Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter solstice 2013 in astrology

Winter solstice, or the Capricorn ingress, occurred at 5:12 PM GMT on December 21. The outstanding aspects were the Sun at 00 Capricorn coming to conjunction Pluto, square Uranus and square Mars, and the Moon square Saturn. The winter quarter is going to be tense world wide. Weather conditions, especially in Europe, will also prove to be dramatic.

Pluto at 10:54 Capricorn directly involves the charts of the UK and the Eurozone, both of whose Suns are at 10 degrees Capricorn. In a nutshell this means that the economic conditions in Britain and the EU this quarter will continue to be extremely difficult.

The August 24, 1991 independence chart of the Ukraine has Uranus at 10 degrees Capricorn. As Uranus is in the Ukraine's 1st house, and rules Ukraine's 2nd house, this winter marks a significant challenge to Ukrainian autonomy and economic independence. Relative to the condition of the Eurozone this has particular significance.

The Moon's square to Saturn is particularly interesting, as Saturn is conjunct Serpentis, the most malefic star which brings out insanity. We can expect some crazy moves to be made in political circles these coming months.

Also, at the solstice Venus was turning retrograde. Retrograde Venus backs down and gives in. This suggests possibilities of ill advised appeasement.

The solstice chart for the UK (with Uranus in the 10th house opposite Mars in the 4th and square Sun and Pluto in the 6th; and the Moon in the 2nd house square Saturn in the 5th; and Venus in the 7th) suggests that sudden and unanticipated developments will arise in Government circles. There is strong opposition to the Government involving public and military services. The current Government is unable to successfully handle the problems that have arisen in the country and is facing the danger of being defeated. The Moon in the 2nd house square Saturn points to severe financial conditions, and warns of crimes. especially against women and children, as well as much distress and illness with rising mortality. Venus retrograde in the 7th house also shows scandals and crimes against women, and that may involve foreigners.

The solstice chart for Australia has the Moon conjunct the mid-heaven. The Moon square Saturn shows scandals in high circles and unpopularity of the Government. A significant change in the Government may be in the making.

The Solstice chart for the US (with Pluto in the 10th house square Uranus in the 1st and Mars in the 7th, the Sun conjunct the mid-heaven, and the Moon in the 5th house square Saturn in the 8th, and Venus retrograde in the 11th) suggests turbulence among the people. Uranus in the 1st house opposite Mars in the 7th is extremely violent. There may very well be a violent event this winter. These planets square to Pluto in the 10th house with Pluto ruling the 8th house also point to a death or deaths in the highest circles of the nation. Mars afflicted in the 7th house points to danger of international disputes, poor foreign relations with the potential for conflict coming from the West; an argument with China may be developing. The Moon in the 5th house square to Saturn in the 8th points to increased mortality among women, children and the elderly, and shows the deaths of noted characters, especially those who have held prominent positions in the Government. Venus retrograde in the 11th house shows a weak Congress.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

What comet Ison at perihelion shows in astrology

Comet Ison will be at perihelion on November 28. The Sun will be at 6 degrees Sagittarius within orb of conjunction with the royal star Antares. Major comets, as a rule, presage coming removals of notable figures from the upper ranks of world leadership as well as dramatic changes in the world's political condition.

The Sun with Ison conjunct Antares adds possibilities of disgrace, ruin, treachery and violence to the world's political drama. Assassinations may follow this comet. It is safe to bet that social unrest in the world will intensify in the coming months. An epidemic may follow upon the heels of this comet as well. If the comet does not break up when it passes through the Sun's corona we will be able to see and tell more from the time it is at perigee.

Sagittarius rules, or strongly influences all of the Arabian nations as a whole, also Australia; Hungary, especially Budapest; Slavonia; Spain; Italy, especially Tuscany; France, especially Province; Belgium, therefore the entire EU; Argentina; Bolivia; Chile; Western Brazil; Eastern Ecuador; Czech Republic; Madagascar; Mongolia; Pakistan; Kenya; Thailand; Siberia; Tibet; The USA east of the Mississippi; and the Vatican.
Places in the USA and Canada influenced by Sagittarius include Alabama; Illinois; Indiana; Mississippi; New Jersey; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Toledo, Ohio; and Toronto, Ontario.

Sagittarius also strongly influences the Church in general. Interesting changes in the organization and position of the Church, whatever denomination, will unfold.

6 degrees Sagittarius affects the 11/22/1943 chart of independence of Lebanon. In this chart we see Mercury at 6 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the mid-heaven at 7 degrees Sagittarius, and opposite Uranus at 7 degrees Gemini. Uranus is the ruler of this chart. There is the second Lebanese independence chart of 1/1/1944. The comet opposes this chart's positions of Uranus and Mars. Mars in this chart rules the 7th and 2nd houses and is in the 8th house conjunct Uranus ruler of the 5th, suggesting  sudden losses and deaths. Conditions in Lebanon may soon become turbulent.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

The November lunation period in astrology

This report covers the solar eclipse of November 3 and the full moon of November 17. Between these two events we see Venus at the full moon exactly sextile the solar eclipse, and trine the solar eclipse Mars. The solar eclipse was at 11 degrees Scorpio, and the solar eclipse Mars was at 11 degrees Virgo. Venus at the full moon was at 11 degrees Capricorn. This brings to the world a positively constructive influence despite untoward conditions shown by other planetary aspects in both the eclipse and full moon charts.

The shadow of the eclipse traveled from the southeast coast of North America across the Atlantic into central Africa. Violent events in west and central Africa may be anticipated during the year following as a result of the eclipse.
A solar eclipse in the 2nd decanate of Scorpio traditionally denotes mischief to a peace loving king. Translated to modern terms, it suggests treachery in political affairs.
Countries and areas ruled by Scorpio include Algeria, Morocco, Transvaal, Cappadocia (Turkey), northern Syria, Catalonia, Judea, Bavaria, Queensland.
Cities ruled by Scorpio include Fez, Liverpool, New Orleans, Washington DC, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, St. John's, Halifax and so on.

At the time of the eclipse Uranus at 9 degrees Aries was exactly square with Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn the world wide effects of which are experienced as tension. Corporate power is at squares with those in disagreement. The eclipse Mars at 11 degrees Virgo sextile Saturn at 13 degrees Scorpio and trine Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn translates the tensions to constructive activity. Tension in this case allows for constructive activity. Mercury, on the other hand, at 7:26 Scorpio applying to exact conjunction the north lunar node at 7:22 Scorpio presages upsetting news to come. In the UK it speaks of deaths and financial losses. Poverty is severe and the coming winter is going to be bitter. In the EU it speaks of the same and of international quarrels. And in the US it speaks of financial losses and quarrels in the Government. There will be an increase in military activity as well.

The full moon at 25 degrees Taurus was in conjunction with the malefic star Algol. Algol is the most evil star in the heavens. The best that can be said for it is that it marks a good time to cut off whatever negative influences there have been in your life. The worst that can be said is that it speaks of violence. The first thing that happened was a 7.8 earthquake in the Scotia Sea (south Atlantic), and, later in the day, tornados in Illinois.

The full moon with Algol in the UK was in the 1st house pointing to unrest and discontentment amongst the people. The health of the people is poor as well. The same conditions exist in the EU. Everybody is discontent. In the US we find the full moon in the 4th house, and the Sun in the 10th house along with Saturn, the north lunar node and Mercury. There is strong opposition to the Government now. The President is not enjoying popularity, and people in authority are in disgrace. There may be prominent deaths following this full moon as well.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Synastry and love in Chinese astrology, Part I

In the Chinese system called Batzu, astrological compatibility is shown by the signs of your year and day of birth against the signs of the year and day of the birth of your partner. In the Nine Star system compatibility is shown by comparing your year, month and tendency stars to those of your partner. This article discusses compatibility through the Batzu system. Following articles will discuss the individual signs in Batzu, and the Nine Star system.

There are twelve signs in Batzu. They are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. In judging compatibility we compare year to year signs, and day to day signs. There are other factors to consider, but these are the basics.

Rat is a yang Water sign. The easiest signs for Rat are Dragon and Monkey. Rat also gets along with Pig, Rooster, Ox, and Tiger. Rat's Flower of Romance is Rooster. The signs most challenging for Rat are Sheep, Horse, and Rabbit. Sheep and Rat have a complicated relationship that may or may not work well depending on the dependability of Rat and the tolerance of Sheep, Rat being the Star of Romance for Sheep.

Ox is a yin Earth sign. The easiest signs for Ox are Snake and Rooster. Ox also gets along with Rat, Dragon, and Snake. The Star of Romance for  Ox is Horse but these can have discord because Horse moves too fast for Ox, and Ox can be stubborn. The signs most challenging for Ox are Sheep and Dog.

Tiger is a yang Wood sign. The easiest signs for Tiger are Horse and Dog. Tiger also gets along with Pig, Rabbit, and Rat. The Star of Romance for Tiger is Rabbit (yum). The signs most challenging for Tiger are Snake, Monkey, Rooster, Dragon, and Sheep.

Rabbit is a yin Wood sign. The easiest signs for Rabbit are Sheep and Pig. Rabbit also gets along with Dog, Tiger, and Snake. The Star of Romance for Rabbit is Rat, but these clash so the relationship between them tends to become complicated with the tricky Rabbit side stepping the aggressive Rat. The signs most challenging for Rabbit are Rooster, Dragon, and Rat.

Dragon is a yang Earth sign. The easiest signs for Dragon are Rat and Monkey. Dragon also gets along with Rooster, Sheep, Snake, and Horse. Dragon's Star of Romance is Rooster. The signs most challenging for Dragon are Dragon, Rabbit, and Dog.

Snake is a yin Fire sign. The easiest signs for Snake are Ox and Rooster. Snake also is attracted to Monkey, although this is a complicated relationship in which both can harm one another if they don't understand one another. Snake also gets along with Horse, Sheep, Dragon, and Dog. Snake's Star of Romance is Horse. The signs most challenging for Snake are Tiger, and Monkey.

Horse is a yang Fire sign. The easiest signs for Horse are Tiger and Dog. Horse also gets along with Sheep, Snake, Rabbit, and Dragon. The Star of Romance for Horse is Rabbit. The signs most challenging for Horse are Horse, Ox, and Rat.

Sheep is a yin Earth sign. The easiest signs for Sheep are Rabbit and Pig. Sheep also gets along with Horse, Dragon, Snake, Monkey, and Rooster. The Star of Romance for Sheep is Rat. But, Sheep and Rat can clash. Sheep and Rat are both adventurous, but they can harm one another if Rat arouses mistrust in the Sheep. The signs most challenging for Sheep are Rat, Ox, and Dog.

Monkey is a yang Metal sign. The easiest signs for Monkey are Rat and Dragon. Monkey also gets along with Snake, but unless these two understand one another they can cause one another trouble. Other signs Monkey gets along with are Sheep, Ox, Dog, and Rooster. The Star of Romance for Monkey is Rooster. The signs most challenging for Monkey are Pig, and Tiger.

Rooster is a yin Metal sign. The easiest signs for Rooster are Snake and Ox. Rooster also gets along with Dragon, Monkey, Sheep, Rat, and Pig. The Star of Romance for Rooster is Horse. The signs most challenging for Rooster are Rooster, Dog, and Rabbit.

Dog is a yang Earth sign. The easiest signs for Dog are Horse and Tiger. Dog also gets along with Rabbit, Snake, and Monkey. The Star of Romance for Dog is Rabbit. The signs most challenging for Dog are Rooster, Dragon, Ox, and Sheep.

Pig is a yin Water sign. The easiest signs for Pig are Sheep and Rabbit. Pig also gets along with Tiger, Rat, and Rooster. The Star of Romance for Pig is Rat. The signs most challenging for Pig are Pig, Monkey, and Snake.

Challenges can bring out great opportunities for self-development; relationships between incompatible people are not entirely useless. On the other hand, we must note that even if there is compatibility between two people their internal personal issues may make the relationship a challenge. There is no easy answer to this.

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Friday, October 18, 2013

The 10/19 Lunar eclipse in astrology

The lunar eclipse was at 00:51 AM GMD on October 19 at 25:52 Aries. It was visible in Brazil, all of Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and much of Russia.

A lunar eclipse in the third decanate of Aries is said to cause abortive births and to pose dangers to women. Lands ruled entirely or in part by Aries, in which the eclipse was visible and will register more strongly, include Denmark, England, Wales, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Syria. The force of a lunar eclipse lasts three months on average.

The eclipsed Moon is in the second lunar mansion, called Albothaim. It gives courage, but also recklessness caused by lack of reflection, and can destabilize financial dealings.

For those of you whose birthday falls on this day it signals a turning point in your life. If the eclipse is visible where you are it is all the more powerful, and says that the next three months are going to be most eventful and challenging.

The most important planetary aspects at the eclipse include Mars exactly opposite Neptune, and Uranus exactly square Pluto. Mars and Neptune are at 2 degrees Virgo and Pisces, respectively. Uranus and Pluto are at 9 degrees Aries and Capricorn respectively. These two planetary configurations, because they occur at the time of the eclipse, will play out violently in the world from the time of the eclipse to the end of this year. Mars opposite Neptune is explosive.

The eclipse in the UK occurs at the zenith. There will be loud public outcry against the Government. Mars and Neptune are conjunct the 2nd and 8th house cusps respectively showing the financial crisis becoming explosive. Uranus and Pluto are in the 9th and 5th houses respectively showing trouble in international trade and diplomatic relations.

The eclipse in Bruxelles, therefore for the entire Euro zone occurs in the 9th house showing trouble in international trade relations. Mars and Neptune are in the 1st and 7th houses, respectively showing treachery and double dealing in international relations, and a violently angry spirit among the people; there will be rioting. Uranus and Pluto are in the 9th and 5th houses, respectively showing trouble in international trade and diplomatic relations.

The eclipse in the US is in the 12th house showing a crisis in services. Mars and Neptune are in the 4th and 10th houses, respectively showing treacherous dealings and violent fighting between the incumbency and the opposition in the Government. Uranus and Pluto are in the 11th and 8th houses, respectively showing violent disputes in the Congress having to do with the national debt.
Mars in the 4th house opposite Neptune in the 10th house shows that the people are being lied to, and are becoming very angry with the Government. The Ascendant in DC at the eclipse is conjunct the Pleiades, also known as the Weeping Sisters. As shown by this eclipse, the national outlook is seriously troubled.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall equinox in astrology

Fall equinox arrived on September 22 at 9:45 PM GMD. It marks the mid-point of the astrological year.

The most outstanding aspect in the chart for the equinox is Saturn applying to exact conjunction with the north lunar node, Saturn at 9 degrees 9 minutes Scorpio and the north lunar node at 9 degrees 34 minutes Scorpio. This conjunction marks fatal events coming to the world. Searching the charts for the different places where this aspect is in an angle (the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10 house), it shows up in the 4th house in Pakistan. A huge earthquake happened there almost immediately after the equinox. Affecting the entire fall season, we may expect other violent events to happen because of this aspect. Areas in the world that resonate to Scorpio, the sign in which we find Saturn and the north lunar node, include Syria, Brazil, Norway, Catalonia, the Congo, Kenya, Turkey, Crete, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, western Alaska, the Hawaiian Islands, California, and such cities as Jerusalem, Baghdad, Washington D.C, Boston, New Orleans, Baltimore, Los Angeles, and so on.

In the chart made for the US, we find the conjunction of Saturn and the north lunar node in the 9th house. The 9th house points, in addition to the areas in the US listed above, to the Appalachian region, including southwestern New York state; most of western Pennsylvania; West Virginia; the southern half of Ohio; Kentucky; the eastern side of Tennessee; the northwest part of Georgia; and the northeast part of Alabama, including the city of Birmingham. Scorpio has correspondence to chemicals and ground water, as well as to atomic power. There is a lot of fracking in the Appalachian region. The Saturn conjunction with the north lunar node may also point to earthquakes. The Appalachian region and the far west are possible.

In addition to the Saturn conjunction with the north lunar node the chart has a T-square of the Moon in Taurus opposite Venus in Scorpio, and Venus and the Moon square Mars in Leo. In the chart for the US Mars is in the 7th house pointing to international disputes, bad foreign relations, and danger of war. Saturn in conjunction with the north lunar node in the 9th house points to serious difficulties in international trade relations.

We also find in this chart the Sun in Libra in a T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. In the chart for the US this T-square occurs with the Sun in the 8th house, Pluto in the 11th house, and Uranus in the 2nd house. It affects great difficulties in financial affairs and brings confusions to the activities of Congress influenced by underworld, or shady figures.

The charts made for the EU and the UK show the Saturn conjunction with the north lunar node in the 6th house, with Venus in the 6th house opposite the Moon in the 12th and Mars in the 4th, adversely affecting public services and arousing resentment amongst the people. The Sun is in the 5th house opposite Uranus in the 11th, and square Pluto in the 8th causing difficulties in diplomatic relations, especially over finances, while Jupiter in the 2nd house shows the bankers getting richer.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Virgo new moon

The new moon occurred at 7:37 AM EDT in DC. Sun and Moon were in the 12th house sextile Jupiter in the 10th house. This shows possible benefits coming to and from public institutions this month. But Jupiter being opposite Pluto and square Uranus limits the benefits.

Mars is in the 11th house square Saturn in the 2nd house. There is serious fighting in Congress (11th house) having to do with the nation's future (2nd house) and with financial problems the country is facing.

Pluto is retrograde  in the 4th house square Uranus retrograde in the 7th. The country reacts against the idea of war. Uranus afflicted in the 7th house is bad for foreign affairs. It depresses foreign trade, damages foreign relations, and it threatens war. Because Uranus is retrograde, war at this time is not altogether likely. Retrograde denotes backing down.

Jupiter in the 10th house is afflicted. It doesn't show war, but it does show financial difficulties and damage to the national honor.

Venus is conjunct the star Spica in the 2nd house. This says that as bad as the economic picture looks there is reason for hope in the future.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Fall time in Chinese astrology

Chinese fall season began on August 7, with the new moon. The Chinese seasons run as follows. Spring  starts on February 4, Summer starts on May 5, Fall starts on August 7, and winter starts on November 7. The Chinese seasons start mid-point the western seasons, and the western seasons start mid-point the Chinese seasons. So, for example, the fall equinox comes exactly mid-point the Chinese fall season.

Metal is the element of fall. Metal is contractive in energy. It sets boundaries and is reflective. It is the cutting edge. It is the time of harvest and slaughter. Metal is weapons. It is also mirrors and cosmetics. So Metal also represents high fashion and fine arts as well as wines and delicacies.

The signs for the year, month, day and hour at the beginning of this fall are Water Snake, Metal Monkey, Wood Snake, and Earth Tiger, respectively. Because these signs yield 14 yangs and 2 yins this fall is dynamic. It favors taking initiative and acting creatively.

The element count of the chart has 5 Metals, 4 Waters, 2 Woods, 3 Fires, and 5 Earths. The general force is contractive, so it is best to focus on specific aims and not veer off course through this season.

The vital element shown in this chart is Water. It favors home, education, and research.

The chart has one knife blade. It is in a position that warns of accidents, possible disasters, and danger to children especially later in the season.

The weather may become unusually cold, and there are indications of either much rain or snow periodically through the season.

To modify the worse predictions, the chart has three Tien Yi stars. Tien Yi is a deity whom all demons fear. She is the luckiest of all stars and resolves most predicaments.

The chart also has the Proper Authority deity. This favors people working in civil service, government, administration, management, and legal and legislative fields.

The chart also has Robbing Star. This warns of increasing crime through the fall.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Chinese astrological portrait of Prince George

The baby Prince George was born in the year of Water Snake, the month of Earth Sheep, the day of Earth Ox, and the hour of Water Monkey. This makes him extremely sensitive and down to earth. His birth star, 5 Earth, makes him practical, hard working and conscious of his ancestry. He likes to be in control, and he is willful and determined.
Outstanding features of his birth chart include a knife blade. The knife blade shows Prince George to be unbending, and inclined to be independent, even obstinate. He resents advice or the opinions of others, may be a risk taker and thrill seeker, and can squander the family wealth. The period in his life when knife blade comes out most strongly is between age 15 and 25 in which time he may become intolerant of those under him, yet most productive if he takes up a creative interest. He also appears to be precocious.
Prince George's chart has what is called Amiable Deity. This makes him friendly to others, but independent and disinclined to work with others.
Another interesting feature of his birth chart is that it shows that he doesn't get the support of his parents that he wants, and that his relationships with his siblings or close relatives will tend to be distant.
The element count in the chart shows 3 Fire, 6 Earth, 3 Metal, 4 Water, and 1 Wood. Wood is weakest and Earth is strongest. Earth is extremely strong and shows an eventual tendency to digestive problems and to worrying. Because of the weakness of Wood, Prince George's vital element is Water. For him it presages a love that will become vital to his sense of well-being. Water vital means that the healthiest orientation for the prince is for him to sleep with his head to the north, and for him to wear dark blue. Water also runs into Prince George's mid 80s measuring the probable length of his years.
The prince's chart has no yang Wood. This means that while he thinks a lot, and is very capable of worrying a lot, he has trouble making up his mind.
The chart has two Tien Yi, or stars of Sky Medicine. Tien Yi is the luckiest of stars. She is a deity whom all demons fear. She resolves most predicaments and will give the prince assistance and favor wherever he goes.
The chart also has a Taiji Nobleman Star. The prince glows with vitality and is capable of vigorously carrying things through. He is wealthy and genuinely noble of character, and will probably cultivate an interest in divination, astrology, and religion.

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The summer of 2013 in astrology

Summer solstice came on June 21 at 6:05 AM GMD. The Moon was at 27 degrees Scorpio, essentially void of course, but forming a wide square to Neptune at 5 degrees Pisces, and quincunx the Sun at 00 degrees Cancer saying that the summer quarter brings more confusion to the world's affairs that require adjustment.

The majority of planets at the solstice are in cardinal water, and we find a grand trine in water between the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune giving the world a feeling of tremendous emotional expansiveness. It also brings lots of water, as in flooding and rain. Cardinal water shows much popular activity, such as uprisings and protests which are to be expected across the world through the summer, and especially toward the later part of the season.

The solstice came two days before the full moon on June 23, showing the emotional current at the solstice running high. And, because it is the solstice about which we are talking whose affects last through the entire summer quarter, this emotional current will run high through the entire summer up into the Fall equinox in September. Flooding will also occur in storms that are bound to come toward that time. On the personal level the great activity of water this summer will make relationships a lot more active. Those that are false will be dissolved, and those that are true will become deeper and more pleasurable.

There are three new moons in the summer quarter, the first on July 8, the second on August 6, and the third on September 5. The new moons of August 6 and September 5 interact with the summer solstice chart significantly. The new moon of August 6 occurs exactly square the summer solstice north lunar node at 14 degrees Scorpio. This shows that in August economic challenges will increase in the world. The new moon of September 5 occurs square the summer solstice Mars; and Jupiter at that time will be exactly trine the summer solstice north node, showing increasing economic tension and popular outrage across the world.

Significant transits this summer include Jupiter entering Cancer, the sign of his exaltation, on June 26, allowing for even greater expansion of the emotional current in the world. Jupiter in Cancer can bring tremendous good fortune for those in tune with his vibrations, especially those who have natal Jupiter in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). When Jupiter is in opposition with Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries in August there will be some violent repercussions in the world.

Saturn will turn direct at 4 degrees Scorpio at the new moon on July 8. This may very well time the death of a world figure, perhaps Mandela. And it will bring a turning point in the market. Saturn turns direct trine Jupiter at the new moon, bringing more upbeat developments in the market in July.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

The new moon in Gemini

The new moon occurred on June 8 at 4:57 PM GMD at 18 degrees Gemini. Mercury, the dispositor of the new moon, is at 11 degrees Cancer in mutual reception the Moon, and exactly square Uranus at 11 degrees Aries and opposite Pluto at 10 degrees Capricorn, Uranus and Pluto being square one another. The flexibility of the mutual reception between Mercury and the Moon will only serve to intensify the cardinal T-square of Mercury, Pluto and Uranus, showing that world political and economic conditions will continue to remain tense this month with little genuine cooperation to resolve them. No real progress will be made in a positive direction in political circles.

The chart also shows a grand trine between Mercury, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces with Mars at 5 degrees Gemini exactly square Neptune. This points to the floods that are happening. Mars square Neptune is explosive. It suggests chaotic conditions, mass protests, secret crimes, possible assassinations and other such forms of chicanery and treachery afoot.

The new moon occurs in the 7th Lunar Mansion called Addyvat. This is the mansion of scholars. Its influence is on the mental and intuitive plane. It promotes friendship. This means that, for the individual, whatever discord there is in the new moon chart, it works itself out more on the mental than on the physical plane, and that, while the discord in the heavens will destroy relationships in which there has been treachery, i.e., false friendships, true friendships will only benefit.

The chart for the UK has the new moon in the 8th house along with Mars and Jupiter. This is a stellium. The afflictive aspect of Mars tells us of possible deaths in high circles amongst notable people. It also warns of sudden deaths by fire, accidents, and crime, as well as amongst men in military service. Mars rules the 6th house in this chart, confirming deaths of military men. Saturn is retrograde in the 1st house denoting a generally down, discontented mood amongst the people, but, at the same time it shows the people taking a stalwart, progressive attitude. Saturn retrograde in the 1st house, however, doesn't produce much good at all. The conditions faced by the people in the UK are hard.

The chart for the EU, made at Bruxelles is very similar to that of the UK, except that Saturn is exactly conjunct the Ascendant. This shows that the conditions in the EU are worse than in Britain. Mars, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, and Venus all in the 8th house, with Jupiter ruling the 2nd house, speak loudly of financial loss, and increasing poverty.

The chart for the US has Mars, Moon, Sun, and Jupiter in the 10th house with Neptune exactly conjunct the 7th house. Mars in the 10th house, especially square Neptune shows treachery on the part of certain foreign powers, and warns the nation of plots, schemes, and secret attacks. Neptune is in Pisces, the sign that rules oil. Neptune conjunct the 7th house cusp also denotes scandals and crime, and disgusting affairs in the Court. Mars in the 10th house points to increasing military aggression, and says that the Executive is in an angry mood. Militarization of the country is increasing. Mercury in the 11th house opposite Pluto in the 5th house is showing non-cooperation between the Congress and the Executive.

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

The affects of the April and May eclipses

With three eclipses occurring at the same time as the solar flares we have been having, there has been a marked increase in volcanic and seismic activity in the earth, and a sharp increase in anger and violence in the world. The first, a lunar eclipse was on April 25; the second, a solar eclipse, was on May 10; and the third, a lunar eclipse, was on May 25.

The lunar eclipse of May 25 interacts with the April 25th eclipse. At the April 25 eclipse, Neptune was at 4 degrees Pisces, a critical degree. Neptune has since moved to 5 degrees Pisces. On May 25th, the eclipsed Moon was at 4 degrees Sagittarius exactly square the April 25th placement of Neptune, bringing up a great deal of confusion in the world, and a possible tsunami. Where that happens, if it does, could be Hawaii and/or Indonesia.

The chart made for Jakarta, Indonesia has the eclipse Moon in the 4th house with Mars conjunct the malefic star Algol at the zenith, a good indication of seismic activity to come.

The chart for Honolulu has the eclipsed Moon in the 1st house opposite the Sun in the 7th, both square Neptune in the 4th house, with Mars conjunct the 7th house cusp. This is rather violent. There are currently tremors occurring along the west coast with increasing volcanic activity. The Ring of Fire is very active, especially since the solar eclipse of May 10.

The lunar eclipse of May 25 occurred at 4 degrees Sagittarius, a critical degree. A critical degree denotes crisis. Aside from the probabilities of increasing seismic activity, a lunar eclipse in the first 10 degrees of Sagittarius warns of theft. This means that there is a rise of crime everywhere in the world both high and low. Sagittarius rules international trade relations, religious institutions, institutions of higher education and by extension all schools, libraries, courts, and so on. The eclipsed Moon square Neptune shows theft, fraud, and swindling coming these next few months.

Important aspects in the May 25 eclipse chart include the eclipse square Neptune, Uranus at 11 degrees Aries exactly square Pluto at 11 degrees Capricorn, and Mars conjunct the malefic star Algol. All of these show tremendous tension and potential violence in the world that is affecting everyone, one way or another.

In addition to the above mentioned charts, charts were made for the UK, Spain, Iran, Japan, and Washington DC.

The chart for the UK has the eclipsed Moon in the 6th house square Neptune in the 11th. There is a great deal of confusion in Parliament in connection with services and public welfare. Uranus is also in the 11th house square Pluto in the 8th. The UK has tremendous problems having to do with losses of money. At the same time Mars conjunct Algol intercepted in the 12th house shows that there is an increase in violent crime hidden away in slum areas. The public health is not too well either. Yet, the people in general appear to have a rather sanguine view of life these days.

The chart for Spain is rather alarming. The eclipsed Moon is in the 7th house, and Mars is exactly on the Ascendant. It shows much anger and violence coming. And, if there are fault lines in the earth, there could be an earthquake soon. Jupiter is in the 2nd house in this chart. It shows an increase in wealth. Uranus in the 12th house square Pluto in the 8th brings out major crime. There are those who will prosper greatly through theft in these difficult times in Spain.

The chart for Iran shows no earthquake activity as did the charts for the April 25 and May 10 eclipses. The May 10 chart showed trouble and possible failure for the Government. The current chart, with Uranus in the 10th house square Pluto in the 6th, shows sudden, vexatious developments for the Government, connected with the armed forces, that may lead to defeat if not handled carefully.

The chart for Japan shows no earthquake activity as did the chart for the May 10th eclipse. The May 10th chart showed strong probabilities of seismic activity in the western Pacific affecting the western side of the Ring of Fire. In this chart, the eclipse in the 3rd house square Neptune in the 6th with Uranus in the 7th square Pluto in the 4th is troublesome for foreign affairs involving neighbors, the military, especially the navy, international trade. The eclipse in the 3rd house suggests that if there are any earthquakes related to this eclipse they will happen in areas nearby. Indonesia is the most likely candidate.

The chart for the US has the eclipse Moon in the 10th house. This could bring tremors and very unsettled weather to the east coast. Traditionally, an eclipse, whether solar or lunar, in the 10th house generally points to disaster. It brings serious troubles to the Government, especially to the highest offices. The eclipse square Neptune in the 1st house causes agitation among the people, misleading propaganda, crimes, suicides, and much underhandedness and treachery among the people these coming months. It brings fraud and swindling. Uranus is in the 2nd house square Pluto in the 12th. It warns of unexpected losses, bankruptcies, and a potential crash, or strange, unanticipated occurences in the stock market, meaning much fear and unease in financial circles. Criminal activities in the banking sector will cause more harm. Mars is at the nadir of this chart, opposite the mid-heaven denoting extreme hostility against the incumbent coming from the opposition. A great deal of harm can be done which will affect both sides adversely. With all this, the eclipse in the 10th house on a critical degree goes against the national honor in the eyes of the world, and warns that the Government is in danger of defeat.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Taurus solar eclipse in astrology

The solar eclipse at 19 degrees Taurus occurred at 1:21 AM GMT on May 10. It was in conjunction with Mars and Mercury at 14 and 17 degrees Taurus, respectively. And it was widely opposite Saturn at 7 degrees Scorpio. The eclipse was visible over eastern Australia, New Zealand and across much of the Pacific, affecting the Ring of Fire where we may expect increased seismic and volcanic activity. The affects of the solar eclipse last over one year.

Where the eclipse appears in the angles of the chart (the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses) is where it has noticeable physical affects in the earth itself. Accordingly, the eclipse appears in the 1st house in Tehran, Iran, in the 4th house in Reykjavik, Iceland, in the 7th house in San Francisco, California, and in the 10th house in Tokyo, Japan and Sydney, Australia. There will be increased seismic and volcanic activity in Ring of Fire in the western Pacific and along the coast of north America and down into Mexico and beyond; there will be earthquakes in Iran, possible volcanic activity in Iceland and/or the Canaries, and possible tremors in the mid Atlantic and Caribbean.

The chart for Iran amplifies the prediction of earthquakes there from the lunar eclipse of April 25. A significant earthquake will very probably happen in the area around Iran, the Caspian sea and the Caucasus this year.

The solar eclipse in the middle decanate of Taurus conjunct Mars opposite Saturn is violent. A traditional reading of a solar eclipse in this part of Taurus points out dangers to travelers, and to women in childbirth.

The solar eclipse in the UK is in the 3rd house. it brings increased dangers of accidents in connection to roads and railways. Stocks in railways may lose value. It also spells losses in areas of literary undertakings, including publishing ventures in books, newspapers and magazines, and internet activity. There is also plenty of arguing and anger on the streets. The 4th house of the UK chart is at 25 degrees Taurus, conjunct the star Algol, saying that quarreling goes to the point of people losing their heads.

The solar eclipse chart in the EU as seen from Bruxelles is almost the same as in the UK. There is a lot of arguing going on. The 4th house cusp of the Bruxelles chart is at 29 degrees Taurus, conjunct the Pleiades. This says that the quarreling becomes a weeping matter.

The solar eclipse in Iran has Mars, Mercury, Sun, Moon, and Venus in the 1st house. Mars is closest to the Ascendent. The country is in a warlike spirit. Mars opposite Saturn in the 7th house is extremely unfortunate. It causes the people to become discontent. There are possibilities of riots, terrorist activity, crimes. The people are angry. If Iran is attacked this year it will be extremely unfortunate.

The solar eclipse in Australia, as well as Japan, has Mars, Mercury, the Sun, Moon, and Venus in the 10th house. An eclipse in the 10th house spells defeat of the current Government. Mars in the 10th house opposite Saturn brings much trouble to the Government, and a notable death in the highest of circles, possibly in the Government.

The solar eclipse in the US is in the 6th house with Mars and Mercury in the 6th house as well. This is unfortunate for the working class; there is an increasing sense of discontentment; the job market is weak. The general health of the people will suffer; Mars, Mercury and the eclipsed Sun in Taurus show a mood of depression. The eclipse in the 6th house also suggests that there may be a notable death in military circles, and that military affairs will tend to be unfortunate.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chinese summertime in astrology

In the Chinese calendar the seasons start mid-point the western seasons, spring beginning mid-point between winter solstice and spring equinox, or 15 degrees Aquarius, and summer beginning mid-point spring equinox and summer solstice, or 15 degrees Taurus. The solstices and equinoxes are considered the high points of the seasons in Chinese astrology. Summer began this year on May 4 at 16:28, Beijing time, or 8:28 GMT, and 3:28 EST. Because of the difference in hours the indications for different regions vary.

The signs for the year, month, and day of the beginning of summer are Water Snake, Fire Dragon and Metal Horse, respectively. In all regions of the world there is a predominance of Fire element showing that this summer is very active everywhere. The weakest element in the world is Wood. This shows that all the activity is not well planned, meaning confusion and mistakes especially in political and business circles. It helps to look at this season in the context of the year's predictions ( to get an idea what this all leads up to as later summer and fall are going to be all the more active with possibilities of social turmoil and violent weather.

In general, this summer brings us the deities of talent, meaning that this is a very good period, despite turbulence in the world, for artistic, creative activity. It also brings the Flower of Romance making this a good time for love as well.

In the world of politics and big business this appears to be a time of shaky alliances, mistrust, and unstable fortunes, especially in the middle east. The chart does not favor political alliances anywhere.

The chart for China shows probabilities of accidents and disasters. It also shows China assuming a commanding, aggressive attitude toward achieving her goals.

The chart for the EU and the US has a maximum of Fire element, showing these areas to be extremely active and moving along very fast. The EU has more Metal than the other regions viewed. With the strong Fire this spells conflict. The tension in Europe is increasing.

The chart for the UK is showing sharp discord coming between the Government and the people with discord within the Government as well.

The chart for the US brings up Robbing Star, meaning sharp practice in business and in Government. It also warns of increasing criminal activity in all levels of society high and low.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Astrological insights into the Boston Marathon bombing.

A chart (using the Koch house system) made for this unfortunate event in Boston 2:50 PM EDT, April15, 2013 shows the following. Mercury, Uranus, Sun and Mars were in Aries in the 8th house, and the Moon was in Gemini, intercepted in the 10th.

The event was deliberate (the Moon was applying the sextile the Sun, ruler of the 12th house).
The Moon waxing tells us that the activity will gain impetus, registering more and more to slowly complete activity in the matter in hand. There is a great deal of investigation going on.

The Moon was between Jupiter and Saturn, showing that a well-intentioned act in the past falls short now. The party involved appears to have split off from a larger group in order to take independent radical action, probably an alien. There is defiance in it appearing to come from behind the scenes arguments, vexatious developments, disobedience, a break, and rash actions.

The Moon in the last decanate of Gemini says that the action, while sudden, was long planned, and long thought out.

The Moon in the 10th house and intercepted shows a public event, but triggered in secrecy from within a room or vehicle or enclosure nearby. It may have been triggered from a cell phone.

The Moon in the Aquarian decanate of Gemini shows someone taking radical action, or a radical, anarchistic, rebellious, eccentric, extremist type taking action. It shows change without notice that is disruptive and political. Whoever did this appears to have taken advantage of the bomb drill happening that day.

The nature of the event is shown by the Sun. The Sun in the 8th house, ruling the 12th shows large scale damage, involving deaths and injuries, and involving investigations. It also may point to public moneys, books under examination, bankruptcy and financial losses.

The 12th house shows the event involving misadventure, clandestine activity, ambush, behind the scenes hushed-up matters, and persons represented as social misfits, unfortunates, criminals, ambushers, informers and liars, and involving misinformation, and the police.

The stellium of Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Mars in Aries in the 8th house is extremely violent. Sun conjunct Mars in Aries is deadly. There is much to question in this event. It is not wise to jump to conclusions and use the event to promote a pet theory. Something very underhanded,  secretive and criminal appears to be involved in  it. There are those who will use this event opportunistically to push their political agendas.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Aries new moon in astrology

The new moon in Aries occured April 10 at 10:36 AM GMD at 20 degrees 41 minutes Aries. We had a stellium of Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in Aries, with the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in conjunction, producing a tremendous force that works both creatively and destructively. Sun, Moon and Mars together, in Aries, is brilliant, and shows little patience. The conjunction with Venus does little to temper it. Mars with Sun is extremely hot; there will be some violent storms. 20 degrees Aries is in the 2nd lunar mansion, producing enmity, courage, recklessness, and ambition. This month will be marked by dramatic events. The stellium of Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in Aries points to countries ruled by Aries, namely UK, Germany, (France), Poland, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Japan, and in the United States the mid-Atlantic region. The Stellium in Aries strongly favors taking intelligent action. Six planets in cardinal fire is potentially violent.

The new moon in the UK occurred in the 11th house. There will be heated debates in Parliament. The ruling party is at odds with Labor.

The new moon in Bruxelles, affecting the situation in the EU occurred in the 10th house. We have in the 10th house Mercury, Uranus, Sun, Moon, and Mars. There will be heated arguments in top circles of Government in Europe. Mars warns of violence, and possible military or police activity. There will be much trouble in Government, and the possible death or removal of a notable figure. Europe is in turmoil.

The place where the new moon is most interesting, however, is in east Asia. In North and South Korea, and in China the new moon was in the 7th house with Mars. This is a warning that the situation around North Korea, unless checked, will heat up dangerously. The charts of North and South Korea have the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus in the 7th house. Mars rules the 7th house, and Venus rules the 1st in both charts; Venus and Mars conjunct and applying to parallel one another. This points to the danger of conflict. The chart of China has Uranus on the 7th house with Uranus, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus in the 7th house. China cannot help but become involved in an emergency if this continues. Uranus conjunct the 7th house cusp denotes an unexpected emergency in foreign affairs, causing agitation in the country. Uranus is square Pluto in the 4th house of the Chinese chart. This is potentially very troubling for China. The stellium of Uranus, Sun, Moon, Mars, and Venus are in the 6th house of the Japanese chart. If conflict erupts on the Korean peninsula there will be trouble in Japan as well; Uranus and Mars in the 6th house denote explosions and accidents. Uranus is square Pluto in the 3rd house denoting trouble in the neighboring territory. The situation in the far east is very delicate. The Ascendant of Japan is at 26 degrees Libra, a critical degree. If trouble breaks out in Korea it will be experienced as a crisis in Japan.

The new moon in the USA occurred in the 1st house. There we find Mercury, Uranus, the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus all in the 1st house. The new moon in the 1st house denotes many changes in the country, and much activity this month. Conjunct Mars, the new moon points to much unrest and discontent. Public health is not good, and affairs are not going well. The new moon, Mars and Venus are in interception in the 1st house denoting frustrated activity. Uranus is square Pluto in the 10th house. The affairs of Government, especially involving international financial deals, debt, austerity, and matters of taxation, are at odds with the people. The incumbent party and its opposition are working together in this. Mars in the 1st house is warlike. The people are angry. And if the situation in the far east gets worse the US will have something to do with it, but is unlikely to go to war.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chinese astrological portrait of Pope Francis

Pope Francis was born on Dec 17, 1936. The signs of his year, month, day and hour of birth are Fire Rat, Metal Rat, Water Rooster, and Water Dog, respectively. Fire Rat and Water Rooster both make him magnetic, charismatic, and convincing. He has strong discriminatory abilities and a forceful intellect, discerning truth from falsehood, and is at his best when surrounded by intelligent and productive people. His chart shows a varied career with some extreme ups and downs, and that he distances himself from his family and followers late in life.

The element count in Francis' chart gives 5 Waters, 00 Wood, 2 Fires, 1 Earth, and 3 Metals. 5 Waters gives him a strong intelligence and makes him a deep thinker, but with some danger of developing bone and nerve problems and weakness of kidney and adrenal function as he ages.

00 Wood means that whenever Wood came up in time Francis faced serious challenges in the development of his work. Wood came up in Francis' life from age 17 to age 57. Certain allies, especially in his 30s, were actually working against his better interests.

Fire is Francis' Vital Element. He has 2 Fires. Fire comes up in Francis' chart between age 47 and 82. During these years he is strongly protected. The weather in Rome, especially in summer, is good for Francis' health. He thrives in a hot, dry climate.

1 Earth is very weak. When Earth comes up Francis' life force weakens. At age 77, in 2013, Francis enters Earth Monkey cycle for 10 years. For the first 5 years of this cycle he is protected because the Earth combines with other elements in his chart to produce Fire. But after 82 he will become increasingly weak. He will probably live into his mid to late 80s, naturally. Weak Earth means weak stomach, spleen, and pancreas. Overly strong Water with weak Earth points to digestive and circulatory weakness.

3 Metals in Francis' chart confirm that he is a scholar, but, with such strong Water and weak Earth, his way of working depletes his physical vitality. Fire as his vital element tells him to become physically active and to go for long brisk walks, or even to dance, to keep up his vitality and strengthen his circulation and digestion.

Born on the day of Water Rooster with a predominance of Water in his chart, Francis appears to be an amiable character who needs to act freely and independently to be at his best. He may show independent initiative in directing programs, and may come to make significant changes in the papacy itself during his time in the Vatican.

Born on a day of yin Water in a year and month of Rat, Francis' career has been highly varied. Born on a day of Rooster, he is a scholar who loves religion and art. Born in the hour of Dog he is a very lucky man. Born on a day of yin Water, at night, and on a winter's day, and coming now into the cycle of Monkey is ominous for Francis. It is possible that he will pass away within 10 years. But in this period he will reach a pinnacle in the year 2019.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Vernal equinox in astrology

The vernal equinox came on March 20 at 11:03 AM GMT. The vernal equinox marks the astrological new year. The chart has two main planetary configurations: a grand trine and a T-Square.

The grand trine is in water. It is between Moon in Cancer, Neptune and Mercury in Pisces, and Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury and Neptune are in conjunction. This brings to the world a broad and deeply expansive emotional and imaginative energy thorugh the spring. The trine of Saturn to Neptune and Mercury is generally favorable for those in employment of the state and suggests general political reforms and changes to the advantage of the people, especially the poor. Mercury in conjunction with Neptune modifies the more sanguine indications of this grand trine, as it hints of scandals, secret crimes, frauds, and dishonesty and trickery in Government deals. Subversive elements are in the works. This is confirmed by Mercury square and in mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini. The square of Mercury and Jupiter tell of secret crimes, frauds and swindles, as well as unsavory news and scandals involving religious figures. The Moon trine Saturn increases the power of the people. The Moon in good aspect with Mercury favors literary persuits and publishing. as well as scientific progress. It also brings much flapdoodle, i.e. political speech making, and favors trade agreements. The Moon trine Neptune favors all forms of charity and democratic, socialistic developments. The people are a major force this year. They will come to clash with the powers that be.

The Moon at 7 degrees Cancer is in her 8th mansion and 10th lunar house. The 8th mansion, called Amathura, favors the people. It also favors traveling, or movement toward the goal. The 10th lunar house also favors traveling. It also brings dangers of illness. It demands perseverance and flexibility; success does not come easily.

The second major configuration of planets, the T-square involves Venus (at 27 degrees Pisces), the Sun (at 00 degrees Aries), Mars (at 6 degrees Aries), and Uranus (at 8 degrees Aries) square the Moon and Pluto, the Moon being opposite Pluto. The Sun, Mars and Uranus all in conjunction are bringing up violent force. Square to Pluto and the Moon this will become explosive. So, we see the expansiveness of the above mentioned grand trine combining with the extreme dynamism of the T-square to bring turmoil to the entire world this year. The energy will be tremendous. There will be large events in the earth and in the weather, and the people in large number will be engaging in loud protests, especially in Europe, but in other places as well. The Moon opposite Pluto compounds complications in all spheres of activity involving the people, and it brings out criminal elements; popular movements will be infiltrated by underground crime and secret military forces. Moon and Pluto square Mars and Uranus confirm this. Violence is coming. Sun, Mars and Uranus are in Aries. Countries ruled by Aries, (and influenced by Aries), are prone to violence. These include UK, Germany, Israel, Palestine, Denmark, (France), Iceland, (Japan), (New Zealand), Poland, (Spain), Syria. Places ruled by Cancer and Capricorn will also be places of turmoil and violence. The Moon in Cancer points to the Netherlands, and New York City. Pluto in Capricorn points to India, Punjab, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Greece, Mexico, the states of Saxony, Hesse, Styria, and to the all-important city of Bruxelles. Bruxelles is the king pin of the EU. The EU is in hot water this year.

To find out what happens where charts were made for various capitals in the world. What they show is as follows.

The vernal equinox in the UK has Venus, Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 10th house square Moon rising in the 12th and Pluto conjunct the 7th house cusp. This puts tremendous pressure on the current Government. The Sun afflicted by conjunction Mars and Uranus, square Moon, and square Pluto points to illness and death among royalty, serious troubles in the Government and loss of national honor. Mars conjunct Uranus and square Moon and Pluto points to much violence if not involvement in war, and shows death in royal circles. Afflicted Uranus in the 10th house points to sudden developments with much trouble in Government circles which may result in defeat and resignation. It also points to attacks against members of the royalty and of the ruling party. The conservative Government may be defeated this year. The Moon in the 12th house opposite Pluto points to increasing poverty, much illness among the people, scandals involving hospitals and charities, increasing crime against women and children, and a general rise in crime and violence through the nation.

The vernal equinox in Bruxelles chart is almost exactly the same as in the UK. The conditions shown in the UK will be similar in Bruxelles, therefore in all of the EU. We can expect turmoil in Government circles with leaders being defeated, while violence and crime, poverty and illness are on the rise everywhere in the Euro zone.

The vernal equinox in Germany chart is also the same s in the UK. The indications lead us to anticipate the coming defeat of Mme. Merkel's Government. The Sun, Mars and Uranus are in interception in the 10th house in this chart. That says that there is coming conflict and interference in the Government process. While this is happening, however, Germany's foreign trade relations, especially overseas appears to be growing.

The vernal equinox in Russia chart has the Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 9th house square the Moon in the 11th, and Pluto in the 7th house. This points to potentially productive tensions in foreign trade relations, possibly involving oil and gas. Moon in Cancer trine Mercury and Neptune in Pisces, trine Saturn in Scorpio shows the increasing development of oil and gas reserves. Mars rules the 10th house. In the 9th, Mars shows the Putin Administration appearing to aggressively take advantage of foreign trade opportunities amidst troubled conditions abroad. Mars and Uranus afflicted in the 9th house also point to violence as well as possibilities of large fires in one or another of the provinces.

The vernal equinox in Israel, as shown by the chart made for Jerusalem, very similar to the chart made for Moscow, has the Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 9th house square Moon in the 12th house and Pluto in the 6th. It shows the Government aggressively persuing foreign trade. There will be continued violence in the Palestinian territories, and there will be an increase in poverty in Israel as well as in the territories with increase of disease and crime. No foreign war is showing in this chart.

The vernal equinox in India chart has Jupiter at the zenith. This is very fortunate for the Government. But Jupiter square and mutual reception to Mercury tell that there is much finagling going on involving the opposition party and foreign relations that complicate and confuse Government affairs. The Sun, Mars and Uranus straddle the 8th house cusp with Moon in the 11th house and Pluto in the 5th telling that there is much bickering in the Parliament involving diplomatic relations connected to financial concerns. Mars and Uranus afflicted in the 8th house show many suicides, and many sudden and violent deaths by accidents and crimes.

The vernal equinox in Pakistan chart is similar to that of India. Jupiter in the 10th house protects the Government, but square Mercury, the Government is entangled in many complex affairs involving much trickery. Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 8th house warns of dangers of violence and sudden deaths, possibly in the east and southwest of the country.

The vernal equinox in China chart has Venus, Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 6th house with Moon conjunct the mid-heaven and Pluto conjunct the nadir. Mars and Uranus afflicted in the 6th house point to much infectious and inflammatory disease coming. It also points to fires, explosions, and serious accidents with losses of life in military installations and places of labor that will be of great concern to the Government. Pluto conjunct the nadir square Mars and Uranus, and opposite the Moon warns of the housing bubble imploding. Saturn in the 2nd house retrograde points to poor revenue and danger of financial stagnation. But Saturn trine the Moon, Mercury and Neptune will mitigate the danger to some degree.

The vernal equinox in Australia chart has Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 5th house with Moon in the 8th and Pluto in the 2nd. This brings much crime against women and children, danger of violence in places of amusement including theaters and sports arenas. It also brings danger of violence, accidents and fires to schools and to parties. There will be notible deaths among entertainers. Sun, Mars and Uranus afflicted in the 5th house also brings diplomatic troubles. Moon in the 8th house and Pluto in the 2nd show this in connection to financial interests. Mercury in the 4th house square Jupiter in the 7th shows finagling in land deals with foreigners. Who is buying up Australia?

The vernal equinox in New Zealand chart has Venus, Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 4th house square Pluto in the 1st and Moon in the 7th. There will be violent earth activity there. It is almost certain that there will be a large earthquake. The 4th house cusp is in Pisces. There may be a tsunami as well. At the same time, Sun, Mars and Uranus are in Aries, a fire sign denoting fire. There may also be a volcanic eruption. This, of course, is also possible in all of the islands in the region.

The vernal equinox in the USA chart has Venus, Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 1st house with Pluto in the 10th and Moon in the 4th. This points to the people becoming very angry with the Government. There is serious danger of violence in the country. Pluto in the 10th opposite Moon in the 4th shows the incumbent and the opposition at odds with one another over things that have nothing to do with the people and at the same time passing legislation that is to the disadvantage of the people. It appears that the Government becomes more and more entangled in more and more complicated affairs while ignoring the people. Jupiter rules the 10th house, and Mercury rules the 4th. Jupiter is in the 3rd and Mercury is in the 12th. Fruitless arguments and chicanery are indicated, and the press is misdirecting the attention of the people. The Ascendent of the US vernal equinox chart is in Pisces denoting that this conditions will continue about half the year. And while there is talk about possible war with Iran, this chart does not show it.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White smoke: Pope Francis' election in astrology

On March 13, at approximately 19:20 CET the Vatican sent up the white smoke proclaiming the new pope. What this reveals astrologically is as follows.

According to the ephemeris Mercury is retrograde and turns direct at 21:04 CET on March 17, in almost exactly 4 days. Projected in years this says that in about 4 to 5 years from now an important change will occur in the papacy, either modifying, or ending the reign of Francis. Mercury in this chart rules the 9th house, signifying the church itself as well as legal affairs. Mercury is also square and in mutual reception with Jupiter in the 9th house showing a great deal of controversy through the reign of Francis. But, the square between Mercury and Jupiter, Being a zodiac square and a mundane trine, shows that the controversy and arguing may be productive.

The Moon in the chart is at 16 degrees Aries forming counterparallel aspects with Neptune and Saturn. The Moon rules the 10th house of the pope himself. Neptune is in the 5th house, and Saturn is in the 2nd house. These show the pope distancing himself from elements connected to financial dealings and the more unsavory elements in the church. Neptune in the 5th house points to vice, immorality, and crimes against children. Saturn retrograde in Scorpio in the 2nd house in mutual reception with Pluto in the 4th points to secretive financial dealings, control of banks, and vast land holdings. The Moon counterparallel to Neptune and Saturn shows the pope distancing himself from these matters. As he appears and what is actually happening are incommensurate, in other words.

The chart has a most interesting aspect. Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter form an apect called The Finger of God. It points to Jupiter in the 9th house. The writing on the wall says that the church must adjust if it is to be a religious institution. Jupiter square Mercury may confuse the meaning. The north lunar node at 19 degrees Scorpio is in the 2nd house. 19 degrees Scorpio is the star Serpentis, the most malefic star in the heavens. The 2nd house, being the house of the future, shows the church steering a dark course into the future with respect to its financial ambitions.

The ruler of the 2nd house also points to the future. The 2nd house in this chart has two rulers, Mars and Pluto. Mars is in the 6th house pointing to stressful conditions requiring adjustments, especially connected with the scandals involving child abuse. The other ruler is Pluto. Pluto is in the 4th house. The 4th house has to do with land and real estate holdings, connected with banking interests. The 4th house also has to do with opposition to the pope. The pope is not able to control what is happening.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Pisces new moon of 2013

The new moon occured on March 11 at 7:52 PM GMT. It was in Pisces. There were six planets in Pisces at the time: Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, and Mars, putting tremendous concentration in one area of the zodiac, thus expressing the Piscean qualities at this time everywhere in the world. Typical Piscean characteristics include trust, subservience, self-sacrifice, unselfishness, confusion, being imposed upon, being burdened by thankless tasks often self-assumed. Pisces gives understanding and sympathy. Pisces is changeable; nothing is certain in it. The new moon in Pisces marks a good time for sensing things out and allowing for possibilities of change in ways that are unanticipated. Nothing is certain in the world at this point. Changes will come nonetheless. Trust intuition.
Mercury at the new moon is retrograde. It is also square and in mutual reception with Jupiter in Gemini. This produces a lot of wasted thinking, plans made and changed, and confusions that will have to be tolerated for the time being.
Mars at the new moon is at 29 degrees Pisces. This shows that Mars is at the end of his tether, and apt to make impulsive moves later regretted. Mercury retrograde guarantees changes of mind and lots of regrets. The best thing is to be flexible and open to new ideas and possibilities while biding time.

The north lunar node is at 19 degrees Scorpio, conjunct the star Serpentis. 19 degrees Scorpio is the most malefic degree in the zodiac. It means that the way things are going we can get into hot water. This is a forewarning. The spring equinox chart shows the moon forming a T-Square with Uranus, Mars and Pluto, a violent aspect pointing to developments in the months ahead.

The new moon in the UK happens in the 6th house, the planets in Pisces spanning the 5th and 6th houses, bringing all this Piscean energy into the areas of diplomacy, services and labor. Saturn is in the 2nd house retrograde and in mutual reception with Pluto in the 3rd, while Jupiter is in the 8th. Jupiter is the dispositor of all of the planets in Pisces resonating in the areas of international finances and debt, with nothing constructive being done, just a lot of noise. Saturn retrograde in the 2nd house sextile and in mutual reception with Pluto has a cooling affect on the economy, but is not altogether bad for it. Rather, it seems to favor some significant real estate deals, Mercury retrograde notwithstanding.

The new moon in the US puts Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, and Mars all in the 8th house of debt. Mercury in the 8th house is square to Jupiter in the 11th. There is a lot of bickering and lying, and useless quibbling in Congress, none of which will accomplishing anything but wasted time and money; the country is at a loss.

The new moon in Bruxelles, therefore the EU has Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun in the 5th house of diplomatic dealings. Mercury in the 5th house is square Jupiter in the 8th showing useless discussions about the debt with no solutions. Saturn rising in the 1st house in Scorpio shows a a lot of frowning characters unable to figure their way out the mess they made.

The new moon in Moscow has Neptune, Mercury, Venus, Moon and Sun in the 4th house of the land itself. Mercury in the 4th house is in zodiac square and mundane trine with Jupiter in the 8th showing that all the confusion about money is being used to Russia's advantage. Russia is developing her resources, most probably in the area of oil and gas. Saturn in the 1st house is in mutual reception with Pluto in the 2nd. The outlook is restrained, secretive, and seriously involved in financial plans for the future.

The new moon in Beijing has Mercury, Venus, Moon, Sun, Mars and Uranus in the 2nd house with Mercury square Jupiter in the 4th house. Big financial developments are afoot, and they involve a precarious housing bubble that is beginning to implode. Neptune in the 1st house says that the outlook is confused. Saturn in the 9th house in mutual reception with Pluto in the 12th shows trouble behind the scenes involving foreign interests overshadowing the Government that may be running into possible trouble, as shown by the north node conjunct the star Serpentis in the 10th house.

The new moon in Sydney has the Moon, Sun, Mars, and Uranus in the 1st house. The new moon is conjunct the Ascendent, marking a new beginning in Australia. Mars in the 1st house shows the mood impatient especially with regard to finances, possibly involving international dealings. Mercury in the 12th house is square to Jupiter in the 3rd showing misleading news from the media and Government connected with land and real estate. Could be tricky dealings going on behind the scenes.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Chinese astrological portrait of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez died on March 5 of cancer. He was 58. Born on July 28, 1954 the Chinese astrological signs for the year, month, day, and hour of his birth are Wood Horse, Metal Sheep, Wood Rooster, and Earth Tiger, respectively. Wood Horse shows him to have had many points of view and the ability to relate to countless people with equal interest and enthusiasm. He was always restless, imaginative and exuberant, and he acted freely. Wood Rooster shows him to have been naturally curious about many things. He was critical, and had excellent managerial instincts. And he loved to attract attention and was quite the show-off. He was self-disciplined, flexible and sociable. His chart having the sign Peach Blossom also shows that he was charismatic, and strongly attractive to women.

He was born in the year of 1 Water Star, the month of 3 Wood Star and his tendency was 3 Wood Star. This made him strongly idealistic, and capable of expressing himself in a surprisingly aggressive manner that, at worst, offended others and opened him to personal attacks that he took badly. He was not the most patient man. Because he drank copious amounts of coffee, smoked cigarettes, and lived under extreme emotional stress his health was adversely affected.

Born on a day of Yin Wood and in the year of Horse, Chavez always thought for others whenever doing anything; he was considerate, but controlling. Born on a day of Yin Wood and in a month of Sheep Chavez had many helpful friends. Born on a day of Rooster Chavez was highly respected. Born in the hour of Tiger, Chavez had a knife blade. Knife blade in the hour of birth gives a surprising character, capable of suddenly destructive actions and words. Knife blade in the hour of birth also tells of poor relations with children, a spouse who is prone to illness, and surgery toward the end of life.

The chart shows unstable conditions in Chavez' early years. He came from a humble background and learned to be independent early. He lacked family support and tended to distance himself from his siblings.

The balance of elements in Chavez' chart are 5 Fire, 4 Earth, 2 Metal, 0 Water, and 4 Wood. Metal is the weakest element. His vital element is Earth. No Water in the chart shows that whenever Water comes up in the chart's progressed cycles Chavez faced big challenges. We see that Water was strong from his age 7 to 27, and then from 37 to the end of his life. He lived under stress most of his life. Water denotes enemies in his chart. Born with no Water, he felt no fear. His cycle of age 17 to 27 in which he went through the military academy and found his life's calling was pivotal. Chavez was assigned at age 27 to teach in the military academy, and alarmed his superiors by the extent of his influence over the students. This brought them to send him to Apure, a remote area. But the contact he had with the indigenous people there informed his policies that he implemented when he ultimately came to power. In 1992 at age 38, the beginning of a long stressful period shown by Water element coming up, Chavez led an attempt to overthrow the government of President Perez over unpopular economic austerity measures and landed Chavez in jail for two years. But, after a complex rise to prominence, Chavez won the Venezuelan presidential elections in 2000 at age 46. Age 47 to 57 for Chavez was a period of maximum Water in which he won the enmity of the Bush Administration, and contracted his cancer. There may or may not be a connection between these. But, Chavez was most prone to making enemies between age 47 and 57.

Metal, being his vital element, is what protected Chavez' health. It was present in his chart from birth up to age 37. After that it faded out. His cycle 57 to 67 is Fire Ox. The Fire kills his Metal. He was too weak to go on. Chavez' chart has Heaven medicine star with no Water element. This means that he was in danger throughout his life of coming down with a disastrous illness. Had he cared for his physical health he might have gone on for a long time. Metal comes back again in his chart at age 87. He could have lived past 100.

The years 2012 and 2013 are both Water years, 2012 being Water Dragon, and 2013 being Water Snake. Snake for Chavez is the death star. He died in the year of Snake. Had he continued, Snake would have come up again in his cycle of age 97 to 107.

Chavez died at the threshold of his greatest period of power. 57 up to 77 would have brought him up to his pinnacle. Because of this, despite his early death, it is not unreasonable to say that his spiritual influence will continue long into the future of South America.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Van Cliburn: a Chinese astrological portrait

The great American pianist Van Cliburn died of bone cancer on February 27, 2013 at age 78. He was born at the new moon of July 12, 1934 at 11:45 AM. The Chinese astrological signs at the date and time of his birth are as follows. The year was Wood Dog, the month was Metal Sheep, the day was Wood Monkey, and the hour was Metal Horse. This shows Van Cliburn to have been a very hard working, ambitious, clever personality with high aspirations. As shown by his birth stars, Cliburn was a sanguine personality, and believed that his work was of benefit to the whole world, and, considering that his winning of the Tschaikovsky piano competition in Moscow in 1958 signaled a turning of the tide in US/Soviet relations, his work was, indeed, of benefit to the world. Capable of great vision and humanitarian works, Cliburn's artistic and humanitarian achievements also won him the US Medal of Freedom in 2003, and the Order of Friendship of the Russian Federation in 2004.

The balance of elements in Cliburn's chart is 4 Fires, 4 Earths, 4 Metals, 1 Water, and 3 Woods. Water is extremely weak. Water rules bones. Cliburn's Vital Element was Metal; Metal protects Water. Metal in Cliburn's chart was very strong from birth all the way up to age 39. Between 39 and 69 Water became vulnerable, but was strong enough to carry him through. But from age 69 to 79, most noticibly from 74 to 79 Water was totally exhausted, and it was in this period that Cliburn contracted the cancer that ended his life. The age cycle of 69 to 79 has very strong Earth, Wood, and Fire, all which combine to kill Water, in other words, Cliburn's bones. This year, 2013, the year of Cliburn's death, is the year of Snake. Snake in Cliburn's chart is his death star. Had Cliburn not gotten this cancer, his death star would have come up at age 99. If this situation were looked at in the light of traditional fenghui, it would show that to have prevented his death in this period of his life, it would have been recommended that he move to a cold, dry climate at age 69. Cliburn was living in a hot, humid climate. Hot and humid exhausts Water element. Water element is cold. Metal, which protects Water is mountain air. Had he moved to a place like Switzerland or to Colorado, and had proper care earlier, he would have been able to live longer. Cliburn's chart shows strong Metal emerging again at age 89. Metal is what protected his life.

With Metal so strong up to age 39 Cliburn rose to meteoric fame in his early 20s. In 1958 at age 23 he won the Tschaikovsky competition. 1958 was the year of Earth Dog. It shows a huge gain for Cliburn. In 1962 at age 28 Cliburn set up the Van Cliburn International Music Competition. 1962 was the year of Water Tiger. Tiger for Cliburn is traveling star. It signifies a major development and change in his career.

In 2012 Cliburn performed his last concert, and was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer. The year 2012 was Water Dragon. Dragon is called the grave of Water.

Born on a day of yang Wood, the signs of Cliburn's year, month, day and hour of birth show him working very hard in his earliest years, the sign of Cliburn's year of birth being Dog. Sheep, being the sign of Cliburn's month of birth shows him to have been a lucky man, but when Water was wiped out between age 69 and 79 he became sick. Monkey, the sign of Cliburn's day of birth shows Cliburn, even with his ambition, to have been easy-going. Many people loved him. Horse, the sign of Cliburn's hour of birth, shows him to have been lucky and wealthy.

Had his cancer been discovered and stopped earlier, and the right precautions been taken, Cliburn would have reached his life's pinnacle at age 79 to 89. The Chinese astrological chart shows his illness starting at or right after age 69. It was not diagnosed until he was already 77.

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