Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama's Inauguration as seen in astrology

President Obama was inaugurated in two ceremonies, the first and more important being January 20 at 11:56 am, and the second being January 21 at 11:56 am. The first ceremony done privately was the start of his second term of office, and the second one was a public display. Charts made for both ceremonies reveal very different things. The first chart is the more important. It tells what is going to happen. The second chart is also important. It modifies to some degree what the first chart shows.

The first chart is simple. The Moon is exalted in Taurus in the first house, forming only one aspect: a square to Mars. Mars rules the 7th house and is in the 10th house in mutual reception with Saturn. Saturn is just below the horizon in the 6th house opposite the Ascendent. These are the most significant aspects in the chart. In a nutshell they point to conflict. Moon in the first house denotes the public. Square to Mars denotes public discontent continuing through Obama's second term. Mars in the 10th house ruling the 7th is a classical sign of much military activity and possible war. It also shows illness and death of major figures in the highest circles in the country, also much trouble in the Government. Mars in mutual reception with Saturn casts an opposition with the Moon, denoting that there is no way around trouble. The mutual reception point of Mars is in the 7th house, showing grave dangers of international disputes and war. While the President tells the nation that the wars are ending, the chart strongly points toward more war. It may be that new wars will develop. Time will tell.

Looking more deeply into the chart, we see the Moon at 19 degrees Taurus exactly opposite the malefic star Serpentis. Moon is in the 1st house and rules the 4th. The Moon here clearly represents the people, and opposite Serpentis shows that the people are facing the most evil star in the heavens. Serpentis is in the 7th house, denoting trouble brewing abroad. There is one mitigating aspect; the Moon is trine to Venus in the 9th house. This means that international figures are working for peace, and may succeed to some degree in preventing the undesirable. On the other hand, Pluto, who is conjunct Venus in the 9th house and square Uranus in the 12th, shows the international community in considerable tension and exerting pressure from behind the scenes on the American Government. There is no way that the US Government will not be deeply entagled in the developing international turmoil. Looking further, we see Jupiter in the 1st house trine Mercury and the Sun in the 10th. This is very positive. It protects the people, and strongly favors the Administration, its difficulties notwithstanding.

Looking at the second chart, made for January 21, we see the Moon still in the 1st house but now in Gemini square to Neptune, and trine the Sun, Mercury and Mars, and Sextile to Uranus, mostly very good aspects. The chart is sanguine and strongly favors the Administration. Mars in the 10th house in mutual reception Saturn still points to international trouble, possibly to war, but trine to the Moon tells a different story. It says that if there is military conflict we can expect victory.

In both charts the ruler of the economy is Mercury. Mercury is in Aquarius combust the Sun, and trine Jupiter. This says that while the economy is weak it is being boosted, and should improve. The second chart has Moon conjunct Jupiter and trine to Mercury and the Sun. This gives tremendous encouragement for improvement of economic conditions through this Administration.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Year of Water Snake in Chinese Astrology

Chinese new year always begins on the second new moon after winter solstice. The Chinese new year in 2013 begins on February 10 at 15:21 in Beijing, or 7:21 GMT, or 2:21 AM EST.

The Chinese astrological chart for the new year, first month and first day has the following signs. The year is Water Snake; the first month is Wood Tiger; and the first day is Fire Sheep. The different hours in the different regions of the world yield different hour signs. Charts for China, Australia, the UK and EU, and the US were examined. All of the charts show a predominance of Wood element. Compared to 2012, 2013 is going to be a far more active year.

The nature of Water Snake is very subtle and deep. It favors secrecy, and is at its best in quiet conditions. Because of the predominance of Wood this year, the Water Snake will be creatively active, and, when conditions become tumultuous, will strike clandestinely. Lots of cloak and dagger activity will be happening this year.

2013 is also the year of 5 Earth Star. 5 Earth Star favors putting everything in order. Combined with predominant Wood, the year favors making plans, standing your ground, and being decisive in your actions.

Wood conduces to unrestrained growth. If blocked it displays violent anger. Turmoil and conflict will increase this year. The new year chart shows a very interesting combination of elements that tells us that the period of maximum probability for turmoil will be during the two lunar months of June 9, and July 8, in other words, between June 9 and August 7. The area in the world that shows the most Wood element is Europe and the UK, where we can anticipate increasing conflict, especially in the summer months.

The strong Wood element of the new year chart also tells of stormy conditions. The summer will bring severe wind and electrical storms. Wood also tells of volcanic and seismic activity increasing. In addition to the two lunar months indicated above, there is a maximum of Wood element from February 10 to April 10, and then from next December 3 to January 31, 2014. Added up, we have three two month periods during which there are big upsurges in C'hi that may affect weather, seismic, and human activity in the world (2/10 - 4/10; 6/9 - 8/7; and 12/3 - 1/31); summer in the northern hemisphere may be the most active.

On the darker side, the chart has a unique configuration called Knife Blade, or Star of Aggression. It shows that certain people in positions of power will become more arrogant, unbending, obstinate, inclined to not listen to reason, and prone to taking risks, and squandering the wealth. The chart also has Robbing Star, and the Robbing Star is involved with the Star of Aggression. This means that crime is on the increase in the whole world, and this includes aggressive, criminal behavior among people in leading positions.

On the brighter side, the chart strongly favors creative activity. It especially favors fields involving philanthropical activities, education, research, publishing, and the arts. In the US this will be a highly creative year.

The chart has what is called Tien Yi, or Sky Medicine Star. Tien Yi helps mitigate the negative signs. Tien Yi is said to be a deity whom all demons fear. She is the luckiest of all the stars, and she resolves most predicaments. Tien Yi is complemented in the US chart with another star called Heaven Medicine, which points to an advancement in the understanding the nature of healing, especially in the US this year. Heaven Medicine Star favors the traditional paths of healing that involve spiritual work. It is a strongly positive sign for shamanistic healing, all of which tells us that the most effective way to overcome the forces of evil that we see this year is by working for universal spiritual awakening and healing.

Tien Yi in this chart is linked with a star called Nobleman star. This means that when you show good will, others will come to help. The way is to be of service to one another, and not to follow the dark paths of the Knife Blade and Robbing Stars. In China, Nobleman Star is joined by Tai Chi Nobleman Star. This is most fortunate. China will be able to make far-sighted, and important reforms this year.

Another star shown in the new year chart is Traveling Horse Star. This favors moving or renovating your home, and making significant changes in business. On a large scale, it favors changes coming in international relations. Traveling Horse does not tolerate stagnant conditions. With the predominance of Wood element this year, stagnation will be blown away. This is a year for big changes. The tensions between those in power and the people can reach explosive conditions if those in power assume a rigid position. Traveling Horse with Knife Blade and so much Wood is a recipe for uprisings around the world.

The balance of elements in the chart is more yang than yin. This means that this year people will tend to be proactive, not passive.

Water Snake Year for each of the 12 signs
To get a completely accurate and detailed reading for yourself it is, of course, best to have your own personal Chinese astrological chart read. The descriptions below are general.

1. Rat. This year brings some discord, but you can take advantage of discord and turn disadvantage to your favor. The year favors creative activity, building up your career, and prospering. It also strongly favors romance.
2. Ox. While the year brings stressful conditions it will also bring good opportunities if you yield to outside pressures. Friendly people come to your aid and help you resolve whatever predicaments you might have. The year favors creative activity, puttting money away, taking care of your health, and finding contentment in yourself. If you experience obstacles in love, be patient.
3. Tiger. This is an active year with tensions building up into the summer. The lunation period of 8/7 to 9/4 will be most challenging for your interactions with others. Nonetheless, the year encourages you to increase your circle of friends and acquaintances, and build up your work and finances.
4. Rabbit. This is a good year to move or redo your home, travel, and/or start some new work. It favors increasing your circle of friends. Friendly people will come your way to help you if needed. This is a year for you to take charge of your affairs and improve your conditions.
5. Dragon. This year requires that you take the lead, and conquer untoward conditions as they appear. Go against the stream, swim upstream. Rely on yourself. You will be fortunate and able to provide for more secure conditions. The year encourages you to learn something new.  
6. Snake. This is your year. It favors moving or rearranging your house, changing your work, or some aspect of your work, and/or traveling. It also favors learning something new. Others will come to your aid to help resolve whatever predicament you have. Be careful to avoid unnecessary conflict. Your patience will be tried.
7. Horse. This is going to be an extremely active year, the most active period appearing to be the lunation of 10/5 to 11/2. The year brings you romance, and increased prosperity.
8. Sheep. This year advises to yield to outside pressures to avoid enmity. Get out of the way of danger by letting it pass. The year strongly favors moving or redoing your house, changing, or developing a new aspect of your work, and traveling. The year also favors all artistic, creative activity.
9. Monkey. This year strongly encourages you to develop your work, to rely on yourself, and be patient especially in matters of love. Conditions earlier in the year may be more stressful than later. While you may be attractive to others, you may feel discontentment. Work vigorously to carry things through. You may see an increase in money. The year favors you resorting to divination, astrology, and spiritual practices to help find your way through whatever current conditions you don't like.
10. Rooster. This year strongly favors making money, and/or taking up new studies. Conditions are harmonious. You are in command, and other people are there to help you. Whatever difficulties you have you will be able to resolve successfully.
11. Dog. This is a year for you be self-reliant, to stand up and meet your challenges head on. The year favors making and saving up money, and engaging in creative activity. If you are an artist, this is a fortunate year for your work.
12. Pig. You will overcome your opposition, and will receive help if and when needed this year. The year favors building up your work and making money. It also favors moving or redoing your house, traveling, and starting up new work or some new aspect of your work.

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