Saturday, August 11, 2018

The Solar Eclipse August 11, 2018

The solar eclipse came at 10:47 AM, GMD, or 5:47 AM EDT. It was partial and visible in far northeast Asia and in the Arctic region.  It could trigger earthquakes or volcanic activity in that region. Otherwise it acts as a strong lunation in the rest of the world.

The effects of the eclipse are intermittent and last about a year. For example, watch for September 7 through 12 when Jupiter comes to exact square the eclipse point; October 19th through 27 when Mars comes to square Jupiter, oppose Mercury and then oppose the eclipse, and February 7 when the Sun opposes the eclipse point. The Moon makes many aspects to the eclipse along the way.

The aspects are Sun conjunct Moon at 18 degrees Leo.
The eclipsed Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde, at 14 degrees Leo.
The eclipsed Sun and Mercury square Jupiter, at 14 degrees Scorpio.
The eclipsed Sun sesquisquare Saturn Retrograde, at 3 degrees Capricorn.
The eclipsed Sun in Yod formation, inconjunct Pluto Retrograde, at 19 degrees Capricorn, and inconjunct Neptune Retrograde at 15 degrees Pisces.

The eclipse with Mercury square Jupiter shows bickering and many differences of opinion, attempts to ascertain the illusive truth, much coming and going to no avail, and a lot of wasted effort. According to a traditional reading, a solar eclipse in the 2nd decanate of Leo signifies many troubles, anxieties to kings, princes and great men.
The eclipse sesquisqare Saturn shows losses, and the eclipse in Yod formation with Pluto and Neptune shows a need quit being so narrow minded and take far more into consideration than the Governments are currently able to see. This is a serious weakness and it rightly will bring troubles the governments on all levels.

Countries and regions corresponding to Leo include France, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, the region of the Alps, the Middle East, and in the US, California and Hawaii.
Cities include Rome, Prague, Philadelphia, Damascus, etc.

In the chart for the UK and the EU, the eclipse appears in the 10th house. Mercury is in the 10th house and Jupiter is in the 2nd house. This shows a lot of anxieties and need to make changes in the governments, and concerns over the future state of the economies which could become quite volatile. Saturn Retrograde in the 3rd house suggests the governments attempting to control the media.

In the chart of the US, the eclipse appears in the 1st house. Mercury is rising in the 12th house and Jupiter is in the 4th house. The eclipse in the 1st house shows the troubled attitude of the people.They want to see adjustments made. In fact, they must make adjustments. But they are not in agreement about what that means, so the fighting continues. Mercury in the 12th house square Jupiter in the 4th doesn't know where it all will settle. It boils down to a lot of bickering. The eclipse is sesquisquare Saturn in the 5th house, denoting a lowering of the birth rate, and shows crimes against women and children, much vice and immorality, and a depression in entertainment circles. However Saturn is trine Uranus Retrograde at 2 degrees Taurus in the 10th house conjunct the Mid Heaven and ruling the 7th house, showing the President dealing with unexpected developments and attacks against him. Saturn protects Uranus, however. Saturn trine Uranus also points to diplomacy especially in relation to high tech developments.

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