Sunday, June 16, 2019

Full Moon in June

The Full Moon comes on June 17th at 9:32 AM, GMT.
It is at 25:53 Sagittarius, the Sun at 25:53 Gemini.

The Moon is separating from conjunction Jupiter 18:38 Sagittarius, and square Neptune 18:43 Pisces. This forms a T-square involving Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune. - It is over-expansive and prone to errors of judgement, can bring about losses by extravagance or waiting too long to take action, and disappointments, or dangers in travel, possibly including self-indulgence in foods which can lead to health problems, especially connected to the liver.
There is also a conjunction of Mars 20:41 Cancer, Mercury 19:52 Cancer, and North Lunar Node 18:43 Cancer in opposition to Saturn 18:48 Capricorn conjunction Pluto 22:31 Capricorn.  - This brings about sharp disagreements, anger, and conflict. - Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto are all in good aspect with Neptune who is also in T-square with Sun, Moon, and Jupiter. So, Neptune acts like a hinge. Venus 10:06 Gemini is also in wide square with Neptune. - All this spells restlessness, argumentativeness, confusion, indecision, and wild speculation in the world. Four planets are in Cardinal signs, five planets are in mutable signs, and one planet, Uranus, is in a fixed sign (Taurus). Uranus is sequisquare Jupiter and semisquare Neptune, adding to the possibilities of losses.
The world situation is very unstable at this time.

The Full Moon chart at Greenwich, England  has the North Lunar Node, Mercury, and Mars in the 11th house, opposite Saturn and Pluto in the 5th and 6th houses. The Sun is also in the 11th house opposite the Moon, and Jupiter in the 5th house, square Neptune in the 8th house, -  showing rancourous arguing in Parliament, the issue of money seemingly owed the EU for Brexit the prime issue. Neptune won't help resolve it, but is apt to confuse it for the time being.
Venus is in the 10th house, square Neptune, and opposite Jupiter; and Uranus is conjunct the 10th house cusp, semisquare Neptune and sesquisquare Jupiter,  - to further upset the already upset apple cart. Venus represents a woman, or women (being in Gemini) cannot help the situation.

The Full Moon at Washington, DC has Venus in the 1st house, and the Sun in the 1st house opposite the Moon and Jupiter in the 7th house, square Neptune in the 10th house. Neptune rules the 10th house in this chart. It represents the President. Afflicted, Neptune shows him to be like the blind leading the blind. Venus in the 1st house shows the public outlook. Venus is square Neptune and is opposite Jupiter. They can't see what he's doing. Or, peace at any price is a recipe for loss to come. The 2nd house-of-what's-coming-up has Mars conjunct Mercury opposite Saturn and Pluto. This is not good for the economy. The US is risking losses, which all hangs from Neptune in the 10th house. By mundane astrology, this is considered an evil influence. It shows agitation against the President, and a possible scandal in the highest branch of Government (Neptune is the ruler of the 10th house, meaning the President and his inner circle). Where does this agitation come from? From Venus and the Sun in the 1st house, meaning from the people in general; the country is clearly divided. And from Jupiter and the Moon in the 7th house, meaning foreign powers with whom the US has and had trade relations, meaning a loss of trust. Jupiter is retrograde, and rules the 7th and 8th houses. This shows that the matter of foreign trade is not resolved.

The Full Moon at Beijing, China has Jupiter and the Moon in the 2nd house opposite the Sun in the 8th house. China is looking at their financial picture and future outlook with optimism. Saturn and Pluto are in the 2nd house straddling the 3rd and opposite the North Lunar Node, Mercury, and Mars in the 8th house. They are very cautious, but will cut their losses if need be. Neptune is in the 4th house. Neptune acts like the hinge for this Full Moon. Neptune in the 4th house is farmers. People in the land, also the fishing rights. The South China Sea is over fished. Venus is in the 7th house and rules the 7th house. China has good foreign relations, wants peace and prosperity in foreign trade but faces some unpleasant episodes.

Since this is so close to the Summer Solstice (June 21), the charts for the Summer Solstice will show how conditions unfold for the 3rd quarter.

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