Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The May / June, 2009 Lunation

The lunation period beginning with the new moon on May 24th and culminating with the full moon on June 7th, as read from Washington D.C., shows the following developments in the U.S. The new moon falling in the 12th house points, on the one hand, to an increase of crime and trouble in connection with hospitals and prisons, and on the other hand, to possible legislative developments that aim to benefit the poor and improve housing conditions especially in impoverished locations. Legislation in this area, however, is likely to be held back, and by full moon, crime and poverty along with poor conditions in hospitals and prisons will only have worsened. Crime is to be linked to deaths by bad drugs. The new moon chart shows sudden and unexpected developments in Government circles that will require careful management. These developments appear to involve international relations and international trade and will loom up in importance by full moon. These developments also point to big business, the stock market, public expenditures, and government bail outs. On a positive note, the entire lunation period favors developments in the areas of publishing and entertainment.
In Chinese astrology, the lunation period shows a general tendency to worry; this seems to be the general emotional tone in the country throughout the entire summer. It is not the strongest time for business, and there is a tendency for people to become intolerant of one another while indications of romance are present, a rather dangerous emotional atmosphere. The Chinese chart points out the necessity of cultivating calm reflection in order to remedy tendencies of poor planning and indecision. Reduced to an I Ching hexagram, the time of the new moon gives us hexagram 27, The Corners of the Mouth, line 6. The symbol of this hexagram is a dragon hidden in a deep pool. It advises to hold to good actions and keep far from evil ones. Perseverance brings luck. Pay attention to providing nourishment, and be mindful of speech. Line 6 advises to keep on trying despite difficulties and you will get through the danger of the time as if there were no danger at all. The advice of the 6th line, especially for people in positions of power, is to nourish others impartially. Recognition of responsibilities will bring good fortune.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction of May 27, 2009

Because there appears to be a discrepancy in the different astrological computer systems as to the exact time of the conjunction, I chose to look at it using the Johndro locality method. The Johndro method works by right ascension. It is always accurate in locating where on the earth predictions of planetary events will take effect. I made Johndro charts for the UK, the EU, the US, China, India, Japan and Israel. The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune is a major conjunction and its effects work out over a 12 to 13 year time span. This conjunction effects affairs in the UK and the EU by stimulating a lot of creative activity that will meet up with brisk foreign competition. We can expect some inventive scientific developments to come out of Western Europe. We also can expect some very interesting artistic developments, especially in the fields of entertainment to come from Europe. There will also be innovations and expansion in the area of children's education, and the stock markets in Europe will see a boom. The danger that the chart poses for Europe is cyber attacks coming from the east, possibly the near east.
The chart for the US shows a boom in the stock market, a rise in interest rates, expansion of the social security system and other social benefits to paid out, and a raise in taxes. Affairs in the Government will come to a crisis along the way. Placed in the Johndro chart made for July 4th, 1776, the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction shows the congress undergoing a lot of development and confusion and the people's outlook angry. The country will come to a critical moment. The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius in the 11th house of the Johndro chart for July 4th, 1776 shows the Republican Party going through a metamorphasis. Jupiter is the significator for the Repulicans; Neptune signifies socialistic tendencies. Because of the condition of the poor caused by so many years of unbridled greed fostered by the Republican party, the Republican Party is apt to lose its conservative platform for lack of strength. It will have to change its tune to reach out to the poor and unfortunate. This conjunction exactly sextile Mars in a critical degree in the 1st house of the 1776 Johndro chart points to a warlike tone among the people, discontentment, strikes, riots, fires, crime and ill health. Military activity, as shown by this Mars placement, is an addiction the country won't get over too soon. Don't hold your breath. All this discontentment among the people in the US may or may not be reflect on the Johndro charts of China and India. The charts for both China and India show tremendous expansion of wealth and some critical degree of trouble in store for their neighbors. The most powerful neighbor of China is Japan. The chart for Japan shows the national outlook expanding (the conjunction is in the 1st house in Japan). Most probably Japan will be making stronger ties with China and India to get in on the action. The financial outlook for Japan is very tricky. They will be at an advantage by playing all sides against the middle. The chart for Israel shows innovation in the use of the land bringing on breakthroughs in technology, and in ecological and farming techniques. The issue of boundaries will likely not be resolved according to current US and EU pressures. It is possible that Israel and her neighbors are evolving in their own directions that have little to do with the political and social agendas of Europe and the US. It is possible that Israel will engage with the people living in border regions in more humanitarian and productive ways. There are intelligent thinkers on both sides of the question who, in time, will be willing to cooperate with one another. Borders are confused. There are critical problems in areas of labor in that part of the world.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Full Moon May 9th

Seen at Washington DC, the full moon happened at oo:03 AM. I wrote about it in context of the new moon of May 8th which you can see on the World Predictions page of my website Here I would like to look at the full moon through the eyes of Chinese astrology and compare it with the Western astrological view. The Chinese chart for the full moon has these signs: Earth Ox for the year, Earth Snake for the month, Wood Tiger for the day and Wood Rat for the hour. The strongest element in the chart is Earth, telling us that the whole country tends to worry at this point. The Vital element of the chart is Wood telling us that this is a time for making plans and decisions. Note that Mercury is retrograde at this time. It lends to the idea that plans will change; people will be changing their minds; if that's happening to you, it's to be expected, but you need to be careful not to vacillate. The time is favorable for creative thinking and creative activity. Money element in the chart is too strong. This means that although money is there there is a good possibility of losing it. Too much money element means money is hard to control. On the other hand, the Star of Prospects shows up. That means help comes from friends in times of need. There are two Noblemen Stars showing. That means that friends, i.e., helpful people are all around. Academic Nobleman Star is also present. That means that you can improve your situation by using your intelligence. On the other hand, if you tend to be arrogant, Academic Nobleman stands as a warning: don't push it. The chart shows career conditions unstable and potentially tumultuous. On the other hand, Robbing Star shows up, meaning that the time favors shrewd moves. Tien Yi shows up at full moon. Tien Yi means sky medicine; protection shines from above; the worst is averted; predicaments can be resolved. Academic star shows up, meaning this is a time when the proper use of talent and wit will change problematic situations to your advantage. Star of Romance doesn't show up; sorry, love. Horse Star doesn't show up either; this is not an especially good time for travel. So, there you have it. Not all that bad. Use your intelligence to develop your prospects and try to avoid worrying too much. Worrying will only makes you sick.
The date and time of the full moon computed to the I Ching gives us hexagram 32 line 3. It encourages us to accept conditions as they are for the time being and using the time for creating. Only then does money come. It recommends devoting much effort to self-improvement, and being careful and meticulous. The word to the wise: Vacillations end in disaster.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mercury Retrograde, May 7th 2009

Seen at Washington DC, Mercury goes Retrograde again at 1:02 AM at 1 degree Gemini 45 minutes in the 4th house. In this chart means delays in payments of money due, especially in matters connected with housing. It also means payment of debts delayed and need to be patient. It also means people going back on their word in love affairs. Also unreliable developments around tenants, workers and servants. People go back on their word. Nothing major, mind you. This annoying state of affairs remains in effect until Mercury decides to go direct again on May 31st. A word to the wise, especially in love: don't push it now.

Monday, May 4, 2009

General information about Raphael

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The Outlook for Summer 2009 for the US as Viewed in Chinese Astrology

Chinese summertime begins in Washington DC on May 5th at 5:39 AM EDT. The seasons in Chinese calculation always begin mid-point the western seasons; Chinese fall begins this year on August 7th and Chinese winter begins on November 7th.
The Chinese chart for the summer has these signs: Earth Ox for the year, Earth Snake for the month, Metal Dog for the day, and Earth Tiger for the hour. The chart shows real estate at a low point for the whole country. There is too much inventory. Real estate may be bottoming out later this summer. It is a favorable time to buy property. On the other hand, because the chart also warns that lack of forsight, poor planning and bad decision making will result in losses, beware of what appear to be bargains.
Many businesses are in unstable, tumultuous condition, and actual achievements are wanting. Money is relatively weak still, although the situation is beginning to improve. This summer marks a turning point.
This summer's signs favor people such as teachers; psychics; mediums; astrologers (a lot of people are worried); scholars; also people whose careers involve research, writing, designing and other solitary kinds of work.
Tien Yi, the luckiest of stars, also known as Sky Medicine, shines over the summer skies helping us out of our predicaments and giving us hope for improvements to come. Fears of an epidemic may be allayed for the time being, at least. We may be luckier than we think, especially during June and July which will be a better time for business. Although the general feeling among the people is anxious, we need have no undue fear; better times are coming.
The period running from may 24th to July 7th is an especially auspicious time for romantic affairs and for those planning to get married.
The greatest concerns during the summer months are in real estate, banking, food, and health. For much of the country, especially the east, the weather during the summer months will be damp.
People need to watch what they eat. The health of the country is not good this summer. There is also pronounced poverty. The watchword for everyone this season is to be mindful of sane boundaries and cultivate calm reflection. Anxiety, poor hygiene, laziness and mindless eating are sure ways to illness.
The time of the beginning of summer calculated into the I Ching gives us hexagram 36. It tells us that perseverance despite hindrances and adversity brings positive rewards. People in high positions need to beware of conspirators and take timely action to avoid trouble. If you feel uneasy where you are there may be a parting of ways coming up. Avoid standstill. Revitalize your energies.