Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Solar Eclipse August 11, 2018

The solar eclipse came at 10:47 AM, GMD, or 5:47 AM EDT. It was partial and visible in far northeast Asia and in the Arctic region.  It could trigger earthquakes or volcanic activity in that region. Otherwise it acts as a strong lunation in the rest of the world.

The effects of the eclipse are intermittent and last about a year. For example, watch for September 7 through 12 when Jupiter comes to exact square the eclipse point; October 19th through 27 when Mars comes to square Jupiter, oppose Mercury and then oppose the eclipse, and February 7 when the Sun opposes the eclipse point. The Moon makes many aspects to the eclipse along the way.

The aspects are Sun conjunct Moon at 18 degrees Leo.
The eclipsed Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde, at 14 degrees Leo.
The eclipsed Sun and Mercury square Jupiter, at 14 degrees Scorpio.
The eclipsed Sun sesquisquare Saturn Retrograde, at 3 degrees Capricorn.
The eclipsed Sun in Yod formation, inconjunct Pluto Retrograde, at 19 degrees Capricorn, and inconjunct Neptune Retrograde at 15 degrees Pisces.

The eclipse with Mercury square Jupiter shows bickering and many differences of opinion, attempts to ascertain the illusive truth, much coming and going to no avail, and a lot of wasted effort. According to a traditional reading, a solar eclipse in the 2nd decanate of Leo signifies many troubles, anxieties to kings, princes and great men.
The eclipse sesquisqare Saturn shows losses, and the eclipse in Yod formation with Pluto and Neptune shows a need quit being so narrow minded and take far more into consideration than the Governments are currently able to see. This is a serious weakness and it rightly will bring troubles the governments on all levels.

Countries and regions corresponding to Leo include France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, the region of the Alps, the Middle East, and in the US, California and Hawaii.
Cities include Rome, Prague, Philadelphia, Damascus, etc.

In the chart for the UK and the EU, the eclipse appears in the 10th house. Mercury is in the 10th house and Jupiter is in the 2nd house. This shows a lot of anxieties and need to make changes in the governments, and concerns over the future state of the economies which could become quite volatile. Saturn Retrograde in the 3rd house suggests the governments attempting to control the media.

In the chart of the US, the eclipse appears in the 1st house. Mercury is rising in the 12th house and Jupiter is in the 4th house. The eclipse in the 1st house shows the troubled attitude of the people.They want to see adjustments made. In fact, they must make adjustments. But they are not in agreement about what that means, so the fighting continues. Mercury in the 12th house square Jupiter in the 4th doesn't know where it all will settle. It boils down to a lot of bickering. The eclipse is sesquisquare Saturn in the 5th house, denoting a lowering of the birth rate, and shows crimes against women and children, much vice and immorality, and a depression in entertainment circles. However Saturn is trine Uranus Retrograde at 2 degrees Taurus in the 10th house conjunct the Mid Heaven and ruling the 7th house, showing the President dealing with unexpected developments and attacks against him. Saturn protects Uranus, however. Saturn trine Uranus also points to diplomacy especially in relation to high tech developments.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

The Lunar Eclipse of 7/27/18

The lunar eclipse happened at 9:22 PM GMD in Greenwich, UK.

I have made charts for UK and EU, Iran, Israel, essentially the entire Middle East, where the eclipse was at the zenith and of major interest. Beijing, China, where the eclipse was in the 7th house, and Washington DC.

The eclipse was visible across Europe and Asia primarily. It was at 4:45 Aquarius. Traditionally, a lunar eclipse in the 1st decanate of Aquarius means the sickness of a king. It can be taken to mean that heads of state are very troubled now.
There is a lot of anger in this eclipse.
Parts of the world affected by this eclipse in Aquarius include northwest Arabia, Germany - namely Prussia and Westphalia, Russia, Poland, Sweden, Central Asia (Tartary) around the Ural Mountains and Caspian sea, Lithuana, Northwest Italy, and Ethiopia. Also the cities Bremen and Hamburg in Germany. The areas in the US that could be affected include Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. These areas are particularly sensitive, as they are all under Aquarius.
This eclipse is not good. The affects can be disturbing and violent depending on where in the world you are, and if and how it aspects any of your personal planets.

The effects of a lunar eclipse can last several months intermittently.

The eclipse Moon is in conjunction with Mars (3:58 Aquarius Retrograde) and Mars and Moon are square Uranus (2:31 Taurus). Uranus is also the dispositor of the Moon and Mars. These form a T Square with Sun (4:45 Leo). This is extremely tense.
Saturn (3:47 Capricorn Retrograde) forms a trine aspect with Uranus. Political and economic affairs in the world are undergoing a difficult reorganization as shown by Saturn. Because Saturn is Retrograde, it won't be simple.

The eclipse shown in the area of Jerusalem and Tehran, is at the zenith. Extreme tension is shown in the region of Iran - Jerusalem. Mars, ruler of the 7th house, is conjunct the Midheaven and the eclipsed Moon. There will be angry words and threats coming from Iran. Mars retrograde in the 10th house, and Mercury is retrograde in the 4th house will probably not go to war. But if they don't, they will threaten it, and will engage in underground terrorist activity and subterfuge which could come out in Israel through Palestine. This region of the world is in seriously dangerous condition. There could also be a major earthquakes there, and in other areas.
The eclipse and Mars in the 10th house shows illness and possible death of the head of state, much trouble in the Government, and many difficulties for them to contend with. It also points to the danger of war. The entire region is in serious danger now.

The eclipse shown in Beijing is in the 7th house. With Mars there, square to Uranus in the 10th house, there will be international disputes, disagreement with other Powers, and unsatisfactory condition of foreign relations and danger of war, if it happened, coming from the west (not the US). Uranus in the 10th house, afflicted by Mars and the eclipse, shows unexpected developments in the Government. Mercury is retrograde in the 2nd house, showing a temporary backing off for self interests. The Sun, afflicted by opposition to the eclipse and Mars, shows problems arising in the national outlook, necessitating patience. China is faced with some problems affecting the health and with some discontentment of the workers.

The eclipse and Mars in UK and the EU is in the 12th house, Uranus in the 2nd showing a rise in crime, murders, violence, fires deliberately set, and generally unruly behavior. Mars rules the 9th house. The 9th house points to people from afar. The risk of terrorism is high. Uranus in the 2nd house shows unstable and distressing financial conditions. Saturn is in the 11th house, showing a tendency to party splits, and to needed changes in official circles. The Governments have many difficulties at this time.

The eclipse and Mars in Washington DC is in the 2nd house, square Uranus in the 5th. This is not good for the stock market, nor is it good for finances in general. Saturn is in the 1st house, ruling the 2nd. Much depends on the condition of trade. Losses of trade bring discontentment. However, Saturn can produce an attitude of seriousness and perseverance, but is not very good. This is especially significant for farmers. Uranus is in the 5th house. The 5th house deals with diplomacy or negotiating deals. Uranus there can change and adjust very suddenly.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The solar eclipse of July 13, 2018

There is a solar eclipse on July 13. It is visible primarily in Antarctica and Tasmania, Australia.

It comes on July 13 at 4:04 AM GMD.

It is at 20 degrees Cancer, opposite Pluto at 20 degrees Capricorn, denoting a confused and complicated period where someone depended on will be absent or alienated.  There will eccentric, uncooperative, rebellious behavior in political circles. There will be dealings with the police, underground figures, and probable street violence.

A solar eclipse in the 3rd decanate of Cancer will show sedition in politics. It also points to much disease.

The effects of this eclipse are not exclusively limited to, but include the following areas.
Countries ruled by Cancer include Scotland, Holland, New Zealand, West Africa and Congo, etc.
Cities ruled by Cancer include Tunis, Algiers, Amsterdam, Venice, Milan, New York City, Stockholm, Istanbul, etc.
The area of the USA under the influence of Cancer includes Missisippi, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington DC.

The charts for Britain and the EU have the solar eclipse in the 1st house opposite Pluto in the 7th, showing much unrest, discontent, ill health, and generally unsatisfactory conditions affecting the people. There will be many important changes coming as a result. Pluto's opposition to the eclipse shows lack of international cooperation, and increasing disintegration or separation.
There is a wide grand trine between the eclipse in the 1st house, Neptune in the 10th house, and Jupiter in the 5th house that will allow needed changes in the Governments to happen more easily.
Economic conditions as shown by Mercury and Venus in the 2nd house, and the 2nd house ruled by Leo, are good.

The chart for the USA has the eclipse in the 5th house opposite Pluto in the 11th. This shows a drop in the birth rate, and danger in places of public amusement, and schools. Pluto's position in the 11th house shows no cooperation, but deliberate political wrangling in Congress. The eclipse in the 5th house shows trouble with diplomacy which may complicate the North Korean situation.
This chart also has Neptune in the 1st house. Neptune in trine Jupiter in the 8th house. There is a danger of many deaths from drugs.
Saturn is in the 10th house denoting trouble affecting the President in connection to what is happening in Congress (Saturn rules the 11th house).
The economic conditions, shown by Uranus (in the 2nd house in the DC chart) trine Venus, are very upbeat. The job market is good.
There is a wide grand trine between the eclipse in the 5th house, Jupiter, in the 8th house, and Neptune in the 1st, giving the country, in spite of it all, a sense of optimism and hope.

The effects of this eclipse are sporadic, and last for one year.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Summer Solstice 2018

Summer Solstice came on June 21, at 11:08 GMD.

There are 5 planets in cardinal signs including the Sun and Moon, 4 planets in fixed signs, and 1 planet mutable. This sets a trend where what happens is largely publicized, with considerable tension in financial markets.
The planets are widely distributed,
Sun and Mercury in Cancer;
Venus in Leo;
Moon in Libra;
Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio;
Saturn retrograde and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn;
Mars in Aquarius;
Neptune retrograde in Pisces;
Uranus in Taurus,
making for widely divergent activity, much arguing, and little agreement.

The Sun is opposite Saturn in Capricorn. This shows those in power coming up against loud and obstinate opposition. Sun opposite Saturn brings fighting.

The Moon, who desposits the Sun, is in Libra forming 3 aspects: square Mercury; Square Pluto; and contraparallel Neptune.
Generally it looks like this:
1. The Moon rules the way matters work out and change. There is much frustration in the way things work out as shown by Moon square Mercury: much mental stress and strain; with unfortunate changes or decisions, mistakes or errors of judgement, wasted motions, trouble with contracts, promises retracted; disputes among tradesmen; and a lot of gossip.
2. As shown by Moon square Pluto: This will be a confused and complicated period, with eccentric behavior; people tend to be rebellious; there is much to do with dealings involving police and the underworld, or gangs; and probable terrorist activity.
3. As shown by Moon counterparallel Neptune, essentially nothing will be worked out; matters will end in confusion or chaos; there will be plenty of deceptions; fraud; rivalry; losses through untrustworthy or unscrupulous people or agencies; danger of assaults; blackmail; rapes; increasing drug addiction (opiods) and trafficking; and generally there is a lot of fear. Essentially nothing will get done. The governments are largely incompetent.

There are 2 T-Squares: Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio, opposite Mars in Aquarius; and Venus in Leo opposite Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. Both these are in fixed signs denoting trade and money stuck, not moving. Mars opposite Venus also brings fighting (as do Sun opposite Saturn). Moon is separating from Square to Saturn, meaning the fighting has already begun.

In all this, there is a Grand Trine in Water between Mercury (in Cancer), Jupiter (in Scorpio), and Neptune (in Pisces). This has the affect of great emotional expansiveness. This summer is a great time for creative, artistic activity. The more detached and involved in creative work the better it will be for you.

The Charts for UK and the EU The Sun is in the 10th house in these charts. There is a struggle for power happening now. The opposition is very strong. The incumbent powers are likely to suffer losses.
The Moon is in the 2nd house. With afflictive aspects, the economies of these countries will suffer. Uranus is in the 9th house. Foreign trade is unstable. both the 9th house and the 8th are in Aries; dangerous explosions are likely. Venus is in the 11th house and Mars is in the 5th brings crimes against women and children, and danger to places of public entertainment, danger of fires and accidents to schools and public gatherings.
Mercury is the most important planet in these charts. He is opposite Pluto, and in Grand Trine with Jupiter, and Neptune. He rules the chart, in fact, and is in the 11th house. He denotes a busy time for Parliament attempting legislation for trade, commerce and education, but the overall tone of the other planets militate against much being accomplished at all, the ultimate results being frustrated. However, with Jupiter in the 3rd house trine Mercury, this shouldl be a busy and productive time in literary and publishing circles.

The chart for the US
The Sun is rising in the 12th house opposite Saturn in the 7th house. Mercury is in the 1st house opposite Pluto in the 7th house. The US bad bad relations with foreign powers now, especially with Mexico and Brussels (as shown by Saturn in the 7th house). There will be troubled foreign dealings; depression in foreign trade for some time.
Cancer is the sign on the 1st house cusp and the 2nd house cusp, tying the present conditions over into the future.
Venus is in the 2nd house opposite Mars in the 8th house, square Jupiter in the 5th and square Uranus in the 11th house. This is not a good sign for the economy. The brakes are on at least through this summer, and possibly through the fall.
Uranus in the 11th house brings difficulties, complications, and unexpected developments to congress, with considerable unruliness.
The economy is going to be erratic for a while. Because Venus is in the 2nd house, and Jupiter is in the 5th house, there will be gains especially in the stock market, but may be at an expense. The 2nd house is ruled by an affliced Moon. Whatever gains there are are unstable. This condition, while it runs through the summer, will not last.
Neptune is in the 10th house in grand trine with Mercury in the 1st and Jupiter in the 5th house. Neptune rules the 10th house. While this looks very nice, the Moon is out of agreement. The Moon's final aspect is counterparallel Neptune. Moon, which is the ruler of the 1st house (ruling the public outlook), is in the 4th house (opposition the President). There essentially is no agreement between the President and his opposition. Moon also rules the 2nd house; the general economy suffers.
Congress is stuck and dysfunctional, and apt to make some bad moves. Uranus in the 11th house shows members breaking away. Congress is apt to go through big changes.

The Chart for China
The Sun is in the 7th house opposite Saturn in the 1st house. The outlook of China , as shown by Saturn, is serious, but, because Saturn is retrograde, it's also patient. Mercury, ruler of China's 7th house is in the 8th house opposite Pluto in the 2nd house. Mercury points to foreign debt. China is concerned with a slowing economy. Venus in the 8th is in opposition with Mars in the 2nd, and square Jupiter in the 11th and Uranus in the 5th. This is potentially very difficult. The situation between China and the US is like a mirror. It doesn't work for either, and, while it will take some time to correct, should not last very long. Moon is in the 10th house. The Government of China is flexible. Moon between Venus and Jupiter, will attempt to make advantageous changes to benefit the economy, but it won't succeed completely until the total situation, including that of the US is taken into account. As it is, it won't. The economy does not look too healthy at the moment.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

The Solar Eclipse of Feb.15 in astrology.

There was a Solar Eclipse on February 15, at 8:53 PM GMT, ot 3:53 PM EST.

The eclipse was visible over Antarctica and southern South America. To the world in general, it acted as a strong lunation, except...
In a space of one day following the eclipse, there was a major earthquake in Mexico City, then an eruption of the volcano Popocatepetl. Then there were the shootings in Florida with all of its fall out. Then there were the indictments of the13 Russians made by Mueller. And then there was a terrorist attack in China, a mass stabbing in Kunming today, February 16, in which at least 29 people were killed. It is Chinese New Year. More will come.

A Solar eclipse in the 3rd decanate of Aquarius, according to old tradition, has the meaning: "a slaughter of sheep and beasts of the field." Beasts of the field is a biblical reference to the host of heaven. Sheep is a biblical reference to the flock, meaning the people. The people's faith is being sorely tested. Antarctica is the south magnetic pole. The south pole is the positive pole. The cosmic forces enter and leave the earth through the poles: in at the north pole, out at the south pole. This points, in other words, to a violent (series of) event(s) affecting the hosts of the heavens and the earth, or the entire world. There is a shift in extra-terrestrial forces happening now that will take some years to sort out. The affects of a solar eclipse run for at least one to three years. We can expect vast changes in the world in general. Aquarius, however, has a strong resonance with Arabia, and northern Germany especially Prussia and Westphalia, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Russia, etc.. The EU and Germany will go through major changes in the coming years, as will Russia. This is not all bad.

In UK, the eclipse falls in the 5th house with Mercury, Moon, Sun, Venus, and Neptune, showing complex diplomatic negotiations currently going on with the EU. Uranus in the 7th house brings complications but ingenious solutions. Moon rules the 10th house. The government will change.

In the USA the eclipse is in the 8th house. The eclipse Sun rules the 1st house, and the eclipse Moon rules the 12th, showing deaths of common people, also deaths of important people in high places, and among notible people particularly women. Sun also rules the 2nd house, bringing gains to the nation through taxation.
Meanwhile, Mercury, is in the 7th house, square to Jupiter, and sextile to Uranus. Uranus is in the 10th house. Jupiter is in the 4th house. It appears that despite the usual misdirection and befuddlement, unexpected or sudden moves will be taken by the President especially with regard to foreign affairs. He will make commercial agreements, and negotiate brilliantly with foreign powers.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Lunar Eclipse of Jan. 31st in astrology

The lunar eclipse was at 1:28 PM GMT, or 8:28 AM EST, or 10:28 PM JST.

The eclipse Moon was fully visible, and at the zenith over Tokyo, Japan, all of East Asia and the Pacific. It was not visible in Washington D.C. and was not visible in Greenwich. It acted as an eclipse in Japan, and as a strong lunation in Washington and in England, etc.

A lunar eclipse  in the second decanate of Leo shows a general mutation of matters in the world.

The eclipse may bring earthquakes to East Asia and the Western Pacific.

The eclipsed Moon was opposite the Sun and Venus. In Tokyo, Venus ruled the Ascendant. Afflicted in the 4th house, Venus will bring damp, unseasonable weather, adversely affecting crops and upsetting agriculture.

In Washington DC, the eclipse Moon was in the 6th house, the Sun and Venus were in the 12th. This eclipse came at an important time for the US. There is a showdown happening in DC. The chart has Neptune in the 1st house. Neptune is the ruler of the 1st house in Pisces. Neptune is also widely square Mars in the 9th house. Mars rules the 2nd house. The 1st house rules the people's outlook; the 2nd rules the future. Neptune acts to confuse the people. Many lies and false rumors are circulating. Venus rules the 3rd house of the news media. The eclipse Moon is opposite Venus; the news media is of no help at all, and is being blacked out deliberately; it skews everything. It cannot be relied upon at all. Mars square Neptune will act to blind the people in weeks to come. Mars is in the 9th house, an extention of the 3rd, meaning foreign broadcasting. In a nutshell, the situation is very opaque, and will become more so.
Saturn is in the 10th house. It brings the downfall and ruin possibly of many people in Government. Saturn rules the 11th house, pointing to members of congress and other Government agencies, affecting the President. But the President (the ruler of 10) is ruled by Jupiter. Jupiter is in the 8th house bringing benefit to the nation through financial gains.
Uranus is in the 2nd house in Aries. Aries is the 10th house of the NY Stock Exchange. With Uranus in Aries the market has been booming. The financial situation will probably continue to boom as the eclipse Moon is widely trine Uranus, but Uranus can reverse it unexpectedly being erratic in nature.
The 11th house (the congress and other Government agencies) contains Pluto and Mercury. Mercury is at 29:59 Capricorn, and is absolutely at the end of his tether. Mercury rules, in this chart, the 4th and 7th houses, the opposition. Pluto rules the 9th house where we find Mars. Mercury will form a sextile to Mars, and Mercury rules the 7th house. There are foreign powers supporting the opposition, and strongly influencing the news media. The media is acting as a political weapon.
The lunar eclipse is exactly conjunct the position of Mars in the natal chart of the FBI. That spells trouble.

Raphael Simons