Monday, August 20, 2012

A Chinese astrological portrait of Phyllis Diller

Phyllis Diller was born on July 17, 1917 at 1:00 AM. The Chinese astrological signs for her year, month, day and hour of birth are Fire Snake, Fire Horse, Metal Monkey, and Fire Ox, respectively. Fire Snake shows a passionate and volatile character. Metal Monkey shows that Ms. Diller was an ingenious thinker, endowed with tremendous strength, who loved to live on the cutting edge. All the Fire in her chart shows her to have been very lively, and at home in the spot light.

The elements in Ms Diller's chart are 6 Fires, 4 Earths, 4 Metals, 2 Waters and 0 Woods. There are 8 yang elements and 7 yin elements. In spite of there being no Wood, the chart is well balanced; this accounts for her long life. But, when Wood showed up in her chart her life, her vitality began to fail. Wood showed up at age 78 and would have stayed until she was 98. She was very strong; she died at age 95.

Looking at the overview of her life, Ms. Diller enjoyed a long period of good fortune, love, and happiness from her late teens through her 40s, her peak cycle being from age 28 to age 38. It was really in her late 70s and 80s that her career began to decline. Her cycle of age 78 to age 88 was Wood Tiger, and her cycle from 88 to 98 was Wood Rabbit. Both of these cycles weakened her. She suffered heart problems. The heart, in the Chinese system is yin Fire. Ms. Diller had an overbalance of yin Fire in her chart. The two Wood cycles from age 78 to 98 simply intensified the Fire until it ended her life; Wood builds Fire.

This year 2012, the year of Water Dragon increased the power of Wood in Ms. Diller's chart, and that intensified her Fire too much. The Fire that gave her life its dazzle and sense of joy took her out of this life as well. Phyllis Diller was an essentially fiery presence.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Paul Ryan in Astrology

The real problem in Ryan's chart is the T-square involving opposition Jupiter/Saturn, both square Sun and Venus in conjunction. Saturn is in the 5th house, Jupiter in the 11th; Sun and Venus in the 2nd. Jupiter is the ruling planet involved in the T-square. His ruler, Jupiter opposite Saturn, square his Venus, with Neptune conjunct the ASC make him a candidate for cancer, beside a trickster in the money department.

His Neptune conjunct his ASC rules his 4th house, and Saturn is moving toward his 4th house. This orients him to his community, the community he represents. He acts out their ideals: those of Ayn Rand and the Neo-Cons. He champions their agenda. The Neptune conjunct ASC is trine Mars in his 4th house and sextile Pluto in his 10th, Mars and Pluto are not in opposition. He fights for his ideal, and community. He identifies with his community (Neptune ruling the 4th conjunct the ASC). The problem is that community that sets itself against the majority of the people. Ryan fights for the neo-con gang of which he is 100% a part.

Neptune is semisquare Mercury in the 2nd house. But, the stronger aspects to the 2nd house are Sun conjunct Venus both square Jupiter and Saturn. Venus square Saturn is the most difficult. It makes for very complex issues over love and money, using others, being hurt, feeling unloved, hurting and abusing others, being denied and denying. Also Venus is combust. He is not all too happy. Neptune on the ASC says that he is not what he seems to be. His personal and ideal outlook based on striving for his gang covers over a deeply unhappy condition in his life. The T-Square, if unworked out, can convert the Neptune/ASC trine to Mars into a force of sheer madness.

Where Neptune is in a person's chart is where the person can fool him/herself based on the house Neptune rules. In Ryans case, he fools himself based on his community (4th house), family, father, and end of life.
Ryans ASC is at 0 degrees SAgittarius. 0 degrees any sign is a threshold, not knowing what is inside. Ryan is naive in a fundamental way. With Neptune on his ASC at 00 degrees, he entertains unrealistic fantasies involving his outlook in life based on his community. He is deluded by the people, or community, that support him. Neptune rules addictions. Ryan's addiction to the fantasies of Ayn Rand is screwing his ability to see. Sagittarius rules seeing.We could say that Ryan, with ASC at 00 Sagittarius conjunct Neptune, is blind.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Romney and Ryan in Chinese astrology

President Obama said that Paul Ryan is the idological leader of the GOP in Congress. He is absolutely right.

For this current article I have made the Chinese astrological charts of Ryan, Romney, and Obama to see how they compare. The readings have as little to do with any personal politicial opinions as possible. The first chart is that of Ryan.

The signs of the year, month, day and hour of Paul Ryan's birth chart are Earth Rooster, Fire Ox, Earth Rooster, and Wood Ox, respectively. He was born in the year of 3 Wood Star, the month of 6 Metal Star, and has the tendency of 2 Earth Star. Briefly, Earth Rooster for his year and day of birth says that he loves order and is inclined to be fussy. He loves his home and needs to be in a nurtuting environment. He is motivated by, and is loyal to the ideals of the community, or political circle that supports him.

The balance of elements in Ryan's chart are 3 Water, 1 Wood, 1 Fire, 4 Earth, and 4 Metal. His energies tend to contraction, not expansion. The most remarkable thing about his chart, something extremely rare, is that it has absolutely no Yang elements. It has 0 Yang Wood, 0 Yang Fire, 0 Yang Earth, 0 Yang Metal, and 0 Yang Water. It has, on the other hand, 1 Yin Wood, 1 Yin Fire, 4 Yin Earth, 4 Yin Metal, and 2 Yin Water; 12 Yin elements in all. That's 12 to 0. The chart is radically unbalanced. This is a big warning of serious health problems that may develop.

Aside from the health warnings, the Yin nature of Ryan's chart shows someone who does not initiate anything, but who always follows something. This is strongly confirmed by his tendency star, 2 Earth. What makes Ryan a leader, paradoxically, is that his chart has the deity called Amiable deity, as well as a Commanding Star. This means that, while friendly to all around him, he is competitive and will use others to promote his beliefs and aims. What are his beliefs and aims, then? Total Yin nature coupled with 2 Earth Tendency Star says that his aims are completely about following an ideal that comes from someone outside himself, and to whom he devotes his life. Ryan is dedicated to following Ayn Rand. She is his inspiration. He absolutely stands for the extreme Neo-Con position of the far right that as been inspired by Ayn Rand. Without that, or for him to change, he would go through a catrastrophic, life threatening crisis. His very identity would be undone.

Ryan, age 42, is in a 10 year cycle that began when he was 38. The current cycle does not show him to be particularly strong. On his own he would have no chance.

Interesting to note, Ryan's birth star, month star and tendency star being 3, 6, 2, respectively all clash with Romney's birth star, month star and tendency star being 8, 1, 3. The two men, at best, have a difficult relationship, there being no genuine compatibility between them. The pairing of the two is simply a business arrangement made by the Republican party.

The signs of the year, month, day and hour of birth in Romney's birth chart are Fire Pig. Water Rabbit, Metal Tiger, and Metal Snake, respectively. Fire Pig - Metal Tiger combination is highly imaginative, intelligent, and aggressive. Romney is capable of springing surprises. He is passionate, has ever changing moods, and emotional extremes that make him hard for most people to understand. Nonetheless he is jovial, and attracts many friends and admirers. He is extremely luxurious; he loves wealth and has expensive tastes, and can live far beyond his means. His Metal Tiger nature makes him intellectually detached and able to see different sides of an issue without becoming involved. He is also insatiably curious and watchful, and, while appearing to be casual and indifferent, can trick others into coming around to his secretly held point of view, believing that it was actually their idea when it wasn't. Romney's chart has two very interesting stars: Academic Nobleman, and Tai Chi Nobleman. This shows him to glow with vitality. He always vigorously carries things through to the end; he becomes very wealthy and displays a kind of aristocratic attitude. Interestingly, his chart shows him to be gifted in divination.

Romney's chart is fairly well-balanced between yin and yang, but decidedly more yang. He is more of a leader and a far more open and enterprising person than Ryan.

Romney, age 65, is in a 10 year cycle that began when he was 62. The cycle challenges him to stand up and take the lead. It is a tremendous challenge for him. But, Fire being his vital element, he has the strength, the cycle being Fire Money. Still, Romney was in his peak cycle between 52 and 62. His cycle 62 to 72 is for him the pivotal cycle of his life; it could undo him in a big way if he fails in this election. Next year, the year of Water Snake shows a change in career. Romney will begin a new career direction, may move house, and may travel. This and next year being Water Dragon and Water Snake, respectively are difficult for Romney.

The signs of the year, month, day, and hour of birth for President Obama are Metal Ox, Wood Sheep, Earth Snake, nd Wood Dog, respectively. Metal Ox is self-protective and inflexible, and does not build relationships easily. Earth Snake is a dreamer, has a strong intelligence and memory, and a strongly sensual nature. Obama's predominant element is Earth. He cares and worries about those close to him.

Obama's chart has a remarkable star called Knife Blade. It gives him a very strong personality. Knife Blade, combined with the chart deity, called Imposing Authority, makes Obama a ferocious leader, best not crossed. He can be ruthless to enemies, and he invites, and thrives on opposition. He can become quite intolerant. He sees himself as a hero. Knife Blade in his chart is not fortunate for his wife; it warns her to guard her health.

President Obama, age 51, is in a 10 year cycle that began on his 50th birthday. The cycle brings about favorable changes in his career, and poses challenges to people who work under him. It also appears to be a difficult period in his relations with his children, who may tend to distance themselves from him in later years. Nonetheless, the cycles of age 40 to 50, and 50 to 60, are Metal cycles. Metal is Obama's vital element. He is strong and up for challenges. This year and next, being Water years bring gains to President Obama.

This year, 2012, Water Dragon makes very strong Earth. Obama's day of birth was a day of Earth. This means that in 2012 Obama is attracting lots of friends. Next year, 2013, is for Obama a peak year. His Knife Blade comes out, and he takes the lead against his opposition.

Obama is the strongest of the three.

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