Saturday, June 1, 2019

New Moon in June

The New Moon comes on June 3rd at 11:03 AM GMD.

The Sun and Moon are at 12:34 Gemini, conjunct the star Rigel, bringing vexation, anxiety, anger, and gains, especially where it appear in the angles of the chart, such as in Britain and Europe, (where it is in the 10th house), and China (where it is in the 7th house).
I have made charts for the UK, US, and China.

The Sun and Moon are in T-square with Neptune at 18:38 Pisces, and opposition Jupiter at 20:24 Sagittarius indicating that this is not an easy period; confusion, deception, loss through untrustworthy or unscrupulous persons are seen on the one hand; and over-optimism, poor judgment, poor timing, waiting too long to take action, and unfavorable publicity are seen on the other.
The Sun and Moon are in the Venus decanate of Gemini. Venus at 23:07 Taurus. The aspects of Venus mitigate the difficulties listed above. Venus is sextile Neptune showing help from association with benevolent people or agencies, lucky breaks, hidden sources, and from spiritual channels; removals and new contacts, success with the public, honors, and esteem, and gain through peaceful means. This is also good for artistic activity.
Venus is also trine Pluto at 22:47 Capricorn, and Saturn at 19:36 Capricorn. This is good for contacts with foreigners or members of international groups but from a detached position, and is good for discarding non-essentials and planning for the future, gaining through trade, real-estate holdings, also gaining through tact, cautious diplomacy and patient waiting.

The conjunction of Saturn and Pluto at 19:36 Capricorn and 22:47 Capricorn, respectively, is a long and major event in the heavens that will effectively cause a reorganization world-wide business and industry through much push and pull from both the political right and the left. We all are in a very significant phase of development, which is only in preparation for what is to come.
The current positions of Saturn and Pluto are retrograde, signifying, at this time, a temporary pulling back, retreating, rethinking and reorganizing in the greater process of inevitable world-wide transformation of business and trade. Saturn turns direct in late September and Pluto turns direct in early October, bringing us a step forward in a slightly altered direction. Saturn leaves Capricorn in July, 2020.
Jupiter (currently at 20:24 Sagittarius) enters Capricorn in December, 2019, and comes within orb of conjunction the transformative Pluto by March, 2020, will be in orb of conjunction Pluto until mid December, 2020, so much of the year 2020 will be about changes and transformations, especially of thinking.
And then there is the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius at 00:27 happening on  December 21, 2020, at the Winter Solstice! The last time of the Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn was in May 31, 2000. It was in Taurus. It times major developments in business and finances in the world.
The Great Conjunction in 2020 is also significant: there is the famous Curse of Tecumsah, which began in 1840, of the death in office of the President of the US who is elected in years that are evenly divisable by 20, from William Henry Harrison through John F. Kenndy. Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 and was wounded by gunshot, but survived. 2020 is one such year. It may have passed, but is still possible.

The chart of the UK and Europe has the Sun, Moon, and Venus in the 10th house showing a new beginning in the Government. Saturn and Pluto are in the 5th house of foreign diplomats. With Saturn  Retrograde, conjunct the South Node and the conjunction closing, there will be some nasty repercussions in Bruxelles. Mars is in opposition to Saturn and Pluto from the 11th house, this involves Parliament.  Neptune is in the 8th house of money owed. Parliament is shown to be in great turmoil. Bruxelles makes ridiculous claims. Venus in Taurus in the 10th house very much favors a woman at the head of Government, or in a very high position.

The chart for Washington DC the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Uranus are in the 12th house. The Sun and Moon are rising just above the ASC (16:13 Gemini). Rigel is conjuct the ASC. Mars is rising in the 2nd house, in opposition to Saturn and Pluto in the 8th. This is not a good position for money. Mars is in Cancer, his sign of fall. There will be losses in the stock market. Mars also means trouble is coming up. Saturn rules foreign trade in this chart. The situation is dire. Not only is Saturn opposite Mars, it is also conjunct the Lunar South Node. Saturn is closing conjunction with the South Node, showing more (alarming) trouble to come especially with respect to foreign trade.
Jupiter is in the 7th house square Neptune in the 10th house, square the ASC. There is confusion between the President and foreign powers. At this point, the US has lost their trust. Afflicted Neptune in the 10th house puts the president in a bad and distorted light.

The chart for Beijing the Sun and Moon are in the 7th house-of-foreign-relations. Venus is in the 6th house favoring the lower classes. China is contuining to pay a lot of attention to those living in poverty. Within the past 19 years, since 2000, it has successfully brought the entire country into a middle class economy.  The country continues to grow. Remember, 2000 marked the last Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter.
Uranus is in also in the 6th house. Uranus has no afflictions, and is sextile Mars, showing advances in technological directions, particularly in the military.
Jupiter is rising in the 1st house. There is an optimistic feeling among the people, but Jupiter is in opposition to the Sun and Moon, and is square Neptune in the 4th house showing concern over this trade war mess with the US, and over fishing. Neptune is in Pisces in the 4th house. This could bring out conflict with the Philippines. There is some dispute over fishing in in the South China Sea. Saturn and Pluto are in the 2nd house opposite Mars in the 8th and trine Venus in the 6th. The ruler of the 2nd is Jupiter. There is no small degree of concern over the finances of the country at this time.

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