Friday, January 28, 2011

Astrological view of the unfolding events in Egypt

In the chart of the Egyptian Republic begun June 19, 1953 at 1:30 AM in Cairo we can see coming up some noteworthy developments. The Egyptian chart has 29:18 Aries rising, and 19:04 Capricorn at the Midheaven.

We note that the Sun in the chart of Egypt is at 27:24 Gemini. Transiting Neptune is at 27 Aquarius trine Egypt's Sun from January 10 to February 6th this year. And transiting Uranus is at 27 Pisces square Egypt's Sun from January 2nd to February 1st. This is timing the current upheaval. Uranus is transiting Egypt's 12th house and is the ruler of the 11th. There are people in the Egyptian Parliament that are working in secrecy behind the uprising to topple the Government and get rid of the President.

The fun isn't over. Egypt's Mars is at 3 degrees Cancer; Egypt's Uranus is 17 degrees Cancer and their Mercury is 20 degrees Cancer. Transiting Jupiter, just into Aries, will come to square Egypt's Mars between February 7th and 11th when we may anticipate more violence and interference in the affair from foreign powers. Mars is the ruler of the Ascendent in the chart, and therefore means the people; the people are enraged and will become more violent.

Jupiter then comes to square Egypt's Uranus between April 9th and 12th when there will be much quarreling and fighting in the government, mainly in Parliament, and there will be harsh words in the media and transportation will be disrupted, and possibly an air crash and/or street bombing.

Jupiter then comes to square Egypt's Mercury and oppose Egypt's Saturn between April 21st and 24th when there will be much confusion and disarray in public services and in the military and the economic conditions will be depressed. Egypt is in crisis.

Jupiter in Egypt's chart rules the 8th and 9th houses tying into the matter issues of foreign financial interest in Egypt as well as the clergy. The revolt is being sparked to no small degree by the clergy that is fed up with the corruption.

Note that Jupiter in the chart of Egypt is natally in the 2nd house. This means that Egypt is rich and should be prosperous. Obviously someone in Egypt is rolling in dough. But, the people are not.

Note also that Mars, the ruler of the Ascendent, therefore of the people, is in Cancer, the sign of Mars's fall. The people are at a terrible disadvantage and are now in revolt. This kind of thing is to be expected from time to time in the context of this chart for Egypt. The Ascendent at 29 degrees Aries confirms the tendency of the people to run out of patience and revolt when the conditions become intolerable. The Republic of Egypt was not set up for the people; it was set up for a ruling elite. The elite are using the discontentment of the people to stage a coup, but the discontentment of the people will grow. The state has done nothing to give the people opportunities for gaining wealth.

If all that about Jupiter isn't enough, we see Uranus getting into the act. Uranus will come to square Egypt's Mars between May 7th and June 1st bringing plenty of explosive developments. The people will be very angry and there will be violence in the streets. Uranus Retrograde then comes to square Egypt's Mars between August 18th and September 15th for more unrest among the people. Then Uranus comes to square Egypt's Mars again between February 26th and March 15th, 2012. There will be more violence then. Obviously what is happening now is not just going to stop. Egypt is in deep turmoil.

Uranus will reach square Egypt's natal Uranus in March 2015, and square Egypt's Mercury in July 2015. In light of the political, business, and economic conditions in the world we can say that Egypt's problems are far from over. What is happening is a process of change that, under the existing form of the state of Egypt, will do little to improve the conditions of the people, but will only move them from the frying pan into the fire. And we can see that the unrest will spread to other countries in the region and across the globe as the tyrants tighten the strings and more people starve.

In addition to Jupiter and Uranus Saturn gets into the act this year. Saturn comes to square Egypt's natal Uranus between September 17th and 25th. This will force reformations.

Saturn comes to square Egypt's 10th house between October 4th and 11th bringing serious pressure on the government from the military sector as well as from the sectors of public services.

Then Saturn comes to conjunction Egypt's natal Saturn exactly square Egypt's natal Mercury between October 12th and 20th. This is Egypt's Saturn Return. NB: this year, 2011 is also the USA's Saturn Return year. It is a time of reckoning for both countries. It means drawing the bottom line and adding up and subtracting to get the facts. In Egypt Saturn is the ruler of the 10th house, the house of the Head of State. How to Organize is going to be a big issue.

Next up, Saturn comes to conjunction Egypt's Neptune between October 21st and 28th marking a time when the needs of the impoverished will weigh upon the Government. Many people will be arrested.

Then, Saturn comes to opposition the Ascendent of Egypt between January 14th and March 2nd, 2012. Saturn turns Retrograde opposite the Ascendent on February 8th. 2012 is going to be a seriously difficult year for the Egyptian government in the area of foreign relations. War is a danger. Saturn comes back to opposition Egypt's Ascendent again between September 27th and October 5th, 2012.

So we may see, what is happening now is not going to stop so easily. Egypt is in a time of complicated turmoil. The end of the current Government will usher in a period of internal and international turmoil for Egypt.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Chinese astrological view of Ron Paul

Ron Paul was born on August 20, 1935 in Green Tree, Pennsylvania. The astrologically rectified time of his birth was 7:45 AM EDT. The time, in the Chinese astrological clock, is the hour of Rabbit.

So, in Chinese astrology, Ron Paul was born in the year of Wood Pig, month of Wood Monkey, day of Earth Dragon, and hour of Wood Rabbit. The season element was Metal. The break down of elements are 2 Metals, 3 Waters, 6 Woods, 0 Fire, and 3 Earth. The predominant element is Wood, and there is no Fire. Broken down to Yin and Yang, there are 4 Yin Wood, 0 Yin Fire, 0 Yin Earth, 0 Yin Metal, 1 Yin Water; and there are 2 Yang Wood, 0 Yang Fire, 3 Yang Earth, 1 Yang Metal, 2 Yang Water. The chart has 8 Yang and 5 Yin. Ron Paul is the type to take the initiative.

In Chinese astrology the Year and Day signs describe major characteristics of the personality. Ron Paul's year sign is Wood Pig; his day sign is Earth Dragon. He is a sensitive person who works very hard. The Wood from his year of birth gives him a mild disposition. He is tactful, creative, accomodating, adaptible, calculating, and while appearing to be modest has a strong sense of determination. Wood Pig is a productive, enterprising kind of Pig. The astrological sign Pig, in Chinese, is called Hai. Hai is the front door to Heaven. Pig aspires. You can count on Ron Paul to keep his word, to treat others gently, to be loyal to his friends and to pay his debts of gratitude. He takes care of his friends, but can poke his nose into other people's business. He is serious in his work and is not easily discouraged. Pig has a big heart. It can be impetuous and will act courageously in face of difficulties. Pig expresses itself openly and candidly. The negative side of Pig is very selfish. Wood Pig characteristics are basic to the personality of Ron Paul.

The sign of the Day of birth shows how the personality expresses itself. In Chinese astrology we like to think of the sign of the year of birth as the person's substance, and the sign of the day as the form the substance takes. Wood Pig is gentle. Earth Dragon is powerfully determined. The Earth of the Earth Dragon is like solid rock. It denotes a friendly person that helps others, thinks a lot and is slow and deliberate. The slowness can sometimes cause this person to miss opportunities as he is always concerned with matters at hand. He is stubborn, willful and trustworthy. You can count on him to keep his word. Dragon is like the center of everything. Dragon contains Water; it acts like a reservoir; it thinks deeply. Ron Paul is a dreamer and thinker, and has great reserves of creative imagination. His character, like a Dragon, is deeply uncertain and restless. The Dragon's nature winds, rises and falls and changes however fast or slow. Dragon man instinctively loves the land and his country. He has high aspirations and is constructive. The more experience the Dragon man has the more focused and successful he becomes. He perseveres. Dragon man is conservative and reticent and has few close friends. Earth Dragon is called Peace Blossom. This gives Ron Paul a natural appeal; he attracts love. There are many that love him. He is considerate of all, yet deeply reserved.

The predominant element in Ron Paul's chart is Wood. It has 6 Woods. This makes Wood element most pronounced in Ron Paul's character. Wood is the sign of the romantic. It gives Ron Paul exceptional abilities to dream and plan. He is a great strategist. Following plans, he becomes decisive and takes action. Wood is characterized by an arrow. It flies. The weakness of Wood, however, is to lose patience and snap. It gets angry when thwarted. Ron Paul, for all his calm, collected persona, has quite a temper. Wood is the Springtime element. Wood expands. Ron Paul was born in the Chinese Fall season, the season of Metal. Metal contracts. Ron Paul's predominant Wood is under seige by Metal. Metal cuts Wood. Wood springs up. Where Ron Paul is cut down he springs up anew. He is by necessity a shrewd fighter. In Ron Paul's chart, Metal is the Vital Element. He needs the fight. Metal gives him the sense of discipline that he thrives on.

Ron Paul was born in the year of 2 Earth Star, and in the month of 5 Earth Star. This combination makes him very conservative. He is deeply connected to his ancestors, family, home and country. He sees himself as a servant. He needs to serve to be in a right relation to life; that is his nature. The whole chart also has the character of what is called Proper Authority style. This confirms Ron Paul's sense of himself as a servant. He best expresses his personality through devotion and thrives on love. Proper Authority types are naturally drawn to civil service, government posts, administration, and legal and legislative positions. Ron Paul is, in essence, a patriotic type.

Having no Fire in his chart when he was born, Fire becomes a serious challenge to him when it shows up. Fire shows up in Ron Paul's chart from age 64 to 84. He is currently age 75. The Fire in his chart from age 74 to 84 is Yang Fire. It brings serious challenges to him from would he supporters. These are challenging years for his career. But, true to his nature, he thrives in the fight. Fire has three basic meanings for Ron Paul. First, because his dominant element is Wood, Fire means his career. Secondly, because he was born on a day of Earth, Fire means support. Thirdly, Fire means a threat to his Vital Element and can exhaust him. Bottom line, Ron Paul doesn't get the kind of support for his career aim that he wants. Supporters can knock him off course. He has to work very hard and has to find his way around his limitations. And he needs to see that people appearing to support him can exhaust him.

The cycle in Ron Paul's chart that runs from age 74 to 84 has these indications: The cycle is Fire Rat. Despite the limitations shown by Fire, Rat brings to Ron Paul the star Tien Yi. Tien Yi is the luckiest star. She is a deity whom all demons fear. She resolves predicaments. She brings assistance and promotion and transforms trouble to good fortune. People will lend a helping hand. Ron Paul is becoming popular and is winning support despite the challenges shown by Fire. People are encouraging Ron Paul. He is fighting for a popular cause. Nonetheless, we find in the month of Ron Paul's birth another indicator of Tien Yi, but it is in a state that is called Void which means that no matter what, Ron Paul has to work hard his entire lifetime. He is one to wrestle with challenges.

Age cycle 74 to 84 also has Star of Romance, Commanding Star and Nobleman Star. Their meanings are as follows:
Romance Star gives Ron Paul a special appeal to the people; he spontaneously attracts admiration these years.
Commanding Star is giving him authoritative presence and helps to amplify his leadership abilities. In addition to his cycle of age 74 to 84, Ron Paul was born with a Commanding Star in the hour of his birth. This means that his ability to command increases from his age 52 through to the end of his life. This year, 2011 gives Ron Paul another Commanding Star. He is in a very interesting and powerful position this year.
Nobleman Star is bringing supporters, friendly people who mean well. Ron Paul has influential people behind him despite the challenges shown by Fire. But, it might be pointed out that while there are supporters, there are also false friends and dangerous enemies around him. In relation to Nobleman Star, Ron Paul was born with what is called Academic Nobleman star in his chart. Academic Nobleman Star gives him the ability to turn adverse situations to his favor. He works in a very tricky environment and needs to use all the intelligence he has and to be careful of the intentions of alleged friends.

Ron Paul's cycle 74 to 84 shows him in a period in which surprising developments happen. A positive way of seeing this is that he is rising quickly to prominance. Last year, 2010, he got a lot of exposure and rose to an important position in Congress amid plenty of opposition not only from the Democrats but from the Republicans as well. His relation to the Fed is seen as dangerous.

This year, 2011, Metal Rabbit upsets the sign of Ron Paul's 10 year cycle of age 74 to 84, that sign being Fire Rat. While Ron Paul is becoming more attractive to his admirers, people who work for him may prove a disappointment and he won't be able to go as far as he might like this year. The second half of the year, between August and the end of January 2012, however, will be better for him than the first half of the year, but the year will altogether prove to be a struggle and he may feel stuck in a rut much of the time even though his course is determined.

Next year, 2012, matters should move more easily forward for Ron Paul. His power will be increasing and one step will be followed by another. Whatever challenges there are will make him stronger.

The years 2013, 2014 and 2015 are the high point of Ron Paul's current cycle, 2014 being the peak year. The danger of these years is this: Ron Paul's Vital Element is Metal. The years 2010 and 2011 have strong Metal. He's doing relatively fine these years. 2013, 2014 have Fire; 2013 is the year of Snake and 2014 is the year of Horse, both Fire. Fire kills Metal. Ron Paul's ten year cycle of age 74 to 84 has strong Yang Fire. The year 2013 is Water Snake and the year 2014 is Wood Horse. The Water in Water Snake softens Ron Paul's Vital Element and the Fire of Snake harms it. Then, the Wood in Wood Horse will challenge Ron Paul's Vital Element to a fight and the Fire will kill it. This means that he needs to be careful especially through the years 2013 and 2014 if he doesn't want to get exhausted. What this actually means in real life is a question, but it is certain that he is attracting a big fight. All through the years 2011 to 2016 the economy will go through gyrations with several market panics. The year 2015 in Ron Paul's chart is a pivotal year. It is the year of Wood Sheep. Wood Sheep will add three additional Woods to the six Ron Paul already has. Wood will be overwhelmingly strong in his life in 2015. It will bring out his anger. It has dangers. Wood challenges Metal. Metal is his Vital Element. Metal will be exhausted if it fights. Ron Paul will then be 79. Unless others come to his aid and take up the challenge, Ron Paul will burn out short of the unspeakable. He is not a one-man army. If the right support from the people of this country comes forward he will have a good chance to succeed in his aim.

Whether Ron Paul runs for President in 2012 and succeeds is nonetheless a question. 2012 shows him to be making decisive progress. He could. If he did he would be up against a serious and dangerous challenge in 2013, 2014 and 2015. The forces he opposes are massive. If he surpasses his challenges he will be in a very powerful position in the world by 2016 when the economy will take a decisive turn for the better.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Horary astrological view of Obama's speech

Listening to the President's speech tonight, the question came up just what the speech points to. So, a horary chart was drawn up in Albuquerque, NM, January 25th at 7:53 PM MST to find out. And here is what the chart has to say.

The chart has Saturn, Moon, Venus, Pluto, Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Neptune under the horizon. Jupiter and Uranus are above the horizon in the 7th house. Eight planets, most importantly the Moon and Sun, under the horizon say that there is a lot that is not being shown; a lot was hidden in and by the speech. The Moon square the Sun is alerting us to difficulties. The Moon is sinister square the Sun denoting cutting off dead wood. The Moon is also square Mars denoting surgery. It is likely that taxes will go up while services are being eliminated.

The question asked points to the 1st house, the 2nd house and the 4th house. The 1st house denotes the speech itself. The 2nd house shows where the future is starting, and the 4th house shows how it all ends.

Saturn is rising in the 2nd house and is in Retrograde station. This says some trouble will soon arise; it involves money cutbacks and a need for protection, in other words defence. Saturn rules the 5th and 6th houses in this chart. In context of the 5th house, the trouble is based in speculations, as in the stock and commodities markets, also schools. Schools will lose funding. In context of the 6th house, the trouble is based in the issues of labor, public services and the military. The President's speech was made when Saturn was rising in the 2nd house. This is telling us that there is a warning in the speech that we must pay attention to. Saturn coming to Retrograde is taking away, cutting back. Saturn cuts down. The 2nd house means money. Cutbacks of funding will be felt while there will be an inflation. Issues of labor will mean a continuing weak job market. Public services will be wanting in many cities.

The Moon is in the 2nd house as well. The Moon is at 00 degrees Scorpio. At 00 degrees, the Moon is standing at the threshhold looking in but not doing anything - yet. Moon rules the 11th house. This says that Congress will play a strong role in how matters unfold. The Moon at 00 Scorpio is in Via Combust Way. This makes her actions ineffectual. The Congress will not be able to function as affectively as they think they will. That means that there will be wrangling.

We note that the Moon is forming eleven aspects. This means that there will be, in addition to the wrangling, a lot of shilly shallying, coming and going and delays. While some of the ideas alluded to in the speech will come to a satisfactory end and others won't, but will be swept aside for pressing matters coming up as shown by Saturn rising. This chart is showing that the issues at hand are older than we might assume. The chart shows that the issues at hand are rooted in organizational matters connected to finances happening around seventeen years ago, or around 1993.

Venus is the ruler of the 2nd house. Where Venus is in the chart shows where the future is taking shape. Venus is in the 4th house in Sagittarius and is forming a sextile to Neptune in the 6th house and a square to Uranus in the 7th house. This shows vexatious international military involvements affecting the outcome. What the President said in his speech about his plans for withdrawals is not true. It will be difficult if not impossible to pull our troops out of Afghanistan at the time the President gave.

Venus in the 4th house has also to do with the living conditions of the people; the housing, conditions of poverty districts as in slums and ghettos. Saturn rising in the 2nd house at Retrograde station tells us that cuts in spending will affect these areas adversely. Venus in the 4th house also points to the land and to farmlands. Venus coming to sextile Neptune with Neptune in the 6th house and ruling the 7th house shows foreign interests in our land. Venus coming to square Uranus with Uranus in the 7th house and ruling the 6th house shows foreign interests not all to the benefit of the country, but posing some vexatious challenges. Venus in the 4th square Uranus also warns of potential hazardous weather conditions and ground disturbances such as storms and floods, earthquakes, volcanic eriptions, fires, and/or mining disasters, none of which entered the President's speech. Saturn rising in the 2nd house says trouble will come up and will cost dearly.

The Moon is at 00:21 Scorpio. Jupiter who rules the 4th house is at 00:38 Aries. The North Lunar Node is at 00:58 Capricorn in the 4th house. Jupiter is exactly square the North Lunar Node. Both the Moon and Jupiter are applying to exact aspect the Node. Whenever a planet is in the same exact degree as the Node and is applying to exact by minutes with it it warns of a coming upset. The North Lunar Node is in the 4th house. This means that in the end something entirely different, something not at all mentioned in the speech, and not anticipated by the people, will happen. The speech in one way or another was a cover up. Something is not being said by the government. But, Jupiter and the North Node at 00 Aries and 00 Capricorn, respectively say that the upset, when it comes, will be critical.

The Moon's final aspect is parallel Mercury. Mercury is the ruler of the 1st and 10th houses. The 1st house denotes in this chart the speech itself, and the 10th house denotes the President. Mercury is in the 5th house. The President was performing as if on stage.

Mercury, denoting the President and his speech, is forming a square aspect with Saturn. The President is cutting short. More important than what he said is what he didn't say.

The Moon's final aspect parallel Mercury says the matter is as good as done now. With the Moon and Jupiter involved with the North Lunar Node it says the performance is over and now reality happens. Reality isn't the same as what was in the speech. To be kind, the speech was a diplomatic gesture. Some things alluded to in the speech will happen. Others were distorted and we'll find out. And yet others were not mentioned at all. Something is being hidden.

The Moon forms 6 good aspects and 6 bad ones including her exact sextile the Lunar Node. It's about 50/50, to be fair.

The Moon is square the Sun. This is alerting us to difficulties coming up. The Moon is sinister square the Sun denoting cutting off dead wood. Government spending will be curtailed in several areas. The Sun is the ruler of the 12th house and is in the 5th house. This means public schools and public welfare. The Moon is also square Mars. Mars rules the 8th house and is in the 5th. It is also likely that taxes will go up while services are being eliminated.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The full Moon of 1/19/11 in astrology

The full moon occured on January 19th at 9:23 PM GMT at 29:27 Cancer. The outstanding aspects of the Moon are exact trine Jupiter at 29:30 Pisces; trine Uranus; opposition Sun and Mars. This denotes a combination of positive expansiveness with sharp disagreements and conflicts.

This full Moon interacts with the lunar eclipse of December 21, 2010 in the following way. At the eclipse Jupiter was applying to square the eclipse degree; now Jupiter is exactly square the eclipse degree. The square of Jupiter to the eclipse remains in affect essentially from January 11th to February 1st, and this full Moon brings it to focus. Jupiter square the eclipse brings out chicanery, trickery, lies and cons especially in international business and politics. Noting that the eclipse was visible over the Americas, we will hear of more violence in Mexico, as the eclipse was opposite Mexico's Uranus. The eclipse was also square Venezuela's Sun bringing that country more intreague in government circles, and new tensions with Colombia.

This full Moon happens when China and the US are engaging in top level talks in Washington DC. The talks are essentially over financial and trade issues. Looking at the chart of the Yuan, we see that the lunar eclipse of December 21st was exactly in conjunction with the Yuan's Uranus. Uranus in the chart of the Yuan is exactly on the 7th house cusp and rules the 2nd house. This means that the eclipse times developing emergency conditions to the value of the Yuan in relation to foreign currencies and foreign trade. Jupiter is now square the Yuan's Uranus. This means that China is experiencing a big inflation. The full Moon in Beijing is in the 7th house. This means that foreign affairs are now coming into full view and are at a turning point. The full Moon is in opposition to Mars shows that the bone of contention in China's foreign affairs is over losses. The full moon at Beijing is trine Jupiter in the 3rd house. This denotes improvements are coming to the worker's wages and many talks are coming. The meeting in Washington DC will be followed by many more talks. This is good for China.

The full Moon at Washington DC is in the 1st house opposite Mars in the 7th and trine Jupiter in the 9th. Diplomatic talks are serving to defuse dangerous conflicts with China at this time. Nonetheless, the conflicts are there. And looking at the position of Jupiter in this chart, diplomatic talks are full of trickery and underhandedness - business as usual. The full moon as seen in the Johndro locality chart for the US is in the 12th house opposite Mars exactly on the 7th house cusp and Jupiter in the 8th house. What this means is that only by paying out a huge sum of money will the US avert open conflict, like trade war or worse. The US is buying the Chinese inflation. The US may be preparing to hand over to China large reserves of national importance. Maybe debtors annonymous should enter the government.
The full Moon seen in the US Dollar chart is in the 8th house of debt. Mars in this chart is conjunct the 3rd house cusp denoting heated talks about the financial mess. Jupiter is in 4th house. Land and real estate is probably being given to China. China will open operations in the US. The eclipse of December 21st was opposite the solstice point of the Dollar's Mars in the 2nd house. Now Jupiter is square that point. The Dollar is being squandered and is at a critical turning point; its value is falling. Let's hope the bus driver is not totally blind.

The full Moon in UK is in the 11th house opposite Mars in the 5th and trine Jupiter in the 7th. Saturn is conjunct the 2nd house cusp. Affairs of Parliament are coming to a turning point. There is some diplomatic wrangling going on, it seems, but disagreements are to be mitigated by improving foreign relations. Agreements of a positive sort are being arrived at with foreign interests that will benefit British trade and finances. Nonetheless, Saturn conjunct the 2nd house cusp says that the nation is doing poorly and is struggling against financial stagnation. Saturn about to go retrograde will cause the stock market to pull back; Saturn rules the 5th house in the full moon chart at Greenwich. The foolhardy will lose in speculations these coming days. Mars in the 5th house opposite the full Moon warns of dangers to children, fires, fights and accidents in schools and theaters, illness and deaths to actors and crimes against women.

The full Moon in Pakistan is in the 9th house opposite Mars in the 3rd and trine Jupiter in the 4th. Legal and religious issues come to the fore. There are serious arguments. There are also disputes affecting international trade and shipping. There will be accidents, and a possible air crash with Mars in the 3rd house in Aquarius. Mars in the 3rd house also warns of explosions along the border regions. Mars is intercepted in the 3rd house. This warns of dangerous secret military intrusions in the affairs of the country. There are secret military operations going on inside the country by Pakistani military operatives. The country appears to be in internal conflict. One must be very careful on the roads and in public places; there may be explosions on roads and streets. Aquarius points to the West and Northwest regions of the country; Mars is in Aquarius.

The full Moon in Australia is conjunct the 6th house cusp opposite Mars in the 12th and trine Jupiter in the 2nd. Neptune is exactly conjunct the Ascendent. Neptune is showing the country under water. Floods are at a high point. More may come, however, especially if there is to be a typhoon. Mars in the 12th house is showing a great deal of crime. It is possible that homes and shops are in danger of being looted. The full Moon opposite Mars also shows a big increase in illness in Australia. Full moon trine Jupiter in the 2nd house is showing, despite the woes suffered in Australia, improvements in national finances.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The bird and fish killings in astrology

What with all the dying birds, fish and now crabs, and the question why still unanswered, a horary chart was cast in Albuquerque, NM on January 6th, at 5:33 PM MST to have a look, and maybe to find a clue. Here is what it says.

The 4th and 1st houses are the starting point since the 4th and 1st houses signify the land, and the environment. The 4th house cusp is 8 degrees Libra and Saturn is in the 4th house, Saturn is ruling the 7th and 8th houses. Saturn ruling the 7th house says that the matter is based in international activity. The matter of this killing is wide spread. Saturn is in Libra. Libra is AIR. Poisons falling from the sky are involved. Saturn is heavy. Heavy metals are implied.

Saturn rules the 7th house of this chart. We find Mars in the 7th house. Mars is a ruler of poisons.

Saturn also rules the 8th house of this chart. We also find Neptune in the 8th house. Neptune is another ruler of poisons.

Saturn rules acids, astringents, deadly chemicals that cause blood clotting, constricting and contracting. Saturn in Libra in the 4th house also shows corpses falling from the sky; dead birds.

Saturn also shows diseased conditions. The sudden rash of dead creatures is the end result of diseased conditions that have been developing for some time. We notice the planet that the Moon was last over is Mars. Mars is poisons and military activity. Moon at 16 degrees Aquarius was last over Mars at 23 degrees Capricorn. This says that the matter at hand is rooted in military activities that began around 7 years ago. The dying off of the animals is pointing to more dyings coming. These are due to the messing with the atmosphere that is poisoning the water and the earth.

The Moon, ruler of the 1st house is exactly trine Saturn permitting the killings to happen. Moon is in the 8th house. The 8th house is the house of death. And the Moon is applying to a conjunction with Neptune. Neptune rules chemical poisons. Neptune rules the 9th house denoting foreign lands. The chemical poisoning is based in international activities; it is not local. These "mysterious" killings will show up in more far flung places in the world over the coming months and years.

We note that Jupiter and Uranus are in conjunction in Pisces in the 9th house, the 9th house being ruled by Neptune of poison. Pisces rules chemicals and poisons. In other words, this is about chemical poisons related to international military activity that will have affects all over the world.

Jupiter in this chart rules the 6th house. This shows that the poisons are coming from military and industrial activity.

The Sun is in the 6th house. The Sun shows where the main focal point lies in the matter. This says that it is related to chemical companies working with the military. Due to 9th and 7th house involvement the matter is not localized; it is worldwide.

The ruler of the 2nd house is the Sun. The 2nd house shows the future of the matter. The Sun is in the 6th house exactly square Saturn in the 4th house. This shows the matter becoming more severe. The Moon waxing means that the matter is growing and that it will not resolve soon.

A possible timing for a turning point in this nefarious matter may be seen when Neptune changes signs later next year, or when Saturn changes signs in the Fall of 2012, or even later than that.

The Moon is at 16 degrees Aquarius applying to conjunction Neptune at 26 degrees Aquarius. Later this year, in about 10 months we will hear of more deaths. We could also say from this aspect that the dyings off will continue for at least 10 years.

Saturn ruling the 7th house says that the entire matter has a shadow cast over it. It is very dark. There is more to it than meets the eye. It is unwise, therefore, to draw any single conclusion as to who is the culprit. It is probable that what is happening is coming from more than one source. This is an international matter, a world wide matter.

Venus is the ruler of the 4th house. Venus is in the 5th house at 29 degrees Scorpio. This means that the poisonings will extend to vacation places especially vacation places on water. It will also affect fish that we eat. Forewarned is forearmed. Venus at 29 degrees Scorpio says it is a weeping matter.

We might add to this gumbo the following: Neptune in Aquarius is in mutual reception Uranus in Pisces. Uranus and Aquarius denote high tech not only chemical but radio waves. This suggests the haarp weather manipulations going on; we may wonder.

The causes are many and complex. Military activity is on the upswing in the US and across the world. Not only does this point to the US, but it points to UK, Germany, Israel, Russia, China and others. When you add them up you get what is happening. It is like a multi-systemic break down due to toxic conditions that have been developing over the past decades. And it will take a long time to resolve even if the idiots stop cold turkey. All these dyings off are red flags.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Solar Eclipse of 1/4/11 in astrology

A solar eclipse occured on January 4th, 2011 at 8:52 AM GMT. The eclipse was at 13 degrees Capricorn. 13 degrees Capricorn is a critical degree. This means that the eclipse will bring current matters in the world to a critical point. The closest aspect that the eclipse forms is a square to Saturn at 16 degrees Libra. This is a destructive, or counter-productive aspect of the nature of a forceful resistence and impasse. Forces in the world are at logger heads. Critical competition and quarreling involving governments connected to business interests will not resolve harmoniously now. Conflicts are serious. There is the danger of a trade war. The affects of the solar eclipse will last an entire year, possibly longer. There are six eclipses in 2011. Many significant turns of events in the world are in the works. 2011 will prove an eventful year.

According to a traditional reading of a solar eclipse in the 2nd decanate of Capricorn we will see military revolts, riots, mutinies, and assassinations. These can happen in one or another country ruled by Capricorn. These include Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, and Mexico.

At the time of this solar eclipse another very significant planetary event happened. Jupiter and Uranus were within 1 minute of exact conjunction at the time of the eclipse. They came to exact conjunction at 12:52 PM GMT at 27 degrees Pisces. This will bring out an impulsive, expansive side to the conflicted state of affairs shown by the solar eclipse square Saturn. We may see some wild speculating through these times. Oil prices will probably rise and cause an inflation, but they may fall again. Shipping costs will rise with the cost of oil. Oil and gas drilling will move foreward inexorably. Competition over energy, especially between the US and China will increase.

The eclipse chart also shows Venus exactly square Neptune. Venus is at 26 degrees Scorpio, and Neptune is at 26 degrees Aquarius. This aspect brings disappointment. It brings out the real possibility that people who speculate foolishly will have plenty to regret. This aspect also denotes much misery and vice in the world. Women need to be careful, as this aspect also means crimes against women.

As seen in the chart for the New York Stock Exchange the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus is in the 10th house and is sextile Mars. This shows the market advancing sharply during the coming month and for periods through the year as a result of this eclipse, oil being the favored commodity. This is supported by the S&P chart with the solar eclipse exactly sextile the S&P Sun at 13 degrees Pisces. The market, however, will not move up through the year; it will act erratically. And, due to what is going to happen in the US and related economies, the market will plummet from time to time. 2011 is an unstable year. The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces warns, in light of the solar eclipse, against wild speculating and crazy opinions that will drive the market up and down like a drunken boat. Neptune is the ruler of the NYSE 10th house. The square aspect of Venus and Neptune promises that pigs will lose this year big time.

The solar eclipse was visible from Ireland to China. It was seen at the eastern horizon in Ireland, Britain and western Europe. It was at the zenith over the Near East and Russia. And it was on the western horizon over China. Using the Johndro locality charting method, the eclipse will have repercussions on the mid-Atlantic ridge thus setting off earthquake and volcanic activity in areas of the earth that are connected to that region.

The eclipse on the eastern horizon in Ireland, Britain and western Europe, including Bruxelles, brings discontent and ill health to the people of Europe. Affairs there are generally unsatisfactory. Saturn (square the eclipse) is in the 8th house of these charts for Ireland, Britain, and western Europe. Saturn thus positioned brings an increase in mortality to the elderly and poor. Conditions are harsh. Saturn also brings death to noteworthy people who held important government positions. The eclipse rising into the 12th house in this part of the world also denotes an increase of poverty, much illness among the common people, and scandals in connection with charitable institutions, prisons and hospitals. The crime rate will go up.

The eclipse over the middle east is at the zenith. Over Jerusalem it is in the 10th house with Pluto and Mars and is square Saturn in the 7th house. This is a sign of serious trouble in the government especiall with regard to international affairs.

The eclipse in the 10th house over the Middle East, notibly Israel, Gaza, Lebanon and Syria is showing dangerous turmoil with potentially violent developments in the highest spheres, including possibilities of deaths to high officials. This is also true for Russia and Georgia. International relations for all these countries are troubled with possiblities of military activity.

The eclipse falls exactly at the zenith of Tehran, Iran. Saturn is in the 6th house there, and Venus is in the 7th. There will be serious upsets inside Iran in the highest circles. Venus in the 7th house square Neptune says that there will be more crimes against women, public scandals, and much unhappiness this year in Iran.

The eclipse in India is in the 8th house denoting deaths of people in high circles, especially women. Venus is on the 7th house cusp square Neptune in the 10th house. It points to a scandal in the government and to crimes against women. The eclipse in the 8th house also shows difficulties coming from international financial deals.

In Australia the eclipse is in the 7th house. Mars is also in 7. Saturn is in the 3rd. Venus is in the 5th square Neptune in the 8th. The eclipse in 7 shows international tensions, especially with Mars. There is probably coming a tax involving international trade. Jupiter conjunct Uranus is in the 8th showing an increase in tax. Neptune in 8 square Venus in 5 is going to have a negative affect on the stock market.

The eclipse in China is exactly on the 7th house cusp, and Mars is in the 7th house. China will be rattling its sword for all to hear. There are going to be international arguments and disputes with grave dangers of war, trade war included. Mars is in Capricorn in the 7th house. This shows military activity to the South of Beijing. This points to the South China Sea. Taiwan may figure in it. China is taking an aggressive stand against foreign interferences in her waters. This points, among other things, to the US.

The eclipse at Washington DC is in the 2nd house. It is also opposite the USA natal position of the Sun. This is points to heavy national expenditures, deepening debt, bank failures and losses in the stock exchange. Mars in the 2nd house confirms losses in the stock market, and speaks of panics, bank failures and that the country is hemmoraging money. Military affairs and Wall Street bank bailouts are bleeding the country to death. Venus is in the 1st house square Neptune in the 3rd. The people are being blindfolded and told lies to keep them quiet. Venus afflicted in the 1st house shows poverty, vice and misery among the people. Venus square Neptune in the 3rd house is saying, beware of con games.

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