Thursday, July 19, 2012

The July 2012 New Moon in Astrology

The new moon at 26 Cancer occured at 5:25 AM GMD on July 19. The chart of the new moon interacts with the summer solstice chart of June 21st as follows. At the summer solstice Uranus and Pluto were exactly square one another denoting a very tense, potentially violent summer ahead. At this new moon we see that Mars has come to oppose Uranus and square Pluto. Mars is now exactly opposite Uranus. This is a month of extreme turmoil in western Europe.

The charts for the UK, France, Bruxelles, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain all have Uranus at the zenith opposed to Mars. We can anticipate an alarming development. Where exactly is not altogether clear, but let's narrow it down.

The charts of the UK, France, and Bruxelles have Aries on the Mid-Heaven. The charts of Portugal, Ireland, and Spain have Pisces on the Mid-Heaven. A violent event is more likely to happen with Aries on the Mid-Heaven, as Pisces puts Uranus and Mars in interception and planets intercepted don't act with as much force as they would otherwise. The chart of Bruxelles has Uranus exactly at the zenith, but from the 9th house, and Mars exactly at the nadir, but from the 3rd house. Bruxelles, and therefore the entire EU, will be involved in whatever happens, but the actual place of events indicated by the opposition of Uranus and Mars appears more probably to be France and/or the UK.

Narrowing it down more, we see that the chart for the UK has 29 degrees Cancer rising, and the chart for France has 28 degrees Cancer rising. 29 degrees is the more ominous of the two. 29 degrees is unfortunate.

Uranus at the zenith opposed by Mars shows untoward developments in Government circles. Mars shows the same, points to fires or explosions in public buildings, and shows the people in angry opposition to the Government. There are any number of events that could happen, but considering the seriousness of the banking scandal this may point to violent developments in Government circles. In light of the London Olympics, this chart is also quite troubling. It clearly points to violence.

Looking more closely at the UK chart we see that Uranus in the 10th house is the ruler of the 8th house. Mars in the 4th house is the ruler of the 10th. This points to a death in the highest circle. While the nature of Uranus and Mars is violent, the force of this aspect is somewhat mitigated: Uranus and Mars are in sextile and trine aspects with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. It is highly probable that someone of great social prominence will die quite suddenly. Very interesting to note: Mars is at 8 degrees Libra exactly conjunct the star Vindemiatrix, the star of widowhood.

Looking elsewhere in the world for noteworthy developments from Mars and Uranus, we find them stirring up trouble in India. In the chart for India we find Mars in the 1st house opposite Uranus in the 7th. This makes the entire region turbulent and prone to violence this month. The chart shows the people in an angry, discontent mood. There are probabilities of strikes, riots, fires, epidemics, and a rise in violent crimes.

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