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Spring Equinox astrological predictions

The Spring Equinox came this year on March 20th at 17:33, GMT. Called the Aries ingress in astrology, Spring Equinox is the most important event of the year for making astrological world predictions. It marks the astrological New Year when the Sun crosses the equator on its northward journey. In general the predictions made from the Spring Equinox chart hold for one year. But depending on factors in the local charts the predictions become less important after either three months or, six months. Charts were made for this article for the UK: the EU; Germany; the Russian Union; Israel; Iran; India; China; the USA.

The most important planetary aspects of the universal chart are these: The Sun is forming an exact trine with Mars and is in mutual reception with Mars as well. This gives the Sun a highly intensified energy with the added ability to act in Leo as well as in Aries thus influencing the world in a most daring way. The Sun is also parallel and opposite Saturn while forming a square aspect with Pluto. The combined parallel and opposition Saturn is very harsh and denotes serious conflict in the world. Mutual reception Mars gets into that conflict and causes it to blow up whenever and wherever possible. The Sun square Pluto only serves to compound the situation by bringing to it problems having to do with losses of money. Pluto promisses to complicate matters by causing periods of confusion, eccentric behavior of politicians, governments to deal with underworld criminal elements and the like. Nothing will be simple and above board in the political world. It looks very cloak and dagger. The world is in a period of turmoil.

The Moon at the Equinox is in a very interesting place. She is at 26 degrees Taurus conjunct the star Algol, one of the most malefic stars in the heavens. Algol represents the Gorgon whose head, according to the Greek myth, was cut off by Perseus. Anyone who looked at the Gorgon turned to stone. Algol goes to extremes and loses her head. Conjunct the Moon she warns of violent death. To add to this warning, the Moon is forming a square aspect with Neptune denoting treachery. The Moon is in her mansion called Aluxor. In this mansion the Moon has the power to work for and against friendships. Alliances, especially as seen by the Sun's opposition to Saturn at the equinox, are critical.

The chart for the UK has Virgo rising. This means that the predictions made for the UK hold for the coming six months. The ruling planet of the UK chart is Mercury. Mercury is in the 7th house and is opposite Saturn in the Ascendent. The Sun is also in the 7th house opposite Saturn. Britain is deeply involved in complicated foreign disputes. Mars is in the 11th house. The Sun trine Mars favors building up the National services, including the Armed forces. Mutual reception Mars acting in the 7th house opposite Saturn says that Britain will engage with powers to the East and will take to military action if necessary. The mutual reception aspect shows such action, if taken, to be quick and short-lived. Uranus on the 7th house cusp opposite Saturn brings foreign agitation against the country and causes potential scandals. The afflicted Moon in the 9th house brings out legal problems and troubles in connection with the church. Saturn afflicted and retrograde in the Ascendent denotes stress and general discontentment among the people due to losses of work and business and poverty. Pluto in the 4th house suggests deep political division and opposition to the ruling party. The outlook is serious.

The chart for the EU has Virgo rising. Predictions for the EU also hold for the coming six months. Much of what is predicted for the UK holds true for the EU as well. There are some differences however. Mars is in the 10th house in the EU chart and rules the 8th. This points to a death in the highest governing circles. It also points to quarreling in the Government and to the many difficulties that it will have to confront in the coming months. As with the UK, the EU is getting involved in international disputes and may come to taking military action.

The chart for Germany has Libra rising. Predictions for Germany hold for three months. The Sun in this chart is in the 6th house and Saturn is in the 12th. This brings matters connected to the public health and the general condition of workers as well as the national services, including the armed forces, to the fore. There is a lot of discontentment among the people. Saturn in the 12th house shows trouble behind the scenes. Saturn's position denotes an increase in crime, depressed finances connected with public institutions such as hospitals, and disgrace or loss of repute to officials. Mars in the 10th house points to much trouble in the Government. The afflicted Moon in the 8th house confirms the possibility of the death of a noteworthy person, probably a woman, in the higest circle. It also points to an increase in the death rate among the the common people.

The chart for the Russian Union has Libra rising. Predictions for Russia hold for three months as well. The Sun in Russia is in the 6th house and Saturn is in the 12th. The area of national services and armed forces comes to the fore. Mars is conjunct the Midheaven and rules the 7th house. Russia will probably come to engage in military and/or police actions. There are criminal elements in Russia difficult to uproot. The chart for Russia has the Part of Assassination at 27 degrees Scorpio in the 2nd house opposite the Moon at 26 degrees Taurus in the 8th-house-of-death. The Moon rules the 10th house. This points to danger to someone in the highest circle.

The chart for Israel has Libra rising. Predictions for Israel also hold for three months. One of the most remarkable things about this chart is that the Ascendent is exactly conjunct the star Spica. This gives Israel good fortune and unexpected honor. The outlook of the people is positive despite obvious distress. Spica is protective. Another remarkable thing about this chart is that the Midheaven is exactly conjunct the star Procyon. Procyon gives sudden advantage by taking action. Mars is in the Midheaven as well. Mars rules the 7th house. Israel will take military and/or police action when and wherever necessary and will be successful in it. With the Sun in the 6th house, the chart focuses on the state of the national services and the armed forces. Pluto in the 3rd house denotes dangerous underworld activity in neighboring territories. Undergound elements have no intention of cooperating with Israel. This chart shows that these are rogue forces in the neighboring lands that would otherwise have cooperative Administrations. We can expect terrorist attacks in Israel. Moon in the 8th denotes dangers of deaths among the common people. Panics or riots may result in numerous deaths.

The chart for Iran has Scorpio rising. The predictions for Iran hold for one year. The Sun is in the 5th house opposite Saturn in the 11th and Pluto in the 2nd. This is showing serious financial complications coming up. The chart points to trouble in foreign affairs; more trouble is coming up in Iran's dealings with other nations. Foreign trade will be depressed. Difficulties will last a long time. This chart does not show Iran directly and actively engaged in foreign military actions. The afflicted Moon is in the 7th house to confirm trouble in foreign affairs. The affect of Algol is to cut off relations. This position of the Moon also points to chaotic episodes in public life that will cause the Government no small degree of trouble. The chart for Iran has the Part of Assassination at 24 degrees Sagittarius square Uranus at 26 degrees Pisces, Uranus ruling the 4th house. It indicates that people opposing the Government, and someone of note who opposes the Government may be assassinated.

The chart for India has Scorpio rising. The remarkable thing about this chart is that it has 29 degrees Scorpio rising pointing to a weeping matter that come about in India within a year's time. The people of the country appear to be at the end of their tether with respect to finances. Whatever trouble is there is rooted in the past. It seems the poor common people are in opposition to the Government in some respect and the Government has to yield to them. There are urgent problems in the area of labor and national services as well as in the national health. Saturn is in the 10th house opposite the Sun and Mercury denoteing disgrace and misfortune to members of the highest circles of the Government. The afflicted Moon in the 6th house denotes much sickness among the people, as well as discontentment and dissatisfaction among common laborers. The Moon square Neptune in the 3rd house points to airborne diseases as well as to agitation among employees, plots, secret activities, fraud, and losses in trade. Cases of fraud will come to light. The chart of India has the Part of Assassination at 7 degrees Libra in the 10th house opposite Mercury ruler of the 10th, pointing to danger to a Government official this year.

The chart for China has Sagittarius rising. The predictions for China hold for six months. With Pluto in the Ascendent, the outlook is complicated and there appears to be a big problem in organizing large numbers of people who may be uncooperative. The Sun with Uranus and Mercury in the 3rd house brings to attention internet issues. Opposite Saturn in the 9th house, these issues are foreign related. Mars is in the 7th house. Watch out for cyber attacks from China in the coming six months. The afflicted Moon in the 5th house square Neptune in the 2nd house denotes crimes against children for money, and underhandedness in financial dealings. It also warns that the Chinese stock market may take some unanticipated plunges.

The Chart for the USA has Cancer rising. The predictions for the USA hold for three months. What is unique about this chart is that the Ascendent is conjunct the stars Castor and Pollux, both stars denoting blindness, in other words, a blind outlook. These stars are harsh and violent. In addition, Mars rising in the Ascendent shows anger and discontentment among the people in connection with the Government. Mars trine the Sun encourages the people to take positive action. This position of Mars also shows possibilities of riots, increased crime, and fires as well as military and police actions. Turmoil in the country as well as the war in Afghanistan are areas to watch. The Sun is in the 9th house conjunct the Midheaven opposite Saturn. And Mercury is in the 10th opposite Saturn. There is a lot of arguing going on in the press, the media and in the Government. The country quarreling. Pluto is in the 6th house denoting problems in the jobmarket compounding complications in national services connected to health. The Moon afflicted in the 11th house shows fighting in Congress in connection to losses of money. Moon square Neptune in the 8th house points to fraudulence and losses through unscrupulous persons and agencies. It also points to Congressmen losing their constituencies.

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Spring Equinox astrological predictions

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Mercury at superior conjunction with the Sun

Mercury came to superior conjunction with the Sun today, 3/14, at 13:17 GMT. A generally overlooked point in astrology, this, according to this writer's research, is a very noteworthy moment in Mercury's path.

Mercury has two conjunctions with the Sun, the superior conjunction and the inferior conjunction. The superior conjunction happens when Mercury is exactly conjunct the sun from the Sun's far side, in other words, when Mercury is facing the outer space from the perspective of the Earth. The inferior conjunction happens when Mercury is exactly conjunct the Sun from the Sun's near side, in other words, when Mercury is directly between the Earth and the Sun.

The important thing to note when Mercury is at Superior conjunction the Sun is if it is also conjunct a star. For if it is also in conjunction with a star it serves to transmit the light, or intelligence of that outer star through the Sun to the Earth thus influence mundane matters for the time of that conjunction.

The superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun happened today at 23 degrees Pisces 51 minutes. Looking at the star maps, Mercury was also in conjunction with Markab.

Markab is a second magnitude star. Second magnitude is fairly strong and its influence can be felt. Markab was described by the ancient astrologer Ptolemy to be of the nature of Mars with Mercury. In other words, Markab has an argumentative influence. It is said to give honors and riches, as well as danger from cuts, blows and fire. See if the news from yesterday, today and tomorrow confirms any of these indications.

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