Friday, February 18, 2011

Mundane astrological view of Israel

In light of current developments in the Middle East, as shown by the February 18th Full Moon charts, the astrological chart for Israel was drawn up and progressed to February, 2011 to see more closely what is happening in that country. The progressed charts include the forward and converse progressed charts and the forward and converse directed charts. Here is what they show; this is the picture.

The modern state of Israel was established on the 14th of May, 1948. The chart progressed to the month of the 14th of February to the 14th of March, 2011 has the progressed Moon square Israel's natal Mars, and the converse progressed Ascendent exactly conjunct Israel's natal Mars. Israel is now on high alert. We also note that Israel's progressed Mars is at 29 degrees Virgo. Mars at 29 degrees any sign warns of precipitous actions. It will come as no surprise if Israel takes military action either now or later in the year. Israel's directed Moon will come to conjunction Israel's natal Mars in September to October this year.

We note also that Israel's Moon progressed and directed is at full Moon phase with Israel's natal Sun. This means that the country is now fully alert and aware and is in process of going through significant changes. The Moon rules Israel's 10th house and the Sun rules Israel's 11th house. Israel's natal Sun is in the 8th house and the progressed and directed Moon is in the 2nd. This means that the changes are happening in the Government and have to do with financial matters both domestic and international.

Israel's progressed Ascendent is trine Israel's natal Saturn and the converse directed Moon is now applying to trine Israel's natal Saturn. This gives Israel the power to restrain action as well as to act deliberately; it says that serious deliberations are underway in the Government. Saturn is in Israel's 10th house and it rules Israel's 4th and fifth. Deliberations in the Government have to do with property, land and farming development, and with diplomatic relations.

Israel's progressed ruling planet Venus is conjunct Israel's natal Uranus. Israel's Uranus is in the 9th house of the natal chart and rules the 5th house. This is showing significant developments are happening in the areas of diplomatic relations involving high tech developments and international trade as well as in innovative steps being taken in the fields of education and an on-going revolution taking place in the nation's religious community that brings the women into playing an ever more significant role. Israel's Jupiter was retrograde when the country was established in 1948. By progression Jupiter will go direct in 2042. It is predicted that the religious revolution will come to an important turning point at that time. Israel's Jupiter is opposite natally Uranus in the 9th house. This gives the land the blessing of vision that comes from out of the blue, so to say. The foundation of the country guarantees us a far-sighted Jewish religious development and restoration of essence that is underway even now. The ultra-orthodox community will adapt. In 2013 Israel's converse directed Mars will be conjunct Uranus in the 9th house. This will time challenging developments in the areas of the religious community as well as in the areas of the courts, legal affairs, and matters connected with shipping and trade. The negative side of this conjunction points to terrorist activities - yet again - such as explosions likely to occur. It is also probable that there will be made some remarkable scientific breakthroughs and discoveries in 2013. We also note that the year 2013 will be chaotic for Syria; Pluto will come to conjunction Syria's natal Sun at the end of 2012 and in 2013.

Israel's directed Mercury is now conjunct natal Pluto in the 10th house. Mercury rules the 9th and 12th houses and Pluto rules the 2nd. Financial and business concerns of an innovative type are now of particular interest to the Government as well as new developments in the field of secret intelligence.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mundane astrological view of the full Moon 2/18/11

Full Moon occurs at 8:37 AM GMT on February 18th. The Moon is at 29:20 Leo conjunct the star Regulus. What this does is bring out secret activities and stresses matters of friends versus false friends and enemies. It speaks of power, violence and gains that don't last. Regulus is a 'royal star' of the nature of Jupiter and Mars; it denotes great expansiveness and force.

The Moon at 29:20 Leo and the Sun at 29:20 Aquarius are in exact aspect applying to the mean Lunar Node at 29:44 Sagittarius. This is a sure sign of dramatic events coming up in the world. The Node in Sagittarius is giving us the hint that it is in those parts of the world ruled by Sagittarius. The Arab countries, Australia, Spain, Southern France, Hungary, especially the area of Budapest, as well as the cities of Cologne and Stuttgart are places to watch as all of these are under Sagittarius. Watch the Middle East; this full Moon is bringing out turmoil.

The full Moon is opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and Sun. And it is happening during a major solar storm. The affects are extremely tense - and transformative. Something has to give.

The affects of the solar storm may soon bring increased volcanic and earthquake activity. It also will interfere with radio transmissions. Solar storms of this magnitude can also cause health problems in certain individuals. It concerns the ethers of the body (the medium thorugh which the electric vibrations of life are diffused), the etheric vibration of life flowing toward and away from the heart, the circulation of the bloodstream flowing toward and away from the lungs, and the nerve network. This can cause spasmodic affects including nervous tensions, cramping of muscles, and heart and circulatory conditions. The electrical system of the body can be affected. The Sun, Neptune, Mars and Mercury in Aquarius opposite the Moon in Leo make this all the more possible and tie the psychic principle, or sympathetic nervous system into all this. The best you can do in these conditions is not get worked up, but stay relaxed and calm. Make sure you drink plenty of water. It is better to let go of petty issues that get you worked up, and relax while this is happening over the next few days. Pay attention to your body. Keep calm and centered and don't worry. The more positive side of this coin is saying that our perceptions are being sharpened and some of us will recieve some remarkable inspiration.

As if the above advice does much good, the full Moon at 29 degrees says the world is at the end of its tether and is out of patience. This is a highly dramatic time, indeed.

With the North Lunar Node at 29 degrees Sagittarius we may look forward to when Uranus comes to 29 degrees Pisces between February 22nd and March 11th. During that time which straddles the coming new Moon on March 4th, we will see repercussions in the market to events now developing. It is probable that the market will retreat in the lunar period between March 4th and April 3rd.

In addition to the full Moon opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun, we notice that Venus at 16:13 Capricorn is exactly square Saturn at 16:46 Libra. Venus and Saturn are also in mutual reception. This means that getting around problems now is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire; attempts to avoid problems will now create problems.

The full Moon chart for the UK has Mercury, Mars, Neptune, the Sun, Uranus and Jupiter all in the 12th house with the Moon in the 6th house. The North Lunar Node is in the 9th house. With six planets in the 12th house we can be sure that a lot of secret activity is happening in Britain, and it involves spies, false friends and secret foes. There is also bound to be an increase in social unrest, crime, theft and murder. The full Moon in the 6th house opposite all those planets in the 12th house bodes ill for the health of the country. It also indicates troubled conditions affecting working people and people in public service including the military. The North Lunar Node is in the 9th house pointing to difficult foreign political involvements and troubles in foreign trade at this time.

The Full Moon in Bruxelles is in the 5th house opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 11th house. This is bringing out the neccessity for changes in governance of the EU. Pressures are very great. The North Node in the 9th house is showing troubles in international relations involving trade. In both the charts for the UK and EU (Bruxelles) we find Venus in the 10th house square Saturn in the 6th house. This shows the governments trying to get around their problems with people in working classes including public services. It won't work; problems won't be resolved at all successfully now. The current problems are too difficult for the governments to handle.

The greatest tensions and turmoil in the world are being shown by this full Moon chart in the region extending from Egypt to Iran. In the charts of all these nations we find Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 10th house opposite the Moon in the 4th house. On the Western side of this region, i.e., Egypt and the Near East, the North Lunar Node is in the 8th house showing dangers of losses of property, money and human life. On the Eastern side of this region, i.e., Iran, the North Lunar Node is in the 7th house showing dangers of international conflict. In the chart made for Tehran we find Mars exactly on the Mid Heaven, showing a big danger of violence. We note, the solstice point of the Part of Assassination in the chart made for Tehran is at 24:52 Leo. It is opposite Mercury, Mars Neptune and the Sun and the Mid-Heaven, and conjunct the full Moon in Tehran. It spells the possibility of an assassination in Iran. Watch what happens with the Iranian war ships that are sailing through the Suez Canal. They are aiming to provoke war with Israel. The whole region from across North Africa through Egypt and the Middle East all the way to Iran is deeply troubled.

The chart made for Pakistan has Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 9th house with Moon in the 3rd, the North Lunar Node in the 7th. International affairs are extremely tense as relates to Pakistan now. The chart shows dangers of air crash as well as accidents on roads.

The chart made for China has Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 7th house with Moon rising in the 1st. This makes East Asia a place of potential strife. This chart includes the Koreas and Japan. Mars afflicted in the 7th house in this region is very poweful. It shows dangers of international disagreements and disputes. International relations are unsatisfactory.

The chart for Australia has the full Moon conjunct the Ascendent. Merury and Mars are in the 6th house and Neptune and the Sun are in the 7th. The North Node is in the 4th. This connects international relations with the land. Saturn is in the 2nd house square Venus in the 5th. Taxes for the recent disasters are registering in this chart. This is also showing losses in the stock market and possible losses and cut backs in areas of public services.

The chart for the US has the full Moon in the 8th house opposite Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun in the 2nd, the North Node is exactly conjunct the Ascendent. Major financial troubles are showing. Money is still being squandered. Cut backs are not stemming the flow. Moon opposite Neptune and Mars is showing (partisan) trickery behind cuts, expenditures, and losses. There is a big fight brewing over Government spending cuts. The Ascendent conjunct the North Node is showing the public alarmed. Venus in the 1st house square Saturn in the 9th is showing serious international trade problems weighing upon this country.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Horary astrological chart: Iran sending war ships to Suez

Upon hearing a report that Iranian war ships are on the way to Suez a horary chart was made February 16, 2011 at 9:36 PM MST in Albuquerque, NM to determine what it means. Here is what the chart shows.

First off, Saturn is retrograde in the 1st house giving a strong NO answer to what concerns us. Saturn rules the 4th house. This says that in the end the answer is NO.

Then, what's the question? Let's look at what's coming up. The near future is shown by the 2nd house. The 2nd house cusp is in Scorpio. The rulers of the 2nd house are Pluto and Mars. Pluto is in the 3rd house and Mars is in the 5th.

Pluto in the 3rd house is saying that matters having to do with transportation, commerce and discussions are coming up. Pluto is square Jupiter in the 6th house. Jupiter rules the 3rd house. The matter involves forced actions, a lot of confusion and plenty of misunderstanding.

Mars in the 5th house is saying that the matter involves taking an extreme risk. Mars is in conjunction with Mercury, the Sun and Neptune. This is going to have an affect on the oil situation and is potentially explosive. Mars conjunction Mercury is showing harsh words coming. Sun is separating from conjunction Mars and Mars is coming to conjunction Neptune. The action is hostile and tricky. The conjunction with Neptune involves military maneuvers and is chaotic if not explosive. Neptune is mutual reception Uranus bringing mutual reception Uranus to conjunction Mars, and that is also explosive. A threat is being made. This is an aggressive move on the part of Iran and it is calculated to bring more trouble to the region. Iranian ships are headed to Syria/Lebanon. This is bringing serious trouble to the region.

The question whether there will be a war comes up. For us to predict a war there has to be either a conjunction, square or opposition of the rulers of the 1st and the 7th houses and this has to happen in an angle, or angles of the chart. This is not showing; Venus, the ruler of the 1st house, is in the 3rd house and Mars, the ruler of the 7th house, is in the 5th house, and they have no aspect nor do they have translation of light by any other planet.

The Moon can act as a substitute for either the ruler of the 1st or the 7th. Moon is in the 10th house, an angle, and is going to opposition Mars from the 11th. Let's say war is averted, but is a danger nonetheless.

The Moon's aspects are these: she first forms a counter parallel aspect with Mars to put off the possibility of war. Then she is forming a counter parallel Neptune to bring up lies and chicanery to hoodwink the suspicious; sextile Saturn to delay or slow down matters; then counter parallel Sun allowing for a failure to cooperate; opposition Mercury to bring tension, more lying, and arguing and misunderstandings; opposition Mars to bring out sharp hostilities and a possible attack; opposition Neptune to exacerbate the chaos that is developing; and finally opposition Sun. The Full Moon is going to bring the matter to a crisis and a turning point. Mercury is at 21 degrees Aquarius, a critical degree. Moon coming to opposition Mercury will bring the matter to a critical degree, confirming that there is coming a diplomatic crisis. The crisis is also being confirmed by Moon opposition Mars. Crisis is certain.

Moon opposite Mars occurs between the 11th house and the 5th house. The fighting will happen on diplomatic levels. Will there be a war? Saturn Retrograde in the 1st house says NO. Let's just say, not yet.

This chart does not make predictions of future events, but it does speak from this current event. The sending of war ships to Suez, while it is a seriously dangerous matter, is not going to trigger an anticipated war with Iran. Iran is taking a brazen and dangerous step to escalate growing tensions with the West and opportunistically complicate an already turbulent situation in the region. It has something to do with Syria.

The Moon is at 11 degrees Leo. She was last over Jupiter at 5 degrees Aries. This tells us that the current event relates to matters involving coming and going and discussions happening six months ago, i.e., last August.

Transiting planets, as shown in this horary chart, are not forming any exact aspect with any of the planets in the chart of Iran. There are, however, tight and exact aspects to the chart of Syria. There is more to this than meets the eye. It is highly probable that Syria has a hand in it, and it has to do with something developing in Syrian/Lebanese affairs and all that that implies.

We find that Mercury in this horary chart exactly trines Syria's Saturn in Syria's 9th house affecting long range plans affecting Syria's foreign relations. We find that the horary Venus is exactly sextile Syria's Moon in Syria's 5th house denoting diplomatic agreements having been made with Iran. We find that the horary Mars is one degree from exact opposition Syria's Jupiter in Syria's 11th house denoting an explosive development to come in the Syrian government. And we note that Syria's Sun is 9 degrees Capricorn waiting for Pluto to come to conjunction to trigger chaos. Syria is headed for a big crisis in 2012 and 2013 when Pluto comes to conjunction the Sun in Syria's chart.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Horary astrological view of a proposed take over of the NYSE by Deutche Boerse

Upon reading an article reporting that the Deutche Boerse is currently attempting to make a move to buy the NYSE a horary chart was drawn up in Albuquerque, NM on 2/15/11 at 7:34 PM MST to find out if that is going to happen. This is what the chart shows.

The outstanding feature of the chart is Saturn rising in the 2nd house retrograde. It says trouble is arising involving money and the need for protection. Saturn is both square and mutual reception Venus, the ruler of the 2nd house, showing that attempts to get around the trouble will bring trouble. In other words, there is no way around trouble in this matter. Saturn Retrograde rising in the 2nd house can, and may destroy the current plan.

The Moon is forming two aspects: counter parallel Pluto and trine Uranus. This says that something else will happen; current plans will change. Nonetheless, trouble is coming up in this and we can see that the Moon trine Uranus will allow it to happen in one form or another. The entire matter is bad. One way or another the rat will sooner or later make its way into the larder. Uranus is in the 7th house of international relations; international deals are being made. And at whose expense? Jupiter and Neptune, the rulers of the 7th house are elevated over Mercury, the ruler of the Ascendent. Frankfurt will have the upper hand if they can drive it through and it will be at the expense of the US.

Moon was last over Jupiter at 4 degrees Aries. Moon is at 25 degrees Cancer in the 11th house. This means that the current state of the affair has been circulating, i.e., under discussion back and forth, for about five months. We now hear of it.

The third house cusp in Scorpio, a fixed sign, and Pluto, the co-ruler of the 3rd house is in the 4th house, an angle. This says there there is truth to the report. The angles of the chart are in mutable signs, saying that the report is not completely true. Mars, the ruler of the 3rd house is in the 6th house affirming that the report is not entirely true. The Moon in Cancer, a cardinal sign shows falsity.

Bottom line, serious danger is coming up and will come up repeatedly, what is being reported currently is not completely true and there is a good chance that the scheme will fail; the current plan will run into serious obstacles. Other approaches will be tried in the attempt to weld together the markets in an international move to overtake the US economy. It is a big red flag.

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Chinese astrological view of the year of Metal Rabbit

Chinese New Year began this year with the New Moon of February 2nd. The Year is called Metal Rabbit. Metal Rabbit is assertive and diplomatic. The elements in Metal Rabbit combine to produce Wood. The nature of this combination is to plan and decide. Plans and decisions begun last year, the year of Metal Tiger, will be brought to completion this year.

This year is also the year of 7 Metal Star. 7 Metal Star has the quality of diplomacy. It strives for agreements and is shrewd and calculating. It's weaknesses lie in fantasizing about unrealistic outcomes and in engaging in legal conflict.

The chart made for the start of the New Year gives us the following signs. The year sign is Metal Rabbit; the first month is Metal Tiger; and the first day is Earth Ox. The first hour of the New Year varies with locations.

Looking at the charts of China, Japan, Australia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, the Middle East, Europe, the UK and the US we see the strongest elements as Earth and Wood. The relation of these elements produce what are called the Deities of Authority. The Deities of Authority are the strongest in the world this year. This means on the one hand that this is a year for people to stand up and assert themselves against odds, and on the other hand it means that people who are not so brave have to show loyalty and trustworthiness. Deities of Authority cause stress and dangers of injuries while acting to break barriers. We will see heroic actions being taken this year along with many people being injured.

In addition to the Deities of Authority, we have a secondary emphasis of elements, these being Earth and Metal. And these are in a relation that brings out the Deities of Talent. The Deities of Talent will stimulate creative intelligence, thinking and acting. This is a good year for realizing one's creative potentials. A lot of innovative thinking will be happening.

The chart for the entire world shows four stars: Tien Yi, Nobleman, Heaven Medicine and Death. These stars have the following meanings:

Tien Yi is the most fortunate star of all. Tien Yi is a deity whom all demons fear. She resolves predicaments and encourages people to help one another.

Nobleman Star brings people together to work for mutual benefit.

Heaven Medicine Star on the one hand points to illnesses in the world. On the other hand it is pointing to breakthroughs in medicine.

Death Star adds to the courage shown by the Deities of Authority and it amplifies planning abilities. The negative side of it is that it will encourage legal fights and harm to alliances.

The chart for China is very fortunate. China, while holding a perfectly friendly attitude toward everyone, is acting independently and is prospering despite unstable business conditions. In addition, China has it so that everyone is helping them to succeed.

The Chart for the area that includes Japan and Australia shows unstable business conditions on the one hand, and strong creative activity on the other. Conditions in the earth and atmosphere in this region are unstable. There will be more volcanic and seismic activity.

The area of Central Asia that includes Pakistan shows urgent conditions that necessitate change. There is a strong chance of change in the government of Pakistan. Violence is growing. People will become homeless and destitute and will be traveling.

The area of the Middle East and East Africa shows leaders rising up. These people are imposing and will stand out. They will characterize the nature of the Deities of Authority, In all the turmoil opportunities for independent entrepreneurial activities will be found by those who seize the moment. At the same time there is a trend in the Middle East amongst the people to help one another in a kind-hearted way toward stabilizing and clearing away obstacles and to look for chances to prosper. The Middle East has a chance to grow positively through its ordeal.

The region of Europe and the UK and down into West and Central Africa will be luckier than they might think. While conditions are very difficult they can escape disaster this year by showing courage and doing some intelligent and farsighted planning. Quarreling, however, can easily break out and damage alliances.

The United States and down into Central and South America, while facing great odds, have two stars of Tien Yi to help toward resolving the predicaments the countries are in. The US also has the Academic Nobleman Star. It says that if the leaders of the country use their intelligence they may be able to turn the adverse situation around. But they can also fail to take advantage of this opportunity by showing arrogance and looking down on others. This country is suffering from a bad case of anxiety. The health of the country is deteriorating.

Basic personal predictions from the Rabbit are as follows.

For Rat this is a year of challenges. You must use the energy this year is producing to be productive. Don't let your frustrations with work get the best of you. Strive forward against odds. It will only make you stronger.

For Ox this is a year to assert yourself and take initiative to overcome obstacles. Take the lead and you will succeed.

For Tiger this is a good year for romance. It is also a good year to work out your plans and be productive.

For Rabbit this is your year to increase your circle of friends and acquaintances. Make sure, however, that those around you respect your boundaries. Take time for yourself.

For Dragon this is a year to pay attention to the needs of others in your close circle, especially children. You need to exercise tolerance and forbearance and be welcoming. If you are a woman this year also favors marriage.

For Snake this is a good year to settle down in a relationship and to make a comfortable home. It is also a good year to learn new things to enrich your life.

For Horse this is a good year for romance. If you are not in a relationship you will have a good chance now. If you are in a relationship it can only get better.

For Sheep this is a harmonious year. Advance in life by accepting challenges and moving forward with self-confidence. You have a good chance to make and save up money.

For Monkey this is a good year to make money. If you are a man this year also favors marriage.

For Rooster this year offers you a challenge to look into different angles to make money. It could change your outlook.

For Dog this year offers happiness and support. It is a good year to settle into a good home and to take up a new interest. If you are a woman this year also favors marriage.

For Pig this year will be creatively productive. Pursue your business and creative aims. Many new ideas will come.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Astrological report for the New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon is on February 3rd at 2:32 AM GMT. At DC it is February 2nd at 9:32 PM EST.

The New Moon is at 13:55 Aquarius conjunct Mars at 14:16 Aquarius. The Sun at the New Moon is also parallel Mars, a powerfully dynamic aspect. The New Moon and Mars are also in trine aspect with Saturn at 17 degrees Libra. This says that this lunation period encourages us to act positively. It favors starting new enterprises, entering new territory, taking a definite stand, accepting challenges and acting with courage. Bold actions in the world will unfold leading to constructive aims. Mars at 14 degrees Aquarius is square his own solstice point at 15 degrees Scorpio. This intensifies the activity of Mars; he puts up a good fight and will not give in. The trine to Saturn in Libra appeals to justice; it says that those whose actions are just will succeed now.

The New Moon and Mars are exactly square the Winter Solstice position of Venus. The Winter Solstice Venus was 14 degrees Scorpio, exactly conjunct the solstice point of Mars in this New Moon chart. This is saying that the untoward economic conditions seen at the time of the Winter Solstice, six weeks ago, are precipitating the turning point that is now forcing expedient actions to be taken in the world.

Venus is at 28:42 Sagittarius in the New Moon chart. She is in opposition to the Lunar Eclipse of December 20th and is square to Uranus at 28:05 in the New Moon chart. This aspect is starting a repercussive affect from the Lunar Eclipse that will be felt world wide in the form of turning points in response to unbearable conditions; matters must give way. The pressure from this aspect will grow in intensity on February 3rd and 4th as Venus comes to exact opposition the Lunar Eclipse and its solstice point, and between February 22nd and March 28th when Uranus comes to square the Lunar eclipse and its solstice point. It is possible that this can be experienced as earth and weather events as well as events in the human realm.

Jupiter is at 2:10 Aries in the New Moon chart. He is square the Winter Solstice Pluto and is approaching square the transiting Pluto. Jupiter will come to exact square transiting Pluto between February 23rd and March 1st. Judging from the last Jupiter/Pluto square, this spells an inflationary trend in the stock market (NYSE) from now into and through much of March while other indications will show the market to be uneven.

The New Moon and Mars are exactly square the Dow Jones Saturn; square the NASDAC Saturn; and sextile the S&P Saturn. The Dow and NASDAC will see some downturns in some areas while S&P is being supported by this lunation and the NYSE appears to be showing an inflationary trend. The New Moon and Mars are sextile BPs Saturn and Mercury giving support to that company's overseas developments. The New Moon and Mars are also trine OPEC's Venus. Saturn is conjunct OPEC's Venus and will be exactly trine to her later in March and into April. OPEC is not currently in the mood to increase production. Oil prices will go up.

In the chart of the UK the New Moon and Mars are in the 3rd house. Saturn is in the 10th. It shows positive developments in areas of transportation, communications and in literary matters. Bold words will be forth coming through the media. Loud protests will be voiced by students. At the same time, Mars in the 3rd house warns of accidents and fires. There is the danger of an air crash or train wreck. Mars is the ruler of the 12th and 1st houses. He warns of a potential explosive underground event that will affect the people. The trine of Mars to Saturn says that such an event is preventable. Saturn is in the 10th house. Government and police are capable of preventing the unspeakable from happening should such threaten.

The New Moon and Mars are in the 2nd house of Bruxelles affecting the entire EU. This encourages taking a new departure in addressing the economic issues affecting the EU at this time.

The New Moon and Mars are in the 2nd house in Cairo with Saturn in the 9th. Foreign interest comes to Egypt to help move the country forward. Mars conjunct the Sun in the 2nd house blows money. Egypt is losing money on top of the already harsh conditions that are driving the protests. Venus rules the 10th house. Venus is square Uranus. Uranus is in the 3rd house and rules the 2nd house. The President is at a big disadvantage. Opinion is against him. Venus is at 28 degrees Sagittarius. 28 Sagittarius is the Gallactic Center. The entire world is against Mubarak now.

Going further East we see the area reaching from Ethiopia up through the Middle East and into Russia more prone to unrest. In this area we find the New Moon and Mars rising in the 1st house. The people are eager for change. There will be more discontentment and a warlike, aggressive tone among them.

In Iran this same energy is being felt, but we find the New Moon and Mars intercepted in the 1st house. This means that the discontentment of the people is being stiffled.

In the area of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Western India, and the surrounding lands we see the New Moon and Mars rising just above the Ascendent. It makes this area of the world prone to more violence. Saturn trine Mars from the 8th house will raise the numbers of casualties. Saturn is intercepted in the 8th house. This weakens his ability to control the violence in the region.

The New Moon and Mars in China are in the 11th house with Saturn in the 6th. This favors China and gives them blanket coverage. China is in an advantageous position in the world at this time.

The New Moon and Mars in Japan are in the 10th house. This is a good time for new developments in Japanese government and business; a time for Japan to take the initiative. The New Moon and Mars in the 10th house also means that there is a probability of seismic and volcanic activity as well as storms in this area of the world that includes the far Eastern part of Russia, Japan, the Philippines, Eastern Indonesia, New Guinea and Central and Eastern Australia. We see at this New Moon a terrible typhoon striking Queensland. New volcanic activity is likely to start in Japan.

The opposite side of the world is the Mid Atlantic. It is possible the New Moon with Mars can trigger volcanic activity in the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

The New Moon and Mars in Washington DC are in the 5th house and Saturn is in the 1st. The people are in a distressed mood for want of work, loss of trade, poverty and ill health. At the same time the people are taking a more positive outlook and are interested in moving seriously forward. Diplomatic relations for the US are entering new territory now. It is time for the Government to change its diplomatic relations. This can be seen with regard to what is developing in Egypt.

This New Moon conjunct Mars marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year. In context of the Chinese New Year, the indications at this New Moon have meaning for the whole year ahead. The best it has to offer is that it marks a time for constructive activity. A reading of the Chinese astrological chart for the New Year will be posted tomorrow.

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