Sunday, June 19, 2011

Horary astrological view: Greece

In an article from Associated Press, dated June 19, 2011, the question was raised whether Greece is on the path to stability or just delaying an inevitable disaster. The article goes on to assert that the answer won't come for weeks or months, but that financial analysts are not optimistic.

A horary astrological chart was drawn up on June 19 at 2:33 PM MST at Phoenix, AZ to look into the probable future of the situation. We note the Moon forming two aspects: trine Sun and square Mars, respectively. The Sun is the ruler of the 11th house and is in the 9th house. Mars is the ruler of the 2nd house and is in the 8th house. Mars is at 29 degrees Taurus. Mars at 29 degrees any sign is out of patience. 29 degrees Taurus is the Pleaides, the "Weeping Sisters", a most unfortunate degree. Moon's final aspect square Mars with Pleaides says the matter will come to a most unfortunate pass. In a nutshell, while diplomats are hopeful that a bail out will help, if the bailout actually goes through it will lead to regrettable losses and violence. The financial analysts have good reason not to be optimistic.

Saturn in this chart is in the 12th house. This shows trouble behind the scenes affecting the final outcome. Saturn is the dispositor of the Moon and rules the 4th house, in other words, the end of the matter looks rather grim. Also note: Mercury is coming to square Saturn. Mercury is the ruler of the 9th house and is in the 9th house. International relations of the Euro Zone will become more seriously troubled than they are already. Disaster looks probable.

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