Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Moon 2/28: predictions and insights

Amidst violent winter storms in the US and Europe and the earthquake we have come to full Moon in Virgo. What makes this full Moon so interesting is that it is exactly opposite Jupiter, Jupiter being exactly conjunction the Sun in Pisces bringing up gigantic tidal affects in the atmosphere that are involved in the storm systems we are experiencing now. To look at this more closely and find out possible future events in several regions of the world the following report is made from charts calculater for Greenwich, UK; Washington DC, Albuquerque, NM; Delhi, India; and various places in the world that resonate to Virgo and Pisces.

Besides the dramatic atmospheric affects of this full Moon the polarity of Virgo/Pisces involving the Moon's opposition to Jupiter suggests that the general health of people in the world is now in likely danger of being affected by contaminated water and spoiled food supplies. In addition, this full Moon is pointing out the need that the whole world is facing to change the conditions of labor as affects the world's finances. Conditions are deteriorating. There are probabilities of a general rise in crime in the entire world. The conjunction of Jupiter with the Sun in opposition with the Moon brings out the worst of Jupiter. Jupiter is now very weak as it is burnt out by the Sun. In opposition to the Moon Jupiter causes over-expansion and extravagance that results in eventual loss, errors of judgement, unjust court decisions, and a proneness to self-indulgence and dissipation that leads to health problems.

The full moon denotes a turning point. If your birthday is today this is a full Moon year for you. In light of the aforementioned, it means that old patterns, especially old addictive patterns or old dysfunctional patterns, are soon to dissolve by necessity and you are coming to have to make big changes in your life. This will be a very interesting year for you. Be careful to protect your health.

Predictions made from this full Moon for the various places in the world are as follows.

Full Moon in the UK was at 4:39 PM today. The Moon was in the Ascendent. Opposite combust Jupiter, the Moon shows, in addition to many changes in the country, ill-health, general restlessness and discontentment. Affairs are now generally unsatisfactory. The weather is something to watch; it is now very unsettled and changeable. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro locality chart method, public discontentment has much to do with unstable financial conditions and losses. There is some probability of death coming to a notable figure in high circles as well.

Full Moon in Washington DC was at 11:39 AM today. The Moon was in the 4th house. Opposite combust Jupiter, the Moon shows plenty of confusion in the Executive circle of the Government, the result of which will weaken the incumbent party. The Executive circle is not as strong as it presumes and is making a foolhardy move with respect to matters connected to health care. Lack of patience is unfortunate. The Moon is besieged between retrograde Mars and retrograde Saturn in this chart. That means that one bad move leads to another. Repercussions are to be expected. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro chart, there is a great deal of confusion and discontentment in the Congress. The entire legislature is being affected. The weather is also to be watched. Afflicted Moon in the 4th house shows bad weather conditions.
Full Moon in Albuquereque, NM where this writer is was at 9:39 AM today. The Moon was in the 5th house. Opposite combust Jupiter, the Moon takes away benefits to theaters and the entertainment industry for the time being. There are likely confusions and difficulties in financial matters connected to entertainments at this time. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro chart, the film industry is highlighted. There appears to be a sign of some confusion and discontentment among workers. The Johndro chart also shows heavy expenses, extravagances and potential troubles connected to state officials with the added possibility of coming disgrace to an official. The chart also points to increased in crime in Albuquerque as well as the entire state now, especially in connection to drugs.

The full Moon in Delhi, India was at 10:09 PM today. It is interesting in that it is a mirror image of the chart for Albuquerque. There are confusions in the legislature as affects the entertainment industry as well as schools and matters connected with children. Seen from the perspective of the Johndro chart, the emphasis shifts to problems affecting the national health and labor. The current outlook in India is serious and is connected with past matters as yet unresolved.

Genreal conditions shown by these charts also relate to countries ruled by Pisces, most notibly Europe as a whole, and especially Portugal, Normandy and numerous cities in England where weather conditions are now stormy. Countries and cities ruled by Virgo are also to be noted. These include the New England states and Virginia, Brazil, the city of Paris, Basel, Jerusalem and several cities in England.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Year of Metal Tiger in Chinese Astrology: Predictions

The Chinese Lunar New Year began at New Moon, February 13 - 14, 2010. This is the year Metal Tiger. The month is Earth Tiger. The day is Wood Sheep, and the hour in Washington DC is Fire Sheep.

For the world in general this is going to be a turbulent year with pronounced dangers of violence. People and governments will become angry, go to extremes and get into fights. Patience is lacking. Acts of terrorism are likely. The vital element, or watchword, for the world, as shown by this chart, is strict maintenance of law and order. The danger lies in defiance of order. The wrong people will try to take the lead and make heros of themselves. Many people will suffer.

Alliances between nations appear to be shaky. Fortunes are unstable. Quarrels will strain international relations. The chart shows the powers of the East far overbalancing the West. This is good for neither the Asian nor Western powers. China is now too strong. If China does not curb its growth, but continues as it has been going, it will see economic upsets coming.

The chart has an extreme preponderance of Wood and Fire elements. It is overly Yang. This points to storms and heat especially in spring and summer. There are going to be floods especially on the east coast.

The chart has two very interesting stars. They say that by studying the signs and practicing divination, astrology and religion the noble-minded will come through difficulties unscathed.

For the US in general the chart is favorable for all professions involving financial and commercial matters; money management; entrepreneurship; investing and trading. Playing precious metals is good. If you play the stock market, however, be very cautious after the summer. It will take more than 2010 for the economy to turn around. The elements in the world are severely out of balance.

If you were born in the year or day of Monkey, Rat or Dragon this is an important year for you to make a significant change. Either travel, change residence, make an important career change, or change your house around. Metal Tiger is such a strong sign that if you don't do any of these things, you will become extremely discontent, waste a lot of time and money and/or clash others.

If you were born in the year or on the day of Snake, Tiger year will be a challange for you. Tiger is friendly to Pig, Horse, Dog, Rabbit and Dragon, and is neutral to Ox and Sheep. To find out how you will fare this year you may want to get your own personal Chinese astrological chart reading done.

Reduced to an I Ching hexagram, the beginning of this year of Metal Tiger yields hexagram 32, line 2. It says the great person stands firm and does not change direction. Changes come with the changing seasons. This is a time to persevere. Be calm and adapt to the time. If you maintain balance you will have a good year. Going to extremes is not wise.

by Raphael Simons
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Chinese Solar New Year Predictions for 2010

The Chinese Solar New Year, or the beginning of the Chinese Spring Season began on February 4th. The Chinese Lunar New Year, the official Chinese New Year begins on the New Moon, February 13th/14th.

The Chinese Solar calendar marks this year as the year of 8 Earth Star. What this means for the world in general is that financial fortunes are at a turning point. Money is seriously restricted. Large financial interests and businesses that have run into trouble are now running the risk of collapse while new and far sighted ventures that are starting up may look forward to coming years of growth and prosperity. In spite of obvious difficulties this is a good year to start up a futuristic venture. Old business models, especially in publishing and other forms of media, are destined to fail unless they radically regroup. It is time to plant a seed and tend it carefully. Don't expect profits soon. Look forward. The entire financial picture of the world until the year 2024 is at a turning point this year. The old models of business are crumbling.

Real estate and banking are not in good shape this year. Be very careful in these areas.

Each of us was born under one of the 9 stars. This gives each of us a different fortune for the year.

To find your fortune based on your Chinese birth star use the following table. Note that the Chinese Solar Year begins on February 4th, not January 1st. If you were born between January 1st and February 4th, use the year prior to your birth to find your Chinese birth star. The nine birth stars are listed below for the years 1970 through 1978. If you were not born between 1970 and 1978 find your birth star by adding or subtracting 9 or a multiple of 9. For example, if you were born in 1965 add 9 to 1965 to get 1974 to find your birth star. Also note that the birth stars are not the same for men and women. The birth stars are as follows:

The birth star of 1970 for men is 3 Wood Star, and for women is 3 Wood Star.
The birth star of 1971 for men is 2 Earth Star, and for women is 4 Wood Star.
The birth star of 1972 for men is 1 Water Star, and for women is 5 Earth Star.
The birth star of 1973 for men is 9 Fire Star, and for women is 6 Metal Star.
The birth star of 1974 for men is 8 Earth Star, and for women is 7 Metal Star.
The birth star of 1975 for men is 7 Metal Star, and for women is 8 Earth Star.
The birth star of 1976 for men is 6 Metal Star, and for women is 9 Fire Star.
The birth star of 1977 for men is 5 Earth Star, and for women is 1 Water Star.
The birth star of 1978 for men is 4 Wood Star, and for women is 2 Earth Star.

The fortunes for the 9 birth stars.

1 Water Star this year may look forward to imaginative new ideas and romantic affairs coming up. Moving, communicating, meeting people and traveling is favored. Be careful to read the small print when getting into contracts, however. Your imaginative expectations may exceed reality and you may regret what you get into in the long run. Pay attention to details. This is a good year for you to engage in creative projects and ventures.

2 Earth Star this year looks forward to serious challenges. You are not as secure as you may wish. Be careful to avoid clashes with others. Avoid putting yourself in a precarious position and making trouble for yourself. This is an important year to consolidate and save up. You may gain insight and learn from whatever difficulties you face. Family problems will need your attention.

3 Wood Star this year may look forward to fame and recognition from creative work done in the past. On the other hand trouble that may have been lurking underground last year can come up unexpectedly and bring you into conflict or embarrisment. Then again, there may come about an unexpected and welcome love affair. This is a year of surprises. Make yourself happy and take advantage of every opportunity, some of which will come from out of the blue.

4 Wood Star this year may look forward to running into a groove. This may be desirable or undesirable depending on whether you have found your niche. If desirable you may expect to travel and for your affairs to run much more smoothly and predictably this year. If not so desirable you may feel that you are stuck in a rut and will have to put up with delays. Someone in your circle may be emotionally troubled this year. Try to stay objective about it.

5 Earth Star this year may look forward to slow, steady progress. It is a good year for settling down, getting married, making commitments, building a home or a business and making money if you are comfortable with plodding along. One thing you can be sure of is that you will be better off one way or another by the end of this year.

6 Metal Star this year may look forward to sudden developments. Take bold measures. You are resilient this year. Your actions can cause your conditions to change dramatically. Be careful not to act out of anger, however. If you do you will shoot yourself in the foot. It is time for you to celebrate life and make yourself happy. You have great ability to take calculated risks. Think creatively.

7 Metal Star this year may look forward to a relatively easier time than before. The ways are opening for you with plenty of coming and going, communicating and traveling, and greater ease in your relationships. Take advantage of all opportunities that come your way. You have good chances to prosper this year.

8 Earth Star is at a turning point this year. You are at a pivotal point. You may feel seriously hemmed in and will be impatient with others and with circumstances beyond your control, and may very well be prone to fits of anger. You may feel that you are under too much pressure. If you entertain conflict with someone close to you the relationship may be seriously damaged or break up altogether. If you get into conflict at work you will run the risk of misfortune. If, on the other hand, you are fortunate enough to start a well thought out new venture it will last a long time and you will prosper over the coming years. If you want to move house don't do it unless you are planning to move far away. The part of wisdom says stay centered.

9 Fire Star this year may look forward to being at a great advantage in just about everything. This year favors creative activity, making bold decisions, taking the lead and asserting yourself. You may confidently shine like the sun in the clear sky. Look your best. You may entertain many people and be admired by them all while comfortably holding them at arms length. Everyone will admire you. If you are an actor or artist, this promisses to be a very good year for you. In your more intimate relationships this is the time for you to communicate your desires so that you move in a good direction in the future. Be creative.

by Raphael Simons
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