Monday, December 31, 2012

An astrological snapshot of 2013

New Years Eve marks the world's birthday. The chart made for Washington DC shows what to expect in and of the US as realtes to the world.

The Moon at 00:00 AM EST is at 23:22 Leo. What is remarkable about that is that the north lunar node is at 23:35 Scorpio. The Moon and the lunar nodes applying to exact square means that we're headed for a jolt. Where we will feel the jolt is shown by the Moon's house position and rulership, and by the houses in which we find the lunar nodes. The Moon is in the 11th house and rules the 10th, and the north and south nodes are in the 2nd and 8th houses respectively. This shows the jolt coming involves the Congress and the President, and the economy and taxes.

We also find Saturn in the 2nd house [at 9:34 Scorpio square and in mutual reception Mars in the 4th house at 4:51 Aquarius, and opposite the Moon's solstice point at 7:38 Taurus] showing no easy way out of financial troubles; the situation is difficult. The mutual reception place of Saturn [in the 4th house] tells us that real estate prices will be affected. Real estate in most areas will stagnate at best, and more likely will go down. We will see this happening in Canada especially. This coming summer will be a good time to buy if you have the cash.

Saturn and the north node in the 2nd house involved in afflictive aspects is bad for the economy in general. It denotes financial stagnation and a tendency toward recession in financial circles. The Moon forming a wide opposition to Neptune in the 5th house warns of foolhardy speculating: danger of possible fraudulent insider trading.

The Sun at 10:57 Capricorn is conjunct Pluto at 09:20 Capricorn. This is a very significant factor. The Sun of the UK and the Sun of the Euro is at 10 degrees Capricorn. The UK and Euro zone are headed for major develpments in their financial arrangements. Pluto is square Uranus in Aries, and is sextile and in mutual reception Saturn in Scorpio. The mutual reception with Saturn eases the tension somewhat, but it puts Saturn in conjunction with the Sun, and that spells more austerity, and more austerity means more poverty and suffering in Europe this year. The people in the UK will become more and more resentful, and this will seriously challenge the Conservatives.

The Sun and Pluto in the chart for DC is in the 4th house. [Pluto rules the 2nd house and Sun rules the 11th.] This spells reorganization of finances and matters of banking linked with what happens in Congress, and it affects the real estate situation. Don't expect it to ease up too quickly.

On the other hand we find Mars in the 4th house [sextile and in mutual reception Uranus in the 6th. Mars rules the 7th and Uranus rules the 5th.] This is an opportune time for some to engage in speculating in real estate. Foreign speculators will be active especially in east coast cities like NYC, Boston, and DC. Mars and Uranus are trine and sextile with Jupiter, respectively. Jupiter is in the 9th house and he rules the 3rd and 6th houses. The 9th house position of Jupiter confirms that we are looking forward to foreign speculation in American property.

Jupiter in the 9th house ruling the 3rd also points to a more active time coming up in publishing this year. Mercury in the 3rd house [in mutual reception with Jupiter in the DC chart] creates a very active picture for research and writing this year. A lot of new information will be forthcoming. Mercury is at 00:58 Capricorn, a critical degree. Critical Mercury [in the 3rd house, ruling the 9th and 12th houses] tells us that critical information and surprises will be made known to the public. It will involve different areas of interest, not only political. There is a growing awareness of contact with extra-terrestrials.

The Moon in wide opposition with Neptune [Neptune being in the 5th house, and ruling the 6th] shows danger to children from pharmaceuticals and drugs. Jupiter applying to square Neptune, and Mercury sextile Neptune shows trafficking.

The chart has four mutual receptions: Saturn/Pluto; Saturn/Mars; Mercury/Jupiter; Mars/Uranus. This says that there is nothing we get into that we can't get out of this year. The year has lots of ins and outs and lots of finagling. There will be many new opportunities. This is a time of interesting possibilities. We are in a period of restructuring. There is much flexibility in the way it is going to unfold. The chart has 4 cardinal and 3 mutible signs; it all moves quickly.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012 in astrology

Winter solstice 2012 occurs on December 21 at 11:13 AM GMT. Short of the end of the world, it marks the 3rd quarter of the astrological year whose beginning is at the vernal equinox. On this stupendous occasion we find the majority of planets in cardinal and mutible signs and in fire and air, which makes for a lively energy this winter quarter, but the Moon moving relatively slowly slows the course of change and makes for relatively fewer events this quarter than if the Moon were moving quickly.

The Sun forms the following aspects: conjunction Pluto, square Uranus, sextile Saturn, and sextile Neptune. The Sun's conjunction with Pluto, sextile to Saturn and sextile to Neptune tends to generate a more or less calming influence. Saturn and Pluto, exactly sextile one another, are in mutual reception, bringing a constructive, cooperative influence to the world in areas of large scale Government and corporate organization. The mutual reception also means that the situation is more or less flexible and different strategies are being tried out in order to find what works and what doesn't. The Sun sextile Neptune is peaceful, and favors large social groups, especially the poor and less fortunate. But, while this is true, the Sun and Pluto square Uranus will continue to generate tension and resentment in the world. While the world is tending more at this time toward cooperation tension and discontentment will continue to plague us.

The Moon forms the following aspects. The planet directly behind the Moon is Uranus. This brings some surprisng developments and turns of events this winter. The influence of Uranus tends to bring the unexpected and sudden. The chief aspects formed by the Moon are a trine to Mercury, and a square to Mars. Mars is at 26 degrees Capricorn, a critical degree. The Moon coming to square Mars points toward critical conflict in the world.

So, where do we find the conflict? The strongest indications appear in the Winter Solstice charts of eastern Europe and the Middle East. Charts were made for Moscow, Damascus, and Jerusalem. Mars at Winter Solstice is at 26 degrees Capricorn. The Midheaven of Moscow is 24 degrees Capricorn, the Midheaven of Damascus is 23 degrees Capricorn, and the Midheaven of Jerusalem is 22 degrees Capricorn. Mars is conjunct the Midheaven of all of the countries in this longitudinal region (approximately 37 degrees east). The Middle East, especially Syria, will continue to be a hot spot this winter, and the possibility of Russia entering the conflict is not to be ignored.

The chart for the UK has the Sun in the 10th house and the Moon in the 1st. Neptune rising and conjunct the Ascendent shows a liberal socialistic sentiment developing amongst the people, and needing to be heard by the Government. Pluto is in the 11th house. The Sun conjunct Pluto and square Uranus shows the Prime Minister and his party in Parliament engaged in a quarrel with the people. The issues are over money and debt; Pluto rules the 8th house of this chart. The Moon in the 1st house applying to trine Mercury shows productive talks. But, the Moon coming to square Mars in the 11th says that the people challenge the course the current Government has been taking. But, because the Moon and Uranus are intercepted in the 1st house, the people will not as effective as they would like to be, and are not being heard as they might wish.

The chart for Bruxelles, therefore the entire EU, are similar to the chart of the UK. Pluto, however, is in the 10th house. The Sun in the 10th conjunct Pluto and square Uranus in the 1st is a harsher aspect than in UK; it shows the Government acting with heavy hand.

What the above suggests, is that the peacefulness shown in the charts may amount to little more than Goverrnment suppression of popular opposition in the UK and EU.

Looking at the other side of the world, the chart for Australia has Jupiter is in Gemini, in the 10th house. Jupiter is retrograde and in mutual reception Mercury in Sagittarius in the 4th. This opposition and mutual reception in some ways shows the Government in a favorable light at this time. It also shows the Government consideratly bowing to opposition, but the mutual reception by opposition suggests that both sides are at a disadvantage, and won't benefit in their interactions at this time. Jupiter ruling the 8th house, and Mercury ruling the 2nd show that the clumsy dance is around money, and nothing short of a lot of wasted breath can be expected. The Moon is in the 8th house, and is applying to the square of Mars in the 6th. This warns of an epidemic, and points to difficulties in services, labor, and the military.

Looking at the chart for Brazil, we find Mars in the 12th house with Moon applying to square from the 3rd. This points to increasing anger and violence on the streets and in poor areas and neighborhoods. There will be an increase in crime. The chart shows a strongly emphasized Yod configuration between Saturn in the 10th house, Jupiter in the 5th house, and Uranus in the 3rd. This is saying that the Government must adjust. Saturn rules the 12th house in this chart. It strongly involves the poor and the disenfranchised.

Looking at the chart for the USA, we find the Sun rising in the 1st house, and the Moon in the 4th. Mercury is conjunct the Ascendent. Mars is in the 2nd house. The Sun in the 1st house shows, despite the complaints of so many of the people, a period of increasing prosperity. But to whom, and from where? The Sun rules the 9th house. Money is coming into the country from abroad, and money is to be made in iternational trade and commerce.The Sun coming to conjunction Pluto and square Uranus, however, shows that, despite the more sanguine indications, the people will continue to be discontent, and the public health will not be good. Saturn in the 11th house trine and mutual reception Neptune in the 3rd house shows the Democrats in Congress having a strong influence over the press, and the press flattering them. The Yod to Saturn in the 11th house from Jupiter in the 6th and Uranus in the 4th shows the Congress having to make adjustments to accomodate the different demands of labor and of the opposition from the Republicans. Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendent in the 6th house retrograde and opposite Mercury shows a lot of useless talk and bickering while everybody compromises around serious economic issues to nobody's liking. Saturn rules the 2nd house. Compromises are based on economic limitations. Mars is in the 2nd house. The Moon coming to square Mars at a critical degree there presages critical trouble coming up in financial affairs, the general economy, banking, stock market, and the housing market. Mars rules the 4th house. The 4th house signifies real estate. The Moon applying to square Mars shows the Republicans and Democrats not cooperating well at all in the contested area of the economy. In the area of international politics, the opposition and mutual reception between Mercury and retrograde Jupiter amounts to a lot of noise, wasted breath, and agreements to disagree. Jupiter is the ruler of the Ascendent in this chart. Retrograde means that the USA backs down. Mercury, the ruler of the 7th house says that there is a strong and confusing influence in this country from foreign interests.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chinese astrological portrait of Gianni Versace

The well-known Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace, was born on December 2, 1946. He would now have been 66. He was shot in the back on July 15, 1997 and died at age 50. The Chinese astrological signs of the year, month, day, and hour of his birth are Fire Dog, Metal Rat, Metal Dog, and Earth Rabbit, respectively. Versace was an extremely dynamic personality. Metal Dog, the strongest sign of all sixty signs in the Chinese system, is capable of greatest good and greatest evil. It is also called a peach blossom sign; Versace was attractive, seductive, and had strong sexual desires and good social standing.

The balance of elements in Versace's birth chart are 2 Water, 1 Wood, 4 Fire, 3 Earth and 4 Metal. Fire and Metal are most prominent. Fire and Metal clash. Versace was born on a day of Metal. Fire, in his chart is his enemy.

The chart showing strong Metal with strong Fire tells us that Versace was a leader who defiantly stood up against opposition; he was defiantly individualistic. This worked in his favor professionally, but in the area of personal involvements it cost him his life. Had he been more careful he might have been able to reach his peak cycle at age 82 to 92. The balance of yin and yang elements in Versace's chart is 6 yin and 6 yang; he was strong.

With only 1 Wood element in his chart, Versace's vital element was Water. In terms of fenshui, this would have meant that his best color was black, and that his best orientation was North. He should not have been in Miami in July, the place and time of his death. Summer and south were for him the worst. Water opposes Fire.

Versace moved to Milano in 1972 at age 26, during a cycle showing good fortune for him in love and money. He launched his Gianni Versace label in 1978 at age 32 at the beginning of a new cycle that brought him big challenges in the personal and professional spheres. He was the type to welcome challenges. In 1982 at age 36, in the same cycle, he launched his line of perfume, and in 1983 at age 37 went into designing theater costumes. This was a most dynamic cycle. In 1990, at age 44, in a new cycle, Versace opened his exclusive New York shop. But, Versace's cycle from age 42 to 52 brought up the enemy: Fire. Trouble was brewing.

The year, month, day, and hour of Versace's death are Fire Ox, Fire Sheep, Earth Horse, and Fire Snake, respectively. This combination has 7 Fires. Fire is extremely strong. Fire came out to attack Versace's Metal. Other indications in the chart show Versace's weak Wood and his vital element, Water, being destroyed.
What could have saved Versace from such a tragic end? The advice a good Chinese astrologer and fengshui expert would have been not to go south in the summer that year, but to go north, and cultivate Water element, meaning concentration and calm reflection. Had he gone to Maine rather than Florida he would have lived.

1997 was the year of Ox. Ox is hostile to dog. Ox punishes Dog. Remember, Versace was born in the year and day of Dog. Ox year would alone have warned Versace that he was in potential danger. The year, Fire Ox, was in a violent clash with Versace's day of birth sign, Metal Dog. Fire Ox is the worst sign for Metal Dog. That would really have been the year for Versace to lay low and go north. But, he didn't know. Chinese astrology is fascinating.

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