical point in her relations with foreign powers eager to take control of her vast wealth. Pluto, the ruler of the 2nd house is in the 4th house; this points to matters connected to the land and natural resources. Mars and Moon in the 11th house are square to Jupiter in the 8th. The Moon rules the 10th and 11th houses and Mars rules the 7th. This appears to say that the Government, ruled by the Moon, is in danger of making international financial deals to its ultimate disadvantage.

The fall equinox chart for the USA has the Sun in the 1st house opposite Uranus in the 8th and square Pluto in the 4th showing the outlook marred by concerns over the debt, losses caused by natural and man-made disasters, and losses of natural resources, the drought in Texas being an example. Uranus afflicted in the 8th also denotes sudden and unexpected deaths caused by accidents, possible explosions, and suicides. Moon and Mars in the 11th house square Jupiter in the 9th house shows the Congress bickering over legal matters. Venus and Saturn in the 2nd house show how money coming is being limited by inroads caused by conditions of financial stagnation. Saturn is exactly semi-square Mars and Moon in the 11th house. There are clear dangers of losses and periods of sluggishness in the market.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Mundane astrological view of Mars in Leo

Mars entered Leo at 2:52 AM GMD on September 19th. Entering Leo from Cancer the energy of Mars changes very noticibly. Cancer, his weakest sign, brought out his worst; Leo, a very positive sign for Mars, will increase his powers.
The aspects formed by Mars upon entering Leo give us a good snapshot of what he's up to now. This will have something to say about his influence in the world as he moves through Leo between now and November 10th when he enters Virgo.
Mars, upon entering Leo, is applying to trine Uranus. We also see the Sun applying to sextile Mars, and Venus separating from sextile Mars, and Mercury separating from semi-square Mars. For the most part these are positive aspects that bring a more constructive spirit into the world.
Mars applying to trine Uranus encourages more positive, innovative developments in government undertakings, and gives hope for breakthroughs. Mars sextile Sun favors world leaders. It also brings increases of warlike operations and offers possibilities of constructive reforms to the military. Sun and Mars in sextile generally favor industry as well. Venus sextile Mars favors business and money matters. But, while the current position of Mars is working constructively in the world, as seen by his aspects to Uranus, the Sun and Venus, his semi-square aspect to Mercury shows public anger and political quarreling, accidents in traveling, public demonstrations, possible strikes, and dangers of theft.
The chart made at Greenwich shows Mars ruling the mid- heaven in the 12th house and square the mid-heaven showing an increase in crime and violence as well as possibilities of fires in public institutions. The Government, as shown, is not at all popular with the poor. Mars trine Uranus in the 9th house favors advances in science and technology with the possibility of some interesting discoveries. Mars trine Uranus and sextile Venus shows productive diplomatic activities probably having to do with British relations with the EU. Mars sextile Sun in the 2nd house favors the economic picture for the moment. But, Mars semi-square Mercury in the 2nd house warns of theft and losses in the stock market. The financial imbalance in the UK is not about to be resolved even though the spirit of Mars favors constructive action.
Mars in the chart of the Euro is in the 10th house in opposition with Neptune at 1:03 Aquarius. Neptune rules the 7th house of the Euro chart. This is a chaotic, even explosive influence for the affairs of the Euro zone having to do with questions of partnerships. Interesting to note, the 7th house cusp of that chart is at 29:50 Pisces. Transiting Neptune has been passing over that degree to bring much confusion and distressing news. The positive aspects shown by Mars at this time give some hope that constructive actions can be taken. Mars in the 10th house is showing a need for reorganization.
The chart made at Washington DC has Mars in the 3rd house. This, despite the good aspects, this warns of traffic accidents. Transportation industries suffer losses. The 3rd house Mars also points to deliberate, aggressive manipulations of the news media such as failures to report the protest activities happening on Wall Street at this time. Mars trine Uranus in the 11th house brings angry debates to Congress in reaction to the President's asserting his ideas about taxes. Mars sextile Sun and Venus in the 5th house will bring some exciting entertainments, while his semi-square Mercury in the 5th house will adversely affect schools.
Looking at the chart of the UN, Mars squares the UN Sun at 1:07 Scorpio in the 7th house. Mars is the ruler of the UN Chart whose Ascendent is at 20:04 Aries. Mars' entrance into Leo ushers in a period of quarreling in the UN. The current issue is the question of Palestinian statehood. The positive aspects of Mars can help steer the quarrel in a positive direction.
Mars in the chart of Australia is forming trine aspects with Venus, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury. This encourages positive developments in the areas of international financial relations and trade.
Mars in the chart of South Africa appears in the 6th house of the chart of the constitution square the Sun and Jupiter. This shows a period of tension and difficulties in the Government, public excitment over crimes, and the danger of infectious disease. The positive aspects that Mars has give hope for constructive activity nonetheless.
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