Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter solstice 2013 in astrology

Winter solstice, or the Capricorn ingress, occurred at 5:12 PM GMT on December 21. The outstanding aspects were the Sun at 00 Capricorn coming to conjunction Pluto, square Uranus and square Mars, and the Moon square Saturn. The winter quarter is going to be tense world wide. Weather conditions, especially in Europe, will also prove to be dramatic.

Pluto at 10:54 Capricorn directly involves the charts of the UK and the Eurozone, both of whose Suns are at 10 degrees Capricorn. In a nutshell this means that the economic conditions in Britain and the EU this quarter will continue to be extremely difficult.

The August 24, 1991 independence chart of the Ukraine has Uranus at 10 degrees Capricorn. As Uranus is in the Ukraine's 1st house, and rules Ukraine's 2nd house, this winter marks a significant challenge to Ukrainian autonomy and economic independence. Relative to the condition of the Eurozone this has particular significance.

The Moon's square to Saturn is particularly interesting, as Saturn is conjunct Serpentis, the most malefic star which brings out insanity. We can expect some crazy moves to be made in political circles these coming months.

Also, at the solstice Venus was turning retrograde. Retrograde Venus backs down and gives in. This suggests possibilities of ill advised appeasement.

The solstice chart for the UK (with Uranus in the 10th house opposite Mars in the 4th and square Sun and Pluto in the 6th; and the Moon in the 2nd house square Saturn in the 5th; and Venus in the 7th) suggests that sudden and unanticipated developments will arise in Government circles. There is strong opposition to the Government involving public and military services. The current Government is unable to successfully handle the problems that have arisen in the country and is facing the danger of being defeated. The Moon in the 2nd house square Saturn points to severe financial conditions, and warns of crimes. especially against women and children, as well as much distress and illness with rising mortality. Venus retrograde in the 7th house also shows scandals and crimes against women, and that may involve foreigners.

The solstice chart for Australia has the Moon conjunct the mid-heaven. The Moon square Saturn shows scandals in high circles and unpopularity of the Government. A significant change in the Government may be in the making.

The Solstice chart for the US (with Pluto in the 10th house square Uranus in the 1st and Mars in the 7th, the Sun conjunct the mid-heaven, and the Moon in the 5th house square Saturn in the 8th, and Venus retrograde in the 11th) suggests turbulence among the people. Uranus in the 1st house opposite Mars in the 7th is extremely violent. There may very well be a violent event this winter. These planets square to Pluto in the 10th house with Pluto ruling the 8th house also point to a death or deaths in the highest circles of the nation. Mars afflicted in the 7th house points to danger of international disputes, poor foreign relations with the potential for conflict coming from the West; an argument with China may be developing. The Moon in the 5th house square to Saturn in the 8th points to increased mortality among women, children and the elderly, and shows the deaths of noted characters, especially those who have held prominent positions in the Government. Venus retrograde in the 11th house shows a weak Congress.

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