Saturday, June 28, 2014

The June new moon in western and Chinese astrology

The new moon came on June 27 at 9:10 AM GMD. It was at 5 degrees Cancer forming a trine with Neptune to bring lucky breaks for those of us who have planets at or near 5 degrees Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, and/or Capricorn.

In opposition with Pluto, the new moon also tells those of us who have planets at or near 5 degrees Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, or Libra to avoid compounding complicated conditions. The absence of someone depended on may frustrate you. Cooperation and patience are best.

Mercury is retrograde at the new moon pointing to minor hesitations, or changes of plans. Mercury at the new moon was at 25 degrees Gemini. He goes into direct station on Saturday, June 28, and turns direct on Wednesday, July 2. When in direct station, decisions will begin to firm up, hesitations notwithstanding. When direct, all will start moving forward once again. Where depends on the house in your chart in which Mercury turns direct. For example, if Mercury turns direct in your 10th house, your career should take a turn for the better. Mercury turns direct at 24 degrees Gemini when the north lunar node is at 24 degrees Libra. Being in the same degree, the turning point of Mercury will have strong impulse that should register in whichever house the north lunar node is transiting at this time as well. For example, if the north lunar node is transiting your 2nd house, it will register in your finances. The Mercury direct trine north lunar node is fortunate; it supports positive decisions and actions, including signing of papers, money transactions, business and financial deals, communications and possible travels.

Venus at the new moon is at 4 degrees Gemini, a critical degree, and is forming a square with Neptune, showing a danger of wasting money, indulging in the wrong things that can cause illness, and being prone to disappointment due to pie in the sky.

The piece de resistance in this chart, however, is Mars exactly opposite Uranus, an explosive aspect. Mars is in Libra and Uranus is in Aries. And both of these are square Pluto in Capricorn. This generates tension. We can see the effects of this tension in the violent turmoil happening in the world, not only in all the fighting and quarreling, but in seismic and volcanic activity. If you have any planets at or near 16 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, and/or Capricorn you will feel this tension and may have a hard time controlling your temper.

The new moon seen in the UK and EU is in the 11th house showing changes coming in parliamentary activities. Because the new moon is both trine to Neptune and opposite Pluto, with Pluto involved in a T-square with Mars and Uranus, activities will be both beneficial and difficult. Difficulties appear to be related to diplomatic and international affairs as well as to commerce. There also appears to be dangers of car, rail, and/or air crashes this month. If traveling in the UK or Europe this month, be careful.

The new moon seen in Washington DC is in the 2nd house shows much activity developing in financial and stock market affairs. It is both good and bad. On the one hand, the trine to Neptune shows great gains possible. But, on the other hand, the opposition to Pluto square Mars and Uranus shows dangers of loss. Uranus is in Aries opposite Mars in Libra. Aries is in the NY Stock Exchange 10th house. This makes the market conditions potentially volatile.
In the new moon chart in DC we find Uranus in the 11th house with Mars in the 5th. It speaks of difficulties, angry arguments, and unexpected developments in Congress with the danger of an accident or disgrace to one of it members.
Neptune is in the 10th house in this chart. Neptune is square to Venus in the 12th house, Venus being in a critical degree. This brings a degree of disgrace to the Potus in connection with a woman, or women, not necessarily his wife, but someone who talks behind his back; Venus is in the 12th house-of-secret-enemies. We find Neptune in mutual reception with Uranus connecting him with someone in the Congress. There appears no way around trouble, the mutual reception notwithstanding, because mutual reception Neptune is in opposition with Mars and is square Pluto. There is a mess brewing.
Mercury is retrograde in the 1st house. Mercury also rules the 1st house in this chart. This means that the people are in a indecisive mood,  but this mood will change, as Mercury is soon to turn direct.

The signs for the year, month, day and hour of the new moon seen in DC are Wood Horse, Metal Sheep, Earth Snake, and Fire Tiger, respectively. This is the month of Metal Sheep. It is somewhat aggressive in tone as it clashes with the year sign, Wood Horse.
The element count is 7 Fires, 6 Earths, 2 Metals, 00 Water, and 3 Woods. The energy is very hot and dry. The chart wants to produce Metal, meaning it strives to get to the cutting edge. This has ominous meanings for military activity, but very good meanings for the arts and fashion.
The predominance of Fire makes this month extremely active. It could bring intense heat and fires. So much Fire and Earth could also bring a spike in volcanic activity. In the human sphere it could bring out anger and anxiety. In areas of the world in military conflict this will be an extremely hot and ugly month.
The yin/yang balance in this chart is 7 yin and 8 yang. This is very good, as yin and yang are almost perfectly balanced and support both beginning and ending. The energy of the month supports productivity.

The new moon reduced to an I Ching hexagram gives us hexagram 20, line 4. Hexagram 20 is called Observation, or waiting, and implies trust. It has the symbol of abundant flowers in full bloom, a sign of prosperity. But because hexagram 20 is not good for summer, the good indication is modified.
The advice given by line 4 is to take a broadened outlook, to be open minded, and consider what is of universal benefit.

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer solstice in western and Chinese astrology

Summer solstice, the Sun's ingress into the sign Cancer, came on June 21 at 11:52 AM GMD. This brings the Sun into a grand cross with Mars, Pluto and Uranus in Libra, Capricorn, and Aries, respectively. The grand cross will register through later June and earlier July, but its effects will continue to be felt through the summer; it means increased tension in the world. It could bring violent weather and seismic activity as well as more political turmoil. The world is discontent.

In this chart we see the Moon at 21 degrees Aries, separating from conjunction with Uranus and applying to square with Jupiter. This says that changes coming up will be sudden, and wasteful.

The Sun's first aspect is a trine to Neptune. This is like sugar coating on the poison shown by the grand cross in formation. Considering the surprises shown by the Moon's conjunction with Uranus, this says that we may be in the dark, or unprepared for what may be coming.

Mercury is retrograde. This says that we can expect changes of mind and reversals of decisions that may work both favorably and unfavorably, depending on circumstances, and that may contribute to the trend of wastefulness shown by the Moon's square with Jupiter.

The solstice chart in the UK, and the EU has the Sun in the 10th house with Mars in the 2nd, Pluto in the 4th, and Uranus and the Moon in the 8th. This adversely affects economic conditions and, with Mercury retrograde in the 10th house, shows difficulties in the Government, and disgrace to public officials, with dangers of a coming defeat of the current Government. Mars afflicted in the 2nd house warns of trouble coming up. It shows possible losses in the stock market, great expenditures, and waste of public money.

The solstice chart in Washington DC has the Moon and Uranus in the 10th house showing sudden developments in the Government. Uranus rules the 8th house. It suggest an unexpected death in the Government, or upper circle. The Moon conjunct Uranus and square Jupiter show the Government unpopular. It also shows scandals in Government circles, and an eminent woman suffering some degree of disgrace.
Jupiter, whether afflicted or not, in the 1st house protects the people against whatever untoward conditions there may be. So, this is probably a fairly good time for the people in general in the sense of business, health, and work. Still, Mars in the 4th house opposite Uranus in the 10th shows sharp political fighting coming up.

In Chinese astrology, the signs for the year, month, day, and hour of the solstice are Wood Horse, Metal Horse, Water Pig, and Wood Rabbit, respectively. This is a fairly dynamic configuration. There are 4 Woods, 3 Fires, 2 Earths, 1 Metal, and 2 Waters. The predominance of Wood and Fire make it very active. The energy of this period up to Chinese fall season, beginning August 8, is very lively. The yin-yang count shows 7 yins to 4 yangs. The energy trends to yin, meaning it it is easier to finish what has been begun than start something new. The vital element of this chart is Earth, meaning it is best to bring everything into balance and harmony. Be practical.

Reduced to an I Ching hexagram the solstice gives us hexagram 56, line 3. Hexagram 56 is The Traveler. It is lucky for people born in the year, month, day, or hour of the Monkey. It is good for career development, and tells of riches coming. The Traveler, however, symbolizes flourishing followed by withering. It signifies impermanence.
Line 3 warns not to get into arguments unless you want to be rejected by the person, or the people you depend on. The advice is to adapt your self to your circumstances. If you are offensive and follow the wrong course you will suffer bad consequences. This holds true for individuals as well as for Governments.

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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Balance in Chinese astrology and fengshui

Dynamic balance is the key to good health and good fortune. When balance is broken for a long time illness and bad luck come. When illness develops we can correct the imbalance, and return to normal health.

There are two systems in Chinese astrology that address this question directly: Bazi, and 9 Star. In Bazi (ba tze) we have a calculation that gives us what is called the vital element. The vital element is what your life depends on. Your vital element determines the best orientation for your bed, and how you sit; it also gives you the best colors to wear for supporting your health; and it describes your best climate and season. Knowing how to work with your vital element can help you get over illnesses and extend your life.

In Chinese astrology, whenever your vital element comes up in long cyclical progressions, as well as in years, months, and seasons, your life goes better. When it is absent, and you start to have troubles, the situation can be mitigated by adjusting your environmental conditions, and by using the right colors.

Unfortunately, the vital element calculation is very involved, and cannot be made without undertaking a detailed study of this difficult system. Learning how to calculate the vital element is one of the most important steps in studying the authentic old tradition of fengshui. Not many people grasp it correctly.

We find a fair alternative in the 9 Star system. The 9 Star system, while much simpler than Bazi, is good, and it is important in fengshui. While 9 Star doesn't reveal your vital element, it gives what is called your balancing element. This, by the way, is not widely known; it is a secret method. 9 Star works with the system of trigrams, seen above. Your balancing element works to bring your innate energy into harmonious balance; it supports your life and fortunes. The balancing element can be used to determine a good orientation for your bed, and it can give you a very good color to use.

The 9 Star system is very ancient. It is the basis of the Lo Shu compass system, an important part of the traditional Chinese fengshui compass.

The system of balancing elements, based on the 9 Star system, is fairly easy to grasp. To find your balancing element you have, first, to find your birth star number. The birth star numbers repeat cyclically every 9 years. According to Chinese method the 9 Star cycle is opposite for males and females. Given below is the basic cycle from 1990 to 1999. To find your birth star either subtract or add 9 or multiples of 9 from or to the years given, keeping in mind that the 9 Star year begins always at the beginning of Chinese spring season which almost always is February 4. So, if you were born between January 1 and February 3, you have to calculate from 1 year earlier. For example, if you were born February 1, 1970, you would calculate your birth star number from 1969. The years with their numbers for males and females are:

1990 for males is 1; for females is 5
1991 for males is 9; for females is 6
1992 for males is 8; for females is 7
1993 for males is 7; for females is 8
1994 for males is 6; for females is 9
1995 for males is 5; for females is 1
1996 for males is 4; for females is 2
1997 for males is 3; for females is 3
1998 for males is 2; for females is 4

Supposing you are a male born in 1973. 1973 + 18 = 1991. 1991 for a male is 9.
Supposing you are a female born in 1973. 1973 + 18 - 1991. 1991 for a female is 6.

The star numbers with their elements are as follows.
1 is Water.
2 is Earth.
3 is Wood.
4 is Wood,
5 is Earth.
6 is Metal.
7 is Metal.
8 is Earth.
9 is Fire.

The balancing elements for the 9 star numbers with their directions in space and colors are as follows.

The balancing element for 1 Water is 9 Fire. Its direction is South, and its color is purple.
The balancing element for 2 Earth is 6 Metal. Its direction is Northwest, and its color is white.
The balancing element for 3 Wood is 4 Wood. Its direction is Southeast, and its color is dark green.
The balancing element for 4 Wood is 3 Wood. It's direction is East, and its color is light green.
The balancing element for 5 Earth is 6 Metal for women and 7 Metal for men. The direction and color for 6 Metal is Northwest and white. The direction and color for 7 Metal is red.
The balancing element for 6 Metal is 2 Earth. Its direction is Southwest, and its color is black.
The balancing element for 7 Metal is 8 Earth. Its direction is Northeast, and its color is white.
The balancing element for 8 Earth is 7 Metal. Its direction is west, and its color is red.
The balancing element for 9 Fire is 1 Water. It's direction is North, and its color is white.

Supposing your balancing element is 3 Wood, and you are finding this to be a stressful period. You would then consider aligning your bed so your head points to the east, and you would consider using light green as a color to help balance your energy. Orientation in fengshui is always figured by what your head points toward when lying down in bed, and what is to your back when sitting in a chair. If your balancing element was 3 Wood, the best way to sit would be with your back to the East.

These are just very basic considerations in fengshui. Of course, if the space doesn't permit using these indications, and if you are a couple sleeping in the same bed, energetic bridges can be made. Fengshui as part of the Chinese astrological systems is complex.

Fengshui is the spacial projection of Chinese astrology. Imbalances that show up in your Chinese astrological chart can be adjusted and mitigated in your space. Traditionally these two always go hand in hand. To do fengshui correctly you have to know how to do Chinese astrology. This is the tradition.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The June 13 full moon in western and Chinese astrology

The full moon came on June 13 at 00:13 AM EDT. It was at 22 degrees Sagittarius in the 10th house at Washington DC signifying changes in Government policies. The Moon is in mutual reception with her dispositor, Jupiter, in the 5th house, pointing to diplomatic affairs. We see the President changing his mind with respect to the developing conflict in Iraq, for example.

At the full moon, we also see a T-Square involving Mars, Pluto, and Uranus in the 8th, 11th, and 2nd houses, respectively, pointing to the on-going difficult financial issues in this country affecting business and banking. The full moon may bring a minor temporary correction to real estate prices.

We also see Venus exactly opposite Saturn, Venus in the 3rd house and Saturn in the 9th, in a sense obstructing international commerce, communications, and trade, and pointing to some blackout of news. This aspect also does not favor travel.

The planets in the chart of the full moon are widely scattered. This diffuses energy, and makes it difficult to focus on any one area other than those hinted above.

In Chinese astrology, the signs for the year, month, day, and hour of the new moon are Wood Horse, Metal Horse, Wood Rabbit, and Fire Rat, respectively. The balance of elements is 4 Fires, 2 Earths, 1 Metal, 1 Water, and 3 Woods. It is extremely active, and not concentrated; the energy expands. The yin-yang balance is 7 yin and 3 yang. Nothing innovative is favored at this time, but it favors ending what was already begun, and releasing what is useless.

Boiled down to a I Ching hexagram, it gives us hexagram 49, line 3. Hexagram 49 is Revolution. It favors the signs Tiger and Rabbit. It suggests a break coming after a period of bad luck. The road is opening. It is favorable to reform the old. If you persevere, disappointment will disappear.
Unfortunately this hexagram is not good for summer, so the energy is not strong enough, and you will have to exert yourself. If you have bad habits, attempts to change them may lead to frustration. Consider carefully what changes you want to make.
Line 3 says starting now is bad luck. You need to think it over and over. When talk has gone around three times, you may start and people will believe you. Changes cannot happen unless others agree with you. Work for the support of others first.

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