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Astrological Chart of Barack Obama's Inauguration, January 20, 2009

I made both a Chinese astrological chart and a western astrological chart of the Presidential inauguration on January 20th. The Chinese chart report is first. As the events these past several months are reflected in what the charts say, we can reasonably say, therefore, that what was predicted in the charts, will indeed happen.

President Obama was sworn in on January 20th, at 12:06 PM in Washington DC. Chinese astrological calculations show a picture of a long period of reform coming, and in spite of the challenges and oppositions that are bound to come up the new Administration will succeed in large measure. The energy at the time in which the new Administration began was contracting, not expanding. This means that the situation of the Nation, as seen in January, 2009, in general gets worse before it gets better; it takes time to turn around. (It is now August, 21st. The recession is just beginning slowly to turn around. It is most probable that the economy will pick up little by little through the later part of this year and through 2010.) Creative planning is being called for in the current Administration. Creative planning is the vital element for the success of the Administration. The time, as shown in the Chinese chart, calls for an independent leader, one who carefully weighs all sides and who acts forcefully in face of serious opposition.
Overall, the dynamics of the Chinese chart show a trend toward repolarization of wealth. This means the poor will ultimately benefit even though the getting there will be fraught with difficulties. The Government will be seeking out new and alternative solutions, but their efforts will exceed expected returns; they won't be able to come through with all they promise because the opposition is growing in intensity throughout the term of the Administration. Financial resources being unstable, it will take considerable time to turn the situation around. The Chinese chart does show, however, increasing resourcefulness and storing up of money after the first year. The picture is complicated and difficult. The country is being divided by opposing forces. The opposition to the President doesn't care that the President is popular and is doing all it can to undermine the President. It will continue this way and grow in virulence.
The second and third years of the Obama Administration promise to be very dynamic. Opposition to the President will become loud through the second year. And the fourth year shows a hidden danger coming up. The Chinese chart does not say from whom or to whom, but it does say that opposition will come up very strongly toward the end of the Presidential term. All through his Presidency, Obama will have challenges. It is an exciting time. And while the President does have enemies he appears to have protection as well.
President Obama's hopes of unifying everyone, reaching across the aisle, will not work. Divisive factions are growing and will come to challenge him loudly especially toward mid-term. And while mid-term may bring up some radical choices, the President will receive assistance from key people right from the start and throughout the four years of his first term. It is probable that he will be reelected. He has the genius, or luck of turning adverse conditions to his advantage. President Obama glows with vitality and vigorously carries things through. His gift of attracting others, however, is double edged; it works both for and against him. He has a danger of becoming entangled in the snares of his political enemies. President Obama's alliances will therefore not always be trustworthy. Notwithstanding, he is a clever politician.

The Western astrological chart for the inauguration had Mercury retrograde and combust showing Justice Roberts having a senior moment flubbing his administering of the Oath of Office. Some people had the opinion that the inauguration was made invalid because of this flub, however, according to the 22nd amendment of the Consititution, the inauguration was, indeed, valid. Notwithstanding, there was a second oath of office given to President Obama on January 21st at 7:35 PM at the White House. A brief analysis of it follows this report, but it doesn't hold water beyond warning the President of the serious intentions of his opposition; there are no accidents; that chart does say something. The country is deeply divided and there are a lot of fearful, angry people that can stir up a lot of trouble.
At the time of the Presidential Inauguration the Moon was at 29 degrees Scorpio in the 7th house. This means the Nation will have something to weep about during the the current Administration. This position of the Moon tells of an ominous turning point in the affairs of the Government tied to trouble in foreign relations and turmoil at home. We need to be on the lookout for violent characters.
To allay the fears of some people: while the chart does point to notable deaths of Senators and other outstanding figures, it does not point to the death of the President; the President is protected and has great popularity. The highest branches of the Government will be able to flourish and exercise power under him. But while the President has the ability to build up something of lasting value he will be vexed; he won't find himself in the best of circumstances all the time and he has enormous problems to deal with.
The Inauguration chart showed the President turning his attention to the real estate crisis, something he already has done. The chart also showed the following concerns of concern: trouble to children involving poverty and crime, illness coming from afar (swine flu), rising mortality rate, increase in crimes against women, crooks in the financial markets, international criminals, in other words, vice and immorality rooted in the past.
The Inauguration chart also showed that there would be much activity in Government circles involving banking and labor, also disgrace to public officials and people in high places of business; in other words, we will see plenty of scandals involving finances, banking and labor. We've already seen some.
The Administration's aims will likely be vexed by shifting circumstances and factional struggling, causing changes of mind related to complex financial issues. The Administration's financial and social plans will therefore be thwarted, compromised, or delayed to the discomfort of the public while the public is being intimidated by nefarious media characters. Some hoped for, and important social and economic reforms will get bogged down and delayed, in other words. The people started out with high hopes and need to be more realistic lest they be disappointed.
In two years from the time of the Inauguration radical developments will likely come up in the Congress. There will be dramatic developments and a likely upset in the country at that time. The opposition will get very loud. And in four years there will be a noteworthy loss that will bring weeping to the Nation. There is something tragic shown in this chart that will affect the Nation. Other charts over the years will reveal what this means. No matter, the President is protected, and will likely be reelected for a second term.
We can expect religious disputes to come up. The Administration favors taking bold new scientific, technological and medical directions that will attract dissention from religious fundamentalists. The new Administration will encourage innovation and invention, nonetheless. Technology is highly favored and will the an area for positive international cooperation.
The chart also shows that projects that were put aside or underfunded in the past Administration will come up in the future to engage the new Administration in working to build hospitals, schools, and such public works as roads, bridges and levies. There is also a call to improve interstate and international commerce and shipping. There are plans on the table for a new trans-continental rail system.
This year, when Saturn enters Libra after the end of October, the power of the President will be considerably strengthened and the economy should show some encouraging signs of improvement.
The chart also shows elements in the media grasping for power and stirring up a hornet's nest that contribute to conditions of danger that must be watched; there is danger of terrorism. Again, the Inauguration chart says that it is most unlikely the President will be harmed in spite of the dangers, but it is possible that someone close to the President will be in danger. It is also very possible that in four years an act of violence will come to affect the Nation. But that has to be confirmed by other charts along the course of time to be predicted with any certainty. The Inauguration chart, however, does point to turbulence and danger of violence developing through the four years of the Administration. Wisdom tells us to be watchful. The violent talk on the media is something to be watched. Dissention and turmoil will develope over the Administration's economic and social policies. Rebels and rabble-rousers will rise up to stir up riots, strikes, and destruction of property. These violent forces must be taken very seriously. As of this date, August 21st, you can see it already happening. It will not stop so easily. It is very serious.
The chart of the second oath of office, given on January 21st at 7:35 PM at the White House casts a shadow over the Presidency altogether. The second chart is extremely negative and shows that there are dark forces militating against the Government, and the Presidency itself; these forces must not be ignored. This chart lends serious weight to the negative indications of the first Inauguration chart, and shows the enormity of the problems that confront the Obama Administration.

by Raphael Simons
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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chinese Autumn Season, 2009: A Chinese Astrological Report

Chinese Autumn began this year on August 7th at 18:07 Beijing time, or 05:07 AM ET. The Chinese seasons always start at the middle of the Western calendar seasons. That is why Chinese Autumn arrives so early. In the context of western astrology, the Chinese seasons begin at 15 degrees the fixed Zodiac signs, Autumn beginning at 15 degrees Leo, Winter beginning at 15 Degrees Scorpio, Spring at 15 degrees Aquarius and Summer at 15 degrees Taurus. In the Chinese system, Autumn is the season of the element Metal. Metal contracts and expells.
The signs for the Autumn chart are as follows: the year is Earth Ox, the month is Water Monkey, the day is Wood Monkey and hour is Fire Rabbit. The predominant elements in the chart are Earth, Metal and Water, and the chart is predominantly Yang. This means that the energy this Fall is strongly and actively concentrative and intent on expelling everything non-essential; more people may lose their jobs. The natural course this Fall will be for all matters to settle, and for non-essentials to be eliminated. The chart, having so much Metal and Water is cold. Fire is weak. Therefore the season calls for Wood. Wood is the vital element for this Fall. That means that it is essential to make decisions. Matters must now be settled, decisions must be made and non-essentials must be thrown out if you are to stay in harmony with the Tao of the time.
Reduced to an I Ching Hexagram, the signs give us Hexagram 44: Coming to Meet, line 1. Its message is: curb evil at its inception. Where you find evil entering your life, check and correct it immediately. If you let it run its course unchecked, it will cause you misfortune.
This Autumn season favors people with a solitary character and those who work in independent professions. This, according to the traditional Chinese indicators, includes teachers, psychics, mediums, astrologers, metaphysicians, scholars, doctors, researchers, people who work behind the scenes, writers, designers and librarians.
Despite its severe indications, the chart has two Tien Yi, or Sky Medicine Stars. Tien Yi is the luckiest of all the stars; it resolves predicaments. The chart also has Tian de Gui Ren, or Heavenly Virtue Star which helps to stabilize life and clear away obstacles. This star is especially good for women who are getting married.
The chart also favors studies and travels as well as friendly interactions between people in business.
The chart, having strong Metal, but relying on Wood, also says that Western powers are strong, but depend on cultivating the creative potentials in the East. In other words, what happens in Asia is key to unlocking the power of the West at this time. Without the needed help of Asia the world will stagnate.

Looked at from the standpoint of the individual signs, the Autumn season, for those born under the sign Pig or Rat, means this is a time for you to increase your knowledge and develope your resources. It is favorable for Pig to work creatively and to be decisive this Fall. For Rat it is important, not only to generate your resources, but to accept the help of friendly people and to avoid conflicts; don't try to force your way against odds now. Both Pig and Rat, needing insights, will benefit by seeing the astrologer or psychic this Fall.
For those born under the sign Ox this is a time for saving up money and for turning your attention to your work. You may be very fortunate if you do.
For those born under the sign Tiger or Rabbit this is a time to assert yourself against odds while yielding to conditions you can't control. For a woman Tiger or Rabbit, this may be a season of love. For Tiger this Fall favors traveling, changing residence, and/or going forward with new work. It may also be a more favorable period for you financially. For Rabbit this Fall calls for creative activity.
If you were born under the sign Dragon this Fall favors you in business and encourages you to build up your money. It is best if conditions in your personal life be peaceful now if you are going to do that, however.
If you were born under the sign Snake or Horse this Fall is the time for you to pay attention and make money. For Horse this is also a lucky time for romance. And for Snake this is a good time for studies and any academic activity, also for using your intelligence to solve any problem you might have in your personal life and/or career.
If you were born under the sign Sheep this is a good time for creative work and for building up your money. It also favors receiving help from friendly people; a door may open for you unexpectedly.
If you were born under the sign Monkey or Rooser the Fall favors building up yourself, and circulating among your peers while acting independently and welcoming competition in business. Monkey may be especially lucky in resolving problems and will find others willing to help when needed. Friendly people are coming your way. For Rooster this is an especially lucky season for romance.
If you were born under the sign Dog this is a season to work hard and build up your money. The elements of the season will give you strength.
For a more personal reading or a more complete picture of what's going on in your life, you may wish to have a complete Chinese astrological chart reading. If so, contact Raphael Simons at

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The Lunar Eclipse of August 5th-6th, 2009

The Lunar Eclipse, at 13 degrees Aquarius, was penumbral, meaning the earth's shadow didn't entirely cover the surface of the moon, but what appeared was a ring of light around a dark center. The eclipse was partially visible in North and Central America at Moonrise (right after Sunset); it was completely visible over most of South America, the entire Atlantic, most of Europe except for Finland and Russia, all of Africa and most if the Arabian Peninsula; and was again partially visible at Moonset, i.e., at Sunrise on August the 6th, in western Asia, including western India, western China, and the far western part of Indonesia. The eclipse appeared at the zenith over Reykjavik, Iceland. If the eclipse has any affect on earthquake or volcanic activity anywhere in the world it will have some connection to pressures exerted in this part of the earth. There is a volcanic seam on the bottom the mid-Atlantic and Iceland; the eclipse was directly above this volcanic seam. Iceland is situated in the north mid-Atlantic, and is a volcanic island.
As far as the possible political affects of the eclipse go, in the mid-heaven, or zenith, of Iceland, it points to an upset, and possible defeat of the government there due to that country's financial troubles.
The eclipse over Washington DC occured in the 12th house calling attention to crime and instigators of crime in the country; subversive elements; kidnappings for ransom; spies and a behind the scenes condition - a skeleton in the closet - known only to the Government. The dispositors of the Eclipse Moon in Aquarius are Uranus and Saturn. These planets are in the 1st and 7th house of the chart for Washington DC. Mars is applying to exact square aspect with Saturn from the 4th house. Mars in the 4th house denotes trouble for the Government coming from those who are in angry opposition to the Administration. It also points to fires in public buildings, mining disasters and Earthquakes. There very probably will be more earthquake activity in the US coming up as seen from this eclipse chart. Mars in the 4th house adversely affects the land, buildings that sit on the land, and the real estate market. Because Mars squares Saturn in this chart, the affects of Mars will be greatly intensified. Eclipses in fixed signs (and Aquarius is a fixed sign) are more likely to touch off earthquake activity than eclipses in cardinal or mutable signs. Saturn in the 7th house of the chart for Washington DC is unfavorable for foreign affairs and produces awkward and unexpected complications of a serious nature. Uranus in the 1st house of this chart denotes turbulence and discontentment among the people. What is most noteworthy in this chart is that Saturn and Uranus being the dispositors of the Eclipse Moon in Aquarius come to exact opposition with one another from the 10th to the 17th of September. It is probable that by mid-September international affairs will become more complicated than they already are, and the people will be more restless than they already are.
On the other side of the world, in Delhi, India, the eclipse happens just below the western horizon in the 6th house. This spells trouble for the public health and the general condition of the working classes. There is also trouble brewing in India in the police force.
The affects of a lunar eclipse last about three months on average. For each of us personally, the eclipse, unless it exactly aspects our natal planets, means nothing personal. If you have a natal planet at 13 degrees Aquarius and the eclipse conjuncts that planet, the affairs of that planet will be upset periodically for three months. If you have a natal planet at 13 degrees Gemini, Libra, Aries, or Sagittarius, the eclipse will trigger very positive affects in your affairs. If you have a planet at 13 degrees Leo the eclipse will frustrate the affairs of that planet from time to time for three months.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Chinese Astrological Portrait of President Obama

Allowing that the given date and time of his birth is correct, President Obama was born in the year of Metal Ox, month of Wood Sheep, day of Earth Snake and hour of Wood Dog. The predominant elements in President Obama's chart are Fire and Earth. These elements give him a big heart and the ability to take in huge amounts of information. President Obama is an intuitive type. He has the ability to see the entire picture in a flash and to act on the spur of the moment. He also has a tendency to worry a lot and to want to take care of everybody. To him the entire nation is family and he aims to do right by it, at least according to his vision of what right means. President Obama has learned to be tough through emotionally difficult times in his life. He has power to earn respect and to break through all barriers. His chart has a configuration that shows up in Chinese astrology in the charts of many historical heroes. In other words, he's a heroic type. He is authoritative, aspiring, vigorous, alert, firm, persevering, highly competitive, combative, decisive and bold. He is not afraid of hardship, and he loves challenges. He upholds justice and stands up under pressure. Under extreme pressure he may become intolerant, especially toward those who work under him. He intends to get his way as best as he can. He tends to be rigorous and places great emphasis on discipline. Those working under him will find it difficult to keep pace with him. President Obama glows with vitality. He is bent of carrying things through to the end. He has the distinctive ability to envision the future and will work tirelessly to make what he sees come true. He is in tune with the mass of people of the land and he champions the underdog. Because he lives and thrives in an atmosphere of challenge, he is sure to invite and meet up with serious opposition along the way. President Obama's opposition may try to destabilize his career, but will not be able to derail it. At worst, he can escape unscathed. He has great luck.
The astrological indications for President Obama in 2009, the year of Earth Ox, point to challenging times. President Obama's energy, foresight and determination are being tested. 2009 is characterized by ups and downs for President Obama; it is an adventurous year and he is turning a corner. He has plenty to worry about. People around him whose help he wants are not all in agreement with one another or with him. Political divisiveness seriously challenges him. This kind of opposition, however, is nothing new to President Obama; DC is his playground. All the trouble he is having is making him stronger and more resourceful. Trouble with opponents will build up through the year. In 2010, the year of Metal Tiger, troubles previously kept quiet will surface to intensify the challenges. The second half of 2010 will be marked by fighting; President Obama will be confronted by loud and trenchant opposition as he nears mid-term. This will be a precarious time for the Democratic party and for the people working under President Obama as he grows less tolerant and puts more pressure on them in face of the opposition; his leadership will be put to the test. In the second half of 2010, President Obama will be entering a new 10-year cycle in his Chinese astrological chart. This new cycle shows probabilities of surprising events to come. While President Obama's vitality and creativity will increase he will have some fights, or major challenges, to deal with, especially in the years and months of Tiger, Snake and Monkey. If President Obama is re-elected, and he is most probably going to be, the years of Snake (2013) and Monkey (2016) will come in his second term. When challenged, President Obama will act decisively to overwhelm his opposition. The year of Metal Rabbit, 2011, shows President Obama all the more forceful in driving his agenda forward. If he is thwarted in getting his way, 2011 will be fraught with frustrations for him. The probability is that 2011will show a combination of the two, i.e., he will get his way to large measure and he will be angered by attempts to undermine him.
President Obama acts as a catalyst in this country. It is most likely that we will see the economic conditions changing for the better and becoming healthier through the coming months and years even though President Obama's detractors would have us believe otherwise. It is highly probable that President Obama will be re-elected for a second term.