Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Astrological view of the lunar eclipse of September 28, 2015.

The lunar eclipse happened at 3:39 AM, GMD, September 28, or 10:49 PM, EDT, September, 27. It was at 4:39 Aries. The effects of the eclipse last three months, or through the entire fall season on and off depending on planetary transits to the eclipse degree.

The eclipse was visible from central Asia, west across Europe, West Africa, the Atlantic, North America and South America, as well as part of Antarctica. The total eclipse was visible in Western Europe, West Africa, the eastern part of North America, and all of South America.

The eclipse was at the zenith of the sky at the longitude of Montreal, New York City (ca.74 degrees west), and down through the Caribbean, and through Colombia and the western part of South America. This may cause seismic and volcanic activity in areas along that line that are prone to such. It is possible that earthquakes can be triggered along other fault lines in North or South America as well. The eclipse can also cause fires, and/or volcanic eruptions. It will also bring violent weather. A hurricane may come to the east coast of the US.
The eclipse was opposite Mercury retrograde in Libra, and trine Saturn in Sagittarius.
Saturn was forming a T-square with Mars and Neptune. Mars was the Moon's dispositor, therefore significant. The Moon trine Saturn invites the T-square to manifest.  A T-square of Saturn, Mars, and Neptune is destructive, potentially chaotic, and does not help mitigate the effects of the eclipse. This eclipse is therefore destructive.
Mercury retrograde opposite the eclipse doesn't help either. It causes stress and poor, dishonest, unreliable, and broken communication.

The eclipse at the zenith at NYC is significant for the world, as NYC is a major financial capitol, and is the main seat of the UN. Aries, the sign in which this eclipse happened, is also in the mid-heaven of the chart of the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). The eclipse at the zenith in NYC brings trouble, quarrels, and unpopularity in and to the government, and is problematic for business. The eclipse opposite Mercury retrograde in the 5th house causes diplomatic tensions, quarrels, bad faith, confusions, and agreements and decisions that won't long be kept. Lots of vain posturing went on in the UN. The stock market will continue to behave erratically this fall.

The eclipse was in the descendant in the Middle East as seen in the eclipse charts for Egypt, the entire Arabian Peninsula, Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. This eclipse seriously aggravates already violent activity in the region. International relations there are unstable and are prone to change. The eclipse opposite retrograde Mercury in the 1st house there says that no one can be trusted to keep their word. Trickery is the order of the day along with enmity and rivalry. It is also a dangerous time for the House of Al Saud. This eclipse is also extremely unfortunate for women in the region.

A lunar eclipse in the 1st decanate of Aries points to fires. It produces sensational public events, quarrels, fights, riots, murders, wars, movements of armies, squandering of money, deaths of heads of states, and insanity.

Countries ruled by Aries, therefore also affected by this eclipse, include England, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Syria, and Israel. The cities of Florence and Naples are under Aries as well. There could be an earthquake in Italy.

The eclipse in the charts for the UK and EU is in the 8th house, opposite Sun and Mercury in the 2nd. Huge amounts of money are being lost. This eclipse is unfortunate for the governments. Many deaths will come to the people. There could be sickness. This eclipse is bad for the health of Europe as a whole this fall. It also brings an increase in crimes of violence. It also points to the death and/or failing of a woman in a high position. Merkel is in a bad position.
In the UK and EU charts Mars is rising conjunct the Ascendant opposite Neptune in the 7th house, and square Saturn in the 4th. Jupiter is also in the 1st house opposite Neptune. In a nutshell, Europe and the UK are in turmoil. It is violent, and it involves those who are coming into Europe from abroad.

The eclipse in the chart for Washington DC is in the 11th house opposite Sun and retrograde Mercury in the 5th. This affects Congress adversely. There is a loss of a member shown. Boehner announced his resignation just before the eclipse. There may be a death in that circle as well. The eclipse also points to loss of this county's popularity abroad, and to the possible loss of an ally. There is also a lot of discord between the parties now. Neptune, in this chart, is in the 10th house opposite Mars and Jupiter in the 4th house, and square Saturn in the 6th. This is bad for the Government. The Government loses power and/or popularity. The square of Saturn to Neptune and Mars points to tensions between the Government and the military. It also points to discontentment among the working class, and much illness coming up in this country this fall.

The repercussions of the eclipse will be short and sharp, as none of the slow moving planets will set it off.
Venus will oppose and trigger the eclipse degree November 12.
Mercury will oppose and trigger it October 16. The Moon will oppose and trigger the eclipse degree October 11.
Mars will oppose and trigger the eclipse degree November 19 - 21.
The Moon will square, oppose, square, and come then to conjunction the eclipse degree every week. The effects of these aspects can gradually lessen over a three month period.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

An astrological view of autumn equinox

Autumn equinox came on September 23 at 9:22 AM, GMD. The charts give a vastly mixed picture. This is what appears.

The Sun at 00:00 Libra, in the same degree as the north lunar node 00:53 Libra, and Saturn at 00:23 Sagittarius, points to a potentially fateful, or fatal event coming this fall. Any planet, especially a malefic (in this case, Saturn) in the same degree as the lunar node, no matter from which sign, points to a fatality. Both the Sun and Saturn are approaching exact conjunction and sextile the node, respectively. This may point to a number of events all interconnected, but the effect appears fateful, or fatal.
In the US the Sun and north lunar node are in the 2nd house. The 2nd house has to do with the economic conditions of the country and an unstable stock market. Saturn is in the 4th house. The 4th house has to do with the land itself. Because Saturn is there, and, at the time of the equinox is also square to Mars, it could point to a mining disaster, severe weather events, or a big earthquake which, if it did happen, would affect the economy. We must also note that the shadow of the total lunar eclipse coming on September 28 and running across the Americas may confirm this. Other possible readings for Saturn in the 4th house include collapse of a building or failure of elements of the infrastructure, and a general slowing down of the real estate market for the fall quarter, and possibly more houses going into foreclosure.
In the UK and EU the Sun and north lunar node are in the 11th house, and Saturn is in the 2nd house. Saturn is square Mars in the 10th house. This points to upsets in the governments, connected to financial issues. Mars in the 10th house square Saturn, with Mars ruling the 7th house points to volent fighting in Europe. Mars afflicted in the 10th house also points to failures in governance and deaths in high circles. Leaders are in disgrace, and are losing the support of the people.
In the region of Moscow down through the Middle East the Sun and north lunar node are in the 10th house with Saturn  conjunct the Ascendant and in the 1st house. There are huge upsets in the government circles. It is probably pointing at Syria. Saturn in the 1st house square Mars in the 9th house points to religious conflicts. Terrorism will continue with disastrous consequences for many people. Many will be massacred.
In China the Sun and north node are in the 7th house with Saturn in the 9th house square Mars in the 7th. This brings challenges in international relations and trade.

A mitigating aspect is found with Venus. Venus in Leo is in mutual reception with the Sun. But, as it doesn't take the Sun out of the degree of the north node, the mitigation does not entirely save the day. What Venus in mutual reception with the Sun does is make the entire situation more flexible. What Venus does, since she is the Sun's dispositor, and because she forms trine aspect with Uranus, is soften the otherwise bad signs. In the end you can say it could have been much worse.

Venus is the dispositor of the Sun. Venus' aspects will therefore bear on the situation, and in this case, in a favorable way. Venus is forming a trine aspect with Uranus, bringing great luck and a stroke of genius.
In the US Venus is in the 12th house and Uranus is in the 8th. This points to spiritual forces working for the good of this land and people. Because the Sun is in the 2nd house it points to increasing prosperity. The stock market will behave erratically, but there will be gains, possibly windfalls. Also, the Moon is in the 5th house, forming a trine aspect with the Sun. This is very fortunate. Whatever upsets are coming in the US this fall will be mitigated by these aspects. Jupiter is in the 1st house of the chart for the US, showing an increase in business and trade, and increasing prosperity. But, Jupiter is in opposition with Neptune in the 7th house. This dampens the upswing to a degree, and warns of treachery, schemes, double dealing, and secret plots from rogue foreign sources, possibly involving hackers or cyber attacks.
In the UK and EU Venus is in the 10th house with Uranus in the 6th. It is possible that the turmoil and violent disturbances that will be developing will force the governments to pay better attention to improving services for their own people.
In the region of Moscow down through the Middle East Venus is in the 9th house with Uranus in the 5th. This points to diplomacy. This will help mitigate the violent situation so that it does not blow up altogether.
In China Venus is in the 7th with Uranus in the 2nd. The stock market may take some surprising turns, have some welcome surges. Venus in the 7th house points to foreign investors. The Chinese chart for the equinox has the north node, the Sun, Jupiter, Mars, and Venus all in the 7th house. This gives tremendous emphasis on Chinese foreign relations this fall.

Mercury at the equinox was retrograde. It was applying to square Pluto. This is not a good sign. It points to treachery in diplomatic and business dealings.
In the US Mercury is in the 2nd house with Pluto in the 5th. This shows crooked stock market manipulations. Venus is the dispositor of Mercury. Venus is trine Uranus. The insiders stand to gain huge windfalls.
In the UK and EU Mercury is in the 12th house with Pluto in the 3rd. This points to lying, media manipulation, and potential dangers of terrorist activities in the streets and in public transportation. Pluto, in Capricorn and intercepted in the 3rd house, points to the underground, possibly meaning subways and tunnels. Venus, the dispositor of Mercury, is in the 10th house trine Uranus in the 6th. The governments will do well to avoid strikes and insubordination in military and police services. Both Mars, ruler of the 7th house, and Venus, ruler of the 1st house, in the 10th house of the UK and EU charts point to troubles that the governments will face coming from their own people and from foreign elements. Mars square Saturn in the 2nd house shows serious economic pressures and wide spread poverty. Jupiter in the 11th house opposite Neptune in the 4th shows agitation against the government coming from people.
In the region from Russia down through the Middle East Mercury is in the 11th house with Pluto in the 2nd. Pluto rules the 12th house, and Mercury rules the 7th. It shows international criminal financial dealings for the sponsoring of terrorist groups. The fact that Mercury is retrograde makes it more underhanded. Pluto is at direct station, giving this fact tremendous emphasis.
In China Mercury is in the 10th house with Pluto in the 2nd. The Government is connected unfavorably with secret money and market manipulations.

Pluto was at direct station at the equinox. Because it is in Capricorn, it gives tremendous emphasis to matters of political and corporate organization. The direct station greatly accents the affects of Pluto through the fall season. While we have seen some of this already in the US with Boehner announcing that he is stepping down, and the ugly noise around Martin Shkreli, we find in the equinox chart of Australia Pluto in the 10th house square Mercury in the 7th. International treachery will cause extremely difficult problems for the government. Pluto in the 10th house square Mercury in the 7th, and square Uranus in the 1st house could bring strikes and violence. The people are becoming fed up.

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Astrological view of Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn entered Sagittarius on Sept. 18, 2015 at 3:49 AM GMD. Earlier on, Saturn entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014, then turned retrograde on March 15, 2015, went back into Scorpio on June 15, turned direct in Scorpio on August 2, and is now in Sagittarius where he will stay until he enters Capricorn on December 20, 2017. What Saturn means for the world now and up to the end of 2017 can be read from the heavens at the moment of his entry into Sagittarius on the 18th.

First, Saturn is peregrine in Sagittarius. This means he can wander off course, go to extremes, and have little, if any patience in Sagittarius. Saturn can even act tyrannically in Sagittarius.

Sagittarius, in a universal sense, embraces philosophy, religion, science, universities, all forms of higher learning, the higher mind, international travel, international trade, publishing, ceremonies, legalizing, large scale entertainments, and so on. With Saturn in Sagittarius the religious arguments will become much more serious, seriousness being the key word for Saturn. Serious issues involving legalizing in international trade and travel will come up; far reaching scientific discoveries will be made; legal problems involving organization of publishing companies and between the publishing industry and the monopolizing on-line corporations will also come up. This will be a challenging time for a number of universities for a number of different reasons. Lots of arguments over legalizing will come in the world because of political fighting. Be cautious if attending large scale entertainment events such as games because of the possibilities of terrorism.

Countries, regions, groups, and cities under Sagittarius include all of Araby, Spain, Hungary, Australia, southern France (Province), Budapest, Cologne, and so on. We can expect huge problems to continue to grow in and from the Arab countries and the entire middle east and north Africa. We see already the tension in Hungary. It will continue and deepen. It is becoming a serious issue for the EU. The United States is ruled by Gemini. The polarity of Gemini and Sagittarius brings this country directly face to face with these developments. Australia is also facing some severe political challenges.

If the aspects in the chart of Saturn's entry into Sagittarius were good and easy the above predictions wouldn't stand. But, unfortunately that isn't the case. The aspects are as follows.

Saturn is just separating from square to Mars, and applying to square to Neptune and square to Jupiter. Jupiter is in opposition to Neptune. Saturn is also semi-square to Mercury and semi-square to Pluto. Mercury is square to Pluto. In a nutshell, Saturn's career in Sagittarius is starting out badly and will act destructively. The turmoil in and coming from the middle east will be big news for the next two years, according to Saturn.

Looking at the picture more closely, Saturn's dispositor is Jupiter (Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter.) Jupiter is in Virgo, the sign of his detriment, and is in opposition with Neptune. Talk of communications with, and an invasion by ETs notwithstanding, confusions, insane opinions, lies, and deceptions will continue to come to us from the media. The Jupiter opposition Neptune corrupts Saturn's path through Sagittarius. We can expect more baffling and nefarious chicanery to infect international relations affecting trade and communications.

That Saturn entered Sagittarius when he was square Jupiter, and Jupiter was in opposition with Neptune also says that the markets are enjoying a rough ride. The north lunar node moving up towards Leo gives reason for some optimism, but the square of Saturn and Jupiter is forcing corrections. This is a tricky time for investors. Jupiter opposite Neptune is pointing to problems in the areas of oil, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Another way of looking at this, some people are going to get extremely rich while others lose their shirts.

Mercury was retrograde at Saturn's entry into Sagittarius. Mercury was also semi-square Saturn and square Pluto. Mercury was at 15 degrees Libra, a degree denoting the fulcrum of the scales, or judgment. Retrograde, square Pluto, and semi-square Saturn, judgment is corrupt and affected by underworld criminal elements. International agreements cannot be trusted. If anything, this should teach us that our leaders are unconscious.

The Moon at the time of Saturn's entry to Sagittarius was in Scorpio forming two aspects, sextile Sun, and square Mars. Moon was waxing. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio. The final aspect of Moon square Mars harms the Moon. It means that increasing conflict is to be expected in the world.

In the charts for the UK and EU, Saturn is in the 4th house square Mars and Jupiter in the 1st house, with Neptune in the 7th house. The mood of the people is angry. They are being fooled by international trickery. Saturn afflicted in the 4th house will bring obstacles and difficulties to the governments, and there will be severe weather that will adversely affect agriculture. There may also be earthquakes. Nonetheless, Mercury retrograde in the 3rd house says that the  governments will change their minds and plans to the benefit of the people, and Sun in the 2nd house promises a brighter future. In other words, it is highly possible that the current governments will start to come apart. Watch to see what happens in Germany.

In the chart for the US, Saturn is in the 6th house, the 6th house having to do with military services, labor, and public health. Mars and Jupiter are in the 4th house opposite Neptune in the 10th house. There is discontentment with the Government. In these two years a lot of dirt will come out and will involve scandals involving people in the top circle, as well as some involving people in the military. Mercury is retrograde in the 5th house trine the Ascendant. Mercury is intercepted, Changes involving diplomatic relations, while made in secrecy, will be to the benefit of the people. Venus is in the 3rd house. We are at peace with our neighbors.

In the chart for China, Saturn is in the 1st house, Jupiter is in the 10th house, and Neptune in the 4th. Mercury is in the 11th house square Pluto in the 2nd. This does not look sanguine for Chinese business. Saturn afflicted in the 1st house brings want of work, loss of trade, and poverty. Pluto afflicted in the 2nd house confirms it, and warns of trickery adversely affecting the money and stock market. Sun and Jupiter in the 10th house makes the leaders rich; they look good, but Jupiter's opposition to Neptune, Neptune in the 4th house will bring trouble up. Financial corruption is a serious danger and the majority of the people are being burdened.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The solar eclipse of September 13, 2015

The solar eclipse of September 13 occurred at 7:55 AM GMD. It was a partial eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo, and was visible from the area of South Africa down to Antarctica. The effects of a solar eclipse are periodic through at least one year, and can extend up to three. This eclipse will be followed by a total lunar eclipse on September 28 at 4 degrees Aries.

An eclipse over the ice shelf of Antarctica suggests that there could be a break in the ice affecting the ocean in the southern hemisphere this coming summer.

A traditional reading of a solar eclipse in the 3rd decanate of Virgo points to troubles and adversity, with possible imprisonment of artists and those who live by their wits, in other words, dissidents.

The eclipse is involved in very few aspects. It forms only one aspect: sextile Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio. An eclipse in Virgo has to do with food, supplies, and medicine. It's aspect with Saturn, especially in Scorpio, suggests want. 29 degrees is at the end of its tether, and gives something to weep about, as it is opposite the Pleiades, aka The Weeping Sisters. This points to many people in desperate straights.

Countries and regions ruled by Virgo include Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, the Greek islands, the Balkans, Switzerland, and so on. Cities ruled by Virgo include Paris, Jerusalem, and others.

Toward and around this eclipse we see the migration for better or worse of people coming up into Europe from those parts of the world ruled by Virgo.

The eclipse, as seen in the charts for UK and EU, is in the 12th house. This points to a huge burden on welfare and a rise in criminal activity to be expected over the coming months. Mercury is in the 1st house, square to Pluto in the 4th house, and opposite Uranus in the 7th house. The people, especially, as seen in Greece and eastern Europe, are alarmed. Disturbing reports will come out later this and next week when Mercury turns retrograde and Pluto turns direct.

The eclipse, as seen in the chart for the US, is in the 2nd house. Jupiter is also in the 2nd house. While this should bring a boost to stock market economic activity, it is not entirely reliable, and warns of stock market losses as well. Jupiter is opposite Neptune in the 8th house. It points out deceptive conditions. And the eclipse is quincunx to Uranus. Uranus is retrograde in Aries in the 10th house of the NYSE. It warns of erratic conditions. On the other side of the world, in China, the eclipse happens in the 8th house. Mars and Jupiter are in the 8th house as well, and Jupiter is in opposition with Neptune in the 2nd house warning of losses. The Chinese chart is the mirror opposite of the US chart. Both US and Chinese charts interact. Chinese conditions affect American conditions, and vice versa. Neptune in opposition with Jupiter confuses matters in both places. Manipulating the markets is tricky business. Neptune in the 2nd house in the Chinese chart denotes unfortunate manipulation of the markets.

Speaking of finances, Switzerland, the land of banks, is indicated as affected by this eclipse in Virgo. Virgo also rules foods and medicines, in other words, Big Ag, and Big Pharma, and related companies. Watch banks, agricultural corporations, food commodities, and pharmaceutical corporations. Merck is a Swiss pharmaceutical company.

The eclipse, as seen in the chart for Iran, is in the 10th house. Jupiter is in the 10th house as well. Jupiter is in detriment in Virgo, so not as strong. An eclipse in the 10th house bodes ill for the Government. The traditional reading for this is disaster. Because the eclipse was not visible in Iran the reading must be modified. Nonetheless, it does not look sanguine for the Government of that country. Saturn is in the 1st house in this chart. Saturn at 29 degrees Scorpio in the 1st house is very evil. It shows distress and discontentment. Pluto is in the 2nd house. Poverty is in Iran. All the hatred the Government generates in the people is misdirection. It is how the Government distracts attention from itself. Saturn is in mutual reception with Pluto. Saturn and Pluto are in semi-square aspect. It says ways around the trouble generate different kinds of trouble, including underground activity, possibly drug trafficking. Mercury in the 11th house is square Pluto in the 2nd house and opposite Uranus in the 5th house. There is a great deal of economic disorder and theft.

The eclipse, as seen in the chart for Australia, is in the 7th house. Jupiter is in the 6th opposite Neptune in the 12th. The eclipse in the 7th house brings difficulties in foreign relations, or conflicts with foreigners living in Australia.

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