Friday, April 5, 2019

New Moon, April 2019

The New Moon came on April 5th at 4:52 AM EDT in Washington, DC.

The Sun and Moon were at 15 degrees Aries, in the 2nd house in Washington, applying square to Pluto and Saturn in the 11th house, and trine Jupiter in the 10th, showing new developments coming in the area of finance, with no cooperation and obstruction from congress, but the President gets his way in spite of it.
With Uranus, also in the 2nd house and ruling the 1st house, it appears probable that the market will continue to go up although erratically. Uranus is semisquare Neptune and Mercury: the market will be erratic.
The Sun and Moon rule the 7th and 5th houses, showing that foreign trade and diplomatic relations are involved in the new developments mentioned above. The Sun and Moon trine to Jupiter, with Jupiter in and ruling the 10th house, is a good omen for the President.
Mercury is coruler of the 7th house, [Virgo is intercepted in the 7th]. Mercury is in the 1st house conjunct Neptune. [Neptune is coruler of the 1st house]. Mercury is applying to sextile Pluto and Saturn, and square Jupiter. Venus is applying to conjunction Neptune. Both Mercury and Venus are applying to sextile Pluto and Saturn. This shows diplomatic affairs this month running into complications, amd requiring more time to sort out.
Mars, ruler of the 2nd house and 9th house, is in the 3rd. Mars is semisquare Sun and Moon, and sesquisquare Saturn. Talks involving finance, foreign trade, and involving the congress will not go much beyond bickering. Ruling the 2nd house-of-the-future-outlook, Mars shows where the future is shaping up. 

This is the 1st day of the 3rd month of the Chinese calendar. The signs of this month are Earth Dragon. The signs of the year are Earth Pig. It is grounded and productive. In the Na Yin method, both Earth Dragon and Earth Pig are Wood, making this a potentially very good, productive month. The two fortnight periods of this month are Clear and Bright, and Grain Rain. The month is also under the star of 9 Fire. It can bring about unexpected, surprising changes.

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