Monday, December 31, 2012

An astrological snapshot of 2013

New Years Eve marks the world's birthday. The chart made for Washington DC shows what to expect in and of the US as realtes to the world.

The Moon at 00:00 AM EST is at 23:22 Leo. What is remarkable about that is that the north lunar node is at 23:35 Scorpio. The Moon and the lunar nodes applying to exact square means that we're headed for a jolt. Where we will feel the jolt is shown by the Moon's house position and rulership, and by the houses in which we find the lunar nodes. The Moon is in the 11th house and rules the 10th, and the north and south nodes are in the 2nd and 8th houses respectively. This shows the jolt coming involves the Congress and the President, and the economy and taxes.

We also find Saturn in the 2nd house [at 9:34 Scorpio square and in mutual reception Mars in the 4th house at 4:51 Aquarius, and opposite the Moon's solstice point at 7:38 Taurus] showing no easy way out of financial troubles; the situation is difficult. The mutual reception place of Saturn [in the 4th house] tells us that real estate prices will be affected. Real estate in most areas will stagnate at best, and more likely will go down. We will see this happening in Canada especially. This coming summer will be a good time to buy if you have the cash.

Saturn and the north node in the 2nd house involved in afflictive aspects is bad for the economy in general. It denotes financial stagnation and a tendency toward recession in financial circles. The Moon forming a wide opposition to Neptune in the 5th house warns of foolhardy speculating: danger of possible fraudulent insider trading.

The Sun at 10:57 Capricorn is conjunct Pluto at 09:20 Capricorn. This is a very significant factor. The Sun of the UK and the Sun of the Euro is at 10 degrees Capricorn. The UK and Euro zone are headed for major develpments in their financial arrangements. Pluto is square Uranus in Aries, and is sextile and in mutual reception Saturn in Scorpio. The mutual reception with Saturn eases the tension somewhat, but it puts Saturn in conjunction with the Sun, and that spells more austerity, and more austerity means more poverty and suffering in Europe this year. The people in the UK will become more and more resentful, and this will seriously challenge the Conservatives.

The Sun and Pluto in the chart for DC is in the 4th house. [Pluto rules the 2nd house and Sun rules the 11th.] This spells reorganization of finances and matters of banking linked with what happens in Congress, and it affects the real estate situation. Don't expect it to ease up too quickly.

On the other hand we find Mars in the 4th house [sextile and in mutual reception Uranus in the 6th. Mars rules the 7th and Uranus rules the 5th.] This is an opportune time for some to engage in speculating in real estate. Foreign speculators will be active especially in east coast cities like NYC, Boston, and DC. Mars and Uranus are trine and sextile with Jupiter, respectively. Jupiter is in the 9th house and he rules the 3rd and 6th houses. The 9th house position of Jupiter confirms that we are looking forward to foreign speculation in American property.

Jupiter in the 9th house ruling the 3rd also points to a more active time coming up in publishing this year. Mercury in the 3rd house [in mutual reception with Jupiter in the DC chart] creates a very active picture for research and writing this year. A lot of new information will be forthcoming. Mercury is at 00:58 Capricorn, a critical degree. Critical Mercury [in the 3rd house, ruling the 9th and 12th houses] tells us that critical information and surprises will be made known to the public. It will involve different areas of interest, not only political. There is a growing awareness of contact with extra-terrestrials.

The Moon in wide opposition with Neptune [Neptune being in the 5th house, and ruling the 6th] shows danger to children from pharmaceuticals and drugs. Jupiter applying to square Neptune, and Mercury sextile Neptune shows trafficking.

The chart has four mutual receptions: Saturn/Pluto; Saturn/Mars; Mercury/Jupiter; Mars/Uranus. This says that there is nothing we get into that we can't get out of this year. The year has lots of ins and outs and lots of finagling. There will be many new opportunities. This is a time of interesting possibilities. We are in a period of restructuring. There is much flexibility in the way it is going to unfold. The chart has 4 cardinal and 3 mutible signs; it all moves quickly.

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Winter Solstice 2012 in astrology

Winter solstice 2012 occurs on December 21 at 11:13 AM GMT. Short of the end of the world, it marks the 3rd quarter of the astrological year whose beginning is at the vernal equinox. On this stupendous occasion we find the majority of planets in cardinal and mutible signs and in fire and air, which makes for a lively energy this winter quarter, but the Moon moving relatively slowly slows the course of change and makes for relatively fewer events this quarter than if the Moon were moving quickly.

The Sun forms the following aspects: conjunction Pluto, square Uranus, sextile Saturn, and sextile Neptune. The Sun's conjunction with Pluto, sextile to Saturn and sextile to Neptune tends to generate a more or less calming influence. Saturn and Pluto, exactly sextile one another, are in mutual reception, bringing a constructive, cooperative influence to the world in areas of large scale Government and corporate organization. The mutual reception also means that the situation is more or less flexible and different strategies are being tried out in order to find what works and what doesn't. The Sun sextile Neptune is peaceful, and favors large social groups, especially the poor and less fortunate. But, while this is true, the Sun and Pluto square Uranus will continue to generate tension and resentment in the world. While the world is tending more at this time toward cooperation tension and discontentment will continue to plague us.

The Moon forms the following aspects. The planet directly behind the Moon is Uranus. This brings some surprisng developments and turns of events this winter. The influence of Uranus tends to bring the unexpected and sudden. The chief aspects formed by the Moon are a trine to Mercury, and a square to Mars. Mars is at 26 degrees Capricorn, a critical degree. The Moon coming to square Mars points toward critical conflict in the world.

So, where do we find the conflict? The strongest indications appear in the Winter Solstice charts of eastern Europe and the Middle East. Charts were made for Moscow, Damascus, and Jerusalem. Mars at Winter Solstice is at 26 degrees Capricorn. The Midheaven of Moscow is 24 degrees Capricorn, the Midheaven of Damascus is 23 degrees Capricorn, and the Midheaven of Jerusalem is 22 degrees Capricorn. Mars is conjunct the Midheaven of all of the countries in this longitudinal region (approximately 37 degrees east). The Middle East, especially Syria, will continue to be a hot spot this winter, and the possibility of Russia entering the conflict is not to be ignored.

The chart for the UK has the Sun in the 10th house and the Moon in the 1st. Neptune rising and conjunct the Ascendent shows a liberal socialistic sentiment developing amongst the people, and needing to be heard by the Government. Pluto is in the 11th house. The Sun conjunct Pluto and square Uranus shows the Prime Minister and his party in Parliament engaged in a quarrel with the people. The issues are over money and debt; Pluto rules the 8th house of this chart. The Moon in the 1st house applying to trine Mercury shows productive talks. But, the Moon coming to square Mars in the 11th says that the people challenge the course the current Government has been taking. But, because the Moon and Uranus are intercepted in the 1st house, the people will not as effective as they would like to be, and are not being heard as they might wish.

The chart for Bruxelles, therefore the entire EU, are similar to the chart of the UK. Pluto, however, is in the 10th house. The Sun in the 10th conjunct Pluto and square Uranus in the 1st is a harsher aspect than in UK; it shows the Government acting with heavy hand.

What the above suggests, is that the peacefulness shown in the charts may amount to little more than Goverrnment suppression of popular opposition in the UK and EU.

Looking at the other side of the world, the chart for Australia has Jupiter is in Gemini, in the 10th house. Jupiter is retrograde and in mutual reception Mercury in Sagittarius in the 4th. This opposition and mutual reception in some ways shows the Government in a favorable light at this time. It also shows the Government consideratly bowing to opposition, but the mutual reception by opposition suggests that both sides are at a disadvantage, and won't benefit in their interactions at this time. Jupiter ruling the 8th house, and Mercury ruling the 2nd show that the clumsy dance is around money, and nothing short of a lot of wasted breath can be expected. The Moon is in the 8th house, and is applying to the square of Mars in the 6th. This warns of an epidemic, and points to difficulties in services, labor, and the military.

Looking at the chart for Brazil, we find Mars in the 12th house with Moon applying to square from the 3rd. This points to increasing anger and violence on the streets and in poor areas and neighborhoods. There will be an increase in crime. The chart shows a strongly emphasized Yod configuration between Saturn in the 10th house, Jupiter in the 5th house, and Uranus in the 3rd. This is saying that the Government must adjust. Saturn rules the 12th house in this chart. It strongly involves the poor and the disenfranchised.

Looking at the chart for the USA, we find the Sun rising in the 1st house, and the Moon in the 4th. Mercury is conjunct the Ascendent. Mars is in the 2nd house. The Sun in the 1st house shows, despite the complaints of so many of the people, a period of increasing prosperity. But to whom, and from where? The Sun rules the 9th house. Money is coming into the country from abroad, and money is to be made in iternational trade and commerce.The Sun coming to conjunction Pluto and square Uranus, however, shows that, despite the more sanguine indications, the people will continue to be discontent, and the public health will not be good. Saturn in the 11th house trine and mutual reception Neptune in the 3rd house shows the Democrats in Congress having a strong influence over the press, and the press flattering them. The Yod to Saturn in the 11th house from Jupiter in the 6th and Uranus in the 4th shows the Congress having to make adjustments to accomodate the different demands of labor and of the opposition from the Republicans. Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendent in the 6th house retrograde and opposite Mercury shows a lot of useless talk and bickering while everybody compromises around serious economic issues to nobody's liking. Saturn rules the 2nd house. Compromises are based on economic limitations. Mars is in the 2nd house. The Moon coming to square Mars at a critical degree there presages critical trouble coming up in financial affairs, the general economy, banking, stock market, and the housing market. Mars rules the 4th house. The 4th house signifies real estate. The Moon applying to square Mars shows the Republicans and Democrats not cooperating well at all in the contested area of the economy. In the area of international politics, the opposition and mutual reception between Mercury and retrograde Jupiter amounts to a lot of noise, wasted breath, and agreements to disagree. Jupiter is the ruler of the Ascendent in this chart. Retrograde means that the USA backs down. Mercury, the ruler of the 7th house says that there is a strong and confusing influence in this country from foreign interests.

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chinese astrological portrait of Gianni Versace

The well-known Italian fashion designer, Gianni Versace, was born on December 2, 1946. He would now have been 66. He was shot in the back on July 15, 1997 and died at age 50. The Chinese astrological signs of the year, month, day, and hour of his birth are Fire Dog, Metal Rat, Metal Dog, and Earth Rabbit, respectively. Versace was an extremely dynamic personality. Metal Dog, the strongest sign of all sixty signs in the Chinese system, is capable of greatest good and greatest evil. It is also called a peach blossom sign; Versace was attractive, seductive, and had strong sexual desires and good social standing.

The balance of elements in Versace's birth chart are 2 Water, 1 Wood, 4 Fire, 3 Earth and 4 Metal. Fire and Metal are most prominent. Fire and Metal clash. Versace was born on a day of Metal. Fire, in his chart is his enemy.

The chart showing strong Metal with strong Fire tells us that Versace was a leader who defiantly stood up against opposition; he was defiantly individualistic. This worked in his favor professionally, but in the area of personal involvements it cost him his life. Had he been more careful he might have been able to reach his peak cycle at age 82 to 92. The balance of yin and yang elements in Versace's chart is 6 yin and 6 yang; he was strong.

With only 1 Wood element in his chart, Versace's vital element was Water. In terms of fenshui, this would have meant that his best color was black, and that his best orientation was North. He should not have been in Miami in July, the place and time of his death. Summer and south were for him the worst. Water opposes Fire.

Versace moved to Milano in 1972 at age 26, during a cycle showing good fortune for him in love and money. He launched his Gianni Versace label in 1978 at age 32 at the beginning of a new cycle that brought him big challenges in the personal and professional spheres. He was the type to welcome challenges. In 1982 at age 36, in the same cycle, he launched his line of perfume, and in 1983 at age 37 went into designing theater costumes. This was a most dynamic cycle. In 1990, at age 44, in a new cycle, Versace opened his exclusive New York shop. But, Versace's cycle from age 42 to 52 brought up the enemy: Fire. Trouble was brewing.

The year, month, day, and hour of Versace's death are Fire Ox, Fire Sheep, Earth Horse, and Fire Snake, respectively. This combination has 7 Fires. Fire is extremely strong. Fire came out to attack Versace's Metal. Other indications in the chart show Versace's weak Wood and his vital element, Water, being destroyed.
What could have saved Versace from such a tragic end? The advice a good Chinese astrologer and fengshui expert would have been not to go south in the summer that year, but to go north, and cultivate Water element, meaning concentration and calm reflection. Had he gone to Maine rather than Florida he would have lived.

1997 was the year of Ox. Ox is hostile to dog. Ox punishes Dog. Remember, Versace was born in the year and day of Dog. Ox year would alone have warned Versace that he was in potential danger. The year, Fire Ox, was in a violent clash with Versace's day of birth sign, Metal Dog. Fire Ox is the worst sign for Metal Dog. That would really have been the year for Versace to lay low and go north. But, he didn't know. Chinese astrology is fascinating.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Winter season 2012-2013 in Chinese astrology

Chinese winter season began this year on November 8 and will end on February 4, 2013. This year, the year of the Water Dragon has 13 lunations. While Chinese new year often begins in Chinese spring season, this year began in winter season. It contains two beginnings of springtime, February 4, 2012, and February 4, 2013. The year of Water Snake begins on February 10, 2013. This is a long year.

The new year chart for Water Dragon showed a strong overbalance of Water element. This points to cold and wet conditions. This winter brings it out. The new year chart had 7 Water, 3 Wood, 2 Fire, 4 Earth and 1 Metal. 7 Water suggests floods, and a very cold winter later this year, especially on the east coast of North America and in Europe. So far we have had a devastating storm on the east coast with massive flooding in which many tens of thousands of people lost their homes, and now there are floods in the UK. At the beginning of the Water Dragon year Europe was experiencing an arctic winter.

At the beginning of the winter season, at around November 8th, the east coast of the US, and areas of the mid-west and Canada endured a hurricane with devastating floods. Now there are floods in the UK.

The chart for this winter strongly reemphasizes Water element. The winter chart made for the US has 6 Water, 2 Wood, 1 Fire, 3 Earth, and 4 Metal. The winter chart made for the UK has 7 Water, 2 Wood, 0 Fire, 2 Earth and 3 Metal. Water is extremely overbalanced. The East coast of the US, Canada, and the UK, not to mention Europe, will probably experience severe coditions this winter. Water element is particularly strong later in November through January.

In the realm of human emotions, this intensity of Water comes out as fear. Fear will pervade social and political relations this winter. Water is also secretive. That means that much will not be revealed directly, and a lot of false information aimed at arousing fear will circulate. All the end of the world mania that has been developing is seen in the imbalance of the elements in Nature. It doesn't mean the end of anything. But it does mean that people are collectively expressing the negative negative side of Water. The positive side of Water is CONCENTRATION and CALM REFLECTION. The part of wisdom tells us that through this intense energy we can reflect calmly so that we can become better attuned to the natural course that will bring us to grow later on.

If you wish to apply this understanding to fengshui, it would make perfect sense to clear a space in your home where you can sit, walk, stand, and/or lie down and bring yourself into a state of calm, clear reflection and concentration. The appropriate color for this energy is deep blue. Giving into fear takes in the poison of the Water Element. The poison of Water element causes bone, nerve, and brain disorders, sexual dysfunction, and falling hair. Time of Water calls for collecting, concentrating and bringing the Chi to stillness. Do this even though the world is prone to fits of terror and hatred now.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The solar eclipse as seen in astrology

The solar eclipse at 21 degrees Scorpio was at 10:19 PM GMT, November 3. The affects of a solar eclipse unfold over one to three years, the first year being the most significant. 21 degrees Scorpio is in the 3rd decanate of that sign. A solar eclipse in the 3rd decanate of Scorpio denotes the rise of a tyrant, and the hatred of the people against their rulers. We now have in the United States a surprising movement of people to secede. It won't happen at this time, but it is an ominous sign of the deep discontentment of the people that has been brewing for years as well as secretive maneuvering involving certain individuals in the military, political circles, and the Government.

The eclipse happens in the 19th lunar mansion. This lunar masion, called Azarala, unsettles commercial activities, but favors the persuit of personal ideas; it is a good time to go hunting, as it were. Mars, the dispositor of the eclipse is forming sextile aspect with Neptune. This favors the adventurous spirit that the eclipse is showing.

Scorpio, the sign in which we find the eclipse, is ruled by Mars and Pluto. The aspects of Mars and Pluto are Mars sextile Neptune, and Pluto square Uranus. These say that the affects of the eclipse are mixed good and not good. We see also that Mercury is retrograde and is exactly square Neptune, and that gives Mars licence to do some pretty adventurous mischief, so the eclipse has an air of danger of treachery. The square of Mercury and Neptune is very significant, as it denotes fraudulence and underhandedness in world affairs. It also denotes scandals happening everywhere.

The eclipse was visible in the far southwestern Pacific, and passed over northern Australia. It reached total in Australia at 9:19 AM on November 14, in the 11th house. This denotes upsets in Parliamentary affairs. Mercury is also in the 11th house and, square to Neptune in the 3rd house, denotes deceptions by the press. There are also dangers of mishaps while traveling, especially on water. Mercury retrograde also rules the 10th house. Applying to square Neptune, who rules the 4th house, it appears the Prime Minister or other leading figure in the Government would wish to avoid a potentially chaotic quarrel with the opposition; some ugly and distorted things will come out. The media in Australia, as shown by this eclipse, is in the dark, and is distracting the people and lying about something. Mars is in the 12th house showing trouble behind the scenes.

The eclipse in New Zealand was at 11:19 AM in the 10th house. It is telegraphing a significant earthquake or volcanic eruption to come over the course of the year. The solar eclipse in the 10th house is also very unfortunate for the Government. The eclipsed Sun rules the 8th house of this chart, and denotes the death of a leading figure in the country, very possibly someone in the higest circles of the Government.

The eclipse in the UK and the EU was in the 4th house denoting the land itself, and the opposition to the Government. Harsh winter conditions will develop. The eclipsed Sun rules the Ascendent of this chart. This denotes that the people are tremendously upset. Serious problems in the Eurozone are coming. Pluto will transit the Euro Sun and UK Sun to bring worse turmoil in this region in December and into 2013. Pluto is square Uranus. Deep organizational crises are working out. Greece is at the brink of defaulting. It may happen in December. In the eclipse chart for the UK and EU we have Mercury square Neptune in the 7th house denoting treachery and double dealing on the part of foreign powers. Mercury rules the 2nd house. The 2nd house is the treasury and banks. Double dealing involves money and banking. Europe is vulnerable to international crime, plots, schemes, secret attacks, and scandals.

The eclipse in the USA was in the 6th house with Mercury in the 6th house square Neptune in the 10th. A scandal in the military involving the Administration is unfolding. The press is involved as shown by the Moon ruling the 3rd house of the chart. The eclipse happens in interception in the 6th house. This shows that the trouble is very deep and that much of it escapes attention. There is more to it than is being revealed. Mercury ruling the 2nd house square Neptune in the 10th house mutual reception Uranus in the 11th house shows alot of tricky business involving the economy, the Congress and the Executive branch of the Government. The eclipsed Sun ruling the 4th house is showing that the opposition to the President, while eclipsed, is involved in a deep and secret way in what is showing on the surface to be a scandal involving Petraeus. There appears to be some deep power brokering happening involving the military, the highest circles of the Government, and the economic forces. The eclipse does not show international conflict coming. Jupiter who rules the 7th house of this chart is retrograde and in the 1st house. It shows foreign powers disinclined to conflict with the US at this point. The eclipse Sun ruling the 4th house also shows that the opposition to the Administration is extremely discontent. The Sun at 21 degrees is on a critical degree. The discontentment is being experienced as a crisis. This explains the secessionist movement.

Mercury is the ruler of the Ascendent of the USA eclipse chart. Mercury is retrograde. The people will back down. There won't be any secession at this time. The movement is running into confusion as shown by Mercury exactly square Neptune. It is possible, from what this chart looks like, that people in the Government and/or military are involved in this secessionist movement. The eclipse Sun rules the 4th house. The 4th house is the opposition to the Administration. The eclipse happens in interception in the 6th house. It involves the military, and interception means secrecy. It is this writers opinion that there is a connection between the recent firings of Petraeus and other high ranking military personel and the secessionist movement; it is possible that the secessionist movement is in part triggered by individuals connected with the military and opposed to Obama. This is more complex than it may appear to be.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The election on 11/6 seen astrologically

There is a method used to get an idea who will win. According to Elbert Benjamine, of The Brotherhood of Light fame, the chart to use is the new or full moon just prior to the election, and the planets to pay attention to are Jupiter and Saturn, Jupiter for the Republicans and Saturn for the Democrats. The full moon prior to the coming election was on Oct. 29. While this method generally works, it is the opinion of this writer that it is better to look at that chart in the context of the charts of the fall equinox of Sept. 22, the new moon of Oct. 15, the chart for the day of the election, Nov. 6, then Mercury going retrograde on Nov. 7,  and finally the solar eclipse that comes on Nov. 13. The reaon for the chart of the solar eclipse is because the solar eclipse acts as a big magnet that draws the entire tide of human emotions and opinions that bears upon the consensus at the election. At first glance it looks close, and vigilance will be needed to deal with voter fraud.

All of the charts are made for Washington DC.

Looking at Saturn first, we see that this planet is in the section of the sky called Via Combust Way in all of these charts. Any planet in Via Combust Way is weakened. Nonetheless, Saturn was in Libra. Saturn is exalted in Libra, so this makes him very powerful despite his weakened condition. The Democratic party is strong if not as strong as it would like to be.

Looking at Jupiter, we see that this planet is in Gemini, its sign of detriment, and that it is retrograde.This weakens the Republicans as well. When Mercury goes retrograde, it does so in Sagittarius, Jupiter's sign, so the retrograde weakens the Republicans even further. Mercury goes retrograde square Neptune. This warns us of fraud and errors in the election process that will not look good.

The chart of the fall equinox gives Saturn three good aspects, and Jupiter two. Saturn's aspects are sextile the Sun, sextile the Mid Heaven, and trine Neptune. Jupiter's aspects are trine Mercury and sextile Venus. Saturn was in the 12th house, and Jupiter was in the 8th. Mars was at 19 degrees Scorpio in the 1st house showing the people very angry this fall; the nation is in an angry mood. Mars is conjunct the star Serpentis, the most malefic star in the sky. In this angry mood, the conditions of Saturn and Jupiter are pretty similar, although Saturn is stronger. Therefore, the Democratic party as seen from the fall equinox chart is the stronger of the two.

The chart of the new moon of Oct. 15 has Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is peregrine in Scorpio, not as strong as in Libra, and prone to being pushed off course under bad aspects. Nonetheless, Saturn in Scoprio is in mutual reception Pluto in Capricorn, so Saturn is strongly reinforced. Pluto rules over the largest mass of people. The Democrats are therefore seen as winning more support from the grassroots. Saturn is also forming a sextile aspect with Pluto, and that acts very favorably and gives opportunities for succeeding. In the new moon chart Saturn has five aspects, all seen as good. They are conjunct the Ascendent, square the Mid-Heaven, Conjunct the Moon and conjunct the Sun. Retrograde Jupiter has three aspects: trine the Sun and trine the Moon, and square Venus. The Sun and Moon are separating from trine to Jupiter and are applying to the conjunction with Saturn. The force is moving from the Republicans to the Democrats. Saturn, i.e., the Democrats, appears in this chart to be gaining.

The chart of the full moon, the key chart according to Elbert Benjamine, has Saturn combust the Sun, opposite the Moon. This can weaken Saturn, but the mutual reception Pluto can get him out of a tight spot. The full moon happened at the disaster on the east coast, and Obama has risen to the occasion while Romney has not. The mutual reception between Saturn and Pluto has turned a disaster into an opportunity for Obama. In the full moon chart Saturn has four aspects, and Jupiter has three. Saturn's aspects are conjunction the Sun, opposition the Moon, sextile and mutual reception Pluto, and trine Neptune. The aspects of Jupiter, now retrograde, ae square the Ascendent, opposition the Midheaven, and and exact opposition to Mars. The opposition to Mars is very unluck for Romney. Also Mars is in the 9th house. Romney is being frowned upon by foreign Governments. So, the full moon chart shows the Democrats gaining yet more.

The chart of the day of the election, made for noon in DC has Mercury at retrograde station opposite Jupiter retrograde and square Neptune. This warns of fraud. Mercury is in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury. They are in mutual reception by opposition. It works like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. The mutual reception is destructive, and brings out a lot of confusion, all the worse because of Mercury's square aspect to Neptune. Something fishy about Romney that day. Jupiter's aspects, besides the mutual reception by opposition to Mercury, are opposition to Mars, trine to Venus, and sextile to Moon. Romney despite the confusion will win plenty of votes. The aspects of Saturn are mutual reception by sextile to Pluto, and trine to Neptune. Obama is getting the votes of the poor and the greater mass of the people.

Let it be said that the Mercury square to Neptune, while it involves Jupiter, also overshadows the entire election. The people are being deceived by both sides. Something ominous is in this, as shown by the solar eclipse.

The chart of the solar eclipse on November 13 has Mercury retrograde exactly square Neptune, a sign of fraud and confusion. Because Mercury is the dispositor of Jupiter, still retrograde, it points at the Republicans. They don't play fair. Mercury is trine to Saturn, so it favors Saturn, and Saturn is in mutual reception by sextile with Pluto which works in Saturn's favor. Jupiter has one aspect, trine Venus. Venus is intercepted in the 6th house showing a small group working from behind closed doors. Saturn's aspects are opposition the Ascendent, mutual reception and sextile Pluto, and trine Neptune. Saturn is in the 6th house denoting labor. The working class favors Obama. The solar eclipse is in the 7th house, the eclipse being at 21 degrees Scorpio. A solar eclipse in the 3rd decanate of Scorpio shows the rise of a tyrant. We will learn what that means. The eclipse in the 7th house points to disputes and complications not only between opposing forces in the country, but also involving foreign powers.

Decide for yourself. It looks like Obama will win unless there is election fraud. Either way, the outcome will be difficult. The people are being decieved.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Feng Shui of the heart: the three fortunes

In Chinese thinking bearing upon fengshui there is what is called the three fortunes. The three fortunes are always taken into account in fengshui. The three fortunes are the luck of heaven, the luck of the human, and the luck of the earth. Heaven luck refers to the configurations in the person's horoscope. Human luck refers to the person's state of morality, health, energy, and personal culture. And earth luck refers to the condition of the person's living and working environments. When all three fortunes are in harmony the person thrives.

To ascertain your heaven luck a Chinese astrological chart is made and analyzed. It shows how the elements unfold through your life, when they support your growth and when they go against you. Without this knowledge it is very difficult to make any sense in arranging the fengshui of your environment, as it is completely necessary to see what the different elements mean to you in time and space. If you don't know what element the person needs, you can easily go astray and use the wrong element in the fengshui, and bring bad luck to the person. The elements in Chinese astrology directly translate into directions in space and colors. If a person needs the element Wood, meaning green colors and east orientation, and you give them the element Fire, or red colors and south orientation, you exhaust their Chi and weaken their luck. Chinese astrology is the only reliable guide for doing personal fengshui. It tells everything about the person's life, as it unfolds in time, and helps to understand what the person needs for all of the different areas of life to develop well and smoothly.

The person's human luck develops with personal culture, moral, mental, and physical cultivation. If the person has excellent heaven luck and beautiful earth luck but is unethical in his or her dealings in the world the human luck will eventually attract disaster. Good heaven and earth luck will come to no avail if you don't act correctly to realize it. It is like serving delicious, nourishing food to someone who is too lazy to lift a fork. Human luck means work and action. Without it nothing helps. Self-cultivation to build a magnetic personality is the most important key to success. A person with strong human luck and bad earth luck can become very successful in life. A person with good earth luck and poor human luck will at best be weak, and will more likely than not meet with bad luck. Human luck is the hub of the wheel, so to say. A good fengshui expert can arrange the fengshui of a person's environment in such a discordant way that forces the person to become strong and active, and succeed in life. You have to understand the person correctly in order to do the fengshui appropriately. Understanding the person's human luck is just as important as knowing how to read the person's Chinese astrological chart.

The earth luck refers to the actual arrangement of the person's environment. That arrangement depends on knowing the person's Chinese astrological chart, and understanding their level of personal culture. Arranging the person's earth luck is making a magical talisman of their space. Everything is put in the right place in the right alignment according to the compass situation of the place, the underground energetic condition, and the astrological reading of the person living or working in the space. And, when the human luck of the person is correctly understood the space can be given the appropriate objects to support the development of the person's luck.

Fengshui without a complete understanding and skill in working with the the three fortunes is more likely than not going to cause trouble. Without the proper knowledge of the Chinese astrology this art should not be practiced in any way but to a superficial depth as it can do a lot of harm when not used intelligently.

A good fengshui expert uses all of the elements and the three fortunes to change a person's luck and life. This is a subtle and powerful art. The traditional way of practicing the personal form of fengshui, called fengshui of the heart, begins with a Chinese astrological reading. The astrological reading shows the person's situation and what it needs to move in a positive direction. The person's face may also also read and/or they are engaged in conversation to arrive at an understanding of their human luck. The sound of a person's voice tells the expert even more about the person than the words they use, as different vocal signals and inflections reveal the balance of the elements in the person's Chi. When the person's situation is suffiently understood, the fengshui expert looks at the person's house to analyze it and make those recommendations that will change the person's luck. This is the way it has been done in China for centuries.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Chinese astrological portrait of Fidel Castro

Upon hearing the news that the much loved and hated leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, had a stroke, a Chinese astrological chart was drawn up to view his life and see how much longer he has to live. Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926 in the hour of Ox. The Chinese astrological signs for the year, month, day, and hour of his birth are Fire Tiger, Fire Monkey, Wood Dog, and Wood Ox, respectively. He was born in the year of 2 Earth star and the month of 5 Earth star, and his tendency star is 2 Earth. The combination of Fire Tiger year and Wood Dog day made Castro a passionate, creative character who was full of surprises, and who loved adventure; he was tremendously optimistic. The combination of birth stars, 2-5-2, allowed Castro to persist and develop his vision gradually, following the examples of those political figures he most admired. Oddly enough, he was a conservative, and detail oriented man, and he had the support of some powerful magicians on the island. He was oriented to service, was hardworking, and single minded. And he felt deeply connected to the people and to the land that he so zealously ruled, although his chart shows major conflict with his parents and with figures of authority when he was growing up; he didn't have the support of his parents.

The balance of elements in Castro's chart are 4 Metal, 2 Water, 3 Wood, 4 Fire, and 4 Earth. Water is weakest, and Wood and Metal are the strongest at his birth. His vital element is Metal. Metal was strongest in his life in his first 29 years, and then again from age 39 to 59. In the 10 year period from age 29 to 39, which for Castro was a pivotal cycle, he won his war, and made an enemy of the USA. Having won control of Cuba in that period, he established a Government that has proved to be long lasting. Anything established in a pivotal period lasts long. Breaks and fallings out also happen in such periods.

The balance of yin and yang elements in Castro's chart show 10 yang and 6 yin. Castro is an initiator. The balance shows that yang Fire and yang Earth are overbalanced. This adversely affected his digestion and circulation. This, combined with Castro's weakest element, Water, ruling the brain, and blood, shows how he came to have a stroke which will invalid him for the rest of his life. This year, 2012, Water Dragon, having a superfluidity of Water, is attacking the elements of the year of Castro's birth, Fire Tiger, and is overwhelming Castro's circulation and brain, hence a stroke; he is very weak now. The elements of the current 10 year period that he is in, from age 79 to 89, Wood Dragon, fight with the elements of the day of his birth, Wood Dog. And with his vital element having been absent since he was 59, Castro is in fragile condition. Still, the sequence of 10 year cycles in his life show that he reached his peak of personal power and strength between 69 and 79, and that, while he is declining, he is still capable of holding on. How long he does is a question.

Death could come between now and 2016, sometime between 2013 and 2014 being likely. The sequence of years shows a steady decline of strength between 2011 and 2016. It would be a miracle if he held on past 2016. The 10 year cycle of Castro's age 79 to 89 shows him reclusive. If he survives past his 89th birthday he will die in that period. Castro will be 89 in 2015.

What will become of Cuba beyond Castro's death, according to his chart, is a modification and undoing of his ideas about how to rule the country. His original conflict with his family, and, by extension, the wealthy class from which he came, is not over. When he dies, those people will try to reassert themselves in Havana.

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Chinese astrological portrait of Vladimir Putin 10/7

Vadimir Putin was born on October 7, 1952 at 9:30 AM. The Chinese signs for his year, month, day, and hour of birth are Water Dragon, Earth Rooster, Fire Dog, and Water Snake, respectively. Putin is a very forceful, dynamic, and clever man.

The balance of elements in Putin's chart are 5 Metal, 3 Water, 1 Wood, 3 Fire, and 4 Earth. Putin's vital element is Wood. This means that his best color is green and his best orientation is East and Southeast. Looking at the luck cycles in his chart, Putin has been enjoying strong Wood since age 41, 41 - 51 being a pivotal cycle in his life during which he rose dramatically to power. Wood element is present in his years from 41 all the way into his 80s, his 80s being his peak cycle. Putin will probably continue to occupy an influential position of power well into his 80s.

The yin and yang balance of the elements in Putin's chart are fairly well balanced, a good sign for health. With 8 yang and 6 yin he is a good initiator of action, but there being no yang Wood in his chart, he needs people to help him make decisions, whether he does so on their recommendation or in opposition to them. His chart has two Nobleman stars, showing that he attracts helpful people, and the chart shows that helpful people are present in his life from age 52 on. Despite the oppositions he is surrounded by supporters. He thrives on opposition. The chart shows that he becomes more subtle in dealing with opposition as he ages. His life from age 52 on also shows him prospering. People who work with him love him. And with two Tien Yi stars, or Sky Medicine stars, he is very lucky; he receives assistance and promotion through his life, all the more as he gets older, especially from age 52 onward.

Born with the stars 3 Wood, 7 Metal, and 1 Water, Putin works diligently. He plans ahead and waits for the right moment to act. The earlier years of his career were not nearly so easy as his later years. His situation turned around especially in his 40s, and he rose to the most fortunate position. Patience is a challenge for Putin. He is sensitive, and, while he can be put off by negative comments of others, he doesn't show it. He is a very subtle character and a deep, secretive thinker.

This year 2012, when Putin turns 60, is a challenging year, but each step he takes moves him forward decisively. After February 2013 he may have some difficulties with subordinates, but upon his 61st birthday in 2013 he enters a new 10 year cycle that brings out his dominant nature all the more. From 61 to 71 Putin meets his challenges in surprising ways; he is very smart. The year 2014 will be a peak year for him.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturn's Ingress in Scorpio

Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5, at 20:34 GMT.  It will plod through Scorpio until 2015 when it enters Sagittarius. The following is what it shows coming up in the world.

The nature of Scorpio is fixed water. Saturn is cold. Saturn in Scorpio brings out the tendency of Scorpio to become icy. This can cause the the criminals to become entrenched. It will also establish new and positive structural developments in business, economics, science, and international relations. Serious confrontations will happen.

Saturn in Scorpio hates restraint and opposition. It has a strong, turbulent energy, and may soon cause the downfall of criminals in positions of power. Arrogance and greed are the most dangerous attitudes to have under this influence. The arrogant will fall.

Saturn in Scorpio will also deteriorate the public health and hygene, poison the water, and bring out serious diseases. Because Saturn in Scorpio has to do with poisoning, the entire matter of gas fracking will loom up in the public awareness. Pollution of water, as well as scarcity of water will be a big issue. Also the matter of GMOs and the pharmaceuticals will become more and more a critical issue. Saturn in Scorpio will also bring necessary disintegration to powerful international financial institutions run by crooks.

Scorpio is the sign of death. Saturn is the reaper. Put them together, and they spell the end of all due to fall in the areas of banking, politics, business, and in the general public. The death rate will rise. The disease rate will also rise. There will be much mortality among the elderly, and among prominent figures including those who hold important positions in the Governments of the world.

Saturn is peregrine in Scorpio. It lacks patience, and can contribute to treachery in political affairs. There will be assassinations done in secrecy.

The planetary aspect shown by the chart at the minute Saturn entered Scorpio says something about how this planet will act over the period. The most important aspects include the following. Saturn was conjunct Mercury at 00 degrees Scorpio, and trine Neptune at 00 degrees Pisces. This gives a deep, intelligent, and subtle influence to Saturn. It will bring out dark secrets otherwise concealed from public attention. It may also begin some revolutionary developments in the scientific, political, and economic areas. Great benefit comes to the world through secret channels. There are very powerful people working from secret positions to disempower the criminal elements that have plunged the world into the crisis it is in.

Saturn has two dispositors, it being in Scorpio: these are Mars and Pluto. The condition of the dispositors show what will become of Saturn's influence as it transits Scorpio. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is at 29 degrees Scorpio, square to Venus and square to Neptune; Venus and Neptune are in opposition one another. Mars at 29 degrees any sign is at the end of his tether, and is extremely impatient and will certainly precipitate trouble. Interesting to note, the Moon was at 29 degrees Scorpio when President Obama was inaugurated. This, and the coming time for his Administration is fraught with trouble.

Mars square Venus and Neptune will bring out scandals; criminals will be exposed; there will be breaches of trust in political and business circles; unfortunate economic developments affecting international relations will have to work out; huge losses of money, and explosive, even false flag events are to be expected. Criminals do not stop until they are stopped.

Pluto, the secondary ruler of Scorpio, is square Uranus. This very difficult square marks the entire transit of Saturn through Scorpio, not only because Pluto is Square Uranus at the beginning of this transit, but because these two planets will continue to be square to one another all the way through into 2015. This is a time of world-wide turmoil. Huge protests are happening. We can expect what is developing in the world to grow and get louder. Autocratic gangsters are having, what at best is, their last hurrah, and the world is paying a terrible price for it. Neptune square Mars shows radical forces revolting. It brings violence.

The transiting Moon at the time of Saturn's entry into Scorpio is exactly conjunct Jupiter at 16 degrees Gemini trine the Sun at 13 degrees Libra. There will be a great deal of brilliant writing and communicating all through this exciting period. Intellectual activity will flourish. During times of revolution the most interesting literary productions come. This is such a time.

All in all, the condition of Saturn's dispositors along with the Moon's condition show that the coming time is going to be very exciting and dangerous. Very good and very evil developents will come in scientific, political, and economic areas. Extra-terrestrial communications will break through all the more, and become more widely accepted.

The countries under Scorpio include Bavaria, Turkey (Cappadocia), Catalonia, Judea, Morocco, Norway, Syria, South Africa. If the situation in the EU continues to be more and more oppressive, Bavaria, the richest German state, may move toward autonomy, or will move to dominate the Federal Government of Germany. Turkey is moving ever closer to war with Syria. Jerusalem is in a dangerous and potentially very unfortunate position. South Africa is on the brink of war. Catalonia is moving to seceed from Spain. Because of its oil, Norway is in the most advantageous position. Time will tell what happens with Morocco. It may develop tensions with France.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The full moon of 9/30 in astrology

The full moon occured on September 30 at 3:20 GMT. It marks a uniquely tense moment, what with the Moon conjunct Uranus, Square Pluto, and the Sun opposite Uranus and square Pluto, while Venus and Mars are square, and Saturn is at the end of his tether at 29 degrees Libra. Violence may attend forced changes. People are not in a peaceful mood.

The full moon at Greenwich is between the 8th and 2nd houses with Pluto in the 4th. Venus is in the 12th house square Mars in the 3rd, and Saturn is in the 3rd. The indications of this chart hold true for all of western Europe including Portugal and Spain. The greatest tension is over money and property. And while there is a lot of angry protesting going on in the streets, Jupiter in the 10th house is protecting the Government. This is setting up the Governments for a lot of trouble to come.

The full moon chart for Bruxelles shows the same indications as that for Greenwich except that Saturn is in the 2nd house. This is a very dangerous place for Saturn in that it seriously affects the financial outlook for the entire EU in the midst of extremely tense conditions. Saturn in this afflictive degree in the 2nd house is very evil. It confirms the Sun's position in the 2nd house opposite Uranus and square Pluto, serously threatening financial stagnation, disruptive conditions, and depression. Yet, we see Jupiter in the 10th house protecting those in the highest circle. This bodes great ill. The Governments are out of touch with the people. Jupiter is in Gemini, the sign of his detriment. He gets caught up in all kinds of intellectual nonsense and doesn't see what is right in front of his nose.

The full moon in the chart of Israel is between the 7th and 1st houses, with Pluto in the 4th. This brings troubling disputes and complications to Israel. The Moon rules the 10th house, directly involving Netanyahu; Netanyahu is in an unfortunate position. Afflicted Uranus conjunct the 7th house cusp plays havoc with foreign affairs, causing unexpected, serious complications, and agitation against the country.

The full moon in China is between the 10th and 4th houses with Pluto in the 7th. Here also we see dangerous agitation in international affairs, in this case, involving a dispute between China and Japan. Afflicted Uranus in the 10th house shows sudden and unexpected emergencies in Government circles. There is internal strife in the highest circle.

The full moon in the US is between the 4th and 10th houses with Pluto in the 1st, again showing great tension, but here it is in the relationship between the incumbent and its opposition. Jupiter in this chart is in the 7th house showing, at least for the time being, no danger from foreign regions. Pluto is in the 1st house, and rules the 12th. This shows the crucial connection between the poor and disenfranchised in the political contest. Mars is in the 12th house of this chart showing a sharp increase in crime, murder, and violence. Mars squares Venus in the 9th house, with Venus ruling the 11th. Crime involves international gangs.

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Equinox

The equinox occured on September 22 at 14:50 GMT. Its chart shows developing tensions in the world through the fall quarter.

The outstanding aspects are as follows:
The Sun is quincunx Neptune, and is applying to opposition Uranus and square Pluto, Pluto and Uranus being exactly square one another.
The Moon, with Mars behind her, is applying to sextile Saturn, then dexter square Sun, conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. Moon dexter square Sun denotes forced breakthrough.
Venus is applying to square Mars, with Mars conjunct the most malefic star in the heavens, Serpentis.
The North Lunar Node is 28 degrees Scorpio 54 minutes, and Saturn is 28 degrees Libra 29 minutes. Saturn and the North Lunar Node are applying to exactly the same degree and minute denoting a fatality. There may be one or more false flag events.
Moon is in her 19th Mansion, Azarala, a turbulent place in the heavens. Its mood is adventurous and unsettled.
The most interesting planetary position is Mars at 19 degrees Scorpio conjunct Serpentis. It causes violence, quarrels, lying, crime, and violent deaths possibly by poisoning. Political intreague is rife with violence.

The Sun and Moon applying to hard aspect with one another and with Pluto and Uranus are showing developing conditions of extreme discord and tension in the world.
Venus square Mars conjunct Serpentis is extremely treacherous. Mars is in the most malefic degree in the zodiac, 19 Scorpio.

The chart of Britain has Mars afflicted in the 10th house. Mars rules the 3rd house, Venus, who squares Mars is in the 7th house and rules the 9th house. There will be violent arguing and much trouble in the Government, and loud protests on the streets. Mars afflicted in the 10th house also denotes the possibilty of war.
In this chart, the Moon is in the 12th house, and the Sun is in the 8th house; Pluto is in the 12th house, and Uranus is in the 2nd house. Much turbulence is related to the economic conditions, especially as relates to the public welfare, hospitals, and medicine. The people are upset, and crime is on the rise. Mars behind the Moon shows changes accompanied by fighting.

The chart of the EU, from Bruxelles has Mars in the 9th house right behind the Mid Heaven, denoting international quarreling that affects the Governance of the EU. According to charts made for Greece, it is very possible that Greece will default later this Fall; December looks likely. The Moon in the EU equinox chart is in the 11th house, Pluto in the 12th house and Uranus in the 2nd. The EU Parliament is running into a jam over economic issues involving losses of money. Great turmoil will continue to grow in western Europe.

The chart of the US from DC has Mars in the 1st house conjunct the Ascendent, Venus is in the 9th house. This makes what is called a zodiac square and mundane trine. It means that discordant conditions can work to our favor. It also means that trouble involves us with matters abroad. Mars conjunct Serpentis is a sign of violence, quarreling, and increasing crime in the country. In the political arena it shows an increase in outrageous lying. This is the most evil position for Mars. Beware of epidemics; Mars rules the 6th house-of-health. Mars is in Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. Uranus is exalted in Scorpio. Pluto and Uranus are exactly square in this chart. Sickness is developing. Venus in the 9th house square Mars denotes infections from abroad. Mars in Scorpio points to contaminated liquids, rains included, also vermin, and sexually transmitted diseases. Mars in the 1st house afflicted brings out discontentment among the people, riots, fires, crime and ill-health. The North Lunar Node is in the 1st house and Saturn is in the 12th house to confirm predicted danger of violence. Saturn in the 12th house acts stealthily from behind the scenes. Saturn rules the 3rd house, and links this to the streets and to transportation.
The Lunation chart just prior to the November election shows the Democrats strongly favored.

The transit of Pluto to 10 degrees Capricorn toward the end of 2012 and into 2013 will strongly affect the Euro-Zone and the UK, compounding already complicated matters, and bringing the EU closer to being reorganized. The chart of the EU (Nov. 1, 1993) is severely afflicted, and fortells the crisis it is in, and the probability of coming breakings up.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Chinese astrological-I Ching view of the equinox

The year, month, day and hour of this fall equinox reduced to a hexagram gives us hexagram 45, Gathering. While the day and month are in a relationship of conflict, suggesting an atmosphere of general discord, this is a fortunate hexagram for fall. The hexagram has the image of a carp. When the carp jumps over the dragon gate it meets with success. This is a good time for making improvements, for perseverance, to make great efforts, and to see influential people. You must achieve self-renewal by inner efforts.

The hexagram is ruled by yin Metal. Yin Metal is the power of reflection. It means charm and illusion. It is artful. This is a time for socializing, parties, and polite interaction. Yin Metal is wine and perfume. It is also the cutting edge of fashion. Look and act your best to tune in and make progress. Trust your feelings but don't over estimate your luck. If it comes to contracts make sure you read the small print. This is a romantic period, but it could also come to naught when the glamor wears off. Reflect.

The total count of elements in the Hexagram with the day and month is 5 Metals, 2 Waters, 3 Woods, 6 Fires, and 7 Earths. Earth is strongest. The hexagram needs to build Water. Strong Earth shows lots of building up of resources. But, if the resources are not used correctly the energy will become stiffled and  give cause for grief. Building Water means building up your business. Focus on, and put your energy into your creative interests. Find avenues for expressing yourself in productive ways. Wood element is good. That means that money is circulating. The 6 Fires against the yin Metal advise bravely, but politely taking a stand in face of challenges. Diplomacy is essential.

The 'Self' line of the Hexagram is Snake. The day is Dog, and the month is Rooster. Self must produce. This may be exhausting. Neither the hexagram nor the trigram in which this Snake is found support Snake. Snake is facing Dog and Rooster. This means that without nourishment Snake must build in order to gain. Don't ask for too much; go forward with what resources you already have. Snake is lucky, nonetheless. It has a good relationship with Rooster. Good fortune comes in the long run if you play your cards right. Be far-sighted, not short sighted.

The advice is to have a goal, to specialize, to be receptive to spiritual impulses and let yourself be drawn into what you instnctively know you should be doing. Don't second guess yourself. Inner work for self-improvement will help you achieve a better foundation if you need it. You must rely on and trust your own resources while allowing yourself to be drawn into what feels most appropriate. Face whatever challenges you meet courageously.

In feng shui the hexagram points to the North area of your home, room, or office. Put something green in the North to encourage harmony and encourage the development of money.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Conflict between China and Japan, and astrological view

China has ordered military forces to prepare for combat with Japan over the disputed islands. Anti-Japanese protests in China have turned violent. Will there be armed conflict between China and Japan? A horary chart was drawn in New York on September 18, 2012 at 8:40 PM to find out.

The chart has Venus, ruler of the 1st house in the 4th applying to square Mars, ruler of the 7th house, in the 7th house. This is a classical indication of war: the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses applying to an afflictive aspect from angles. It will not come as a surprise if military action is taken and fire is exchanged.

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Virgo new moon in mundane astrology

The New Moon occured on September 16 at 3:12 AM GMD. The New Moon was at 23 degrees Virgo. It marks the final lunation of the summer quarter, and it interacts very tightly with the planetary positions in the summer solstice chart  (June 21, at 00:10 AM GMD).

We find the Sun and Moon at this lunation exactly conjunct the summer solstice Mars at 23 degrees Virgo, which, in the charts for the UK and the EU, was in the 7th house. The lunation therefore brings out a militant spirit in Europe. There will be plenty of arguing. The lunation Sun and Moon are also sextile the summer solstice Mercury in the 5th house, and the summer solstice Mercury was sextile Mars. The summer solstice Mercury and Mars aspected by this New Moon spells diplomatic quarreling coming up in Europe.

Mars in the New Moon chart is exactly trine the summer solstice position of the Moon at 15 degrees Cancer in the 5th house. This confirms heated diplomatic discussions. It is also bad for women and children in Europe. Be careful of violence. Also be careful of violence in places of public amusement such as theaters. There could also be trouble and fights in schools.

In the New Moon chart we have Uranus in the 9th house square Pluto in the 5th. This shows that international diplomatic relations are strained.

The New Moon in the charts of the UK and EU is in the 2nd house showing where the new developments are happening. They concern economic issues. Conjunct the summer solstice Mars in the 7th house, and sextile Mercury in the 5th, these issues involve fighting. The protests in Europe are heating up.

Jupiter in the New Moon chart is in the 11th house exactly quincunx Mars in the 4th showing money being given out for a lost cause. The 11th house is the parliament; the 4th house is housing. There are many homeless people; money is being mismanaged, and is is not helping. Th Government does not take the plight of the poor and homeless seriously enough.

Venus in the New Moon chart is in the 12th house trine Uranus in the 9th showing benefits to religious institutions and charities such as hospitals. Venus is quincunx Pluto while Uranus is square Pluto, Pluto being in the 5th house. This shows poverty adversely affecting the health of children all over the UK and in Europe.

Saturn in the New Moon chart is conjunct the nadir, and Mars is in the 4th house. Both of these show difficulties affecting the affairs of the Governments. It also shows bad weather for agriculture, and denotes potential earthquakes and mining accidents. Land and building operations, and the property markets suffer. Housing is a major issue.

The New Moon in Washington DC is in the 5th house showing diplomatic affairs heating up there as well as in Europe. The New Moon in the 5th house also shows new developments in the area of the stock market, speculating, and entertainments. With Jupiter in the 1st house, and Mercury, ruler of the 2nd house in the 5th, we can see the stock market going up. Jupiter quincunx Mars in the 6th also shows an increase in jobs coming this month. Venus is in the 4th house conjunct the nadir. This denotes generally fine weather, success in agricultural affairs, and favorable conditions for real estate matters. But Neptune retrograde in the 10th house warns against real estate fraud. This is a very risky time to buy. Neptune retrograde in the 10th house also points to false rumors circulating amongst members of the Congress against the President.

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

North Lunar Node in Scopio

The north lunar node has entered Scorpio. This marks the mid-point in the business cycle, the lowest point being when the north node is in Aquarius and the highest point being when it is in Leo.

The north node was in Aquarius during the crash in 2007/2008. The high point will be in 2017 - 2018. In 2018 the north node goes into Cancer. The real estate market is positively effected by the north node in Cancer. A coming lowering in real estate prices notwithsanding, real estate prices will rise again toward 2018 - 2020.

In general, with the node moving from Scopio northward the markets and business in general does pick up naturally. Notwithstanding periodic recessions, especially due to the banking mess, the business cycle is going to improve and continue to expand even as far out as the mid 2020s. The north node returns to Aquarius in 2026 which could signal perilous times.

History has proved that every time Uranus transits Gemini the US is attacked, and engaged in war. The first time was the Revolution. The second time was the Civil War. The third time was WWII. The fourth time starts in 2026 and runs on to 2033. Pluto enters Aquarius at the end of 2024. With Pluto and the north node in Aquarius, and then Uranus in Gemini, we can see a more challenging crisis developing in the world having to do with a need for social, business, and economic reorganization. All the mistakes made between the mid-teens and mid-twenties will come home, like the proverbial chickens, to roost. When the square aspect between Uranus and Pluto clears toward 2016 we will see an upsurge in business. If the same spirit of greed that we see now persists, the consequences of those mistakes will be all the more terrible. The US open to attack in that time suggests, among other things, cyber warfare. The cutting edge of technology, therefore, should be in the direction of independent energy and communications systems that don't depend on connection to the grid. Whether business follows this wisdom or not is to be seen.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

A Chinese astrological portrait of Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller was born on July 17, 1917 at 1:00 AM. The Chinese astrological signs for her year, month, day and hour of birth are Fire Snake, Fire Horse, Metal Monkey, and Fire Ox, respectively. Fire Snake shows a passionate and volatile character. Metal Monkey shows that Ms. Diller was an ingenious thinker, endowed with tremendous strength, who loved to live on the cutting edge. All the Fire in her chart shows her to have been very lively, and at home in the spot light.

The elements in Ms Diller's chart are 6 Fires, 4 Earths, 4 Metals, 2 Waters and 0 Woods. There are 8 yang elements and 7 yin elements. In spite of there being no Wood, the chart is well balanced; this accounts for her long life. But, when Wood showed up in her chart her life, her vitality began to fail. Wood showed up at age 78 and would have stayed until she was 98. She was very strong; she died at age 95.

Looking at the overview of her life, Ms. Diller enjoyed a long period of good fortune, love, and happiness from her late teens through her 40s, her peak cycle being from age 28 to age 38. It was really in her late 70s and 80s that her career began to decline. Her cycle of age 78 to age 88 was Wood Tiger, and her cycle from 88 to 98 was Wood Rabbit. Both of these cycles weakened her. She suffered heart problems. The heart, in the Chinese system is yin Fire. Ms. Diller had an overbalance of yin Fire in her chart. The two Wood cycles from age 78 to 98 simply intensified the Fire until it ended her life; Wood builds Fire.

This year 2012, the year of Water Dragon increased the power of Wood in Ms. Diller's chart, and that intensified her Fire too much. The Fire that gave her life its dazzle and sense of joy took her out of this life as well. Phyllis Diller was an essentially fiery presence.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan in Astrology

The real problem in Ryan's chart is the T-square involving opposition Jupiter/Saturn, both square Sun and Venus in conjunction. Saturn is in the 5th house, Jupiter in the 11th; Sun and Venus in the 2nd. Jupiter is the ruling planet involved in the T-square. His ruler, Jupiter opposite Saturn, square his Venus, with Neptune conjunct the ASC make him a candidate for cancer, beside a trickster in the money department.

His Neptune conjunct his ASC rules his 4th house, and Saturn is moving toward his 4th house. This orients him to his community, the community he represents. He acts out their ideals: those of Ayn Rand and the Neo-Cons. He champions their agenda. The Neptune conjunct ASC is trine Mars in his 4th house and sextile Pluto in his 10th, Mars and Pluto are not in opposition. He fights for his ideal, and community. He identifies with his community (Neptune ruling the 4th conjunct the ASC). The problem is that community that sets itself against the majority of the people. Ryan fights for the neo-con gang of which he is 100% a part.

Neptune is semisquare Mercury in the 2nd house. But, the stronger aspects to the 2nd house are Sun conjunct Venus both square Jupiter and Saturn. Venus square Saturn is the most difficult. It makes for very complex issues over love and money, using others, being hurt, feeling unloved, hurting and abusing others, being denied and denying. Also Venus is combust. He is not all too happy. Neptune on the ASC says that he is not what he seems to be. His personal and ideal outlook based on striving for his gang covers over a deeply unhappy condition in his life. The T-Square, if unworked out, can convert the Neptune/ASC trine to Mars into a force of sheer madness.

Where Neptune is in a person's chart is where the person can fool him/herself based on the house Neptune rules. In Ryans case, he fools himself based on his community (4th house), family, father, and end of life.
Ryans ASC is at 0 degrees SAgittarius. 0 degrees any sign is a threshold, not knowing what is inside. Ryan is naive in a fundamental way. With Neptune on his ASC at 00 degrees, he entertains unrealistic fantasies involving his outlook in life based on his community. He is deluded by the people, or community, that support him. Neptune rules addictions. Ryan's addiction to the fantasies of Ayn Rand is screwing his ability to see. Sagittarius rules seeing.We could say that Ryan, with ASC at 00 Sagittarius conjunct Neptune, is blind.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney and Ryan in Chinese astrology

President Obama said that Paul Ryan is the idological leader of the GOP in Congress. He is absolutely right.

For this current article I have made the Chinese astrological charts of Ryan, Romney, and Obama to see how they compare. The readings have as little to do with any personal politicial opinions as possible. The first chart is that of Ryan.

The signs of the year, month, day and hour of Paul Ryan's birth chart are Earth Rooster, Fire Ox, Earth Rooster, and Wood Ox, respectively. He was born in the year of 3 Wood Star, the month of 6 Metal Star, and has the tendency of 2 Earth Star. Briefly, Earth Rooster for his year and day of birth says that he loves order and is inclined to be fussy. He loves his home and needs to be in a nurtuting environment. He is motivated by, and is loyal to the ideals of the community, or political circle that supports him.

The balance of elements in Ryan's chart are 3 Water, 1 Wood, 1 Fire, 4 Earth, and 4 Metal. His energies tend to contraction, not expansion. The most remarkable thing about his chart, something extremely rare, is that it has absolutely no Yang elements. It has 0 Yang Wood, 0 Yang Fire, 0 Yang Earth, 0 Yang Metal, and 0 Yang Water. It has, on the other hand, 1 Yin Wood, 1 Yin Fire, 4 Yin Earth, 4 Yin Metal, and 2 Yin Water; 12 Yin elements in all. That's 12 to 0. The chart is radically unbalanced. This is a big warning of serious health problems that may develop.

Aside from the health warnings, the Yin nature of Ryan's chart shows someone who does not initiate anything, but who always follows something. This is strongly confirmed by his tendency star, 2 Earth. What makes Ryan a leader, paradoxically, is that his chart has the deity called Amiable deity, as well as a Commanding Star. This means that, while friendly to all around him, he is competitive and will use others to promote his beliefs and aims. What are his beliefs and aims, then? Total Yin nature coupled with 2 Earth Tendency Star says that his aims are completely about following an ideal that comes from someone outside himself, and to whom he devotes his life. Ryan is dedicated to following Ayn Rand. She is his inspiration. He absolutely stands for the extreme Neo-Con position of the far right that as been inspired by Ayn Rand. Without that, or for him to change, he would go through a catrastrophic, life threatening crisis. His very identity would be undone.

Ryan, age 42, is in a 10 year cycle that began when he was 38. The current cycle does not show him to be particularly strong. On his own he would have no chance.

Interesting to note, Ryan's birth star, month star and tendency star being 3, 6, 2, respectively all clash with Romney's birth star, month star and tendency star being 8, 1, 3. The two men, at best, have a difficult relationship, there being no genuine compatibility between them. The pairing of the two is simply a business arrangement made by the Republican party.

The signs of the year, month, day and hour of birth in Romney's birth chart are Fire Pig. Water Rabbit, Metal Tiger, and Metal Snake, respectively. Fire Pig - Metal Tiger combination is highly imaginative, intelligent, and aggressive. Romney is capable of springing surprises. He is passionate, has ever changing moods, and emotional extremes that make him hard for most people to understand. Nonetheless he is jovial, and attracts many friends and admirers. He is extremely luxurious; he loves wealth and has expensive tastes, and can live far beyond his means. His Metal Tiger nature makes him intellectually detached and able to see different sides of an issue without becoming involved. He is also insatiably curious and watchful, and, while appearing to be casual and indifferent, can trick others into coming around to his secretly held point of view, believing that it was actually their idea when it wasn't. Romney's chart has two very interesting stars: Academic Nobleman, and Tai Chi Nobleman. This shows him to glow with vitality. He always vigorously carries things through to the end; he becomes very wealthy and displays a kind of aristocratic attitude. Interestingly, his chart shows him to be gifted in divination.

Romney's chart is fairly well-balanced between yin and yang, but decidedly more yang. He is more of a leader and a far more open and enterprising person than Ryan.

Romney, age 65, is in a 10 year cycle that began when he was 62. The cycle challenges him to stand up and take the lead. It is a tremendous challenge for him. But, Fire being his vital element, he has the strength, the cycle being Fire Money. Still, Romney was in his peak cycle between 52 and 62. His cycle 62 to 72 is for him the pivotal cycle of his life; it could undo him in a big way if he fails in this election. Next year, the year of Water Snake shows a change in career. Romney will begin a new career direction, may move house, and may travel. This and next year being Water Dragon and Water Snake, respectively are difficult for Romney.

The signs of the year, month, day, and hour of birth for President Obama are Metal Ox, Wood Sheep, Earth Snake, nd Wood Dog, respectively. Metal Ox is self-protective and inflexible, and does not build relationships easily. Earth Snake is a dreamer, has a strong intelligence and memory, and a strongly sensual nature. Obama's predominant element is Earth. He cares and worries about those close to him.

Obama's chart has a remarkable star called Knife Blade. It gives him a very strong personality. Knife Blade, combined with the chart deity, called Imposing Authority, makes Obama a ferocious leader, best not crossed. He can be ruthless to enemies, and he invites, and thrives on opposition. He can become quite intolerant. He sees himself as a hero. Knife Blade in his chart is not fortunate for his wife; it warns her to guard her health.

President Obama, age 51, is in a 10 year cycle that began on his 50th birthday. The cycle brings about favorable changes in his career, and poses challenges to people who work under him. It also appears to be a difficult period in his relations with his children, who may tend to distance themselves from him in later years. Nonetheless, the cycles of age 40 to 50, and 50 to 60, are Metal cycles. Metal is Obama's vital element. He is strong and up for challenges. This year and next, being Water years bring gains to President Obama.

This year, 2012, Water Dragon makes very strong Earth. Obama's day of birth was a day of Earth. This means that in 2012 Obama is attracting lots of friends. Next year, 2013, is for Obama a peak year. His Knife Blade comes out, and he takes the lead against his opposition.

Obama is the strongest of the three.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The July 2012 New Moon in Astrology

The new moon at 26 Cancer occured at 5:25 AM GMD on July 19. The chart of the new moon interacts with the summer solstice chart of June 21st as follows. At the summer solstice Uranus and Pluto were exactly square one another denoting a very tense, potentially violent summer ahead. At this new moon we see that Mars has come to oppose Uranus and square Pluto. Mars is now exactly opposite Uranus. This is a month of extreme turmoil in western Europe.

The charts for the UK, France, Bruxelles, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain all have Uranus at the zenith opposed to Mars. We can anticipate an alarming development. Where exactly is not altogether clear, but let's narrow it down.

The charts of the UK, France, and Bruxelles have Aries on the Mid-Heaven. The charts of Portugal, Ireland, and Spain have Pisces on the Mid-Heaven. A violent event is more likely to happen with Aries on the Mid-Heaven, as Pisces puts Uranus and Mars in interception and planets intercepted don't act with as much force as they would otherwise. The chart of Bruxelles has Uranus exactly at the zenith, but from the 9th house, and Mars exactly at the nadir, but from the 3rd house. Bruxelles, and therefore the entire EU, will be involved in whatever happens, but the actual place of events indicated by the opposition of Uranus and Mars appears more probably to be France and/or the UK.

Narrowing it down more, we see that the chart for the UK has 29 degrees Cancer rising, and the chart for France has 28 degrees Cancer rising. 29 degrees is the more ominous of the two. 29 degrees is unfortunate.

Uranus at the zenith opposed by Mars shows untoward developments in Government circles. Mars shows the same, points to fires or explosions in public buildings, and shows the people in angry opposition to the Government. There are any number of events that could happen, but considering the seriousness of the banking scandal this may point to violent developments in Government circles. In light of the London Olympics, this chart is also quite troubling. It clearly points to violence.

Looking more closely at the UK chart we see that Uranus in the 10th house is the ruler of the 8th house. Mars in the 4th house is the ruler of the 10th. This points to a death in the highest circle. While the nature of Uranus and Mars is violent, the force of this aspect is somewhat mitigated: Uranus and Mars are in sextile and trine aspects with Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. It is highly probable that someone of great social prominence will die quite suddenly. Very interesting to note: Mars is at 8 degrees Libra exactly conjunct the star Vindemiatrix, the star of widowhood.

Looking elsewhere in the world for noteworthy developments from Mars and Uranus, we find them stirring up trouble in India. In the chart for India we find Mars in the 1st house opposite Uranus in the 7th. This makes the entire region turbulent and prone to violence this month. The chart shows the people in an angry, discontent mood. There are probabilities of strikes, riots, fires, epidemics, and a rise in violent crimes.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

False Flag in London? War? Horary view of the matter.

Please look at this link It alludes to a false flag attack on London and a coming war. The horary question drawn up on June 2, 2012 at 2:26 MST in Phoenix is to ascertain its meaning.
To be most direct, the rulers of the 1st and 7th houses have to be looked at. The question is whether there will be war, an almost absurd question considering what is happening in the world.

Mars and Venus are the significators. They are applying to square aspect, denoting conflict, from cadent houses, Mars in the 12th, Venus in the 9th. A prediction of war would be made if they were in hard aspect from angular houses.

Mercury is in mutual reception Mars, putting Mars in the 9th house with Venus.

Saturn is retrograde in the 1st house saying NO.

The answer to the question is no. But, there is conflict. 9th house denotes international trade. Venus retrograde in the 9th house denotes that the West will back down. War will be averted. It isn't the right time - yet.

Whether or not there will be a false flag event in London is not the question in this horary chart. It is possible the video was designed to mock the conspiracy theorists. Nontheless, caution is a good thing to observe these days.

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