Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice came at 4:55 PM GMD.

The Sun is at 00:00 Cancer, the Moon is at 19:02 Aquarius, sesquisquare the Sun, denoting dangers of losses especially in financial speculations, and/or tensions and dangers of breaks in areas of diplomatic relations during the course of the summer.
Saturn is retrograde at 18:31 Capricorn conjunct the South Lunar Node at 18:29 Capricorn and Pluto retrograde at 22:26 Capricorn. And these are opposite Mars at 23:26 Cancer and Mercury (in the dark, and prone to impulsive moves, or leaping before he looks, as he is rises after the Sun) at 25:00 Cancer. There is a continuation of threatening gestures and bravado, while big businesses behind the scenes are playing their cards close to the chest, being backward about being forward, or keeping their intentions secret. What appears in the news may only be half true, and a distraction.
Jupiter at 18:06 Sagittarius is opposite Venus at 15:22 Gemini and square Neptune at 18:43 Pisces. This is a T-square of Jupiter, Venus, and Neptune. And Uranus at 5:34 Taurus is sesquisquare Jupiter, and semisquare Venus and Neptune. Moon, however, is trine Venus and sextile Jupiter. While it spells over expansion. It also spells optimism. The part of wisdom advises being cautiously optimistic.

The chart for at Greenwich UK has Jupiter retrograde in the 2nd house, opposite Venus in the 8th, and square Neptune in the 4th. And Uranus is in the 6th house. Optimism will push up the markets this summer.
Saturn, Pluto, and Moon are in the 3rd house, opposite Mars, and Mercury in the 9th house. And Moon sesquisquare Sun, showing a lot of arguing and nervousness between UK and Bruxelles over debts. But Moon sextile Jupiter in the 2nd house and trine Venus in the 8th house is very good for financial growth.

The chart for Washington DC has Jupiter in the 4th opposite Venus in the 10th, square Neptune in the 7th, and Uranus in the 8th. The Sun is also in the 10th. There will not be a war with Iran, although the chart shows that there is treachery with danger of secret attacks on the part of foreign powers.
Venus in the 10th house afflicted, warns of scandals in the highest circle, but Gemini Venus trine Aquarian Moon is very lighthearted.
Venus rules the 2nd and 9th houses. That spells money from foreign trade, possibly with China; that may be a possibility.
The Sun in the 10th house, is favorable to the President, but, afflicted by the Moon, shows difficulties that he will have with the Government.
Jupiter in the 4th house afflicted affects the land from all the storms. This might not be so good for crops. But Jupiter is also sextile the Moon. This mitigates the problems to a large degree.
Venus rules the 2nd house in this chart. Because Venus is in Gemini, the 2nd house is in Libra, and because of the afflicted aspects on the one hand and the trine from the Moon on the other, it means that the market could be quite skittish this summer.
Saturn and Pluto are in the 5th house opposite Mars and Mercury in the 11th house. Mercury rules the Asc. meaning the people are angry, and the country is divided.
Mercury and Mars in the 11th house shows Congress in turmoil. Mercury also rules the 10th of the President. In opposition to Saturn and Pluto in the 5th house, it shows the President in strained relations with foreign diplomats.

The chart for Beijing, China has Jupiter in the 9th house. Despite everything else, this is very good for improvements in foreign trade.
Neptune is rising above the Asc (21:00 Pisces). The people are unconcerned with the recent developments in Hong Kong.
The Moon in the 12th house, favorably aspecting Jupiter and Venus, shows continuing improvements to public institutions.
Uranus in the 2nd house sextile the Sun in the 4th house shows the unexpected losses and gains of money, but the Sun in the 4th house is very good for crops.


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