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Full Moon 5/18/19

The full moon came at 5/12 EDT

Moon at 27:38 Scorpio is in opposition Mercury at 24:24 Taurus. Mercury is combust the Sun. This is an indication of mental strain affecting the entire political world at this time.

Moon is also sextile Saturn Rx conjunct Pluto Rx denoting rethinking. Saturn is conjunct the South Lunar Node, exact to the minute, in two days. There will be expected negative consequences, potentially disasterous consequences, or backfiring.
The Moon is in mutual reception with Mars. This gives the Moon a second reading. Mutual reception Moon is opposite Saturn-Pluto. This will bring losses and bad publicity.
Mars at 1:47 Cancer is the dispositor of the Moon. Mutual reception Mars is at 1:47 Scorpio opposite Uranus and Venus, bring vexatious emergencies, possible accident or disaster from an unexpected source, unfortunate changes, errors of judgment, and carelessness leading to waste, also trouble with partners. In other words, trouble comes as a result of trying to get around trouble.

The chart for Washington DC has the Sun and Mercury in the 8th house opposite the Moon in the 2nd house, bringing difficulties to financial areas. The Moon is trine to Neptune in the 5th house giving a sense of false optimism to financial speculation. Mars is in the 9th house showing trouble in areas of foreign trade. Saturn and Pluto are in the 3rd house of transportation and the press, giving the potential of a major accident and harsh criticism from the media. The mood is argumentative.
Venus and Uranus are in the 7th house bring trouble to foreign affairs, producing awkward and unexpected complications.

The chart for China has the Sun and Mercury rising in the 12th house opposite the Moon in the 6th. The Sun is 27:39 degrees Taurus and the ASC is 00:53 degrees Gemini. Mercury is in the 12th house combust the Sun. China is biding time, not making any decisions, watching and waiting, The positions of the Sun and Moon, however, can disturb affairs related to the military and the workers. Saturn and Pluto are in the 9th house - of foreign trade - it is bad for shipping. Saturn may bring disasters to vessels, collisions with losses and deaths. Mutual reception Moon in the 3rd house opposite Saturn warns about the same. Mars is in the 2nd house. There is anticipated trouble in the financial sector, including banks, and the stock market - which could fall for a while. Mutual reception Mars is in the 6th house - of workers. But for the past year, as a result of this trade war, corporations have been employing fewer people, and giving those working longer hours. Nonetheless, Mars in the 2nd house shows a very sanguine spirit to the future development of China. Jupiter is in the 7th house. China isn't interested in conflicts. Jupiter is favorable for foreign relations. China has plenty of irons in the fire.

The ASC of the chart for Washington is at 21:55 Libra (exact conjunction with Spica giving good fortune and honor which may help to ameliorate the more untoward readings). The ASC of China is at 00:53 Gemini. These two signs show the matter changing fairly quickly, over three months at most. There are also two eclipses coming up in July which will change the matter, as it now stands.

The Chart for Paris has the Sun and Mercury in the 5th house, and the Moon in the 11th. Jupiter is in the 1st conjunct the ASC. Jupiter is 22:12 Sagittarius, and the ASC is 18:26 Sagittarius.
Saturn and Pluto are also in the 1st house close to the 2nd house cusp, showing the upset that lies ahead. On the 10th house is Virgo, and on the 4th house is Pisces. The 10th house rules the incumbent and the 4th house rules the opposition. The ruler of the 10th house is Mercury, and the ruler of the 4th is Neptune and Jupiter. Mercury, the incumbent, combust the Sun and opposite the Moon, is weak. Neptune, the opposition, in the 4th house and trine the Moon, is strong. The ASC also is conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter is Rx. The same sign (Sagitarius) is on the 12th house and the 1st, tying the past to the present. Marine Le Pen has tried before, and it looks like more people are for her now. It is probable that she will win the election later this month.
Mars is in the 7th house. There will be a big uproar in Bruxelles. Conflict cannot be avoided. Mutual reception Mars puts him in the 10th house in opposition to Uranus and Venus in the 4th. And mutual reception Moon puts her exactly in the 8th (the Moon is 27:38 Scorpio and the 8th cusp is 27:28 Cancer) opposite Saturn conjunct the Lunar South Node. Saturn rules the 2nd house-of-what-is-coming-up, meaning the future. This election threatens the stability of the EU. It will precipitate, among other things, Brexit.

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